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Chapter: 329 The Morphing of the Demon

Demon’s Diary
     Since accidentally devouring the ashes of the foot of the ancient troll in the secret space connected to the sixth-floor of the demon tower of Yuanmo Sect, this demon, the Flying Skull has been in deep sleep in the leather bag until present.

    During this period, Liu Ming also tried to contact the Flying Skull telepathically, but never received any feedback from it.

    Fortunately, after glancing at the inside of the leather bag through his consciousness, he realized that the demon was really just deeply asleep, and it was not a big deal, so he was relieved.

    After all, the same thing happened more than once to the Bone Scorpion.

    This time, the leather bag which it was in made a “buzz” sound without warning, although Liu Ming was surprised, his brow flashed a sense of joy.

    Immediately, Liu Ming stopped caring about the elixirs that had just been applied to his body, and patted the bag with one hand.

    A ball of black came rushing out, dripping in the air, and with a few familiar “quack” groans, the head a man with green hair appeared in the air.

    It is the demon, the Flying Skull that has been sleeping for almost two years!

    But its surface seems to have increased a thin layer of dark gas than before it fell asleep.

    The moment the Flying Skull appeared, Liu Mingling felt a slight jump in his consciousness.

    It was like when he entered the Yuanmo Sect and passed the Troll Mountain that was rumored to be transformed into from the head of an ancient troll.

    Although it was fleeting, Liu Ming was taken aback by then.

    After he calmed his mind and looked at the Flying Skull for a while through his consciousness, his heart was in joy again.

    After all, when he went through the trial of life and death to gain this demon, Liu Ming learned through the connection of the divine power that it should have been a grade four demon, which is at the initial stage of condensate.

    In earlier years, it was seriously injured after a war with the enemy, and from then on it fell back into the late stage of the Spirit.

    Gui Ruquan and others have been sealing it in order to enable it to slowly recover to the grade four condensate stage, and have not released it for a long time.

    Until the sect made a desperate attempt, in order to restore the position of Jiuying in the sect slightly, it was given to the then senior disciple Ishikawa by the help of the demon-subduing chain made from the deep-sea cold iron.

    When Liu Ming hadn’t advanced to become a spiritual master in the condensate period, the Flying Skull’s performance in combat with the enemy was remarkable.

    Moreover, Liu Ming’s practice back then did not show anything wrong.

    For Liu Ming now however, the strength of the Flying Skull’s late Spirit period is a little too weak.

    But Liu Ming has been looking forward to its future potential.

    Due to the magic crystal that can aid its recovery is very rare, although the small bag of magic crystals obtained at Yuanmo Sect was devoured by the demon, Liu Ming is not entirely sure whether he can help the Flying Skull recover.

    As of now, the scent of the Flying Skull signifies the solid practice of the condensate stage, and it seems that it is not just as simple as the initial period.

    This is enough to show that its previous injuries must have healed and have become the true grade four demon. How can this not fill Liu Ming’s heart with joy?

    At this moment, a sudden thunderous roar came from the skies outside the mountain.

    Although Liu Ming is deep in the mountains, the sound of this seems to be incomparable to an ordinary thunderstorm.

    Liu Ming frowned.

    When he looked up, he saw crimson flames beating in the eyes of the demon. A look of horror appeared on his expression which was quickly replaced by a trace of fury.

    “It looks like your fortune has arrived. It should be the effect of the ashes of the troll’s foot that were devoured by you.”

    Liu Ming communicated to the Flying Skull through telepathically. After receiving its feedback, he felt relieved, and his face immediately returned to calmness.

    Back in the Savage Ghost sect, Liu Ming learned from reading the classics that some monsters and demons can also advance just like humans.

    Cultivation itself is going against the heavens, only a few would survive.

    This is even more difficult for demons and monsters than humans as there will always be a big possibility of a calamity when they mutate or advance.

    The Tian Lei calamity is a more common one.

    As God’s trial for cultivators, others are not able to help.

    However, to arrange some formations to assist it, and protect it when it endures the calamity is still doable.


    Liu Ming no longer hesitated and turned into a ray of light rushing towards the entrance of the cave, followed by the “quack” of the Flying Skull.

    It is delusional to want to avoid Tian Lei by staying inside the mountain. Not only will Dongfu be destroyed by Tian Lei, moreover, the stone chamber is so small, it is not conducive to the endurance of the calamity by the Flying Skull.

    Not long after, Liu Ming and the Flying Skull came to a relatively flat mountainous region outside Dongfu.

    There was a gust of strong wind in the air, dark clouds loomed over the mountains where the cave is located, and thunderous flashes of lightning came by waves, seemingly wanting to fall in the thunderous roar at any time.

    Without hesitating, Liu Ming pulled out a few red formation flags from the storage amulet, and inserted them in several positions around the Flying Skull, while one-handedly gesturing, the flags then disappeared.

    A layer of pale red runes came out in ripples and turned into a curtain of red light covering the Flying Skull in the middle. The air outside the light curtain began to twist slightly under the high temperature.

    “This set of fire cloud formation was purchased from a casual repairman by incident when I went out to restock six months ago. It has a slight effect against the power of thunder and lightning. I didn’t expect it to be of some use here.”

    Liu Ming said, slamming again on the bag of souls around his waist, after some black clouds, the Bone Scorpion got out in a flash.

    “You will stand guard for it here this time,” Liu Ming said to it.

    The Bone Scorpion heard it and hissed strangely, and then it jumped, landing two or three feet away from the red light curtain, with a vigilant look.

    The mountains here are scarcely populated, and the heavens and the earth have also insufficient vitality. Although no cultivators generally pass here, the unusual vision of the heavens and the earth may still attract some other monsters nearby.

    And when the Flying Skull is enduring the calamity, it naturally should not be interrupted by external force.

    After doing all this, Liu Ming’s figure shifted, and then the black gas rushed under his feet and lifted him away skywards.

    The dark clouds gathered in the air, and then silver thunder arcs suddenly appeared. As the dark clouds began to roll, the silver arcs of thunder fell from the air one by one.

    The arcs came straight towards the Flying Skull, as they hit the curtain of red light above the Flying Skull, they made a sizzling sound. The runes in the curtain of red light were flowing, but after several arcs, they burst and broke apart into little red light spots and disappeared into thin air.

    In the formation, the Flying Skull did not panic. It raised its head and opened its mouth, and several silver arcs were wrapped by a green gas that it spat out and was swallowed into its mouth.

    The Flying Skull made a “quack” scream, seeming to be provoking the clouds of calamity in the sky.

    Liu Ming, who was 17 or 18 feet in the air away from the center of the clouds of calamity, while paying attention to the surroundings of the mountain, also took the scene on the ground in and couldn’t help but be amazed.

    For a moment, dark clouds rolled in the sky, and the thundercloud seemed to be much smaller than before.

    After a roar of thunder, three silver arcs thicker than before fell from the clouds and rushed down.

    The Flying Skull saw this and didn’t dare to slow down. Its green hair burst into a sky of green threads, and turned into a dense web facing this second wave of silver arcs.

    The green web made slight contact with the silver arc, and then it crackled into ashes after a burst of crackling noises, and the arc also burst due to energy exhaustion.

    The Flying Skull did not hesitate to turn the remaining green hair into a web again. After such three silver arcs, there was not much green hair left on the Flying Skull.

    Before the Flying Skull had rested a little, the roar of the dark clouds in the air became stronger, and between a few breaths, melted into a small black thundercloud.

    Suddenly, the sound of thunder broke, and a silver arc as thick as the mouth of a bowl flashed out of the cloud, heading for the Flying Skull below.

    There seemed to be a touch of gold in the silver arc.

    The calm face of the demon Flying Skull before suddenly had a look of panic, but the crimson flames in its eyes was more actively beating, the faint black gas on its surface froze, and after a few tumbles, it flew up straight at the arc.

    The silver arc did not hesitate to enter the Flying Skull. After a few crackling shots, countless slender silver arcs mixed with tendrils of golden light jumped on the surface of the Flying Skull, blending in with the rolling black gas, making the facial expression of the Flying Skull ferocious and horrible, constantly making strange sounds of “quack“, almost wailing.

    Seeing this in the air, Liu Ming was anxious, but he couldn’t help it. The Bone Scorpion two or three feet away from the Flying Skull’s calamity also seemed at unease.

    Just then, an unexpected scene happened!

    The Flying Skull gradually changed in the interweaving of silver arcs and black gas.

    Two white skulls popped up at a speed visible to the naked eye on both sides of the skull, and soon they grew to the size of a baby’s skull, while the Flying Skull and the skulls on both sides slowly grew two starkly white horns.

    At the same time, the silver arc and black gas gradually formed a few swirls. After a while, they turned into six silver flames, immersed in the three heads of the demon.

    The Flying Skull finally advanced!

    The advanced demon Flying Skull is is now a grade five demon. It should reasonably be equivalent to the middle-term strength of the condensate period, but as it devoured some of the material on the ancient troll, its true strength should be no less than the late period of the condensate.

    The awakening of the Flying Skull and its advance of two levels in a row really made Liu Ming excited. At the same time, he has secretly decided to add this demon to his subsequent training plan.



    “Brother Ming, it really is you!”

    One day after three years, a young man in a green robe was standing on a green mechanical flying boat outside the gate of Tianyue Sect Mountain in Daxuan Kingdom, facing the inquiry of the disciples at the gate, but before he could speak, there was a crisp female voice behind him.

    “You’re … you’re Ruping!”

    A seventeen year old girl with a beautiful face wearing the uniform of the disciples of Tianyue Sect was floating in the air not far away, looking at him with a surprised look. It was Qian Ruping which he last saw a few years ago in Daxuan City.

    The little girl back then has now become a little beauty, which makes Liu Ming almost unable to recognize her.

    She said a few words to the women around her and flew to the flying boat, jumped and landed before Liu Ming.

    It turned out that Liu Ming had recently received a message from Tianyue Sect’s Ye Tianmei, claiming that she had helped him find the whereabouts of the relic against the taking of souls, and asked him to go to Tianyue Sect for a meeting.

    After a little thought, he rushed to Tianyue Sect, but did not expect to meet an acquaintance before entering the gates of the sect.