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Chapter 341: Soul Lock and Tidal Shield

Demon’s Diary

    With so few people at the auction, Liu Ming didn’t feel too strange.

    After all, just the requirements to have the Crystallization Period and the guarantee of the Ironfire Valley’s shop, it filtered out most of the people who wanted to observe the auction or to join the fun.

    Among the attendees, many of them were companions or people who belonged to the same force. Those who really intended to bid for spiritual weapons should be less than one hundred.

    Even so, the cave made Liu Ming unable to see the state of cultivation of more than a dozen people, and the breath of a person who made him feel unease were around eight people.

    It seems that this place is really filled with hidden powerhouse. I’m only by myself, so I should be extremely careful!

    Liu Ming thought secretly with a bitter smile.

    “Welcome to everyone participating in me, Yan Jue’s auction. I will not talk about the rules. I believe that everyone knows it well. The bidder who has the highest price will have the spiritual weapon. If the spirit stone is insufficient, you can use various materials and treasures to offset. ”

    Yan Jue was the emcee of his auction!

    Behind the stone platform, there were three black wooden chairs alone. Each chair had a black robe man with black smiling face mask sitting on it. They didn’t move, but their breath was unfathomable.

    This should be the three Crystallization Period powerhouses in this auction.

    After Yan Jue spoke, he paused briefly and glanced at the audience. Then, he said, “Since everyone has no objections, let’s start.”

    He flipped his hand and a rectangular jade box appeared in his hand. As the jade box opened, a flying sword of a few feets length was inside the box.

    “The first auction item is the upper grade spiritual weapon: blood clot flying sword. It has the magical effect of blood leeching. It contains 26 enchantments. The base price is two hundred thousand spirit stones, and every bid should not be less than ten thousand spirit stones.” Jue said blankly.

    These remarks caused an uproar at the venue.

    Swords were one of the most demanding materials in attacking spiritual weapons. Sword Cultivator was also an outstanding existence in the same level of cultivator, and the sword with 26 enchantments was already very close to the superb spiritual weapon.

    Although two hundred thousand spirit stones were expensive, it was naturally worth for such a flying sword.

    Seeing that the first auction was not Soul Lock, Liu Ming was slightly disappointed. He immediately closed his eyes on the seat and rested his mind.

    “Two hundred thousand!”

    “Two hundred and twenty thousand!”

    “Two hundred and fifty thousand!”


    Sure enough, as soon as this upper grade flying sword appeared, the crowd kept raising the price.

    After a fierce competition, this flying sword was bid by a woman wearing a bamboo hat.

    Unsurprisingly, Liu Ming did not expect the next two auction items weren’t Soul Lock. Instead, it was a small blue cauldron and a turquoise leather armor. They were also upper grade spiritual weapons with 26 and 27 enchantments. They were bid at the price of three hundred and fifty thousand and four hundred thousand.

    The reason for this was naturally because the latter two had several special effects such as crowd controlling and weakening. One was a rare defensive spiritual weapon, and it had one more enchantment than the flying sword.

    This surprised Liu Ming a little. The price of normal upper grade spiritual weapon was only not more than one hundred thousand or more spirit stones.

    The competition for these upper grade spiritual weapons was fierce. It seemed that this Yan Jue forge master’s title really deserved such a reputation to bid such a high price.

    “The fourth auction item is an intermediate grade spiritual weapon, Soul Lock. It contains 18 enchantments.”

    At this time, Yan Jue flipped his hand and took out a square wooden box.

    When he tapped it with one hand, the lid of the box opened immediately, revealing a small silver lock with layers of inscriptions. It seems to be only a few inches in size, but it was quite exquisite, and it vaguely emitted an indescribable coldness.

    “Soul Lock, although it is an intermediate grade spiritual weapon, it is made by me with thousands year foul silver and upper grade blood wooden puppet. It took me forty-nine days to carefully forge it. It contains 18 enchantments which is one enchantment away from the upper grade. Many may feel strange that why would I put an intermediate grade spiritual weapon after the other three spiritual weapons. There is only one reason. That is the value of this weapon is above the previous three spiritual weapons.” Yan Jue said slowly as he was holding the mini silver lock.

    As soon as he spoke, everyone in the venue caused a commotion, but no one asked about reason because they all knew that the forge master would explain the reason immediately.

    “When I was forging this spiritual weapon, I originally intended to forge an ordinary spiritual weapon that could resist spiritual mystic arts. Who knew that during the forging process, there were some unexpected changes by chance. As a result, Although the spiritual weapon grade is much lower than it was intended originally, and its ability in resisting spiritual mystic arts isn’t that strong, but it has two other new effects. One is that it can effectively resist the soul stealing of evil spirits, and the other is that it can increase the owner’s mental power to a certain extent. Not to mention the former effect because not many people can use it, but if the latter effect falls into the hands of a powerful cultivator with strong mental power, it will be of great use. The more critical point is that I can no longer forge the Soul Lock even if it is me. Therefore, I put it behind the other three items.” As Yan Jue spoke about this, he paused intentionally to see everyone’s reaction.

    Sure enough, as soon as he said that it could enhance one’s mental power, it immediately caused everyone to whisper in the cave.

    Many people’s eyes were beaming, and their indifferent expressions disappeared.

    The spiritual weapons that could resist spiritual mystic arts were rare, and spiritual weapons that could increase mental power were naturally more rare. Moreover, now this Soul Lock has these two effects at the same time, it was quite a bit shocking, even if it was just an intermediate grade spiritual weapon.

    Seeing this, Yan Jue even showed a satisfied expression, and he announced in a deep voice, “As for the buff effect of the spiritual weapon, I can’t explain. I can only say that you will not be disappointed. Alright, the base price of this spiritual weapon is three hundred thousand spirit stones, and each bid must be at least twenty thousand spirit stones. Now the auction starts.”

    “Four hundred thousand spirit stones.”

    As soon as Yan Jue finished speaking, someone immediately spoke and raised the price directly by one hundred thousand spirit stones.

    And such a high bid, in addition to shocking many people, but it also made some people, who were about to bid, swallow their words immediately.

    After a while, someone snorted coldly and shouted the price of five hundred thousand spirit stones.

    As soon as the price was called, the entire cave became silent. No one bid again for a while.

    After all, in a normal auction, the price of a superb spiritual weapon was just over one million spiritual stones. This price was still a little higher for an intermediate grade spiritual weapon even if the buff effect was rare and shocking.

    At the same time, the first bidder, a Sea Creature Clan woman and the people around her who were surrounded by a pale blue halo frowned.

    “Aunt Yu forgets about it. If we bid again, the price of this spiritual weapon will only go up. It may even affect our mission.” The masked girl around her convinced softly at this time.

    “Nevermind, we should focus on our mission, but the people who bade just now was trying to hide himself, but I have already remembered their breaths. After we complete our main task, we may have another chance to get this item.” The Sea Creature Clan woman looked coldly at the three men with yellow capes in distance and spoke coldly.

    This time, the masked girl nodded and said nothing.

    As for the skinny old man next to Li Kun, he was expressionless and didn’t comment on it at all.

    But at this moment, a faint voice that bade stunned others.

    “Five hundred and fifty thousand spirit stones.”

    This bidder was naturally Liu Ming, who had been closing his eyes and resting.

    At this moment, he had opened his eyes. His voice was a little husky which was different from his original voice.

    The three people with the yellow cape were naturally surprised when they heard Liu Ming’s bid. After looking at each other, the burly man in the middle immediately bade the price of “six hundred thousand spirit stones”.

    “Six hundred and fifty thousand spirit stones.”

    Liu Ming did not hesitate to add another fifty thousand spirit stones.

    Such a high price, even if the three with some background could not help but look at each other.

    “Okay, good. It seems that this bidder is bound to have this Soul Lock. Nevermind, I will let you have it. I hope you can take good care of this thing.” The yellow cloak man in the middle said a few sentences coldly and finally quitted from the auction.

    But the threat in their words was obvious.

    Liu Ming naturally didn’t care about this.

    With such a high price, Yan Jue on the stone platform also showed a lot of smiles, and immediately announced the result.

    As long as Liu Ming waits for the entire auction to end and brings enough spiritual stones and materials to Yan Jue, he could get this spiritual weapon in his hand.

    “I think many bidders have been waiting for a long time at the moment. The following section is the best item of this auction. It is also a rare proud work which I poured my heart into. This is the Tidal Shield that contains 31 enchantments.”

    With this remark, the entire cave was engulfed in an extremely quiet and strange atmosphere.

    Everyone’s eyes were staring at Yan Jue on the high platform; most of them looked shocked.

    Yan Jue did not rush to take out the auction items when he saw this. Instead, he glanced at the people who were below the stage again. This was a mysterious smile.

    The next moment, he gripped in the air and a turquoise jade box appeared between his five fingers.

    Yan Jue threw the jade box in front of him, and he waved his sleeve upward. Immediately, the lid opened silently, carefully taking out a flat oblate object in front of everyone.

    A small shield with dazzling golden light was seen by everyone in the auction.