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Chapter 326: Liquid Middle Stage

Demon’s Diary
     Translator: Sissy That Walk

    Actually, Gao Chong is a force to be reckon with, he is just not as good as Zhang Xiuniang. Besides, it’s a shame that the selection of Six Disciples from different Sects is not much about capability but natural endowments this time. He who would make the cut should have a great probability to be cultivated to the Advanced-crystal Stage. Even if we have recommended junior disciple Liu, he would have been rejected directly by the Yun Chuan League for his natural endowments. Huang shook his head and expressed his opinions after pondering.

    My master, does Liu really have no chance to reach Advanced-crystal Stage? Lin Caiyu had a look at the nearby hill and asked.

    Sister Lin, what do you think? The master asked in reply.

    Well, well, forget about it. Now that I know the ins and outs of the unusual phenomenon, I’m relieved. Whatever stage Liu may be in the end, with his amazing capability, I truly believe that a common Liquid Advanced Stage cultivator is unable to be evenly matched with him as long as he can make it to the Liquid Middle Stage. This is certainly some good news for our Sect. Excuse me, we'll leave now for I have some matters to discuss with Lei. Lin Caiyu chuckled and left with Lei.

    The master’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly when looking them went far away.

    So it seems Sister Lin and senior disciple Lei are quite intimate. Maybe it won't be long before we hear good news about them. Huang chuckled.

    Oh, they have been on good terms as before. A subtle expression was perceived from the master.

    I'm not sure about the details, but they seemed to have reconciled with each other after fighting side by side in the battle with Sea Race. Huang looked quite pleased saying that.

    That explains a lot! Junior disciple Lei and sister Lin were a perfect match who broke up for some misunderstanding. It’s a matter of joy if they’re able to make it up now. The master twiddled his beard and replied.

    The black-robed old man nodded and said right for several times.

    They got away after a few more words.

    At the same time, Liu Ming opened his eyes with ecstatic expression when he assimilated a whiff of black gas from the sky in the cave.

    He stood up and gently held his hands, from which came two blasting sound unexpectedly. And then he waved his arms, followed by a firecrackers-crackling sound from all his bones.

    After taking the spiritual liquid brewed with the Blood Tiger’s head, he made it to the first stage of the Dragon Tiger Hell Method out of the blue.

    Liu Ming's accomplishments at the moment were not quite behindhand from the Liquid Middle Stage as the master of Banki Sect supposed, but he had naturally advanced to the middle Stage when he cultivated the first stage of the Dragon Tiger Hell Method, which meant he slid over the bottleneck mentioned by other spiritual alchemists.

    He was startled and surprised at the same time.

    The Dragon Tiger Hell Method deserved to be the most legitimate method of the Extrication Sect of Zhong Tian Continent’s methods, which enabled him to overleap the bottleneck of practice and made progress so easily.

    Otherwise, with his natural endowments of Three Spiritual Pulse, it was possible for him to be trapped in Liquid Primary Stage for life if it was some other methods.

    It seemed that the Extrication Sect was definitely a great sect in the Zhong Tian Continent, otherwise, how could a random method be so profound.

    He had no idea of whether he could get a way to break through the bottleneck of the advanced stage after the second stage of the Method.

    Liu Ming marveled at his smooth progress, which he wasn’t aware of. Of course, this Dragon Tiger Hell Method was excellent even on Zhong Tian Continent, however, most important of all was that his body was transformed by the usurper with the help of the essence of Red Serpent in the Advanced-crystal Stage and a rare secret technique of the Human Race.

    After all, the usurper was about to forcibly occupy Liu Ming's body, who would definitely ensure its physical fitness.

    Although he made the transformation in a hurry, Liu Ming was not inferior to the general practitioner of Six Spirit Pulse while he manifested it like a Three Pulse cultivator, if other external factors were not taken into account.

    Moreover, it couldn’t be perceived then but could really bring its effects into play after a long period of time.

    Although the Human Race had several secret techniques that resorted to external force to reform natural endowments, all of them were demanding in terms of after effect, let alone their strict restriction. Besides, the auxiliary external materials used were god-given cure-all, which couldn’t be compared with the secret techniques used by the usurper.

    Liu Ming was not aware of this while he could definitely sense the tremendous difference of himself comparing with the primary stage.

    After scanning around, he grabbed at a nearby black rock with one hand.


    The black rock meters away cracked immediately into a pile of broken stones.

    Liu Ming raised his eyebrow with his palm got ready, and he rushed to the rock wall more than ten feet away, he gave it a pat and left.


    A deep handprint appeared on the rock with great clarity like it was carved by a kinfe.

    The handprint on the wall vibrated all of a sudden the moment when Liu Ming withdrew his hand.

    After the whole rock wall rumbled, it turned into white powder falling off.

    Liu Ming was full of satisfaction then.

    He was physically strong at the time, which was beyond the reach of an Advanced Alchemist.

    Most of which were attributed to the Dragon Tiger Hell Method, while the others were the effect of body augmentation attached to the Hell Bone.

    The more powerful he was at the moment, the more he could feel the astonishing benefits of the Hell Bone.

    He was even more regretful for his deficiency of the subsequent methods.

    Otherwise with effect brought from the Hell Bone, even if he only practiced a common method , he could easily be one of the legendary cultivators who owned both Method Cultivating and Body Cultivating as long as he finished the method. Furthermore, as his level went higher, the more amazing his body cultivation could be.

    In spite of the deep regret he was holding, Liu Ming soon left it behind and sat on the ground to form a sign, with his mind immersed in the Sea of Divine right away.

    It was seen that in his Sea of Divine, the black and white stone tablet was still quietly suspending, however, something had changed on the surface of the golden hourglass’ pattern.

    The lower part of the hourglass, which was empty at first, had now amassed a layer of silvery gravel.

    Liu Ming sighed as he saw the scene.

    He had already discovered that the golden hourglass would drop silvery gravel with the passage of time slowly.

    If he was right that it would be the right timing to enter the mysterious space when all the gravel above fell off.

    After all, he had found that the falling speed of the silvery gravel was slow and fixed. Besides, according to its amount and speed, it would take six or seven years to finish a cycle.

    It was exactly the same as his estimation of the time that his power would be taken away next time.

    Fortunately, he had just broke through Liquid Middle Stage, thus he didn't have to worry too much about the lack of power in a short period of time.

    Liu Ming's mind was in a whirl while a black light flashed in his Sea of Divine, then a thick black book emerged out of air and kept turning pages.

    It was the Dragon Tiger Hell Method!

    What he was looking at was the second-level method. Although he had seen it at the beginning, he hadn’t really understood the specific method of practice. However, it seemed that the second-level was much more difficult than the first. It may take a lot of time before he could fully understand it.

    Tik tok. And half an hour later, the black book disappeared in a flash.

    Liu Ming withdrew his mind from the Sea of Divine, he frowned and considered.

    The second stage of Dragon Tiger Hell Method can only be practiced by resorting to external force to forge body for a long time. It seems that I can only improve my accomplishments step by step instead of taking pills or other spiritual methods. Liu Ming murmured.

    He didn't really look disappointed.

    If it weren't for the mysterious bubble, which had the uncanny ability to purify power, Liu Ming would dare not to take much even if there were more useful pills in front.

    It was already a great chance for him to be a Liquid Middle Stage Alchemist within ten years in virtue of pills.

    If there was a disciple of the Three Spiritual Pulse with the same natures as him, no one knew whether the one could get the same achievement as him now.

    So Liu Ming wasn’t swayed by considerations of gain and loss any more.

    Besides, his training was longer this time, which was of great benefit to digest the sudden improvement and to temper his accomplishments.

    Although he was not comparable to ordinary practitioners in terms of pure power, his foundation was still weak than practitioners who had been practicing for decades or even hundreds years of the same level.

    Liu Ming got a plan about what he should do in the future, then he stood up and ran to outside.

    A quarter of an hour later, Liu Ming got back to Jiu Ying Mountain. He visited Gui Ruquan first, and then quietly went back to his cave. After packing some necessary belongings, he left Banki Sect quietly one more time.

    A few days later, message of Liu Ming having advanced to the Liquid Middle Stage got spread across the disciples of Jiu Ying Mountain.

    It had caused a stir inside and outside the entire Banki Sect.

    However, words concerning Liu Ming's unstable foundation for excessive use of some pills and urgent leave of finding a solution to practice also passed from the Mountain.

    Many practitioners were enlightened suddenly!

    Even so, however, Liu Ming's tremendous advance within such a short period of time had aroused the interest of many other spiritual alchemists in the Sect.

    But for Liu Ming had left the Sect ahead of schedule, there would have been quite a few people coming to spy on some relevant information.