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Chapter 334: Black Blood

Demon’s Diary
     West of Bieyuan Island.

    A turquoise mountain range rolled from west to east.

    Somewhere in the mountains, a giant mountain as high as the clouds peaked straight up into the sky. It was more than ten thousand feet high. It looked towering and unusually majestic.

    At this moment, in the middle of the mountain, the walls were filled with potholes, and several narrow passages meandered forward. From the perspective of some sloping rock walls, the passageway faintly led to the deeper part of the mountain. As the passage deepened, the pit residues on both sides of the rock wall gradually became scarce.

    In the end, only a few hundred of what seemed to be traces of digging were occasionally seen on both sides.

    On both sides of the rock wall, faint green light of the size of rice grains started to appear. It was like green stars. There was a faint layer of green air in the channel.

    The sound of metal collisions and the sound of collision between metal and rock could also be heard.

    It turned out that this place was a spar mineral vein with rare natural properties in the deep mountain. At the end of a certain mine, dozens of miners with broken clothes, holding a hoe made of black metal, were silently mining. Some fine rubble rolled down from their feet from time to time. At first glance, most of them seemed to be of the human race, and there were also non-human races such as orcs. Several people in the human clan seemed to be dressed up as cultivators, but they did not have the slightest spiritual energy.

    Suddenly, with a dull noise that was hardly noticeable, one of the cultivator-like human miner fell to the ground motionless.

    And the miner next to him didn’t even look at him, and continued the work at hand, as if all this had long been accustomed to.



    At the same time, somewhere in Valley South City as one of the three major forces on the Bieyuan Island; not far from the south of the Crystal Valley, a tall figure wearing a lilac robe was facing an alien that looked like a guard. He stuck a white jade slip on his forehead. Judging from the scent he exuded, he was actually a strong man who was in the crystallization period.

    After a long while, he moved the jade slip away from his forehead.

    “The valley came again to ask for slave labor, but it has been quite frequent lately. You should take a trip to the Spiritual Dungeon and take some of those that caused trouble in the fight in the city that day, rid them of their cultivation, and send them to the valley to fulfill the request,” The tall figure shattered the jade slip, and said slowly, his voice was slightly old.

    “Yes, Elder Zhangda!” The guard responded, then he stepped back outside to execute the order.

    The figure in the purple robe still stood at the same place, as if he was in deep thought about something.



    “Grandmaster Ye, the city ahead should be that Valley South City.”

    Above the shuttle-shaped craft, Liu Ming, who dressed in a gray robe, was standing at the front looking into the distance. He suddenly turned around and said to the rear.

    Ye Tianmei, who was dressed in white, was sitting cross-legged at the back of the craft, closing her eyes and adjusting her breath. She only nodded slightly when she heard the words. She looked a little thoughtful, but she didn’t say anything.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming turned back with a smile, and continued to look forward. During this time, he seemed to have become accustomed to Grandmaster Ye’s indifference.

    It had been more than half a month since he left the port town. He did a little exploration along the way. He already had some understanding of the situation on the island and the Valley South City.

    Bieyuan Island was rich in spiritual aura. It was an excellent place for cultivation. Therefore, the birth rate of cultivators on the island was also quite amazing. It was basically three or four times that of Yunchuan Island. Because of this, ordinary mortals on this island often participated in spiritual stone transactions.

    It was not strange to the cultivators already.

    The Crystal Valley, as one of the three major powers of the Bieyuan Island, while maintaining open and secret competitions with the other two forces, it also maintained transactions on with them the surface. At the same time, due to the many rare spiritual stone mineral resources it controlled, it had also attracted frequent transactions of various sectarian forces on and off the island.

    Valley South City, as the closest base to the Crystal Valley, was established by the Crystal Valley itself. It had attracted many well-known merchants who came for its reputation. The Crystal Valley naturally knew the importance of this city, so they assigned a powerhouse in the early stage of the crystallization period to stand guard. Therefore, most outsiders would not dare to easily cause trouble in this city, otherwise the consequences would be severe. If they have it easy, they would be expelled from the city; if they have it bad, their spiritual sea would be severely destroyed by the powerhouse in the Crystal Valley through external force, and their cultivation would be all gone.

    After all, in a place like Bieyuan Island, only power speaks the loudest words. The person with the biggest fist survives. This was the natural law of the survival of the fittest. Around this Valley South City, there were still some small and medium-sized forces and sects, and many of them had secretly attached to the Crystal Valley.

    “It seems that things are a little complicated.” Liu Ming said thoughtfully.



    At this time, it was early morning and the sky was just bright. A round of red sun rose slowly not far away. The golden halo slowly shone on the city that was facing the mountains on one side and the other facing the sea.

    The city was quite large. Its size was more than hundreds of miles. Looking at it from the air, the walls were gray and all the buildings in the city were made of large black stones, looking neat and orderly. At this time, pedestrians and merchant caravans had already gone in and out of the city gate.

    Dozens of uniformed guards standing at the gate of the city were staring at the crowd, seriously examining those who wanted to enter the city, and they whispered from time to time. Of course, this examination was only for those who wanted to enter the city. For those who wanted to go out, they didn’t check at all.

    The armor worn by these city guards was lavender in color, and they were wrapped tightly from head to toe. However, from the perspective of their figure, the disparity was quite large. They did not seem that they were of the same race. The so-called inspection was nothing more than holding a peculiar mirror and scanning at the faces of those people.

    Although the Valley South City was in the sky, there was no light curtain that restricts the craft.

    The sky above the city was empty, but there was no light that dared to leap directly over the dozens of tall black stone walls and enter the city directly.

    The craft used by Ye Tianmei and Liu Ming did not land directly, but they observed for a while in the air before touching down somewhere nearby.

    As two overseas visitors, naturally there was no need to worry about being detected.

    The two then suppressed their breath and entered the city with the flow of people.



    At this moment, the streets of Valley South City were already crowded and lively.

    There were many shops on both sides, and almost every door was crowded.

    “It should be almost this distance.” Ye Tianmei walked to a nearby street and immediately stopped by the road.

    Liu Ming frowned, but did not ask anything in the end.

    Ye Tianmei’s sleeve shuddered, then the palm of her hand appeared an inch-sized white jade disc. With a gesture on the other hand, the disc began to sparkle. After a while, an insignificant phantom flew in from a distance. Ye Tianmei saw the situation, and her brows were relieved. She looked at the disc in her hand.

    The disc appeared to be a bit translucent. There was still a ghostly movement in it, and then it stopped slowly and pointed in a certain direction.

    About an hour later, under the guidance of the disc, the two came to an inn named Bibo at a more remote street in Valley South City.

    Generally, it would be impossible to build an inn in such a quiet area. After all, there were no guests to come here. But for someone who did not want to be noticed, this was the best choice.

    “The place where the two deputies of the Alliance left the last mark should be here.” Ye Tianmei stood expressionless. Her pupils shrunk slightly as she said slowly.



    Somewhere in the quiet courtyard of the inn.

    The courtyard was full of various lush flowers and plants with various sizes and colors of unknown plants.

    A winding gravel path led directly to the door of a seemingly ordinary room.

    In the guest room, a man and a woman were standing and examining something. They were Ye Tianmei and Liu Ming.

    “It seems that the two deputies are indeed cautious. Not only is the selected inn in a remote and unobtrusive place, but the rented courtyard is so quiet.” Liu Ming put down a teacup in his hand and said.

    Before entering the inn, the two went to the inn manager to inquire about it. After roughly describing the specific characteristics of the two deputies, they knew that the duo had stayed here a few months ago.

    The two of them rented a small courtyard at that time and paid one month’s rent in one lump sum, and they asked not to be disturbed.

    However, after three or four days, they disappeared without checking out. The shopkeeper thought that the two of them were out for work, so he did not think much. As a result, the duo had not yet appeared after a month. The shopkeeper found that there might be something wrong. No baggage was found during the inspection of the duo’s place. Over time, the matter was naturally overlooked. After learning that the courtyard had now been rented by several guests of the sea clan, without Ye Tianmei’s command, Liu Ming found them, showed a little of his strength, and scared the few of them away by both hard and soft methods.



    After some inspections, they seemed to find nothing.

    “It seems the duo didn’t leave any clue here.”

    Liu Ming sighed and said with some resignation.

    Ye Tianmei didn’t answer. After a little hesitation, she flipped her hands and a small cauldron covered with silver flew out of it. After a blur, she suspended it in mid-air.

    Ye Tianmei gestured non-stop with both hands and chanted a few spells, then a mouthful of blood sprayed on the small cauldron in the air. Suddenly, the silver light flourished.

    “This instrument contains the essence of the deputies who were by the alliance’s orders out to sea to purchase. To a certain extent, it may be effective.” Ye Tianmei said with a pale face but a calm expression.

    A slight crackling noise came from the small cauldron in the air, then a silver flash on the surface flashed. Two thumb-sized blood-colored light balls appeared out of the cauldron, and then turned into two blood shadows and disappeared in an inconspicuous corner of the house.

    At a glance, there were a few drops of black blood in that corner.