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Chapter 339: Ironfire Valley

Demon’s Diary
     Two days later, a cyan flying boat was quietly floating over a stretch of a mountain range. It was surrounded by clouds and mists, and the scenery was green and exceptionally beautiful.

    However, a young man in his twenties standing at the front of the flying boat with a slightly gloomy face. His gray robe was fluttering without the wind. There were seven or eight red fireballs in front of him.

    This man was Liu Ming who had just left Valley South Town not for long.

    In front of the flying boat, there was a sea of ​​fire. A few cultivators of a different race could be faintly visible, but after a few screams, they could no longer scream as they turned into ashes.

    At this point, Liu Ming swung his sleeves and all the fireballs in front of him collapsed and vanished.

    Along the way, he finally saw the real chaos and lawlessness of Bieyuan Island.

    After the disappearance of cultivators at the Valley South Town, in order not to attract the attention of others, Liu Ming disguised his cultivation into the perfect stage of the Spirit Disciple.

    As a result, he would encounter some insensible guy provoking him almost every time he was rushing his way. Fortunately, these people’s strength was strong at all. He defeated them in just a few swift moves


    On this day, Liu Ming’s eyes were narrowing slightly when he was on the flying boat as he was looking far away at a large-scale market below.

    “Finally, I am here at Ironfire Valley.” Liu Ming muttered to himself, then he navigated the flying boat to land slowly.

    After half an hour, an ordinary-looking young man in a gray robe appeared in the Ironfire Valley of Iron Fire. He was mixing in the crowd of the cultivators of different race which made him insignificant.

    On the way, Liu Ming learned through the mouth of others, so he had some sort of understanding about Ironfire Valley and the Yan Jue.

    Ironfire Valley was one of the largest cities in Bieyuan Island, which was directly controlled by the Black Flame Palace.

    As for the Fire Mastery Clan’s Yan Jue who was known for one of the three forge masters of the sea, he was also the top-level existence of the forge master of the Ironfire Valley.

    When he looked around, he found that the buildings in the Ironfire Valley were actually made of iron ore. Under the sun, the surface vaguely revealed a gray and white halo which made these buildings look exceptionally thick and hard.

    Wherever he passed by, he saw teams of soldiers dressed in armor with the Black Flame Palace logo patrolling back and forth.

    All these soldiers were expressionless. The muscles on their faces were stiff and gray like a stone. It didn’t seem like there were flesh and blood.

    Liu Ming used his mental power to scan through, and he found that although these Black Flame Palace armor soldiers were all under the Condensation State, their breath was very strange. It gave a feeling of a dead person.

    This was the Black Flame Palace soldier. Although their cultivation wasn’t high, their bodies were soaked with special spiritual liquid. They had mighty strength that could allow them to tear a tiger with bare hands.

    Liu Ming had already heard of the elite soldier of the Black Flame Palace. Now that he saw it with his own eyes, he couldn’t help feeling shocked. He secretly thought that this Black Flame Palace really wasn’t simple.

    After he walked for a while in the Ironfire Valley, Liu Ming also found out that there were quite a lot of forges in Ironfire Valley. One could almost see one in every few steps.

    And every forge would have a forger.

    In general, the conditions for becoming a forger was extremely harsh. All of them achieved over a long period of time and with countless materials.

    Like Liu Ming’s Savage Ghost Sect, the real forge master was only Senior Fellow Apprentice Huang. This was also the result of the sect’s effort in training him.

    This was one of the reasons why the number of forgers had always been scarce. But now that Liu Ming was in this Ironfire Valley, he couldn’t help but be dumbstruck as he saw so many forgers.

    Later, he also discovered that the shops on both sides of the street in this valley were mainly selling various spiritual weapons, and the main purchases from outside the valley were also various kind of forge materials. Other materials like spiritual medicine weren’t that common instead.

    This Ironfire Valley which was famous for its forging really lived up to its name!

    Two hours later, Liu Ming turned around some shops in the valley, and he also asked about the prices of some goods on the way. Finally, he knew what to do in his mind. Therefore, Liu Ming found a place to stay in the valley.



    In a remote attic on a hill.

    Liu Ming sat with his leg crossed on the bed. His eyes narrowed slightly which indicating that he was thinking about something.

    “There are so many forgers in this Ironfire Valley. It is almost impossible to meet the demand for the forging material, especially some extremely rare forge materials.”

    As Liu Ming said so, he turned his hand and a palm-sized red box appeared. After the red box shook, it opened. More than a dozen creeping bristles that were suppressed by a layer of runes appeared.

    This was the dozen or so bristles that Liu Ming got from the foot of the ancient troll that was sealed.

    After getting these bristles, he also took the time to open the box several times to check. After discovering that the bristles could twist like a living thing after removing the runes on top. They were like black snakes.

    These materials had spirit in nature. Although Liu Ming had only heard and seen them for the first time, he could also know how rare they are as a forging material without asking.

    However, in order to bid for the Soul Lock spiritual weapon by Yan Jue, Liu Ming now planned to take it out in exchange for enough spirit stones or exchange it directly for the Soul Lock.

    At least that way, he didn’t have think about using ​​the holy beast’s egg and Golden Armor Rune Soldier.

    As Liu Ming thought so, he took out another jade box and gently put a black bristle into the box.

    Now that he that the black bristle was very valuable, but he couldn’t accurately calculate its value. Therefore, he decided to find a shop in the valley to sell it.

    After Liu Ming disguised his face and walked out of the house with the appearance of a black-faced macho man, he walked into an impressive looking sho.

    The shop was crowded with people, and the business seemed pretty good.

    “Do you want to buy spiritual weapon or sell forging materials?” Upon seeing Liu Ming coming in, a cultivator with a short beard who looked like a shopkeeper greeted Liu Ming warmly.

    “I want to sell this. Please help me take a look.” Liu Ming said calmly. He took out the jade box containing the black bristle from his sleeve and gently opened the box, but it happened that only the shopkeeper saw the item in the box.

    The shopkeeper was frightened when he saw the bristle that looked like a living creature. He immediately said to Liu Ming, “Please sit for a while and drink some tea in the guest room. I will immediately ask the appraisal master of our shop to appraise this material.”

    Liu Ming nodded and entered the guest room without any expression under the lead of the shopkeeper.

    After a while, an old man with a white beard came int. He smiled slightly at Liu Ming and cupped his fists, “It turned out that you are the one who wants me to appraise material. Although I’m old, I can confidently say that my ability to appraise is still good. If you trust the old man, please hand out the treasure and let me have a look.”

    Liu Ming nodded. He made a gesture in his right hand and the box opened itself.

    When the old man saw the black hair twisting like a living creature, the old man’s eyes shrank slightly. However, he still maintained his calmness.

    How powerful Liu Ming mental power was? He naturally saw the strangeness in the old man’s eyes.

    Afterward, the old man walked slowly to Liu Ming. His sleeve trembled and a yellow bead in his hand was floating in the air, then he gestured with one hand while muttering to himself.

    With a “beep”!

    The yellow bead suddenly radiated yellow light, and it soon wrapped the black bristle in the box.

    After seeing a faint light on the black bristles, the yellow bead that was thrown by the old man in the air began to turn from pale yellow to golden.

    Seeing this scene, the old man could no longer conceal the shock in his heart. His face began to look terrified and manic.

    Subsequently, he chained a few gestures, and the golden light on the bead flashed continuously.


    After a few moments, the old man slowly withdrew the bead. There was still a shocked expression on his face. He knew that Liu Ming had seen his anomaly, so he spoke frankly, “This black bristle is indeed not an ordinary material. Although its origin can’t be detected after a few attempts, it must be the best material for forging the best spiritual weapon. So, if you are willing to sell it to us, I can buy it with 200,000 spirit stones.”

    “200,000 Spirit Stone!”

    Liu Ming was slightly startled as he heard it, but his face still remained the same. He just smiled at the old man and said, “Although the price is good, let me think it over.”

    The old man nodded, but he was feeling helpless in his heart the words. He secretly blamed himself for not being able to control his emotions during the appraisal, and he let him see it. It seemed that it wasn’t easy to get this item.

    However, such rare materials were rarely heard. Anyone who sees them will be moved.

    “By the way, I heard that Yan Jue, the forge master, will attend a spiritual weapon auction recently. I don’t know if I have any special requirements to participate in this spiritual weapon auction.” Liu Ming hesitated a bit and asked the old man.

    “Special requirements? There are really some requirements. There are two requirements to participate in this auction. The person needs to reach at least the later stage of the Condensation State or he has great financial resources, and he must have a local business in the valley to guarantee their worth. “The old man said without hesitation, after all, this was not a secret in Ironfire Valley. So, there was no need to hide it from Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming’s heart was moved slightly as he heard it.

    His current strength was only in the Condensation State intermediate stage, so he couldn’t meet the first requirement. It seemed that he could only meet the second requirement.

    So, he immediately said to the old man without holding back, “To be honest, I come to Ironfire Valley this time is to auction a spiritual weapon made by Master Yan Jue. If you can guarantee me, the price of this thing in my hands can really be considered for sale to you.”

    When the old man heard this, he couldn’t help but frown slightly. He couldn’t help thinking in his heart, The thing in this man’s hand can bring out the rare golden color of this appraisal bead. It must not be a common item. I can’t let the other old men to have it.

    As the old man figured it out, hetouched his beard and said, “Okay, I can promise to guarantee your net worth. May I know how much spirit stones you want to sell the item in your hands?”

    “Three hundred thousand,” Liu Ming said without thinking.

    “Three hundred thousand? This was far beyond the limit that I can offer. Let’s do it this way, we both take a step back. How about two hundred fifty thousand?” The old man’s face twitched slightly, so he suggested.

    Liu Ming thought for a while and finally nodded, “Okay, deal.”