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Chapter 328 The Choosing of the Six Sons

Demon’s Diary
     A rarely populated mountain range in the south of the kingdom of Daxuan is surrounded by clouds and mists all year, its aura very thin.

    In an obscure valley at an unknown mountain, the clouds and mist here seem to be thicker compared to anywhere else.

    Deep in the heart of the valley, in a stone chamber around seven to eight feet wide, the cold air is nipping, and a chill rises from the floor of the chamber, making the temperature of the stone chamber a little bit colder than it actually is.

    垩 On the center of the floor, an expressionless head stood upright in the fine sand.

    The fine sand around it was crimson in colour, every particle crystal clear, and each of the sand particles seemed to have a black gas flowing slowly inside, making the entire surface of the sand wave one after another, adding a touch of mystery to the stone chamber.

    The fine sand stopped at the neck of the head, the eyes of the head were shut tight, accompanied by the rise of the chill, he breathed in and out rhythmically.

    The chamber was so cold, yet there were still layers and layers of beads of sweat on the forehead of the head, and as time passed, the expression on the face became more and more struggled, as if experiencing some kind of intolerable pain.

    It is unknown how much time has passed, with a twist in the chill over the stone chamber, and after a deep roar, a figure jumped out from the crimson sand on the floor .

    The torso of the figure is naked. Being submerged in the crimson fine sand for such a long time, the surface of his skin also appears to be a layer of crimson, and a trace of chill still rises from the surface of his body. Later, he raised his hand, and a ball of crystal clear water dropped from thin air and washed away the residual fine sand as well as some unabsorbed liquid on the surface of his body.

    “The eight hours have finally ended, and it can be started again.”

    Qiu Liuming breathed a sigh chin up and moved his muscles and bones around, a sound of “pipa” could be heard coming out from the muscles and bones of his entire body.

    Judging from his figure, he is again a lot bulkier as compared to before entering the valley.

    Then, he threw one hand into the air and gestured with the fingers of his other hand. Two balls of orange light crackled after emerging blurred. Two entirely-orange iron ape puppet beasts that were two feet in size appeared in the air instantly.

    Yan Liuming shook his hands again and two pieces of topaz came flying out, immediately embedded with precision into the depression in the middle of the chest of the beast.



    With two deep roars, a red light flickered in the eyes of the puppet beasts, they flipped in the air, then fell on the left and right side in front of Liu Ming, sending a wave of fine sand flying. The face of the ape-like appearance is ferocious as they reveal their terribly sharp fangs in their mouths.

    Qiu Liuming didn’t hesitate. A single hand went to the bag of souls at his waist, and after a dark puff of cloud, the Bone Scorpion covered with red scales the size of beans also appeared.

    The Bone Scorpion screamed strangely. Without Liu Ming’s command, it jumped and stood between the two puppet beasts. The “snake head” at its behind swayed, posing an eager look of attack.

    Liu Ming saw this and quickly gestured with all the fingers on one one of his hands. Immediately black gas rolled out from the surface of his body, slowly spinning around him, after feeling a slight itch in the whole body, with the sparkle of spots of red light, a layer of crimson scales the size of rice grains emerged from his skin, and quickly grew to two inches in size at a speed visible to the naked eye, covering his entire body.

    Again, Liu Ming held his hands down. With two popping sounds in the air, a dark chalky mist emerged from his body, and it split into two in a second, turning into a black dragon and a black gigantic tiger. They came together in the air as if they were real, and after a dragon snarl and a tiger roar, they immediately retracted back to the surface Liu Ming’s body, so lifelike, it was as if they were actual living creatures surrounding the surface of his body.

    Then, Liu Ming communicated with the Bone Scorpion telepathically,

    At the same time he utilised his talent of multitasking, gesturing with one hand to give two iron apes instructions to attack.

    The Bone Scorpion immediately jumped up like it received an order, accompanied by a strange hiss and the sound of an explosion the “snake head” behind blurred, and numerous shadows attacked Liu Ming’s body and burst open.

    After enduring the thunderstorm, the Bone Scorpion has been promoted to the early stage of condensate, combined with the adventures it faced when it was challenged and the refinement of the material on the crystallized red dragon that it swallowed when it evolved, its attack is far from what the ordinary practitioner at the stage of condensate can bear.

    Under the support of the scales of the red dragon, the Spell of the Bones of Hell and the Power of the Dragon and Tiger of Hell, his physical body is by no means comparable to the general practitioner in the late period of condensate. Comparing between the two, Liu Ming’s physical defense seems to be better. .

    Therefore, although the Bone Scorpion’s “Snake Head” has an amazing attack speed and the blasts in the air is endless, besides leaving white spots and clinks on the scales on Liu Ming’s body, it still cannot break his defense, However, it still made Liu Ming grimace under its attack, and he seemed to be uncomfortable.

    At the same time, the two iron apes seemed reluctant to be left behind, and each pulled out a two-foot-long, wrist-thick iron rod. They immediately started slamming Liu Ming’s entire body fiercely, sending out roars that sound like “Wuuu” from time to time.

    Liu Ming clenched both his fists and stood in the middle, disregarding the Bone Scorpion and puppet beasts to attack and beat him. From time to time, he made a muffled sound. The black dragon and tiger on the surface of his body kept flowing, and the veins on his forehead and underneath the scales on his hands popped. Beads of sweat kept bursting, and the pain on his face was even more than before.

    In addition to his normal meditation and breath adjustment, Liu Ming used several self-configured spiritual fluids to soak his body and submerged in the crimson sand every day. He would then call for the Bone Scorpion and the puppet beasts to each beat his body for two hours, so that the medicine can penetrate the muscles and bones of his whole body, and allow his physical form to be continuously moulded under the chilling environment he created. This has been going on for almost half a year.

    On this day, Liu Ming again experienced the physical training by the crimson sand and Bone Scorpion and the puppet beasts for ten full hours, and returned to another stone chamber on the mountainside. He sat cross-legged, one hand gesturing, and immediately immersed his mind in the sea of ​​consciousness.

    The black and white stele of the gods in the sea of consciousness is still hovering quietly in the sea of consciousness, and the silver grit in the bottom half of the hourglass is a layer more than when he last left the Ghost Sect.

    Without thinking much about it, Liu Ming’s conscious shifted, and after a flash of black light, the thick black book of Power of the Dragon and Tiger of Hell immediately appeared, and it started flipping.

    For the past six months, he has been trying to understand the second level of the decree every day. Although he has not fully comprehended yet, the effect obtained by external force training his body is similar to what is described in the book, although the progress does not seem to be fast. It seems that to complete the second level will take more than ten years of training.

    Upon this thought, Liuming could not help but sigh.

    However, he never thought that after finishing the second level of the Power of the Dragon and Tiger of Hell, he could advance to the late stage of the condensate. To progress from the middle stage of the condensate to the late stage of the condensate in just a few years, looking into the entire Yunchuan continent for such speed, even the core disciples in the main schools who are brilliant and talented cannot dare to imagine.

    After all, even for cultivation geniuses like Tian Lingmai and Di Lingmai, they often lag behind for ten years or even decades during the condensate period. After all, most of the cultivation bottlenecks encountered by cultivators as they advance, they need not only long-term hardship, but also chance and luck.

    “It seems that this practice of the Power of the Dragon and Tiger of Hell needs to continue, but the spiritual fluid used in the training is not enough. Since it is quite effective, I should purchase more this time.”

    Liu Ming thought about this and immediately stood up without hesitation, after brushing up a little, he came to the entrance of the cave. Followed by a wave of his arms, a ball of green light flew out, and with some other gestures, immediately the green light flew against the wind and turned into a green flying boat of the size of a few feet.

    His figure flickered and he came to stand steadily at the front of the flying boat. After one foot gently touched the ground, the flying boat with a “shoo” turned into a beam of green light shooting in the direction of the market in Qinzhou.


    Uh …

    “Even someone as qualified as a Di Lingmai also failed to rank among the Six Sons. It seems that although this continent of Yunchuan is only a corner of the world, an island in the sea, the depth of what is underneath is not conceivable by mundanes. “

    After a month, Liu Ming returned to Dongfu again.

    During his trip to the market, not only he gained a lot, but he also purchased enough materials for creating the spiritual fluids to last him for the next few years. At the same time, it is rumored in the restaurants in the market that the Six Sons from the Three Truths and Six Sons of the Yunchuan Alliance have been finally selected.

    As the Six Sons who will be cultivated by the power of the sects of the whole continent in the future, being selected is not only an affirmation of their potential qualifications, but also greatly increased the possibility of their future advancement for the crystallization period, even a glimmer possibility to advance into the Jiadan Zhendan period as the legends of advancement goes.

    After all, in addition to qualifications, hard work, and opportunities, cultivation resources are also a top priority, and sometimes may even surpass the former three.

    The success rate of most independent practitioners and even cultivators in the clans is so low is because of the lack of their cultivation resources. The Bai family was the best example.

    Even if it is impossible to achieve the legendary Jiadan Zhendan, to become a strong cultivator in the crystallisation period, after resisting the invasion of the sea tribe in the future, it is naturally easy to open a sect and become famous in Yunchuan.

    After all, looking at the entire continent, a cultivator of the crystallisation period is definitely one of the few truly strong.

    The selection of the Three Truths was only among a few people after all, and it was long-before settled. Therefore, the level of interest in the selection of the Six Sons across the continent is highly comparable to anything else.

    As the master of the Savage Guizong and Brother Huang said, Gao Chong, as a disciple of the Di Lingmai launched by the Savage Guizong, was not selected among the Six Sons. Yet, also of the Kingdom of Great Xuan, Zhang Xiu Niang, who is of the Tianyue Sect, and the Yuanmo Sect’s disciple named Ye Tianyu which is of Tian Lingmai whom Liu Ming had heard of before were selected amongst the six. The other four were also talented disciples of other sects.

    Although Liu Ming has some concerns about this matter, with his Sanlingmai qualifications, he has not too much relations with the Six Sons.

    To him, the most important thing is to cultivate and train his body.

    After Liu Ming’s contemplation, he sat cross-legged in the stone chamber again and began to meditate and adjust his breath.

    Half a year has passed again in this manner.

    On this day, just as Liu Ming had smeared several elixirs for training completely on his body and was just about to start burying himself in the crimson sand, a “humming” sound came from a leather bag around his waist.