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Chapter 324: Out of the Tower

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 324: Out of the Tower

    Translator: Sissy That Walk

    As the power poured in, the pattern of sand on the stone tablet gradually came to be faint golden light, which became brighter later on.

    Liu Ming got faster heartbeats confronting the situation while he gritted his teeth and kept pouring powers into the tablet.

    After a moment, he had almost ran out of one-third of his energy that the whole hourglass had much the same turned into a golden sun in the Sea of Divine, from which emitted dazzling golden light!

    At the time Liu Ming suddenly heard a weng, next second he was covered by darkness and presented once again at the gray space.

    Liu Ming was absolutely both surprised and delighted of seeing the scene before. However, before he was ready to do something, a golden light came over close to his brow, followed by a loud bang. Then the giant stone tablet rose before him.

    The stone was as gigantic as ever, however, it had restored to its original formation of white on top and black bottom with the golden hourglass blurred between the colors, from which silver sand of sand started to fall grain by grain.

    It seemed that every breath corresponded to each grain.

    Liu Ming couldn't help laughing then.

    Although he knew nothing about the mysterious space, he finally mastered the method of entering into it anyway.

    It was really a comfort to him.

    He then glanced at the hourglass on the stone tablet, estimated the time and sat cross-legged in front of it, waiting quietly.

    About an hour later, the last grain of silver sand in the hourglass dropped and the whole hourglass reversed once again.

    Liu Ming turned up on the altar after hearing a weng.

    His eyes opened and his sense triggered without any delay.

    In the Sea of Divine, he found the tablet stood there in black and white.

    I know it! Liu Ming breathed a sigh of relief.

    Then he meditated about the reason why this Round Sky Stele cropped up!

    After turning everything related over in his mind, he finally came to the conclusion that it must had something to do with the gigantic face appeared in the space of Divine.

    The face was exactly alike his, which was out of question that it should be incarnated by things that had intended to usurp his body.

    It seemed to be sealed up as it tried desperately to rush out after blocked by the white light curtain.

    He didn't know it before. What he knew was it must have had succeeded once, and that was why it could objectify him, and then took advantage of his serious injury to possess him.

    Yet it did not succeed this time while it was killed by the seal.

    This was certainly some good news for Liu Ming.

    But then again, how many of the kind of thing were sealed in this mysterious space.

    There seemed to be more than one on the grounds of the weird dream he had had before.

    If that was the case, he was still in danger of being usurped, which made the searching of a spirit weapon to restrain the seizure a necessity.

    Keeping it in mind, Liu Ming was depressed unconsciously for quite a while before coming to his mind. Then he happened to see a small mass of black gas in the Sea of Divine.

    This was what the face left. Whereas he had no idea of what it was, it couldn’t be any good.

    Hence Liu Ming sized the black gas up, sweeping away with his spiritual power, only found it was just a dead thing of no consciousness. He then was reassured and was about to dislodge the black gas out of his body with a tremendous spiritual power.

    Then there came a bang sound.

    At the moment of his spiritual contact, the black gas unexpectedly burst and melted into countless black silk, dissipating in the Sea of Divine.

    Liu Ming was startled, who then hurried to scan around with spirit in the Sea of Divine but found nothing.

    He got alarmed. Then he employed several other secret techniques successively to sweep the whole body inside and outside several times but fruitless, as if the black gas had never existed.

    He had no choice but gave up temporarily after four more hours of searching.

    Luckily, the black gas was so weak that he could wipe it out after borrowing a Yang-attribute spirit weapon, combining with the exhaustive search of the fire of True Yuan inside and outside his body again.

    Liu Ming felt at ease as he made a solid plan to counter this black gas.

    He then drew back his spirits, got out a pill that helps to restore his cultivation from his arms and took it, set about recovering at ease.

    An hour and a half later, Liu Ming had almost recovered when he got up from the ground.

    He waved at the immobile skeleton scorpion lying beside the altar and went away.

    Not long after, beneath the six floor of the Suppressing Demon Tower, Liu Ming flashed out from a white halo.

    The Submerge Seal lingered a faint light on him, while he was relieved to find that everything was as the same as before, in which there was no one else nearby.

    He turned around to take a look at the white halo behind, and then suddenly groped for something in the sleeve with one hand, of which drew out the golden dagger Then he strove to chop toward the space crack with the utmost of his strength.

    In an instant, some golden sword lights emerged one after the other like shocking dragons, splitting toward the white halo.

    At first, the white halo seemed as if nothing had happened, however, after the lights got more and more intense, there came a terrifying wave, in which finally came the buzzing sound and it began to tremble violently.

    Liu Ming then severely chopped out, turned around and left away at once.

    He turned into a ball of black gas a moment later, which rushed out of the ground, moving out of the ground more than ten feet away after several flickers.

    The place he came out banged right away with countless grains of sand splashed from it, came to be a huge sand pit a moment later.

    Mutterring to himself, Liu Ming swung his sleeves to spring up a fierce gale, by which the devil pit was filled up with sand rolling around.

    Everything he had done, of course, was because the place he had been to, was definitely connected with somewhere secret of the Suppressing Demon Tower. Besides, the elder man killed by Giant Foot on the altar was seemed to be someone of great importance in Yuan Mo Sect.

    Liu Ming was not supposed to be found out that he had been there, otherwise he would definitely get into trouble.

    He checked the nearby area again, then he formed a sign with one hand as he found nothing unusual to summon a dark cloud, making its way toward where the sixth floor of the transmission Matrix located.

    Half an hour later, Liu Ming fell down from the air and walked to the nearby transmission Matrix.

    Han Li was sitting in the light curtain nearby. Right next to Han Li, the Giant Python kept its body unmoved.

    The young lad opened his eyes as Liu Ming coming, asked eagerly:

    Brother Liu, you've had a long day. It must have been quite a haul for you to come back after such a long time, you must have obtained something valuable.

    Liu Ming cracked a smile, waved his hand to shoot out a black crystal core.

    The young lad was truly delighted to grab the crystal core. He checked it up and ensured with great joy.

    Yeah. This is indeed the core of the Fiendish Python! So we’ve successfully fulfilled this mission. By the way, the body of the Fiendish Python serves as rare material, if Brother Liu is in need, you can take some and I’ll bring the rest back.

    Then I shall don't stand on ceremony. Liu Ming was quite pleased.

    With a flash of golden light in his hand, he cut off a large piece of abdominal skin from the Python. Then he walked to the python's head to dig out a fist-sized eye. And finally he knocked off several huge tusks from the Python’s mouth and ceased satisfactorily.

    You’re so appreciative!

    The abdominal skin was the most suitable for refining close-fitting soft armor, which is also the best material for high-rank talisman. The eye is beneficial to improving eyesight and clearing internal heat, if it is for alchemy, you can get manifold rare pills. As for the teeth, they’re scarce materials for spiritual tools or exceptional spiritual weapons. Han Li put on a natural and unrestrained smile, flickered his sleeves, from which a yellow talisman rushed to the rest body.


    The python disappeared after a roll of white cloud in a blur.

    And the storage talisman came back the moment of the young beckoned.

    Liu Ming commended no more on that except a chuckle.

    Han Li made no detailed inquiry about how Liu Ming killed the escaped black snake. They meditated at the edge of the Matrix after chatting with each other for a few words, waiting for three days to be delivered out of the tower.

    Time went by, and it was the evening of the third day!

    A temporary Matrix had already set up near the Suppressing Demon Tower, in which Liu Ming and Han Li flashed out together as the air undulated.

    Looking around, Liu Ming couldn't help showing a surprised expression.

    In addition to several other temporary Matrix and transmitted disciples of Yuan Mo Sect, there was Xiao Yuebai, the only Alchemist in the nearby.

    Everything had disappeared including the Liquid Levels and the master of Yuan Mo Sect.

    Brother Xiao, what happened? Han Li was startled and questioned.

    Nothing but some affairs of the Sect. Senior disciple Xu and other juniors have dealt with it. Brother Liu, Junior disciple Han, how was your trip? Xiao Yuebai smiled reluctantly and showed his solicitude for them.

    Be at ease, senior disciple. We have killed the Fiendish Python! Thanks to Brother Liu's help this time, otherwise I would not have been able to get out of the tower. By the way, this is the demon core of the Python! Notwithstanding Han Li sensed Xiao Yuebai’s abnormal response, he truthfully answered Xiao and threw Xiao the black crystal stone.

    Xiao Yuebai was somewhat astonished while he got the black stone. He then swept his spiritual power inside, exhaled softly and said to Liu Ming:

    This is exactly the crystal core of the Fiendish Python. Thanks for your hard work, Brother Liu. And sorry for that the master planned to host you properly after you came out of the tower, but something urgent came up, I'm afraid we can't keep you here.

    Since you have something important to deal with, I won’t bother you anymore! I left my sect for a long time already, and was intended to get back after I delivered my promise. But may I ask you one more question. What happened? Is there anything I can do for you? Liu Ming replied genuinely and sincerely without hesitation.