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Chapter 337: Meng Ning

Demon’s Diary
     The front door of Bibo Inn seemed a bit deserted. Except for the two or three people passing by occasionally, there was not even a vendor.

    At this time, a young man in gray robe with a common face feature was hurriedly walking toward this place. After a slight stop at the door, he stepped into the inn.

    It was Liu Ming who hurried back from the ruined temple outside the city.

    As soon as he stepped into the inn, he passed through several courtyards in a row, went straight to a quieter courtyard, and stopped in front of a house.

    The room that Ye Tianmei rented was closed at this time, it seemed Grandmaster Ye hadn’t returned yet.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming frowned slightly, but he didn’t care at all. He expected that the female sword crystallization cultivator wouldn’t be idle, then he turned around and returned to her house, waiting quietly.

    Liu Ming, who was sitting on the bed, focused his mind and thought about the matters told by the yellow robe old man, then he calmed his mind slowly.

    According to the information currently available, those who disappeared here inexplicably were all young and strong man of condensation cultivation. Moreover, most of them were here to purchase. They must have a lot of spirit stones with them. If someone chose to make a move on them, their intention was either the spirit stones or the victim itself.

    Let alone the spirit stones, anyone would be moved to know that someone is carrying so many spirit stones, but since those people were sent to purchase things, they must also understand to not disclose their wealth in an unfamiliar place. Unless … it was the other party who dealt with them, but will Crystal Valley damage its reputation for just the spirit stones?

    When Liu Ming was in the Savage Ghost Sect, he learned from the Scriptures Pavilion that some evil cultivators could have some very strange methods to extract the spirit and blood of living people and use them to cultivate some powerful and evil skills. Some may even take the flesh directly to make the terrifying puppets and magical weapons.

    After all, in order to pursue great strength, some cultivators could often do anything cruel.

    But whether it was one of the two, or there was a third possibility, this matter was still uncertain.

    In this crisis-ridden situation, it seems that he has been more careful.

    Thinking of this, he exhaled a long breath, then his dismiss the distractions and began to meditate.



    Half a day later.

    “Come out, I’ll take you to see someone.” Liu Ming’s ear suddenly sounded the cold voice of Ye Tianmei.

    When Liu Ming heard the words, he was naturally shocked. He immediately jumped up and pushed the door.

    At this moment, Ye Tianmei, who was in white, was standing at the door of the inn.

    Before Liu Ming managed to greet his grandmaster, Ye Tianmei immediately turned around and left.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming could only laugh bitterly, so he followed her out of the Bibo Inn.

    “Who is Grandmaster Ye bringing me to meet?” On the road, Liu Ming thought secretly.

    However, when he felt that the news he got from the old man in the yellow robe was valuable, he began to tell Ye Tianmei.

    “Grandmaster Ye, I have found some clues when I inquired at the Valley South City. It may be related to the disappearance of the Alliance’s deputies… Besides, the behind the scenes forces of the Valley South City didn’t seem to care about this… “

    Right no, Liu Ming informed Ye Tianmei about all the news that he discovered in the past two days.

    After listening to Liu Ming’s words, Ye Tianmei looked a little moved, but she did not speak.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming kept silent and continued to follow.

    After a meal, the two went to a tall stone hall outside of Valley South City.

    The stone hall was made of an unknown dark megalith. Under the light of the sun, it emitted a faint black halo. It seemed that there were a lot of barriers being set on it. It seemed not simple.

    There were several guards standing outside the stone hall. Their costumes were the same as the guards at the gate of the city, but they were taller and bigger. The lavender body armor on their bodies was a bit dazzling under the reflection of the setting sun.

    Judging only from the breath of the guards, these guards were actually at the later stage of the spiritual apprentice. Some were even in the early stage of the condensation.

    Liu Ming was startled secretly, but his expression remained calm.

    Ye Tianmei walked to the guards and spoke a few words to the leader, but the guard immediately showed a respectful expression and immediately turned to the temple to report to his master.

    Ye Tianmei waited on the spot quietly.

    After a short while, the sound of footsteps came from the door. It was the guard hurried out again. After seeing him waving his hand, all the guards immediately retreated to both sides and made a respectful gesture.

    Ye Tianmei walked toward the gate of the palace without saying anything; Liu Ming naturally followed Ye Tianmei into the stone hall.

    The stone hall was rectangular; it was about ten feet in size; there were many statues on both sides. There were only one table and eight chairs in the center of the hall which made the hall look extremely empty and deep.

    There was a tall figure in a purple robe in this hall. He was standing with his back facing the entrance and his hands on his back.

    Maybe the old man heard the footsteps, he slowly turned around. His skin was in emerald colour and his pupils were golden. His breath seemed to be unfathomable. Liu Ming also felt this breath once from Ye Tianmei’s body.

    This was exactly why this old man was obviously a terrifying powerhouse in crystallization!

    From the appearance of the old man, Liu Ming was able to judge that the old man should be from the orc clan.

    On the way, Liu Ming had made it clear that this orc clan was actually just a name. It wasn’t that their looks really looked like an orc or that their blood was really related to arc.

    However, in many aspects, especially in terms of physical quality, the ordinary human races weren’t comparable to orc. However, most orcs were inherently strong physically, and their bones were extremely dense and solid. Once they embarked on the path of cultivation, most of them practiced the cultivation that focused on training physical body. This point was familiar with the physique cultivator of the human, but it wasn’t that risky as compared to human who would collapse if there was any mistake, and the power was even greater.

    The old man was in a purple robe with a spar-like silver pattern imprinted on the sleeves. This seemed to indicate his high status in Crystal Valley.

    Now Liu Ming knew where Ye Tianmei brought him. Obviously, this place was the place that controlled the Valley South City in the Crystal Valley.

    When Ye Tianmei saw the old man, her face moved slightly. She seemed a little surprised, but she returned to normal as soon as possible. She stared at the old man and said faintly,

    “It turned out to be Meng Ning. I haven’t seen you for a long time. I didn’t expect that you to also advance to crystallization. Congratulation.”

    Listening to this woman’s words, she knew the old man in front of her.

    The orc old man, who was called Meng Ning, grinned bitterly when he heard the words. After that, he said with some gratitude,

    “Fairy Ye really knows how to make a joke. I was trapped for dozens of years in the late stage of condensation. If it weren’t because of the opportunity later, I’m afraid I have already died in old age. In addition, if Fairy Ye didn’t help me, I am afraid that I would be long… “

    “Forget about the past. I came to you today because I want to ask you something.” Listening to Meng Ning’s gratitude words, Ye Tianmei didn’t seem to hear it. Instead, she waved impatiently to interrupt his words.

    “What does Fairy Ye want to ask? Meng Ning will answer everything if I know.” Meng Ning also knew a bit of Ye Tianmei’s temper, so he didn’t feel odd for her behavior, instead he nodded slowly.

    Although he knew that Ye Tianmei saved his life that year, she was just saving him along the way. However, he was somewhat grateful to Ye Tianmei.

    Otherwise, he didn’t need to be humble to Ye Tianmei with his current position and the strength of a crystallization period powerhouse.

    “What I want to ask is nothing else. You should have already known that in the past year, a lot of condensation period cultivators disappeared inexplicably in Valley South City right?” Ye Tianmei’s beautiful eyes flashed as she asked Meng Ning. She had the tone of interrogating him.

    “En, I did hear about this. What does Fairy Ye want to ask?” Meng Ning didn’t answer Ye Tianmei’s question directly at first, and he replied slowly after a moment of silence.

    “Among them are the two deputies of my Yunchuan Alliance.” Ye Tianmei stared at Meng Ning and said word by word as her tone turned cold.

    Meng Ning’s face twitched imperceptibly as he heard it.

    Although the Yunchuan Alliance was not established for a long time, it had almost become one of the largest forces in the Sea Region that was under the Sea Region Royal Family and the Siren King after integrating the strength of many sects in the Yunchuan Continent.

    Crystal Valley naturally wanted to give Yunchuan Alliance some face.

    “I have now ascertained that the two deputies of the Yunchuan Alliance disappeared shortly after entering Valley South City a few months ago. They initially intended to trade in Crystal Valley. Shouldn’t Fellow Meng explain to me? “Ye Tianmei raised her tone slightly. She seemed to be reminding Meng Ning about something.

    “Oh, I did not expect that the two deputies of your League are missing in the city. This is somewhat unexpected to me. But I don’t know if the two deputies had any enmity in Valley South City. Maybe his enemy had saught revenge on him. “Meng Ning’s face looked strange. He hesitated for a while, then said so.

    Ye Tianmei’s face turned gloomy as she heard so. She immediately released a terrifying vibe. Her breath became sharp like a sword, and she said coldly,

    “Meng Ning, do you think I will believe in such explanations? If you don’t give me a statement today, I’m afraid the next time the Alliance sends people, it will not only be me alone. It just happens that the Yunchuan Alliance has just established not for long, so it also needs an opportunity to demonstrate its strength to the others. “

    “Fairy Ye, please don’t misunderstand me! I have just heard about it. In fact, I was only dispatched to this place recently. Therefore, I don’t know exactly what happened in the city at that time. Fairy Ye, if you don’t believe it, you can ask about whether such disappearance still exists after I was dispatched to this city.” Meng Ning sighed. His face was full of resignation.