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Chapter 335: A Windfall

Demon’s Diary
     Ye Tianmei frowned. Her face was dignified as she stared at the drops of black blood without blinking.

    As soon as she entered the house, she had already opened up her divine thought and covered the house along with everything near it. But even with her strong cultivation of crystallization stage, she couldn’t find any clues about the drops of black blood at that time.

    This time, if Ye Tianmei hadn’t found the two people’s temporary residence according to the previous clues, and if he did not hesitate to activate her true spirit power to use the discovery spell using the relic containing the essence of the two deputies given by the high-level management in Alliance just in case to find the traces of the black blood, the matter would be even more clueless otherwise.

    Even so, apart from these few drops of black blood, the duo could not find any other clues at the moment.

    It seemed that it was very likely that someone deliberately did it, but it was not sure what strange means they used to erase the clues related to the two deputies in this house.

    These remaining black blood might be neglected by the other party.

    “It seems that both of the deputies of the Alliance have encountered the unfortunate.” Liu Ming murmured after looking at the black blood and sighing.

    “This is indeed a bit of a problem.” Ye Tianmei said slowly after a moment of silence. Her hand waved in the air. After a flash of silver light, the silver cauldron flew back to her sleeve and disappeared.

    “Grandmaster Ye found this place by the mystic arts this time, but so far, the clues are very vague. Do you have any plans now?” Liu Ming asked as his eyes were flashing.

    “Now that we have found this place, naturally there is no reason to go back.” Ye Tianmei said with a raised eyebrow, her voice was quite firm.

    “Is there anything that I can help?” Liu Ming said. The look on his face was quite sincere.

    “Since you said so, go to Valley South City to pry for some information during these two days. It is best to know if there is anything unusual in the city recently. As for other things, I have my own consideration.” Ye Tianmei answered directly without hesitation.

    “Yes, as Grandmaster command!” Liu Ming nodded without hesitation.

    “The people involved in this matter are not easy to handle. It may involve the existence of the crystallization period cultivators.” Ye Tianmei thought and said slowly.

    “The crystallization period! Could it be related to the three major forces on the island?” Liu Ming was a little surprised after listening.

    If we really get involved with people of the crystallization stage, it would undoubtedly be asking for trouble to get involved in this matter.

    Although his strength was comparable to the late stage of the condensation, and also had the help of the Bone Scorpion and the Demon Head, when it came to the crystallization stage, there was still no chance of success. There would even be a life danger.

    Ye Tianmei saw Liu Ming’s contemplative expression for a moment without talking, and said with an ambiguous smile:

    “The two deputies are also the condensation stage cultivators. Only the crystallization stage cultivator could silently snatch them from the inn or to kill them. But this is only my current guess. It is unknown whether this is indeed the case. However, it is best to exercise caution when walking in the city. “

    “Thank you Grandmaster Ye for telling me, I will be more careful!” Liu Ming said with a stun in his heart when he heard this.



    All right for one night!

    Early the next morning, Liu Ming walked out of Bibo Inn calmly and began to walk along the streets of Valley South City slowly, examining at the shops.

    For the first time being alone after entering Bieyuan Island, and in a clueless situation, he could only move to places with as many people as possible.

    Even though this Valley South City couldn’t be compared with the large city of Xuanjing, the capital of the Great Xuan Kingdom at that time, the number of shops was quite amazing.

    It took him about half a day to go through half of the shops.

    Although there were quite a few unexpected gains, and he found some spiritual stones with attributes and scarce materials, there was no similar news about some cultivators’ disappearance at all.

    Liu Ming did not feel discouraged about this. Instead, he kept a calm demeanor.



    For the remaining half of the day, Liu Ming still wandered around the city. He also bought some information about this place from several hidden forces that sold information.

    It finally allowed him to have a general understanding of the situation in Valley South City.

    The first was that some cultivators had indeed disappeared recently, but this was not new. It even happened quite frequently. But all of them were arrogant low-level casual cultivators who fought at the shops or auction venues in the city. The ones who had it easy were banished from the city by the guards of the Crystal Valley; the ones who were worse off had their cultivation abolished and were thrown into the dungeons.

    The so-called disappearances were those from time to time who were sent to the Crystal Valley Mines to be degraded to slave labor. This was a well-known thing in Valley South City, but most people did not mention it as it was already well known.

    Secondly, there was news that three deputy disciples from a large tribe of the sea clan sent to Bieyuan Island were killed by an unknown female cultivator in the port town. One of the disciples who were in the middle of the condensation period even ended up with no dead body. The high-level of the force was very angry about this, and they had sent elders from their clan to investigate the matter on Bieyuan Island.

    When Liu Ming heard this, his face remained unchanged, but deep down, he did not know whether to cry or to laugh.



    The third morning.

    A young man in a gray robe came to the old and famous restaurant Green Bamboo Restaurant in the downtown of the Valley South City.

    Standing on the wide street in front of the building, the man squinted and looked at the restaurant’s signboard with a strange look. The man was Liu Ming.

    Coincidentally, he originally planned to probe for more information in some of the restaurants in the city today. After yesterday’s talk with the demon cultivator who sold the news, he highly recommended the spirit wine, “Green Bamboo” in this restaurant with great enthusiasm.

    The restaurant was small in size, but the business was booming. Customers were constantly flowing.

    The reason for this was because the spirit wine “Green Bamboo” sold in this restaurant was of great benefit to cultivators. Mortals who drank this had the effect of prolonging life.

    Pedestrians passing by on the street outside the restaurant could smell the strong aroma of the wine from the restaurant, which was mouthwatering and tempting.

    Liu Ming went to the second floor when he found that the people who ate on the first floor were all mortals.

    After sitting at the table by the window with a street-view on the second floor, Liu Ming asked for a bottle of the famous “Green Bamboo” spirit wine.



    Playing with a small wine glass full of “Green Bamboo”, the spirit wine in the glass was thick and pale green. From a distance, one could smell a faint fragrance. An insignificant aura spread with the fragrance.

    Liu Ming looked down from the window at something with a look of inattentive laziness.

    The sound of footsteps and soft conversation between an elder and a youth came from downstairs.

    The sound “deng deng” of coming upstairs became clear.

    After a while, an old man in a yellow robe with a thin, yellow complexion and a petite young girl with white and tender skin and light features appeared at the entrance of the stairs.

    Judging from the scent radiating from them, they were also two cultivators.

    Liu Ming’s mental power quietly swept through. He found that the girl in yellow should be of the cultivation of the middle stage of the spiritual disciple period, while the old man on the side deliberately lowered his scent. His powers would not be weak.

    The girl seemed to be only fifteen or sixteen years old, but she looked worried and anxious. She came to a table with the old man and sat down. After a few bites of food, she stopped using her chopsticks, as if there was something on her mind.

    “Grandfather! Many days have passed, and there is still no news from them. Is there really no clue left in the inn?” The girl in yellow suddenly said to the old man.

    “Ling Er, this place is very complicated, and there are many forces, so don’t worry too much before things are clear. After all, they were also in the condensation period, and this was not the first time they came here to Valley South City to purchase resources from the Crystal Valley.” The old man frowned first, glanced around, and spoke in a low voice after knowing that no one was paying attention to their conversation.

    “Will it be possible that they did not stay in that inn?” The girl in the yellow shirt asked unwillingly, but her voice was much lower.

    “This is very unlikely. Every time they came here to do business in Valley South City, they would temporarily live at the Zhenyuan inn, and they are also familiar with the inn owner. Bai Hao has a weird personality.. He would not easily stay at an unfamiliar inn without any special circumstances.” The old man hesitated for a moment before answering in a low voice.

    “Then when were they found missing? Could it be that the spirit stones carried on them that caused them to be murdered by people for the sake of riches?” The girl asked again. Her voice a little hasty, and her voice was slightly higher.

    “In the past, after they came to Valley South City, they would send regular reports to the sect every month to report their safety. But nine months ago, after the sect sent them to this Valley South City to purchase because of an urgent need for a batch of resources, we could no longer get any news. Therefore, the sect sent me to investigate. Whether it is really because of the spirit stones, it is not easy to say. After all, this kind of thing is not unusual on this island. If it is true, it is even more difficult to trace. Anyway, we are still clueless at present, let’s go back to the sect and discuss it again. ” When the old man stopped here, he sighed slightly.

    “This way, we really only can go back to the sect and think of other ways.” The girl in the yellow shirt murmured with a disappointed expression on her face.

    As they finished speaking, they hurriedly ate some food and left.

    They disappeared from Valley South City nine months ago, and they were here to purchase resources from the Crystal Valley! Isn’t it almost the same time as when the two deputies in the Alliance lost contact?

    How powerful Liu Ming’s mental power was. With just a little output, he was able to listen to this conversation.

    The news from it caused a lot of shock in his heart!

    He did not expect to accidentally meet with a windfall. He found nothing for the whole day yesterday, but now in this restaurant, he got such a news by coincidence.

    This lifted his spirit!

    Immediately, Liu Ming put down the wine glass in his hand, stood up calmly, and walked toward the stairs.