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Chapter 332: The Black Demon Bird

Demon’s Diary

    Two months later, at the end of the east of the Yunchuan mainland, a shuttle-shaped flying boat was flying at high speed.

    A young man in a green robe standing at the front of the flying boat was squinting and looking around.

    It was Liu Ming who went to sea with Ye Tianmei.

    Ye Tianmei, dressed in a silver palace costume, was sitting at the end of the flying boat at this moment, closing her eyes in meditation, seemingly indifferent to the scenery outside the boat.

    “This is the legendary shore of the sea?” Liu Ming thought secretly in his heart, looking a little excited.

    At a glance, the brilliant blue of the water is everywhere, and seemingly endless.

    This vast and boundless sea surface has only been heard before from the head of the Savage Ghost Sect, but now after seeing it with his own eyes, it makes him feel astonished, and his face flashes with surprise.

    Not before long, Liu Ming turned around and glanced back and forth.

    The Yunchuan continent, no … it should be said that it is an almost blurry Yunchuan Island, becomes smaller and smaller as the flying boat speeds through the skies, and there are black dot-like buildings seemingly on it. Under the contrast of the surrounding sea surface and the sun in the sky, everything looks like it is covered by a layer of pale yellow light.

    At this moment, Liu Ming seemed to be too calm, but in his heart there was a little woe.

    Having lived on this island for more than 20 years, from an ordinary teenager to a spiritual master, it now seems that, to this sea, he is just like an ant, a miniscule existence.

    After all, beyond this sea, there are the real continents such as the heavens, the barrens, and the ten thousand demons. Even the subcontinents occupied by some aliens are far from being comparable to mere islands like Yunchuan.

    In these places, no matter the humans, demons, or monsters, they must be very powerful. A condensate period cultivator is really not worth mentioning at all.

    “It seems that this is the real world.”

    Liu Ming murmured after taking a breath of the slightly salty sea breeze.

    No matter who, anyone who originally thought that he had a foothold in this world, suddenly found that he saw nothing more than just a tiny part of the world would of course not feel well at the thought..

    “It seems that disciple nephew Liu seems to have some insight?” Ye Tianmei, who was meditating at the end of the flying boat, had stood side by side with Liu Ming unknownst when.

    Her silver palace costume fluttered slightly in the sea breeze, her beautiful pair of crystal-clear eyes flickered and looked deep into the distant sky, giving the vibe of an untouchable being.

    “Grandmaster Ye, in the giant city years ago, I heard you mention that the tungsten iron is the best material for making flying swords. May I know what is special about flying swords made from this material? ” Liu Ming didn’t answer anything, but seemed to ask Ye Tianmei about the practice of cultivating flying swords.

    “Have you ever heard of the Yuanling Flying Sword? ”Ye Tianmei turned to look at Liu Ming, and then looked back to the sky in the distance, asking with meaning.

    “I have learned about the spirit of refining the flying sword embryo from the Scripture Pavilion of the sect, is there any connection with the so-called Yuanling Flying Sword mentioned by Grandmaster?” When Liu Ming heard the words “Yuanling Flying Sword” his heart was startled, but his mouth replied calmly.

    “Yes, the so-called ‘Yuanling Flying Sword’ is the spirit of the sword embryo that has been cultivated by the essence of your own effort, injected into the refined flying sword body, and the two can be combined into one, so that it can be refined into the Yuanling Flying Sword as it is rumored. The more powerful the sword’s embryo is, the higher the requirement of quality the body of the flying sword to withstand its infusion. If not, not only the flying sword body will not be able to withstand the power and burst, it will also damage the cultivated sword embryo, causing the master of the flying sword to be severely injured. The tungsten iron contains extremely pure metal spirits, and can gather the vitality of the heaven and earth by itself, naturally it would be the excellent material to bear the spirit of the sword embryo. “Ye Tianmei said slowly.

    “So it is.” Liu Ming thoughtfully.

    Although Liu Wu has learned some information about the “Yuanling Flying Sword” from the Taijian Sword Technique, but never thought that the flying sword body would not stand up to the power of the sword embryo and burst. He thought of the Taiji Sword Embryo in the sea of spirits is not only made from extracted refined gas from the Tungsten iron, but also contains the gestational power of Liuyin Zhenren for hundreds of years. If negligently infused into the Jinyue Sword, it really might make it explode.

    Although Jinyue Sword was later doped with gold essence soil, the basic materials used in the original refining were quite ordinary.

    As such, would he still have to find some Tungsten Iron as the body of the flying sword, in order to really make his own Yuanling Flying Sword?

    Liu Ming’s thoughts kept running.

    At this moment, Ye Tianmei’s beautiful pair of eyes glittered.

    “‘Yuanling Flying Sword, in fact, is considered to be the prototype of magic weapons. If you continue to cultivate, it is based on the practice of the sword and the practice of the cultivator, adding prohibitions on the sword layer by layer, and finally condensed into a “Jianyuan” that can take others’ heads from hundreds of miles away, then only it would be considered a real magical flying sword. “

    Afterwards, an amazing sword-like scent emanated from her body, causing Liu Ming to immediately feel a slight heat near his abdomen .

    Fortunately, Ye Tianmei seemed to realize something, and the scent stopped abruptly.

    Even so, Liu Ming had a layer of cold sweat behind his back.

    Fortunately, Ye Tianmei did not seem to mind about this after seeing so.

    “Thank you Grandmaster Ye for your guidance.” Liu Ming felt calmer in his heart, and subsequently turned and said respectfully.

    In the time that followed, Liu Ming didn’t say much about cultivation, and began to ask Ye Tianmei about the detailed situation on Bieyuan Island.

    From Ye Tianmei’s words, it is known that three major forces coexist on the Bieyuan Island, and each of them has several powerful men in the late stage of crystallization. Jing Valley is one of them, and it is also one of the forces that most frequently traded with other islands. It possessed many rare spirit stone veins and can produce many attributable spirit stones, which is exactly what the Yunchuan Alliance currently lacks.

    It is understood that this is not the first time it has traded with Yunchuan Alliance. Just that there was not much changes during the first few times.

    The other two forces are “Wanbao Mountain” and “Black Flame Palace”. Wanbao Mountain controls many of the island’s rare ore resources and has some transactions with nearby islands. The Black Flame Palace is in charge of a rare mutant earth fire pool, which can summon a mutant earth fire called “Heru True Flame”!

    The three major forces naturally fought openly and secretly on the island, but there was no result. Some small and medium forces are secretly attached to these three forces, allowing the Bieyuan Island to maintain a barely balanced situation for more than a hundred years.

    This has made many cultivators of various races consider it a neutral place, and have come here to take root. This also makes the island gradually mixed, but also extremely prosperous.

    After flying for a few days like this, it may be due to entering the depths of the sea that strange winds are blowing in the sky from time to time.

    In order not to affect the itinerary, Ye Tianmei controlled the flying boat to fly at a low altitude of about seventeen or eighteen feet from the sea.

    This also inevitably caused the two to be attacked by some sea beasts, but most of them were low-level sea beasts of the spirit apprentice period. Occasionally, one or two condensate periods were seen, which was only at the initial stage.

    Ye Tianmei naturally did not fight, and left it to Liu Ming to solve this easily with thunder.

    Liu Ming naturally has no objection to this. After all, the sea beast demonic crystals he obtained are quite abundant. When he gets to Bieyuan Island in the future, it is also a great income.

    The flying carried on again for half a month.

    On this day, while Liu Ming was sitting cross-legged on the front of the flying boat and meditating, suddenly a demonic wind struck, making the flying boat shake inbalancedly.

    Then a harsh howling came from the air, Liu Ming’s eyes narrowed at the sound. A dove- faced demon bird at a size of five or six feet full of black feathers was directly in front of the flying boat. Its body was surrounded by a black demonic wind while it whined towards the boat.

    Judging from its scent, it actually is in the mid-term stage of condensate.

    Liu Ming glanced back and saw that Ye Tianmei, who was at the back of the flying boat still looking indifferent, meditating cross-legged on her own, and he can only smile resignedly in his heart.

    Immediately, Liu Ming didn’t hesitate, and turned into a black ray of light suspending in the air, facing the demon bird.

    Suddenly, the figure of the demon bird was blurred. Liu Ming only felt the roar of the demon wind in the sky, his eyes only saw black and he was caught in darkness.

    Liu Ming’s expression remained unchanged, but a pale golden dagger that had been held in his sleeve suddenly flew out. Dense golden light burst out immediately, in just a moment, it turned into a large amount of golden light and blasted somewhere into the air. .

    A scream!

    The black demonic wind dissipated immediately, but seeing the blood on the tail of the demon bird far away, it seemed to have taken a lot of damage, staring at Liu Ming fiercely.

    You know, after Liu Ming took the Wuhua Dan made from the Eye of the Magic Python, his eyes could penetrate the black mist within 30 feet. This monster was caught off guard and obviously underestimated its opponent.

    But a monster that can cultivate to the middle stage of the condensate is naturally not low-minded.

    Its black demonic wind spun for a while, and its body somehow instantly disappeared in front of Liu Ming’s eyes.

    Liu Ming’s eyes narrowed, slightly surprised.

    Hearing only a “shoo”, Liu Ming only felt a buzz behind him. This demon bird suddenly appeared from not far behind him, and the demonic wind around it turned into a huge whirlwind dozens of feet high, rolling towards Liu Ming’s back.

    Liu Wu turned around and threw the golden short sword in the air without hesitation, and his hands quickly gestured a sword spell.

    The golden dagger was immediately blurred, and it turned into a rainbow. In just a flash, it looked like it would flash through the center of the bird’s head.

    A weird scene appeared!

    The golden sword light flashed, and the demon bird had disappeared, leaving only a few black feathers floating down from the air.

    At this point, Liu Ming can conclude that this demon bird is good at sneak attacks and is practically invisible.

    Liu Ming closed his eyes suddenly, floating in the air motionless.

    Just behind the demonic wind burst, when the demon bird suddenly appeared, Liu Ming’s figure blurred.

    The next moment, a silhouette appeared on the top of the monster. Liu Ming’s figure emerged, rushing forward with one hand gesturing, a group of black gas came flying and he caught it, turning it into a ball. He clenched the ball with the five fingers of his hand, his face flashed, and he swept his fist out towards the monster bird without saying a word.


    The monster’s huge body was suddenly smashed and flew out a dozen feet away.

    Many of the feathers where it had been hit had fallen off, looking as if it was not injured lightly, and its deep red eyes had begin to show sense of deep fear.

    Afterwards, in a loud shout, the demon bird reluctantly twisted its huge body, and fled away in the sound of the whistling of demonic wind.