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Chapter 330 Soul Lock

Demon’s Diary
     The gatekeeping disciple saw that the young man in a green robe of the Savage Ghost Sect on the flying boat seemed familiar with Qian Ruping, and stopped asking any more and let the green flying boat which was carrying the young man enter.

    On the flying boat, Qian Ruping pulled on Liu Ming’s sleeve with excitement, her beautiful pair of eyes full of joy, her smile of reminiscent of flowers made Liu Ming’s heart feel warm.

    She then started to tell Liu Ming one by one her experience of the few years in Tianyue Sect after parting with Liu Ming in Xuanjing.

    After returning to the sect with Hu Chunniang, the little girl was first arranged to be an outer disciple, and on the recommendation of Hu Chunniang, she entered the branch of an array mage who had a good relationship with Hu Chunniang and studied the method of array mage.

    In the subsequent spiritual opening ceremony of Tianyue Sect, her spiritual vein was successfully opened, and she finally became the official inner disiciple of the Tianyue Sect.

    Although she is only has the spiritual root of the Liu Lingmai, after discovering that she is quite talented in the array methods, and very much yearning for the way of the arrays, the array mage gladly accepted her as a personal disciple.

    In the next few years, Qian Ruping was under the guidance of this array mage, and deliberately studied the method of arrays. Like a fish in water, she fully demonstrated her amazing talent on the arrays, and can make all kinds of arrays after just learning once. The many insights she put forward and her comprehension on the formations amazed the array mage.

    Listening to the girl’s words, it seems that she has begun to be taken seriously by the senior officials of Tianyue Sect.

    After all, in a battle with the enemy, when the strength of the two sides is similar, the addition of an array mage will have a decisive impact on the entire battle situation. This can be shown from the wonderful effects of the small Sixiang Vajra array outside Xuanjing City all those years ago.

    Moreover, the effectiveness of a true array mage is incomparable to that of some ordinary array flags.

    The method of arrays is varied. Although it is easy to get started, mastering it is not a matter of overnight. Not only is there a lot of requirements for the learner, but also requires careful thinking and thorough understanding. There must not be any mistakes in the calculation.

    Speaking of which, Liu Ming has a lot of feelings for this descendant of Uncle Qian. In the four years when he lived with her in Xuanjing, the city of Daxuan, Liu Ming has already regarded her as family.

    He felt relieved to see her staying quite comfortably in Tianyue Sect now.

    “Ruping, after returning to your residence, take this Wuhua Dan, this medicine can clear your eyes, so that your eyes can see through the mist within thirty feet, and will be helpful when you are comprehending array methods or to find out how to break an array in the future. “

    As Liu Ming said so, a reddish pill appeared in his hand, and a refreshing fragrance begin to spread.

    “Thank you Brother Ming, this is great!” Ruping carefully took the pill, holding it in her hand, constantly assessing it curiously, her face was full of joy.

    Liu Ming couldn’t help but smiled when he saw this.

    “Oh wait, Brother Ming, you came to the sect this time to find Grandmaster Ye right!” Qian Ruping blinked at Liu Ming and smiled as she said.

    Liu Ming heard her words, feeling a little surprised he nodded.

    “Sister Hu told me a few days ago, Brother Ming, just wait a moment, I’ll send her a message and let her show you the way.”

    Qian Ruping grinned.

    She then took out a white disc from her waist, gestured with one hand and patted the disc.

    Immediately, the surface of the disc flickered faintly, and a line of small words flashed and disappeared into it.

    Not long after, a white shadow in the distance headed straight for the flying boat.

    After a few flashes, as soon as light converged, a beautiful woman in her twenties with a bit of coquettishness appeared in front of the flying boat.

    It’s Hu Chunniang!

    “Brother Bai, I hope you are well! I didn’t expect to see you for a few years, already a mid-period spiritual master of the condensate. This is really gratifying!” Hu Chunniang said with a smile on her face. After taking a look at Qian Ruping, she turned to Liu Ming and said.

    “Bai Congtian” was Liu Ming’s pseudonym when he was hiding in Xuanjing as a supervised disciple. After returning, he already reported to the sect and changed his name. Hu Chunniang would have found out once she returned to sect to ask. She is merely teasing him by saying so.

    Hu Chunniang, who is Ye Tianmei’s sword Disciple, is definitely not inferior to others in the talented Tianyue Sect, regardless in terms of her qualifications or talents.

    She was comparable to Liu Ming in spiritual level years ago. Now that Liu Ming is already a mid-period spiritual master, and she is still a late-period spiritual apprentice. She had not been able to advance to a spiritual master in these years.

    At first, she heard that Liu Ming not only succeeded in advancing the spiritual master in such a short time, but also reached the mid-term state shortly after, which surprised her.

    When Hu Chunniang met Liu Ming herself at this moment, she naturally felt another emotion.

    Her eyes looking at Liu Ming showed that her envy was endless.

    “Sister Hu, this girl Ruping have troubled you over the years.”

    Liu Ming heard Hu Chunniang’s remarks, and looked constricted, but he saluted the woman.

    “Hehe, Brother Bai, please come with me, Grandmaster Ye is waiting for you.” Hu Chunniang listened for a moment, then chuckled, and jumped onto the flying boat.

    Qian Ruping saw this and showed some reluctance. Only after saying a few words to Liu Ming, and the flying boat flew on for a while that she reluctantly left the duo.



    In a stone chamber in a more remote and secluded cave in Tianyue Sect, a woman whose eyes shone like stars dressed in a silver palace costume was sitting cross-legged and expressionless.

    It is Ye Tianmei who has been waiting for so long!

    “The junior meet with Grandmaster Ye.” Liu Ming said at the door of stone chamber, bowing to Ye Tianmei.

    “Nephew disciple Liu, no need to be polite, come in.”

    Seeing Liu Ming come in, Ye Tianmei said after raising her eyebrows slightly.

    After listening, Liu Ming nodded and entered the room, found a futon in front of Ye Tianmei and sat down with his knees crossed.

    “I didn’t expect to see you just after a few years, already a mid-period spiritual master. Your progress is really surprising.” After Liu Ming sat down, Ye Tianmei looked at him smilingly.

    In fact, as early as a few years ago, Ye Tianmei had already learned about Liu Ming’s advance of the condensate period through her disciple. When Liu Ming entered the stone room, she glanced at him through her consciousness and found that his scent was faintly surpassing that of an ordinary spiritual master at the mid-period, and can’t help but be amazed.

    “After I left the sect a few years ago, I went to Yuanzong Sect inland, did had some opportunities during this period.” Liu Ming blinked, and answered blankly.

    “Although I don’t know what you are planning to do with the relic, but according to the information I have received, I’m afraid it will not be easy.” Ye Tianmei heard his words, and did not intend to delve deeper, smiling softly.

    “Please enlighten me on this, Grandmaster Ye.” Hearing this, Liu Ming became excited and said seriously.

    “This relic is not on the Yunchuan continent, but is in the realm of the sea.”

    As soon as Ye Tianmei said this, Liu Ming couldn’t help showing a look of surprise, but then he became thoughtful.

    Although he had already learned from the head of the Savage Ghost Sect, the so-called Yunchuan mainland was indeed just one of thousands of islands in the sea.

    Compared to Yunchuan Island, there are no less than twenty islands that are almost the same size or even larger. These islands are mostly occupied by sea clan and other powerful monsters.

    In addition to the three large sea clans that he had encountered before, there is an even more powerful sea tribe, the Jinlins who claim to be the kings of the sea. There is even rumours of the siren emperor who has reached the time of Jindan period.

    That said, if he wanted to get the relic, it would not be easy!

    When Liu Ming thought of it, his brows frowned slightly.

    When Ye Tianmei saw this, her mouth curved with a smile, and she took a jade bamboo slip from her arms and hurled it at Liu Ming with a swing of her arm.

    “The details of where this relic is located have already been recorded on it, and nephew disciple Liu may wish to take a look first.”

    Liu Ming was no more polite. He reached out to take jade bamboo slip, and thanked Ye Tianmei. He put it on his forehead, and penetrated into it by his consciousness.

    As the time passed, Liu Ming’s expression gradually became cloudy and uncertain. After a while, he sighed and moved the slip away from his forehead.

    It turns out that this artifact is indeed not on the Yunchuan continent, but on another island called “Bieyuan Island” in the sea.

    This Bieyuan Island is located in the south of the core of the sea, tens of thousands of miles away from Yunchuan.

    Looking down from the air, the entire island looks as if a giant moray eel is entangled in the sea, hence its name.

    Its area is about one-third the size of the Yunchuan mainland, but the island’s aura is compelling, and it has a pit that can produce medium and high-quality evil spirits. Many of them are rare in Yunchuan mainland.

    Bieyuan Island is also very rich in cultivation resources, and various natural treasures are far incomparable to those in Yunchuan.

    However, the island is occupied by the sea clan, demon clan, human clan, and other alien clans, and is very complicated.

    On the island, there is a stranger named Yanjue, one of the three forging masters of the seas, a member of the alien Jinghuo clan .

    The Jinghuo people are good at controlling fire, and their people are natural born forgers. It is reported that although the major forces on the island continue to fight, they are most courteous to the Jinghuo people.

    After all, whoever offends a forger would do more bad than good.

    As a master of forgers famous in the seas, no matter the spiritual relics forged by himself regardless of grade or the ones which he placed restrictions upon are extraordinary, and once they are released, they will be snapped up immediately.

    It is heard that the forger master has recently refined a few good relics, and is preparing to open it for auction.

    And one of them is called “Soul Lock”, which is an extremely rare spiritual defense type relic. It is said that not only the materials used are special, but also some special restrictions. As long as some sacrifice is made and is worn, it can resist a certain degree of subtle mystic attacks, and the most important thing is to restrain others from taking over the bearer’s body!