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Chapter 345: A Troublesome Matter

Demon’s Diary
     Soon after, the relatively calm Valley South Town was shaken up by a shocking news.

    This news was about a female cultivator, Ye Tianmei from Yunchuan Continent, who not only broke into the cave house of Ma Shu, the deputy owner of Crystal Valley, and slaughtered about 50 slaves, she even killed Mrs. Ruyu, Ma Shu’s partner, relentlessly. Her head was also suspended on a hill thousands of miles away from Valley South Town.

    As soon as the news spread, Valley South Town was in an uproar. They were also discussing it at the same time.

    Not only this Mrs Ruyu had a glamorous appearance, but she could also sing and dance; she was enchanting.

    Ma Shu devoted himself to practice **; he advanced to the intermediate stage of Crystallization Period with his virgin body. He had never been close to any female for hundreds of years. When he became the deputy valley master of the Crystal Valley, he met Ru who was still in the Spiritual Disciple Period in a Crystal Valley festival. Then, he was completely enamored with this woman.

    He disregarded his Crystallization Period cultivation to become dual cultivation partner with this woman. He even used a huge sum of money to find a place full of aura to build a luxurious cave for her together with a dozen of slaves for her to command. He pampered her even more as he always listen to her command.

    And this Ruyu wasn’t talented. She only had the spiritual root of Six Spiritual Pulse. It was a fluke to advance the early stage of Condensation Period. However, Ma Shu used some unknown method to her smoothly advance to the Condensation State later stage, increasing her longevity so that they could live together for a long time.

    Now that someone killed this woman like Yuyu, the killer naturally stabbed Ma Shu’s heart with a sword.

    And this Ma Shu, everyone knew that this Crystal Valley deputy master had unfathomable cultivation. It was said that he could even gain an advantage in fighting the peak of the Crystallization Period. His ranking was only to the valley master. Its power was terrifying throughout the Bieyuan Island. Many middle and small forces or sect executives would feel surpress when they heard the words “Ma Shu”.

    But now that this Crystal Valley big shot, Ma Shu’s dual cultivation partner was beheaded by an unknown woman blatantly, it naturally made people feel stunned.

    But for Crystal Valley, there hadn’t been much movement in this regard for a while. They seemed not knowing how to deal with the matter.

    And many cultivators in Valley South Town were speculating about Ye Tianmei’s identity.

    Not long after, there were people, who had more experience and far-sighted, even dug up her identity as the Crystallization Period Sword Cultivator and the elder of the Yunchuan Alliance. This naturally attracted a lot of people.

    Not long after this news spread, Valley South Town circulated another more shocking news, saying that the disappearance of a Condensation State mature men in Valley South Town for nearly a year was actually related to Mrs. Ruyu. Rumors had it that she drained the essence and blood of male cultivators as a cost to cultivate an evil method so that she could break through the bottleneck.

    With this rumor, many lones cultivator and some small or big forces were dissatisfied with it. They wanted Crystal Valley to give an reasonable explanation.

    As such, the entire Crystal Valley’s sphere of influence was involved in the matter. There was a chaos for quite a while.

    But shortly after, the Crystal Valley side immediately sent high-level officials to Valley South Town to deny this matter.

    Although everyone knew that there is no smoke without fire. These were just one-sided words on the Crystal Valley side. Otherwise, why did the Crystallization Period Sword Cultivator woman come from a far distanceto kill her?

    However, in the situation that she really dared to offend Crystal Valley such a huge force, this matter could only go unresolved.

    But in this way, when many cultivators thought of Ye Tianmei murdering Mrs. Ruyu, they secretly applauded. They even admired her amazing courage.

    It didn’t take long for Ye Tianmei’s name became famous.


    Somewhere near the north of Valley South Town, a glorious, circular mountain range surrounded by white mist all year round.

    In a nearly luxurious cave house built in the mountain, several cultivators with different expressions were sitting quietly on the futon.

    Most of these people had a strong aura. There were human races, Sea Creature Clan, and other alien races, but they were all in purple robes. A crystal pattern was imprinted on their cuffs. They were exuding some faint waves, giving a very strange feeling.

    These people were the Crystallization Period of Crystal Valley.

    At this moment, the expression on each person’s face was not the same. Some showed thoughtfulness; some faintly reveal the expression of anger; some were even frowning as they seemed to be worrying about something…

    For a long while, a white-haired old man with a golden crystal pattern imprinted on his cuff slowly glanced through the crowd and said lightly,

    “Several elders, what is your opinion on this matter now?”

    It was the Crystal Valley owner who spoke at this moment, a true power who had reached the peak of the Crystallization Period. His strength was enough to rank in the top three of the Bieyuan Island.

    “Valley Master Sun, the killing of Mrs. Ruyu by Ye Tianmei is indeed a bit of a headache. If it is not handled properly, I am afraid it will bring unexpected disaster to Crystal Valley.” Another yellow haired Sea Creature Clan man with his cuff being imprinted with a silver crystal pattern smiled bitterly and said.

    As soon as this statement was made, the faces of several other elders remained unchanged. Obviously, they already had some speculations about the yellow haired Sea Creature Clan man’s said.

    “Oh? Elder Liu, can you explain what is the disaster?” Crystal Valley Master said as his brow raised slightly. He looked strange as if there was an inexplicable meaning flashed in his eyes.

    “Yes, Master.” The yellow haired man said as he bowed politely.

    “First of all, according to the investigation below, the woman named Ye Tianmei practiced Sword Cultivator to an astonishing level. Although her strength is only the early stage of the Crystallization Period, even the later stage of the Crystallization can’t compete with her. Moreover, her another identity is the Yunchuan Alliance’s elder; her status is honorable in the alliance. If we make a move on her, then it means that our relationship with the Yunchuan Alliance will be worsened. This is extremely detrimental to the development of the Crystal Valley… ”

    “Hey! Elder Liu, if it will get worse, then let it be. With our current background and strength in Crystal Valley, do we still need to be afraid of the Yunchuan Alliance? Why is it necessary to grow others’ ambition to destroy our own prestige?” Before Elder Liu finished his words, he was interrupted coldly by a sneer of a strangely short and muscular man.

    “If it’s just facing a Yunchuan Alliance, it ’s not enough to scare us. But, have you ever wondered what the attitude of ‘Thousand Treasure Mountain and ‘Black Flame Palace’ would be? These two forces are always eyeing on our Crystal Valley.” Elder Liu glanced at the muscular man, and then said slowly.

    On the Bieyuan Island, the Crystal Valley, Thousand Treasure Mountain, and Black Flame Palace were all opposing forces. On the surface, it seemed to be peaceful, but the secret battle had never been interrupted.

    It was not exaggerating to say that once one of the forces made a slight mistake, it would immediately be annexed by the other two forces.

    Under this circumstance, if the relationship between the Crystal Valley and Yunchuan Alliance got worse, and even fighting each other, then Thousand Treasure Mountain and Black Flame Palace were naturally happy to take the advantage of the situation.

    As soon as this remark was made, the other Crystal Valley elders present here also gradually became solemn. They were apparently feeling headaches for this.

    Valley Master Sun’s face was also full of thoughts. He said after a long pause, “Elder Liu’s words are reasonable, there must be a way to deal with this matter. We can’t just drag on like this. Otherwise, from the outsider’s point of view, we will be a laughingstock.”

    “Master, this matter is not difficult to deal with. This Ye Tianmei killed Ma Shu’s dual cultivation partner. We can just turn a blind eye to it. After all, as compared with the interests of the entire Crystal Valley , a Condensation Period woman is really not a big deal, and in a sense, this woman is not a member of our Crystal Valley. Now, Ma Shu has brought Elder Miao and the other subordinates to hunt for Ye Tianmei. It should be regarded as the private affairs of Deputy Master Ma. We Crystal Valley, on the surface, can leave it alone. We neither stop the action of Deputy Ma, nor did we send anyone to help him to kill Ye Tianmei. If we really have to face Yunchuan Alliance’s question in the future, we can say that this is just a personal enmity between the two. We Crystal Valley didn’t intervene in the slightest thing between them. I believe that at that time, even if the Yunchuan Alliance was angry , they can do nothing.” At this moment, another old man with a goatee’s beard and face with green spots said with a sly face.

    After hearing this, many people here nodded and said yes.

    “This idea is good. Deputy Valley Master Wang deserves to be the think-tank of our Crystal Valley. It is indeed a safe and secure method for both sides. It gives Crystal Valley plenty of room for manoeuvre.” The white-haired old man said with a smile.

    “Valley Master Sun has overpraised me. By the way, Elder Meng Ning and I act without asking to not immediately stop the spreading of Mrs. Yu’s news. I hope that Valley Master will not blame us. Elder Meng and I did so to let the outside know that Crystal Valley has nothing to do with those missing Condensation State cultivators. ” At this time, Deputy Valley Master Wang continued.

    “Since Valley Master Sun and Elder Meng are thinking for the sake of Bengu, how could I blame you guys.” Valley Master smiled slightly, and he looked indifferent.

    At this moment, Meng Ning had a very calm expression on his face. No one knew what he was thinking about.

    Then, the Crystal Valley executives discussed in the cave house again before gradually dismissing.



    On a giant peak thousands of miles away from Valley South Town, Ye Tianmei was standing against the wind with her fluttering white clothes. Her slender hand was just holding a silver long sword, and the blade was flashing conspicuously under the sun.

    There was an indescribable strange cold in her eyes, and the white clothes on her body were dancing, not knowing whether it was shocked by the fierce vibe on her body or the cold wind in the sky.

    On the other peak that was about a thousand meter in front of her, two other elders with astonishing momentum stood with their hands behind their back. In the empty space not far away, there were other seven or eight Condensation State cultivators scattered around. They were facing Ye Tianmei as if they encountered a powerful enemy.