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Chapter 340: Five Spiritual Weapons

Demon’s Diary

    After a tea time, Liu Ming walked out of this shop, but there was an extra pale white jade tablet in his hand. It was printed with the same logo pattern as the shop brand on the surface.

    In addition, there were more than twenty top-quality spirit stones in his Sumeru Snail.

    After Liu Ming got the token and spirit stones, he went on to some other shops, and bought some forging materials he thought useful on the way.

    But unfortunately, he got nothing about the top-level materials needed for forging flying sword which he was most concerned about.

    It seemed that even in this Ironfire Valley, the main material of forging the true flying sword was still extremely scarce. It couldn’t be easily found.

    Half a day later, Liu Ming returned to his residence and began to practice behind closed doors.

    But in the following time, as Yan Jue’s auction was approaching, Ironfire Valley began to gather more and more foreign practitioners. They were either alone or in a group three to five people. Many of them seemed mysterious as if they didn’t want outsiders to know their identity at all.

    But for the guards of Ironfire Valley, as long as these people do not cause trouble in the valley, the guards would naturally ignored them.

    At this moment, some rumors about Yan Jue forging a new spiritual weapon was leaked out by someone, and it spread quickly in the valley.

    It was said that Yan Jue produced a total of five spiritual weapons this time. One intermediate grade spiritual weapon, three upper grade spiritual weapons, and one superb spiritual weapon!

    Not to mention the Soul Lock, although it was only a middle-class spiritual weapon, because of its rare ability to withstand the attack of spiritual mystic arts, and it also could prevent soul stealing. It naturally gained the interest of others.

    The remaining three upper grade spiritual weapons all had astonishing power. They also had multiple enchantments. They almost reached the top that an upper grade spiritual weapon could achieve.

    As for the last superb spiritual weapon, although no one knew what kind of treasure it was. However, it was said that the material used was the extremely rare tidal dense gold. Any spiritual weapon forging with this kind of material had a great effect on people who cultivated water attributes techniques or beastkin in the sea. It almost had an irresistible temptation to them. Moreover, this time it was from the hand of Yan Jue who was known as one of the three forge masters of the sea, so its value could be imagined.

    Of course, even for other cultivators or forces, a superb spiritual weapon was enough to make them spend all their money to bid for it.

    In an elegantly furnished room somewhere in the Ironfire Valley, several men of the Sea Creature Clan of various statures were gathering to listen to a man of strong physique.

    “What? This time, Siren King’s people have also come to this valley, and their target is even this superb spiritual weapon?” As the man finished speaking, the leader, who was a skinny old man, immediately said fiercely.

    If Liu Ming were here, he could recognize at a glance that the old man in front of him was the Crystallization State powerhouse of the Silver Scale Clan, Li Kun who pursued him for a thousand kilometers.

    However, at this time, he seemed to look older than before. Obviously, this was because his avatar in the Golden Armor Rune Soldier was destroyed that day which caused a big loss in his vitality.

    “Yes. Master. Your subordinates will never see it wrong. The two people I saw earlier are the green birds among the Crystallization State warrior under Siren King. If I didn’t hide in time, I am afraid they would really see it. “The strong and muscular man replied respectfully.

    “Hmph. Needless to say, he must have come for this superb spiritual weapon. I have heard that Siren King has advanced to the Real Pellet State. However, most of the spiritual weapons that were previously forged were destroyed when they resisted the calamity. They are recently searching for suitable spiritual weapons. Since he appears here, he must be going for this superb spiritual weapon that is forged with tidal dense gold. After all, the Siren King body is also a water attribute spiritual monster. This spiritual weapon is very useful for him. “Another Sea Creature Clan woman with a thick eyebrow said with some emotion as she heard it.

    “Of course. This time, didn’t we come here personally for this reason. This time, we, Yunchuan three clan, are working for the royal family for the first time. Failure is not allowed.” Li Kun said with a fearful face.

    “Elder Li please rest assured. This time the patriarch opened the door of the treasure house and let us bring a lot of rare materials that are enough to exchange for a superb spiritual weapon.” The woman of Sea Creature Clan heard and said with a smile.

    “Miss Lam, don’t underestimate this green bird. He came here personally with his Crystallization State power. He is certain that he can get this superb spiritual weapon. We should be patient.” Li Kun shook his head as he said.

    “I naturally know it. But in this Ironfire Valley, you have to rely on your own family and financial resources to get this spiritual weapon. Hmph, the green bird is just a monster in the sea. How can he compete with us in terms of financial power? “The woman pouted as he said disapprovingly.

    Although this woman only looked like she was at the intermediate stage of the Condensation Period, she seemed to have a special status. She actually didn’t have much fear of Li Kun, the powerhouse of the Crystallization Period.

    When Li Kun heard this, he just nodded and said nothing.

    “Jia Lan, as far as I know, the Soul Lock at this auction, although it is not high grade, should be a perfect match for your succubus body. If it’s possible, bid on it. The Sea Creature Clan woman turned her head and spoke with concern to a blue shirt girl who had been lowering her head.

    “Thank you Aunt Yu, if I can get this spiritual weapon, it will really increase the power of my cultivation by 30%.” The blue girl looked up and said with a smile.

    She only looked twenty years old. Her eyebrows were painted with black pigment; her nose was tall; her skin was soft and delicate; her eyes were bright and shiny; her apricot lips were red and seductive. Her every expression was so charming.

    Jia Lan was a Sea Creature Clan spy who infiltrated the Savage Ghost Sect!


    In another deserted stone house, a macho man in a blue robe and a woman in a red dress sat side by side.

    “Chi Li (it means red carp in Chinese), did you see clearly? Is the boy who secretly followed us really the man of Sea Creature Clan?” The macho man in a blue robe asked with a grim face.

    “I will never make such a mistake. The Sea Creature Clan juniors who died in my hands are at least eight hundred if not a thousand. Judging from the breath, at that time, I would have killed the Sea Creature Clan junior in the Condensation State if I wasn’t afraid of alarming the elite guard inadvertently.” The red skirt woman snorted coldly and scornfully with a ferocious face.

    “Since he followed me sneakily, he is definitely not the native Sea Creature Clan on the island. He is most like the subordinate of the Sea Region Royal Family.” The macho man said thoughtfully.

    “Although Siren King has now advanced to Real Pellet State, if his spiritual weapons didn’t get destroyed during the calamity, and he suffered a severe injury that he needed time to recuperate, how could that Sea Region Royal Family be so arrogant!” The woman in the red dress said coldly.

    “This time, we were ordered here to get this superb spiritual weapon for sure. If Siren King gets this treasure, he will be even more powerful. Even if he cannot dominate the sea in the future, it is more than enough to deal with the Sea Region Royal Family. “The macho man in blue robe waited for a moment before saying slowly.

    “Of course! What Sea Region Royal Family, pui!” The woman in the red skirt laughed and looked disdainful.

    “But just in case, if the auction fails, we can only use the second plan.” The macho man in blue robe suddenly turned around and said so.

    “Definitely. You just attend the auction as usual. If we can’t get the item, the superb spiritual weapon will still be in our hands as I work behind the scenes with you.” The red skirt woman retrieved her smile and said solemnly.

    The same scene took place in several other hidden places, and almost all forces had the idea of getting this extreme spiritual weapon.


    Half a month later, the auction day finally arrived.

    Liu Ming was holding the token, and he came to a corner of Ironfire Valley where there was an entrance for the underground dungeon according to the old man of the shop.

    Liu Ming was standing in a corner, but he didn’t rush into it. He was just assessing the entrance.

    Some bidders, who were mostly obscured by various mystic arts, were now entering the auction place under the guard watching.

    And Liu Ming himself had already changed his face into a black-faced macho man, and let out a layer of dark gas to cover his body.

    Liu Ming thought secretly without expression. It seems that not only is this place very tightly guarded, but it is being set up with multiple enchantments. Listening to the shopkeeper, the Black Flame Palace also dispatches three Crystallization Period powerhouse to guard the place. Otherwise, they really can’t deter so many foreigners.

    Looking at this situation now, there shouldn’t be many people who dare to make trouble at the auction, but they may cause trouble when they are out of this auction venue.

    But as long as I’m still in this Ironfire Valley, I should be relatively safe.

    As he thought, he strode toward the entrance without a word.

    He only took a few steps, then he suddenly glanced to the side; he seemed to notice something.

    He saw that a few figures were standing right not far away. One of the women in a blue dress was wearing a cyan veil, but the figure gave a strange familiar and unfamiliar feeling.

    “This girl is …” Liu Ming was a little surprised. For a while, he couldn’t remember the origin of the person, but he had already reached the entrance. Under the watch of several Ironfire guards, his sleeves shook and he showed the jade tablet to the guards.

    As soon as an Ironfire guard at the entrance checked the sign on the jade tablet, he nodded and gave way to let Liu Ming enter.


    “It’s time, the auction is going to start!”

    After a deep but attractive sound, a person came out from the high platform in front.

    The people who had been whispering in the underground caves immediately became silent.

    A middle-aged man with a normal appearance wearing a red robe was standing on the platform. His cheeks had some natural pale red wrinkles. He looked ease.

    And those bidders were sitting in rows on the stone piers that were already placed in the cave.

    All the cultivators of all races who were present were only more than 200 people, and they divided into several groups and around the cave.