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Chapter 307: The Man in the Coffin

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 307: The Man in the Coffin

    Translator: Sissy That Walk

    The red light curtain, of course, was caused by Liu Ming's Serpent Dragon Armour of the upper-grade. Limited to his cultivation, he couldn't give full play to his power, but he was definitely able to resist those sharp snowflakes.

    However, when the surrounding huge ices were formed, he didn't dare to slacken off. With a sneer, he fast formed a sign, and then the red fires appeared around them. At one swoop, a dozen crimson fireballs the size of a fist shot at in all directions under the impetus of his spell.

    Boom! The explosive sound arose consecutively.

    Having hit the thin ices, the fireballs immediately turned into heat waves and then spread over.

    Just at the moment, the black Serpent Dragon hovering around him flew away with a cry. After it danced in the sky for a while, the strong gale instantly blew, cruelly sweeping most the falling crystal snowflakes away.

    However, the teenager in the distance turned serious at this moment and suddenly moved his arm. Subsequently, an almost transparent finger hurtled toward Liu Ming.

    A roaring sound appeared in the midair!

    The falling snowflakes disappeared right away, but countless crystal ice cones in half a foot long fell down from the sky with the noise of Chi.

    Each cone was in half a foot long with a pointed end and a wide top. Seen from afar, they were like countless sharp tools shot down at the same time.

    The black Serpent Dragon tried its best to hover in order to avoid them, but it ended up with its body pierced through. With a sob, it turned into the black air rolling down and retrieved into Liu's body.

    Therefore, the ice cones directly hit the red light curtain with the majority of them bounced away, leaving the rest outside of the light curtain turning into the cold air and bursting out.

    Although the light curtain was exceedingly defensive, it instantly was no longer supportive and repeatedly flashed after being hit by those ice cones.

    Liu Ming made a move at the moment.

    He speechlessly grasped the air with one hand, and then a black fog surged, turning into black beads. His wrist trembled, and the beads were thrown upward.


    After circling several rounds, the beads became as big as the rim of a bowl. At the same time, the black moisture mist rippled away without break, one circle, two circles, three and four circles...Then, a huge black swirl with a covering of some hectares madly spun all the ice cones falling into pieces.

    But, the falling ice cones seemed endless and were still fast falling down like a small rain.

    The teenager in the distance froze his eyes upon seeing this. After some thoughts, he abruptly waved his sleeve toward Liu.

    Puff! The ice cones above Liu immediately disappeared, so did the surrounding cold air.

    Impressive. You can take my Snow Blowing Spell, very unexpected, so you've earned your qualification to enter the Suppressing Demon Tower with me. I hope you can also be this brave confronted with that Advanced Stage Beast, said the teenager indifferently without saying more before he turned around to leave. Having turned into the white light, he skyrocketed to the sky and flew away.

    Liu Ming seemed calm but had already held a pale-golden short sword in his sleeve. Now, he slowly loosened it and waved at the sky.

    The black swirl in the sky disseminated and faded away right away. Those beads shrank into their original size, and the crimson red light curtain immediately disappeared.

    Then, Liu turned into a rainbow with a flash and soared into the sky before disappearing.

    The others outside the platform naturally marveled at them upon watching the scene but ultimately dispersed in an uproar.

    Only a long-haired maiden name Rou'er was left here, whose face looked grave, which wasn't commensurate with her age, while watching Liu flying away.

    Several hours later, she unexpectedly appeared in a black hall covered with layers of inhibition forces, situated at the middle of Giant Demonic Mountain and delicately bowed to a coffin enshrined in the hall.

    Rou'er, why you come here? Did something happen? A muffled voice arose from the black coffin.

    Grandfather, I just met a foreign disciple in our sect. To my big surprise, the Demonic Heart Stone you gave me reacted to him, replied the maiden seriously with her head held high. Then, she separated her hands in front of her chest, revealing a heart-shaped shiny black stone.

    What? The Demonic Heart Stone made a reaction? said involuntarily the man in the coffin, whose voice was originally muffled, with his voice now full of endless joy.

    The strange thing is, it just made an instant reaction and returned to normal immediately. Later when I checked on it, I found it extremely normal, replied the maiden with a puzzled look.

    Tell the whole process to me and I'll make a judgment, said the man in a grave voice after a while.

    Yes. This started when the Chief of the sect asked a Barbarian Demon Sect disciple instead of Senior Guan to enter the Suppressing Demon Tower... The maiden right away described what had happened before in a clear and ringing voice, then stopped speaking, and waited for him silently.

    After a long time, the male voice arose slowly from that coffin.

    Thus, when the Demonic Heart Stone made a reaction, it was Guan Zhiyang who cast the Summoning Demon Technique and summoned the devastating killing power. If so, there are two possibilities. One is that the Demonic Power was affected with a trace of True Demon Qi. But, such kind of True Demon Qi couldn't be conserved, and the moment it entered our world, it dispersed into the Primordial Qi, so your Demonic Heart Stone was instantly responsive. The other is that Guan Zhiyang or the disciple of the Barbarian Demon Sect possesses the True Demon Qi. After inexplicably being driven by the Demonic Power, he subconsciously exposed this but immediately withdrew it when knowing this. In my eyes, I think the first possibility makes more sense, for if the True Demon Qi was really leaked even a little, a Liquid Level Alchemist was easily demonized and thereby couldn't stay what he was. However, it never occurs to me that the Demonic Power utilized by the Summoning Demon Technique is surprisingly affected with some True Demon Qi, said the man slowly.

    If so, I don't need to keep an eye on Senior Guan and this disciple of the Barbarian Demon Sect, said the maiden subconsciously upon hearing this.

    It's impossible not to pay attention to them! After all, what I said is just my guess. Not until I look at them in person can I make a real judgment. If they really harbor the True Demon Qi, I'll definitely see them through even if they use treasures or secret techniques to cover themselves. Rou'er, you ask Shan Gan to come here after you leave, replied the man after pondering for a while.

    What? Do you want to use that move? Have you said that it's the last resort? Hearing this, the maiden felt great surprised.

    I'm deteriorating faster than I think. If I don't adopt measures to save myself, I'm afraid I'll be gone forever. Even if there's not anything wrong with the Suppressing Demon Tower, I'll order someone to open it. I must find that thing this time, said the man in a somber voice.

    Grandfather, please rest assured, and I know how I should do, said the maiden respectfully upon hearing this.

    Great! Well, how is your second uncle? He must be very comfortable now, for he alone is considered the Primordial Demon, asked the man suddenly.

    He's taken Senior Ye to attend the selection of Three Saints and Six Scions. But, I don't how the detailed conditions go, replied she vaguely. Her face had changed slightly upon hearing this.

    Fuck the Three Saints and Six Scions! He really thinks that he can consume some resources to make a True Pill Cultivator. If it's indeed so easy, how can I end up like this? If he can't form a true pill, how is that possible to face the Sea Race and the Emperor of the Sea Demon even if there are two or three more False Pills Cultivators appearing? The entire Yuanchuan Continent and even the ordinary disciples of our sect considered your second uncle the only Primordial Demon of this generation. If I didn't become the No.1 of the entire continent in the name of Primordial Demon before and try my best to help him break through his realm, how can he have the chance to enter the False Pill Realm and now travel outside in the name of Primordial Demon? said the man indifferent with a hint of sarcasm in his words.

    The maiden half knelt down in front of the coffin without the courage to reply to him.

    Well, you can make yourself scarce now. Remember not to leak what I said to you to anyone, said the man with a trace of vague fatigue in his voice after his voice turned calm.

    Yes, replied the maiden respectfully and withdrew from the hall.

    Haha, True Demon Qi, Primordial Demon! My younger brother, don't be glad too soon and don't consider yourself the real Primordial Demon. You're just my substitute. When I find that thing, I can not only solve my cultivation problem right away but also it's most likely for me to turn into a True Pill Cultivator. By then, I'll be the Primordial Demon again, leaving you only as my shadow, murmured the man in the coffin after the maiden left, but his voice became lower and lower and disappeared in the end.

    That midnight, footsteps sounded outside the hall. Subsequently, a figure entered the hall regardless of the forbidden bans and knelt down respectfully in front of the coffin.

    Shan Gan is here to pay respects to the grand-master. Whatever you call me here for, I'll do everything to finish it.

    The one who was speaking was Shan Gan who led Liu Ming to enter the Wan Mo Sect.

    Shan Gan, how did I treat you before? The voice of the man leisurely arose from the coffin after a long time.