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Chapter 308: The Suppressing Demon Tower

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 308: The Suppressing Demon Tower

    Translator: Sissy That Walk

    “You have always favored me and even have imparted the paramount techniques of our sect. I’ve remembered these by heart and felt extremely grateful to you,” said Shan Gan rather respectfully.

    “Very good! Now, I have one thing to verify. You drink this Spirit Wine first and then I’ll cast a spell on you, making you temporarily fall into an illusion, but you’ll wake up tomorrow morning,” said the man slightly. Afterward, the black coffin cover was moved open, and a fragrant wineglass plumed from the coffin and stopped steadily in front of him after a dart.

    The young man held the wineglass and glanced at it, finding this Spirit Wine sticky and pale blue with the fragrance of medicine. Thus, a hint of hesitation appeared on his face.

    “This Spirit Wine is fraught with powerful spiritual power just like the Spirit Pills I gave you before and is beneficial to your body. Drink it quickly and refine yourself when you’re back to your room after I cast the spell. Only by this way can you refine all the medicinal power of it,” continued the man in the coffin.

    Although the man’s voice was a little impatient, the young man felt relaxed a little bit and felt that he was over-worried just now upon recalling his grand-master’s painstaking cultivation on him for many years.

    If the grand-master with the paramount abilities wanted to hurt him, how could the grand-master poison him via a Spiritual Wine? Besides, the grand-master had given him Spiritual Pills with no reason many times before.

    Thinking this, Shan Gan expressed his thanks and emptied the Spiritual Wine. With his mouth full of fragrance, a warm current generated in his stomach and fast transformed into the pure magic power.

    This Medicinal Wine really improved his magic power magically.

    The young man immediately felt glad after feeling it and killed all his doubts.

    A gush of black gas burst out from the coffin just at the moment, gathered up, and then turned into a blurring black face with two greenish eyes.

    When Shan Gan subconsciously looked at the greenish eyeballs, he just felt the color too dazzling. In the meantime, his face became grave with “Bang” in his spiritual consciousness.

    At the moment, the black face uttered an unfathomable spell and then turned into a cloud of black gas, rushing at the young man.

    A painful scream suddenly sounded in the hall...

    “Shan Gan” walked out of the hall the next morning like nothing happened without even looking back.

    In the meantime, the black coffin in the hall became dead silent without any sound


    At the same time, the black-robed elder and Xiao Yuebai were discussing Liu Ming in the Conference Hall of the Giant Demonic Mountain.

    “In that case, Liu Ming’s physical body is so powerful that he’s turned to a Body Cultivator,” said the Chief of the Yuan Mo Sect with surprise after hearing what Xiao Yuebai narrated.

    “So he is. Otherwise, he couldn’t defeat Junior Guan who had summoned the devastating killing power,” said Xiao Yuebai seriously.

    “En. Junior Guan isn’t a legit Body Cultivator yet, but he practices some body-refining means. Plus the previous adventures in his life, his physical body is extraordinary. What’s more, the Devastating Demon he summoned is famous for its strong strength. With all above advantages, he was easily defeated by Liu Ming via the strength, so I’m afraid Liu’s not a common Body Cultivator,” said the black-robed elder after his eyes flashed several times.

    “I know your meaning. Liu Ming’s body-refining strength is so great that it can cross realm.” Hearing this, Xiao Yuebai’s face changed tremendously.

    “I think so. However, when he made a move, he summoned a black serpent from his body! What kind of secret spell is it? Does the Barbarian Demonic Sect have such a technique?” asked the black-robed elder after pondering for a while.

    “I don’t understand it, either. But, if you want to know, I can spend some time digging it. Actually, I’m more interested in the beads than this. Hanli’s Snow Blowing Spell has almost reached the Small Achievement Realm. If Hanli triggers it with his full force, I won’t dare to accept his strike. However, Liu used a spiritual tool to successfully counter his strike. A common spiritual tool of the upper-grade can’t do this.” Xiao Yuebai marveled at it.

    “Forget it! Although the cultivation method he used is so extraordinary, there are always several secrets techniques in each sect. As about his spiritual tool, the more powerful, the better, because it increases the success rate from 50% to 60% and even 70%, which is good for us,” said the black-robed elder as if deep in thought.

    “It is. Should we tell him in advance that he is about to face an Advanced Stage Beast, not a common one? If he knows this and thereby gets himself prepared, he’ll probably have a higher success rate,” asked Xiao Yuebai with a nod.

    “It’s not necessary. Even if he knows this, it won’t be useful. On the contrary, he may change his mind by not entering the tower out of his timidity. However, if he walks out the tower alive, we’ll say that we don’t know the serpent will be contaminated by the Demonic Qi and evolve into a Demonic Serpent. If the worst comes to the worst, then we’ll give him more benefits. But, we have to make sure that Hanli possesses those items to oppress the beasts. If the Demonic Serpent is far stronger than expected, those items will guarantee Junior Han come out of there safe and sound,” said the black-robed elder after shaking his head.

    Hearing this, Xiao Yuebai didn’t refute back immediately.


    No one came to visit Liu Ming for the rest of half a month except for Xiao Yuebai.

    This day when he was meditating cross-legged on the second floor of the attic, a crimson fireball suddenly rushed inside from the window.

    Liu Ming looked a little excited and made a deceptive move. “Boom!” The fireball turned into the red light that then burst out, and he heard Xiao’s laughing voice,

    “Taoist Liu, you can come to the grand hall of the sect. The Suppressing Demon Tower will be officially opened soon.”

    He felt delighted upon hearing this, standing up at once, and turned into a cloud of black gas before flying out of the window.

    About half an hour later, he was ushered into the Conference Hall at the top of the Giant Demonic Mountain again by a disciple of the Yuan Mo Sect.

    Besides Xiao Yuebai and the black-robed elder, he also saw five or six more alchemists, including Hanli and the long-haired maiden who he once met in the platform.

    The others were all at the age of 14 or 15 years old, they stared at him with curiosity the moment he walked in.

    “Taoist Liu, are you ready? We’re about to leave, and the other disciples are waiting in front of it,” said the Chief of the Yuan Mo Sect with a smile in no attempt to introduce others to him.

    “No problem. I’ve long waited for this day,” replied Liu Ming with a smile in no attempt to pick on his attitude.

    Then, he nodded at Xiao Yuebai and Hanli.

    The former one gave him a smile in return, but the latter just nodded back with a poker face.

    Rou’er, the long-haired maiden, looked at him with her eyes full of smile.

    Afterward, they all followed the black-robed elder to walk out of the hall, rising high into the air, and flew toward the stone jungle behind the Suppressing Demon Tower.

    After they flew about seven or eight miles, the pillars before them became sparse.

    With his eyes narrowed, Liu Ming saw the so-called Suppressing Demon Tower.

    To his surprise, it was a black stone tower as high as about 100(approx. 333 meters) and looked rather common compared with some towering pillars around it.

    But for the dozen excited disciples of the Yuan Mo Sect standing before it, he might not have considered it the “Suppressing Demon Tower”.

    The group of alchemists landed in the crowd at once, and the apprentices immediately bowed to them in unison.

    “You juniors, let’s start to undo the seal,” said the black-robed elder resolutely to Xiao Yuebai and the others.

    These people replied yes to him, of course.

    Those Liquid Level Alchemists except for the long-haired maiden, Hanli, and Liu Ming immediately came close to the stone tower, encircled it in all directions, and respectively took out a black Ancient Mirror.

    At the size of a palm, the mirror had a ghastly smooth surface, making others wonder what material it was made of.

    On the order of the Chief of the Yuan Mo Sect, they immediately injected their magic power into the tools in their hands with shouts.

    “Puff! Puff!” Subsequently, Black Light Pillars shot up from the shaking Ancient Mirrors and hit the top of the tower.

    “Boom! Boom! Boom!” The place where the Black Light Pillars hit underwent a fitful fierce spatial fluctuation, and then a Black Light Ball was condensed at a quick speed with its volume become bigger and bigger.

    Standing in situ, Liu Ming was staring at it with a rather grave face.

    He could sense the formidable power in it via his willpower. If it exploded, he was afraid it would wipe out everything within the area.

    Having seemed to feel something, he suddenly turned around without any signs and looked around, consequentially making eye contact with one apprentice.

    But, he couldn’t help but feel stunned upon recognizing his face.

    The young man in his twenties was Shan Gan, a disciple of the Yuan Mo Sect.

    Shan Gan hadn’t anticipated that Liu Ming would turn around, so he smiled embarrassingly and bowed his head down right away.

    Liu Ming felt somewhat uncomfortable but turned his head back silently and glared at the Black Light Ball at the top of the stone tower again.

    The light ball had become huge with its diameter as long as about 15 meters at the time. The alchemists who triggered it started to pant heavily with their heads full of sweats.

    Just at the moment, the Chief of the Yuan Mo Sect threw his Ancient Mirror forward with a grave expression and unexpectedly took out a crystal-white tool. When he was chanting something, the tool rose high into the midair.