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Chapter 336: Speculation

Demon’s Diary
     At the wasteland of a dense forest that was somewhere around ten miles away from the Valley South City.

    At a glance, except for the slick stones on the barren land, there was almost no grass.

    Liu Ming placed his hands behind and looked at a ruined temple in front of him. His pupils were slightly shrinking.

    Out of the Green Bamboo Restaurant in that city, he followed the grandfather and grandson out of the city.

    However, after Liu Ming followed the two into the wasteland, they suddenly disappeared.

    Liu Ming’s brow frowned slightly, then he released his mental power, inspecting the surrounding.

    However, with his strong mental power, he didn’t seem to find anything at all.

    But at this moment, Liu Ming only felt a moment of blur in front of him, and a dark shadow shot out from the dense forest beside the ruined temple. The dark shadow was extremely fast. In n instant, it had already come to him and crushed him down.

    Under this unexpected blow, an extremely violent force swarmed him. Liu Ming was caught off guard. Even though his physical body was overbearing, he was still forced to take a few steps back.

    However, this collision did not cause any harm to Liu Ming. After he made a gesture, his body suddenly stopped.

    At the location where he was hit just now, a vague pit was left behind.

    Liu Ming’s eyes narrowed slightly, then he glanced at the dark shadow at the center of the pit.

    The black shadow turned out to be a giant python. Its whole body was dark. The bowl-sized scales that looked like they were pieced together expressed a bone-chilling light. However, there was no vitality in its eyes. Apparently, it was a puppet beast.

    At this moment, an old man in a yellow robe and a young girl in a yellow shirt came out slowly from the ruined temple.

    It was the pair of grandchildren he encountered in the restaurant!

    The girl in the yellow shirt stared at Liu Ming with a hostile gaze.

    Although the old man in the yellow robe had a calm face, his heart was slightly shocked. He was slightly surprised that the young man in the gray robe could stop the sneak attack of his puppet beast.

    However, the young man looked too young on the surface, so the old man was not too worried about it.

    The opponent’s cultivation was limited. Even if he looked stronger physically, the old man should be able to deal with him.

    Looking at the battle between the old man and the young girl, Liu Ming’s single hand only turned in the air with a blank expression, then there were explosions coming from his five fingers immediately.

    Liu Ming knew it was useless to explain anything at this time.

    Not to mention that the two were also outsiders, after being traced by Liu Ming, they must first have hostility in their minds. Besides, the missing person in their conversation obviously had a close relationship with them, so they wouldn’t tell the truth by using the normal mean.

    At this time, the most effective way was to use some powerful means.

    On the other side, the old man in the yellow robe also did not want to talk nonsense with Liu Ming. Instead, the old man made a gesture with his right hand toward the python puppet beast.

    The python puppet beast suddenly made a “whining” sound toward the sky as its giant tail smashed on the ground, then its body was blurred, and it turned into a dark shadow and rushed toward Liu Ming again. At the same time, a muffled sound came from the space where the python passed by.


    Liu Ming gestured with one hand, then suddenly there was thick black gas billowing out of his body. After the black gas swirled around the top of his head, it quickly condensed into a black dragon’s phantom. It just hovered in the nearby air, then it suddenly dived down and wrapped around Liu Ming’s right arm in the end.

    It was the first level of the Dragon and Tiger Inferno!

    Liu Ming didn’t hesitate. With a movement of his arm, he punched out at the python puppet beast that was charging at him rapidly.

    An earth-shattering noise sounded!

    Later, Liu Ming was shinning a black light in front of him, and a more intense wave came out in the space. The python was knocked back upside down immediately and landed heavily in front of the old man.

    When the python raised its head again, it saw that Liu Ming’s fist had landed on its body. Its surface scales were dented by the punch.

    This scene made the old man’s eye pupil shrank slightly, and his eyelids moved imperceptibly.

    This giant python puppet beast was not only extremely powerful, but its body surface was made of hard and rare metal. The hardness was far beyond ordinary refined iron.

    However, it was easily hurt by this young man in a gray robe.

    The only explanation was that the strength of the young people in front of them was unfathomable, and they couldn’t rival with him at all.

    “This friend, you and I have no grievance. Sir, please stop first.” The old man in the yellow robe suddenly waved at Liu Ming and hinted him to stop. After all, if Liu Ming were to make a few more punches on the python puppet monster, this puppet monster would be scrapped.

    And this python had the strength of the early stage of condensation, even if he didn’t have a few heads, he was naturally unwilling to let it be destroyed so easily.

    Liu Ming smiled as he heard these words. After he withdrew his punch, the black gas was also absorbed into his body.

    The old man in the yellow robe also made a gestured. The python instantly turned into a black light and returned back into the hands of the old man. After a while, the light turned into a black ball.

    “May I ask why did Sir follow us all the way here?” The old man asked Liu Ming slowly, but his tone wasn’t respectful at all. He also quietly winked at the girl in the yellow shirt next to him to let her back out some distance, so she wouldn’t be affected by the confrontation with the person in front of him.

    The girl in the yellow shirt said nothing and immediately backed a few steps away.

    “Please do not misunderstand. I accidentally heard you mentioned about your acquaintance disappearing in Valley South City at the restaurant upstairs. It happens that someone I know also disappeared here. The time is very close to what you said, so I wonder if you can tell me about the situation. “Liu Ming smiled at the old man and said without arguing with the old man’s question.

    When the old man in the yellow robe heard this, his face changed slightly, and he couldn’t help glancing at the girl.

    After listening to the girl in the yellow shirt, her heart was slightly trembling. Only then she realized that their conversation was heard by the others in the restaurant. She immediately lowered her head; she didn’t dare to speak anything.

    At this time, the old man coughed and said,

    “Since Sir follows us here, then you are determined to get this information. I have no choice but to tell. There is no need to keep this secret to anybody anyway. If Sir wants to ask, I can answer your question.”

    “Very good. You don’t have to worry about anything. I will leave after asking about it. Can Sir please tell me about the missing person in detail.” He asked slowly.

    After the old man coughed, he could only tell everything to him,

    “My granddaughter and I are actually practitioners from a small sect in the south of Bieyuan Island. Our sect is also a little famous in the south. It lives by refining and selling the puppet beast. Just nine months ago, my son and others several people were sent to Valley South City by our sect to purchase some attribute crystals from Crystal Valley for producing the puppet beast. These resources are urgently needed in this case, and my son is also a cautious person. He wouldn’t stay for long after he did the request. Moreover, my son is very familiar with the purchase and sale of resources. The trip of back and forth won’t exceed more than three months. However, we never expected that he never return after departing for half a year, and there is even no news from him. Therefore, I have no choice but to come personally to Valley South City to investigate it.”

    “Oh, have you inquired anything? I heard from your tone in the restaurant before that you are planning to leave the Valley South City.” Liu Ming asked faintly.

    “I found the inn that my son stayed, but I only knew that my son never came out from it after staying in the inn. My son is in the early stage of condensation cultivation, but he actually disappeared without a trace. Therefore, I thought there must be something strange about it. I suspect that it is related to some big forces; it may even involve the powerhouse of crystallization cultivation. How can our sect deal with such a powerhouse? So, I can only return to my sect with my granddaughter to discuss the future plan again.. “The old man replied somewhat resignedly.

    “It turns out to be like this. But from the meaning of Sir’s words, you have been to the Valley South City for a long time. Have you found any other clues?” After Liu Ming heard it, he thought about it, and then asked.

    “In fact, while I was in the city, I learned from some old acquaintances that some of them were also missing in Valley South City, and most of them came here to purchase. The missing persons were all of the condensation cultivation powerhouses. Because of that, I decided to leave this city. “The old man hesitated a moment later, and then replied; his expression was a little gloomy at the same time.

    So many young cultivators of the condensation stage are missing frequently, and it was during when they came to Valley South City to purchase!

    After Liu Ming listened, his eyes flickered slightly. There was some speculation in his mind.

    But his face didn’t give any hint at all. He just nodded at the old man and said,

    “So, thank you, friend.”

    The next moment, they saw a flash of gray shadow; Liu Ming went across a few hundred feet directly and appeared behind the girl in the yellow shirt. He “snapped” at the little girl’s shoulder, then his figure flickered and transformed into a few afterimages and returned to his initial place.

    The whole process happened in a split moment. The old man roared. He once again controlled the python to intercept him in the middle, but it only caught the afterimage of Liu Ming. It didn’t touch Liu Ming’s body at all.

    “What did you do to Ling Er?” The old man raised his hand and threw a white ball which transformed into a white giant hawk puppet beast, then he said viciously to Liu Ming.

    The girl in the yellow shirt also looked abnormally pale. But when the old man examined her body carefully, he found no abnormalities at all.

    “Sir don’t have to panic! I’m just leaving a mark on this little girl. If you find telling any lies, I can look for Sir to confirm again. Please be rest assured. This mark will disappear automatically after three days or maybe Sir now think of anything to add on to your previous statement. “Liu Ming said calmly with his hands on his back.

    “I have told you everything.” The old man clenched his fists, staring angrily at Liu Ming.

    “If that’s the case, it’s naturally good. But if you think of anything else, you can come to Valley South City, Bibo Inn.”

    As Liu Ming spoke, he made a gestured and a dark cloud rose at his feet, traveling straight to the direction where Valley South City was.

    After Liu Ming left, the old man in the yellow robe slowly let go of his clenched fist.

    “Grandfather, what should we do now?” The girl in the yellow shirt looked up at Liu Ming’s direction with a look of panic.

    “I didn’t expect before we can find any news of your father and others, we have already attracted such a powerful man. You and I will go to the nearby Blackwind Stronghold for three days and see what happens. Later, I will check if I can remove the mark left by the man on the way. ” The old man’s face looked uncertain for a while, then he stomped his feet and spoke to the girl in yellow shirt.

    After the old man unveiled the yellow shirt of the girl, he suddenly found a black rune mark on the girl’s shoulder.

    “Grandfather, is this person really so terrifying just now? You actually didn’t dare to confront the man face to face.” The beautiful girl in yellow shirt saw this situation, she bit her teeth and asked with some resentment.

    “This person should be a physique cultivator, and definitely a powerhouse. He also seemed to be holding back his strength just now. It seems that something big is going to happen on this Bieyuan Island.” The old man’s face became a little bit solemn. After saying so, he also cast a cloud under his feet and carried the girl to somewhere far away.