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Chapter 338: Yunchuan Token

Demon’s Diary
     “Friend Meng Ning, no matter what, the two deputies of our Yunchuan Alliance are missing within your Valley South Town. It makes sense that your Crystal Valley should be related somehow. As far as I know, Crystallization Period cultivation is enough to become an elder guest in the Crystal Valley. With your identity, don’t tell me that you don’t know it.” Ye Tianmei’s eyes flashed coldly as she said so.

    “En, your words make sense. As for the disappearance of the two deputies, the Crystal Valley naturally will not let go. Fairy Ye, please be assured that I will definitely report to the Lord of the Crystal Valley personally. We will surely send someone to investigate and deal with it as soon as possible, then we will definitely give Fairy Ye and your alliance an explanation. ” After Meng Ning hesitated slightly, he assured Ye Tianmei solemnly.

    As Liu Ming listened to what Meng Ning said, he revealed a thoughtful expression.

    Ye Tianmei snorted as she heard it. Her vibe was more ferocious. She said to Meng Ning as her eyebrows raised in anger, “This kind of excuse can only fool a three years old kid. Who do you think I am? Will I listen to your excuse?”

    “Fairy Ye’s remarks are a little overstating.” Hearing Ye Tianmei’s words, Meng Ning’s face slightly froze. He quickly cupped his fist and said.

    “If you don’t want me to go too far, shouldn’t you come up with some genuine sincerity, or do you really think that I can be convinced so easily?” Ye Tianmei’s eyes shone as she said certainly.

    Facing such an aggressive vibe, Meng Ning didn’t rush to speak this time. However, his face looked cloudy. There was a hint of thought and hesitation in the golden pupil.

    Ye Tianmei just looked at him coldly; she remained silent.

    For a time, the stone hall was shrouded by an extreme quietness.

    In this weird atmosphere, time passed little by little.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming still looked the same as before, but he faintly made some judgment under his heart.

    It seems that this Crystal Valley Elder must know something, but there seems to be something hard to tell.

    This point, presumably Ye Tianmei had already noticed it without Liu Ming reminding her.

    Based on the current situation, he chose to watch by the side silently.

    “Friend Meng Ning, have you made up your mind?” After a short while, looking at Meng Ning still unable to make a decision as he still looked hesitant, Ye Tianmei had become clearly impatient.

    Meng Ning sighed softly, glanced at Liu Ming who stood by the side, and his lips suddenly moved a few times without making any sound as if he told Ye Tianmei something by sound sending.

    Ye Tianmei’s face changed slightly after hearing the words, her shocking vibe instantly reduced a lot.

    Liu Ming saw this scene. There was a hint of doubt in his heart. However, he naturally wouldn’t ask at this moment when facing two powerhouses of the Crystallization State with his current identity.

    “It actually involves this person. No wonder that you have such scruples. This time, Yunchuan Alliance owes you a favor. I will handle the rest by myself. I will never involve you, my friend. In addition, I have to continue to purchase resources on this trip to Bieyuan Island in order to complete the two deputies’ unaccomplished tasks. I wonder if you can show us the convenient ways?” After Ye Tianmei nodded slightly and thanked him, she actually did not mention the disappearance of the two Alliance’s deputies. Instead, she talked to Meng Ning about the purchase of resources, and her attitude was obviously eased a lot.

    Yunchuan Alliance’s purpose to send two Condensation State deputies across the ocean without hesitation was to purchase cultivation resources. However, it was unexpected that the two were missing before they accomplished their mission. While investigating the two deputies, Ye Tianmei naturally wanted to resolve the matter of purchasing cultivation resources together.

    After all, the Three Truths Six Sons was related to the future fate of the Yunchuan Continent. This purchase must be completed as soon as possible, and the resources safely returned to Yunchuan without further delay.

    Although Alliance had lost a large amount of Spirit Stones due to previous events, and these Spirit Stones were not a small number for the entire Yunchuan Alliance, but they were still affordable.

    When Meng Ning heard Ye Tianmei’s remarks, although he felt a little surprised, his heart was relieved. Ye Tianmei immediately smiled and promised, “Anything that Fairy Ye wants to purchase, please do tell. As long as your alliance can afford the price, I will satisfy your demand.”

    The next time, Ye Tianmei threw a jade slip inscribed with the resource directory directly to the Orc Clan’s elder.

    Meng Ning gave Ye Tianmei a purple disk and told her that once the required training resources were prepared, he would contact through this item. Even in the matter of resource purchase price, he promised to give Ye Tianmei certain offers.

    Ye Tianmei was not surprised, but she thanked him gently.

    At this time, Liu Ming, through the follow-up conversation between the two, also understood that the old man in front of him was not only the Crystallization Period powerhouse who guarded Valley South Town in the Crystal Valley, but he was also one of more than ten Crystallization Period elders in the Crystal Valley.

    This made him a little bit shocked by the profoundness and power of the Crystal Valley.

    With his assumption of the Crystal Valley forces, even the five major sects of the Great Xuan Kingdom cooperated, they were no match for the Crystal Valley.

    The other two forces that could contend against this Crystal Valley to divide this Bieyuan Island, it seemed that their strength was similar.

    In this way, Liu Ming also knew that although the area of ​​Bieyuan Island was less than Yunchuan, its strength was not much weaker than the Yunchuan Continent.

    After Ye Tianmei negotiated the purchase of resources, she bade farewell with the elder and left the stone hall with Liu Ming.

    On the way back to Bibo Inn, Liu Ming slowly followed Ye Tianmei without saying a word. Although his face looked usual, he was guessing what did the elder speak Ye Tianmei all the time which made her looked surprised.

    Ye Tianmei seemed to be aware of Liu Ming’s mind. As she waved her hand, an invisible light curtain enveloped her and Liu Ming, and then she said coldly to Liu Ming, “Nephew Disciple Liew, do you want to what Meng Ning told me just now?”

    Liu Ming was astounded in his heart, and he hurriedly bowed his head and cupped his fits, “This matter is very important. Master’s Junior didn’t tell the truth, of course I have my own considerations. Junior will never make any wild guess.”

    “You don’t have to be so nervous. It doesn’t matter if I let you know. It’s just better not to let the others know.” Ye Tianmei said calmly.

    As Liu Ming heard the words, there was a hint of surprise in his mind, and he nodded repeatedly.

    Seeing Liu Ming doing this, Ye Tianmei’s expression eased a little, then she said lightly, “Meng Ning just told me the name of a person named ‘Ma Shu’.”

    “Ma Shu?”

    Liu Ming was even more surprised.

    “Ma Shu is one of the two deputy masters of the Crystal Valley. His cultivation is at the intermediate stage of the Crystallization Period, and rumor has it that his real strength is unfathomable or maybe he has learned some abilities that can help him compete with the later stage of the Crystallization Period powerhouse.” Ye Tianmei’s tone was calm; a gleam of sharp light flashed in her eyes.

    As Liu Ming heard the “intermediate stage of the Crystallization Period”, he was naturally shocked.

    Ye Tianmei, who was extremely powerful, was only in the early stage of the Crystallization Period. This man named Mo Shu even had a higher realm than Ye Tianmei.

    If the disappearance of the Condensation State cultivator in Valley South Town was really related to this person, it was naturally an easy matter.

    However, listening to Ye Tianmei’s tone, she didn’t seem to be too concerned about this person named Mo Shu.

    This woman could be so certain because of her identity as a Sword Cultivator and her amazing flying sword skill.

    Liu Ming could faintly guess that Ye Tianmei’s true strength might even let the later stage of the Crystallization Period powerhouse feel awe, let alone Ma Shu who was at the intermediate stage of the Crystallization Period.

    For the rest of the time, Ye Tianmei didn’t talk to him anymore. They went all the way back to the inn.

    “By the way, Nephew Disciple Liew, follow me to my room first.” Just before Ye Tianmei stepping into her room, it seemed that she suddenly thought of something. She turned around to talk to Liu Ming who was preparing to return to his room.

    Liu Ming was first shocked, but he still nodded immediately and went into Ye Tianmei’s room obediently.

    Before Liu Ming inquired, Ye Tianmei had already said, “Counting at the time, there is not much time left for the auction. Besides, Nephew Disciple may need to arrive earlier so that you can prepare for it. You can set off tomorrow and go to the auction of that spiritual weapon, Flame Pannannular Ring.”

    Now, Ye Tianmei had made a decision in his mind about the disappearance of the two deputies in the Alliance. She naturally didn’t need Liu Ming to help her.

    When Liu Ming heard this, he felt a joy in his heart and responded with his affirmation. He couldn’t help expecting the bidding event in the near future.

    Subsequently, Ye Tianmei began to adjust her breath with her eyes closed. Liu Ming said goodbye, and then he walked out.


    The next day, the sun rose. When Liu Ming pushed open his room door, and he was about to go on the road, he saw the white shirt woman lady standing in front of the door for an unknown period. He couldn’t help but be shocked.

    Before waiting for him to walk out, Ye Tianmei waved her hand and launched an item at him.

    Liu Ming subconsciously grabbed it with one hand, and there was crimson token in between his five fingers.

    “Master’s Junior Ye, is this?” Liu Ming took a few glances at the token without blinking. He couldn’t see the purpose of this item, so he couldn’t help but ask Ye Tianmei.

    “This token is Yunchuan Token which represents the senior identity of the Yunchuan Alliance. Since I can’t attend with you because of the matter about Alliance’s deputies, but you should be able to use this token on the road. You can use it to deter general forces on the island and save you a lot of trouble.” Ye Tianmei said slowly.

    For Ye Tianmei, although Liu Ming was not a member of Yunchuan Alliance, he had been offering a little help to explore the news in the past few days. As her identity, she was naturally unwilling to owe junior favors, so she gave this Yunchuan Token temporarily to Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming was naturally overjoyed as he heard that. After saying a few gratitude words, he carefully kept the token. After that, he left the inn after bidding farewell respectfully.

    Soon after, he stepped out of the gate of Valley South Town. After walking out for few kilometers, his sleeve fluttered and a cyan flying boat was released.

    Liu Ming’s figure shook again, and he stood at the front of the flying boat. With one hand gesture, it immediately turned into a cyan light and flew into the blue sky.