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Chapter 331 Out on the Sea

Demon’s Diary
     In recent years, although Liu Mingxiu’s advancement has not only shocked the Savage Ghost Sect, even Uncle Yan and Ye Tianmei have been impressed.

    But the incident that his body was almost taken away by another “self” was always entangled in Liu Ming’s heart.

    When he thought of the huge face he encountered in the mysterious space at that time, and the mysterious black silk that has not yet been clarified in the sea of ​​his own consciousness, he still felt as if there was a prick in his throat.

    After all, if there is no solution for this matter, no matter how high the level of his cultivation, in the end it is purely just helping others.

    Although after assisting Zhang Xiuniang to get away from the dreamland created by the spell of dreams, he obtained three special amulets from Ye Tianmei that have the effect of restraining the body from being taken.

    For years, he kept this kind of pale golden amulet next to him just in case..

    But Liu Ming knew in his heart that this was only an expedient measure.

    Firstly, these amulets were disposable consumables. According to the strange dream that he had before, it seemed that there were more than one shadow that threatened to rob him of his body.

    Secondly, with the power of these amulets, he is not as confident in the effectiveness of handling the taking over of his body just like last time, but at the moment since there is no other method, he can only try it first.

    At this thought, Liuming felt his heart sink again. After a while, the corner of his mouth curled as he woke up from deep thoughts and his eyes fell back on Ye Tianmei in front of him.

    “It seems that nephew disciple Liu has made up his mind.” Ye Tianmei saw this, and said slowly with her brows raised.

    “Yes, Grandmaster Ye. Although I don’t know if there is any danger in this trip, but I am bound to get it, at any cost.” Liu Ming answered, his face showing determination .

    “Oh, if the will of nephew disciple Liu is so resolute, I will certainly not object to it. However, the danger of this trip may be beyond your expectations.” Ye Tianmei heard it, and she seemed a little taken aback, but there was also some praise as she said so.

    “Please enlighten me, Grandmaster Ye.” Liu Ming said archingly to Ye Tianmei.

    “You know as well, that after a war with the sea clan a few years ago, the Yunchuan people set up the Yunchuan Alliance under the proposal of this generation of Yuan Mo, in order to hold the major sects together and when facing a strong enemy in the future there would be room for negotiation with the other party. Now that the selection of Sanzhen Liuzi has been settled, the alliance has set a plan to cultivate them using the entire continent’s resources, and the previous preparations are now about to be completed. But here in Yunchuan, there is indeed a shortage of cultivation resources, and some key materials that are very scarce have not been able to be gathered. “

    Liuming listened and had not interfered.

    Because he is very clear that since Ye Tianmei has already mentioned the matter, she will definitely explain it to him thoroughly.

    Sure enough, after Ye Tianmei’s voice paused for a moment, she frowned slightly and then went on to say:

    “As early as a year ago, the Alliance sent several teams to leave Yunchuan to purchase resources from the other islands in the sea. Among them, two deputies of the Alliance entered the Bieyuan Island with a large amount of spiritual stones, to purchase a large number of much-needed resources from a certain force called ‘Crystal Valley’. Just a few months ago, after just returned news about Yanjue, a Jinghuo clan forger master and the several relics that he was preparing to auction, all of a sudden they disappeared, and all contact with the alliance was cut off. “

    “Such a thing happened!” Liu Ming turned his eyes and looked at Ye Tianmei.

    “Being selected as a deputy in the alliance means that the person’s spiritual level not weak, at least a cultivator of the condensate. Moreover, the matter is of great importance, the two deputies sent to Bieyuan Island to trade are a late condensate spiritual master and a mid-period condensate spiritual master. “

    Liu Ming, who has always been calm, was secretly a little surprised now.

    After all, although the condensate cultivator is not as rare as the crystallisation period cultivator, they are definitely the core existence in any sect, and their strength cannot be underestimated.

    Looking at the entire Yunchuan continent, besides encountering the strongest in the crystallisation period, if they flee with all their strength, under normal circumstances there will be no worry about their lives.

    Since the alliance has appointed these two deputies out on the sea to perform such an important duty, presumably these two persons must also be exquisitely talented, not to mention that they are in the mid and late stage of cultivation, which should have been guaranteed to be foolproof, but to disappear without a trace on the island, and with no time to send back any news, is enough to show that the island is extremely dangerous.

    When Liu Ming thought of this, he could only sigh with resignation.

    “The senior management of the alliance also attaches great importance to it, fearing that they have met with an accident, so they are sending me to this island to investigate the matter and to find out the whereabouts of the two deputies of the alliance. Since you had risked your life to save Zhang Xiuniang years ago, and there is news of what you need being there, I can bring you along with me this time. As for whether it can be successfully auctioned, it depends on your fortune. Would you prefer so? Ye Tianmei continued expressionlessly.

    “Then I’ll thank Grandmaster Ye very much.” Liu Ming heard such and immediately rejoiced, and agreed with little consideration.

    With his current strength, plus a cultivator of the crystallisation has offered to accompany, there naturally cannot be any intent to withdraw.

    “Then you may leave first, we’ll leave in half a month, I will send someone to inform you by then.” Ye Tianmei’s eyes paused at Liu Ming slightly, then waved at him, saying gently.

    Liu Ming immediately stood up and saluted Ye Tianmei and then left.

    Hu Chunniang, who was already waiting outside the door of stone chamber, seemed to have already been informed by Ye Tianmei telepathically. After seeing Liu Ming come out, she chatted with him for a little and accompanied Liu Ming to leave the cave of Ye Tianmei and arranged for him herself temporary accommodation in the Tianyue Sect.



    In the stone chamber, Ye Tianmei, dressed in a silver palace costume, was sitting cross-legged with her eyes shining like stars, her eyes flickered slightly, and her face was deep in contemplation.

    At the moment Liu Ming entered the stone chamber, the faint sword-like scent that once she had faintly felt reappeared, and seemed to be a little stronger than before.

    The key is that this scent is no longer as absent as last time.

    She again used mystic arts to sweep across Liu Ming’s body silently, again confirming that the scent of the sword had really came from his body.

    This again deepens her curiosity about Liu Ming.

    “It seems that this boy really does have a bit of mystery. Although it hasn’t really condensed yet, it should already be determinable.”

    After Ye Tianmei settled in her heart, she no longer thought more about this, closed her eyes slightly and began to meditate.



    Liu Ming was arranged by Hu Chunniang in a separate loft built on the mountain at Tianyue Sect. At this time, he was already sitting cross-legged on a wooden bed, thinking about what he saw and heard at Ye Tianmei’s place today. .

    Fortunately, he has already a superb magical weapon, the Jinyue Sword, and a Zhongshui bead which gold essence soil has been incorporated into, plus the Red Dragon armor with amazing defense, and the Bone Scorpion and the Flying Skull have advanced into the condensate period, otherwise this trip to Bieyuan Island would be a little difficult.

    Although having such a strong companion as Ye Tianmei, who has a spiritual level of the crystallisation which is very strong in all of Yunchuan, she would not let him worry about his life on the way, but this trip to the seas is different from Yunchuan after all, just from the information obtained about Bieyuan Island, the many races and complicated backgrounds would present too many variables.

    After all, Ye Tianmei only promised him to bring him to the island. She also has an alliance mission herself, and it is impossible to accompany him at all times.

    For more than ten years that Liu Ming set foot in the world of cultivation, he has long understood that he must depend on himself for everything.

    The memory during the trial of life and death years ago, when several major cultivators of the crystallisation period closed the exit of the secret realm in advance was as vivid as yesterday.

    These strong men may even go back on their promises, let alone if they have not promised.

    After Liu Ming’s expressions shifted for a while, he began to think about the auction of relics made by the forger master of the Jinghuo clan.

    Since the middle grade soul lock is not only a very rare spiritual force defense type relic, but also has the effect of restraining the body from being taken over.

    Since it is an auction, the one with the highest price naturally wins.

    Although he also has some spiritual stone savings, but compared with those of the big families and forces, his savings are so meager that it is not worth mentioning at all.

    Fortunately, in the secret realm of ​​the demon tower at the time, he also got a drop of Yiyuanzhong water, and this sort of treasure also extremely treasured. According to the appraisal master of Wanlian Pavilion in Xuanjing, selling it for a small amount of spiritual stones is absolutely no problem.

    If even that cannot be done, he can consider selling the Yellow Scarf Secret Talisman, or even the ggg of the Lightning Mutation Holy Beast.

    But if that’s the case, he’s afraid there will be no small risks.

    After all, these two treasures both came from the hand of the sea clan’s strong man of the crystallisation period, which to think about it makes him no ordinary man, and Bieyuan Island also is entrenched by the sea clan. For Liu Ming who does not want to attract too much attention, naturally he has to think more about it.

    After an unknown period of time, he closed his eyes with a sigh and began to practice quietly.

    More than ten days passed in an instant.

    During this period, the young girl Qian Ruping would often go to Liu Ming’s place.

    Liu Ming did not conceal the matter of going to the sea from her, but told her not to spread the matter, and also talked a little about Yunchuan mainland and the sea.

    This made the little girl surprised and excited, but also worried about the safety of Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh about this, but his heart is warm.

    He seems to have not experienced the feeling of being sincerely cared for in a long time.

    Huchunniang also appeared once. Liu Ming chatted casually with her and asked about the location of nearby market as well.

    As a foreign guest, Liu Ming also behaved rather honestly. These days he is almost always in the attic, and has never been out except for a trip to the market to purchase some materials.