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Chapter 333: The Valley South City

Demon’s Diary
     Three months had passed.

    At dusk.

    The core of the sea which was on the south of the giant island could be seen faintly under the sunset. The entire island seemed to be shrouded in a faint cloud, giving out a sense of mystery.

    In a small port town on the west side of the island, large and small ships were constantly on the move outside the port. There were even a few large giant ships parked at the port.

    As for other smaller vessels, they were even more numerous.

    There were a lot of people on the port. The hustle and bustle echoing the faint sound of tidal waves from the seashore which made the scene lively.

    But unlike the Yunchuan Continent, the people on the island were not all of the human race. It could even be said that most of the people were of foreign races, and the human race only occupied a small part.

    The sea creature clan covered with scales of various colours, the demon clan with a beast’s head over a human body, the ferocious green orc clan, and other strange and unknown races, making the entire port look like a hodgepodge.

    Judging by the scent emanating from them, most of them were mortals without cultivation. There were not many cultivators among them.

    As for the foreign clan cultivators who were responsible for the order of the port, their cultivation was between the early and the late stage of the spirit disciple period.

    Occasionally, there were several cultivators flying over the sky, but the mortals on the port did not care about it. They seemed to be accustomed to it.

    Two men and women of the human race were standing side by side on a clearing in the corner of the port.

    The man was dressed in a gray robe. He had ordinary features, and his physique was slightly taller.

    The woman was dressed in white. She had beautiful features. Her beautiful pair of eyes were shining like stars, but her expression was cold, all revealing an extraordinary temperament.

    It was Ye Tianmei and Liu Ming who came all the way by taking the flying boat from Yunchuan Continent to Bieyuan Island.

    Ever since encountering that black demon bird that was good at controlling the demonic wind that day which had fled after being seriously injured by Liu Ming’s punch, the strange wind in the sky seemed to also have disappeared with it.

    Seeing this, Ye Tianmei once again controlled the flying boat to high altitude and advanced it at full speed.

    They thus arrived a few days earlier than they initially expected.

    According to previous information about the complicated situation on this island, to avoid causing unnecessary attention, under the proposal of Liu Ming, both of them changed their attire and suppressed most of their cultivation.

    Otherwise, the cultivation of Ye Tianmei during the crystallization period and her famous identity of the sword mastery would surely cause a lot of sensation upon landing on the island. She might even attract the attention of those powerful forces.

    In this way, in the eyes of low-level cultivators who were way below them, Ye Tianmei and Liu Ming were no different from ordinary spiritual disciple cultivators.

    Although Ye Tianmei didn’t seem to care much about this, she didn’t say much, but Ye Tianmei was still quite eye-catching after dressing down.

    Of course, she was more unlikely to change her appearance. It was already very condescending to promise to change her attire.

    For the first time, Liu Ming set foot on the unfamiliar continent. Looking at these strange-looking aliens in front of him, he felt quite interested.

    Ye Tianmei looked calm and indifferent about the scene in front of her. She was apparently used to such scenes already.

    Probably because of the large number of aliens here, after the two just appeared on the dock, some aliens were already curious and tried to approach Ye Tianmei and Liu Ming.

    But after Liu Ming’s impassive look released a little powerful mental coercion.

    The aliens hesitated, and had to rush away from the two. Some other aliens saw this.

    After being astonished, they immediately respected the duo and remained as far as possible.

    Liu Ming first purchased a pale blue jade slip with a map of Bieyuan Island in a shop opened by a human in town, and then entered into a small two-storey restaurant not far from the port with Ye Tianmei.

    He wanted to figure out the terrain on the island before deciding what to do next.

    The first floor of the restaurant was relatively simple. They were ordinary mortals who only ate simple meals. The second floor was where some people with status and cultivators rest and eat.

    Ye Tianmei and Liu Ming naturally would not stay on the first floor, so they went straight upstairs.

    There were not many guests on the second floor; there were only three or four tables of customers.

    There was even a table of people with three men of the sea creature clan drinking at the same table, which was quite shocking.

    When Liu Ming stepped into this building, he naturally took a few glances at the table. This look made Liu Ming’s heart bewildered.

    Because these sea creatures were all cultivators who were above the condensation period, and the cultivator sitting in the middle was even faintly of the middle-stage condensation period.

    These people were all wearing blue robes with a water wave sign on their left chests. It seemed to symbolize some kind of status.

    Liu Ming’s cultivation was much higher than them, and he had suppressed his breath, so he naturally wouldn’t attract the others’ attention.

    Although Ye Tianmei didn’t let out her breath, her extraordinary temperament and beautiful appearance immediately attracted the table of people to start whispering. From time to time, they cast some unfriendly looks.



    After Liu Ming probed the jade slip through the divine thought.

    He found that it was only a rough map of the entire Bieyuan Island, marking the approximate distribution of several large and medium-sized cities on the island and some key areas. For Liu Ming, who was unfamiliar with the island, it was better than none.

    Fortunately, through the previous information obtained, Liu Ming actually found the location of the city where Yan Jue, the forging master of the fire mastery clan, was located.

    But it seemed that they must first pass through the Crystal Valley to go there.

    It was still too early to get to Yan Jue’s auction.

    Therefore, Liu Ming decided to go along with Ye Tianmei.

    For him, it was not a bad thing to walk with Ye Tianmei who was in the crystallization period without understanding the situation on the island.

    “This beautiful fairy doesn’t look like someone from this continent!” Suddenly, someone from the table of sea clan cultivators yelled at Ye Tianmei.

    Ye Tianmei heard the words, and could not help but wrinkled her brow slightly, but there was a hint of coldness in her eyes.

    “Well, this is really a shame. If I knew that there was a peerless beauty such as this fairy, why would I cultivate till now and still remain unmarried?” A rude man’s voice sounded again from the blue-robed cultivator’s mouth, who was sitting in the middle. His words had a hint of teasing.

    It attracted a few laughs from the sea clan cultivators next to him.

    Presumably, these sea clan cultivators saw Ye Tianmei’s beauty and her cultivation seemed inferior, so they thought of teasing her.

    Suddenly, an undisguisable, unbelievable breath burst from Ye Tianmei’s body, and Liu Ming saw the situation and his pupils suddenly shrank.

    Her eyes were beaming cold light, then the alarming breath on her body was in full bloom. Suddenly, she raised one hand and a silver arc shot out. It was just flashing in the air, then it shot toward the middle sea clan cultivator in blue robe.

    Seeing this, the cultivator in blue robe first became angry, but then his face flashed with horror. Before he could not even make the finger gesture, he was caught up in a flash of silver awn that was too fast.

    After a heartbreaking scream, the blue robe cultivator’s body turned into a bloody rain after being stirred by countless silver lights. Liu Ming could not help but be shocked!

    “Please spare our lives, fairy!”

    The sea clan cultivators on both sides covered with the blood remnants of the blue robe cultivator. Seeing this scene, they were so frightened that the cultivators who initially spoke were afraid to speak the slightest word.

    As if Ye Tianmei hadn’t heard it at all, the coldness on her face was a little thicker. She did another gesture with one hand.

    Once the two of them saw that the situation was bad, they did not hesitate to crush the amulet that had been held tightly in their hands. Blue light flashed on them. It instantly turned into two rays of light.

    When they were about to fly out of the restaurant window and flee this place, a silver light shone in front of them suddenly. A silver flash went through the two of them, and the two were sliced into two in an instant. They were killed.

    Ye Tianmei made another gesture, and the silver flash flew back at her. After a blur moment, it turned into a silver longsword with a length of one feet, and disappeared into her sleeve.

    The others on the second floor of the restaurant witnessed this, and they were so scared that they dared not look at Ye Tianmei again with unscrupulous eyes.

    When Liu Ming saw that Grandmaster Ye easily killed three condensation period sea clan cultivators in an instant. The other party didn’t even have the power to fight back.

    And the reason was just a few words from the other party. He couldn’t help but feel a little shocked.

    No wonder she was one of the powerhouse in the crystallization period. Her simple move actually had such a terrifying power.

    But he also felt that he now had a new understanding of the cold and ruthlessness of the female sword cultivator in the crystallization period of the Tianyue Sect.

    “Let’s go.”

    Ye Tianmei never looked at the three sea clan cultivators from beginning to end. She stood up expressionlessly. The silver light flashed on the surface of her body, and she turned into a ball of silver light shooting out of the window.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming knew that it was inconvenient to stay here. With a gesture by one hand, he then turned into a black light, following Ye Tianmei at the front.

    When the others returned to their senses, they were nowhere to be found.



    Ten miles away from the port town; a towering green dense forest with ancient trees.

    A shuttle-shaped craft was blasting eastward.

    The two on the boat were Ye Tianmei and Liu Ming who had just left the port town.

    “According to the last information returned by the two alliance deputies through the mystic arts, and combined with this island map, they were at that time within the sphere of influence of Crystal Valley. It is not far from the south of Crystal Valley.” Ye Tianmei lifted a pale blue jade slip from her forehead and said lightly.

    “They are going to trade at Crystal Valley, and they are within the sphere of influence of the Crystal Valley. They must have found a foothold in a nearby city. According to this situation, they may even have contacts with Crystal Valley.” Liu Ming hesitated and replied.

    “Correct, Nephew Disciple Liew. There is only one city in the south of Crystal Valley that met the requirements, called Valley South Town. According to its geographical location, it should be established by Crystal Valley itself. Now we can only get to the town and find the place where the two left the mark of the alliance, we would be able to know a thing or two.” As Ye Tianmei said, her pair of beautiful eyes were twinkling.