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Chapter 300

Demon’s Diary

    Demon’s Diary - C300

    It was unknown who had released such news that the the main purpose of forming such an alliance was, on the one hand, to consolidate the forces of the humankind, and on the other hand, to use all the resources of the continent to create this so-called '”Three Masters and Six True Sons”. Finally, in the alliance, there might appear a Fake Pill Level or Golden Pill Level master to deal with the increasingly powerful Sea Race.

    When such shocking news came out, the entire Yunchuan cultivation world was shocked. And not long after, the Alliance released the Three Masters and Six True Sons selection criteria, causing many cultivators to be shocked.

    In the entire Yunchuan, there were only a dozen or so people who met this condition. There would be a compete. The three victors would naturally become the “Three Masters”.

    However, the selection of the “Six True Sons” was more complicated!

    The initial candidates should be selected by the sects. The smaller sects could choose one person, and the larger sects could choose two or three people.

    Those candidates had to meet the minimum requirements. First, they must be under the age of fifty. Second, they had to reach the Middle Liquid Level. Third, they either had the best talent with Nine Spirit Pulses, or they had to have some sort of Spirit Body.

    These conditions may be met by hundreds of disciples. The Yunchuan Alliance will select 6 disciples with the greatest potential from these people.

    Of course, cultivators who did not belong to any sects could also sign up. However, cultivators with great talent had already been absorbed into the various sects.

    Although Liu Ming had been cultivating in the secret room, someone had told him everything. He was equally surprised to learn these details.

    From the looks of it, in the face of the invasion of the Sea Race, the Sects in Yuanchuan intended to resolve their hatred and unite as one.

    According to the conditions announced by the alliance, at present, in the entire Da Xuan Country, only Heavenly Moon Sect’s Master Leng Yue barely met the “Three Masters”’s requirements. As for the “Six True Sons”, the Barbarian Ghost Sect could only choose one person.

    Liu Ming estimated that Gao Chong, Qian Yang, and him were the only three who had reached the Liquid Level and were under the age of fifty.

    Although he was very strong, this time the alliance placed more importance on potential. He only had the Three Spiritl Pulses, and he didn’t have any amazing Spiritual Bodies. In comparison, he and Qian Yang were both far inferior to Gao Chong. Even though Martial Uncle Yan and the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader held him in high regard, it was impossible for them to make an exception.

    What happened later confirmed Liu Ming’s thoughts.

    Martial Uncle Yan convened a meeting to discuss the issue. In the end, they made a decision to let Gao Chong participate in the selection of the “Six True Sons”.

    When Martial Uncle Yan announced their decision, Gao Chong’s expression didn’t change at all, as if he had expected this outcome.

    In another two months, Martial Uncle Yan took Gao Chong out of the sect and headed towards the newly built Alliance headquarter.

    A Heavenly Moon Sect female disciple came to see Liu Ming and gave him a white jade box. Liu Ming opened it and saw that there were three light golden talismans in the box.

    Liu Ming picked one up and carefully examined it. His face revealed an expression of satisfaction. It really is what I want. Did Senior Ye say anything else when she asked you to come over? Liu Ming put away the box and asked calmly.

    “Martial Ancestor Ye said Martial Uncle Liu could rest assured that she had already sent people across the continent to look for the item Martial Uncle Liu wanted. If there was any news, she would immediately send someone to send a message, but how to obtain it would depend on Martial Uncle’s own ability.”

    To this female disciple who was only a Late Spirit Apostle, the rumor of the person in front of her had already spread across the entire Heavenly Moon Sect. Not only was he already a Liquid Level Spirit Master at such a young age, he was even recognized as the only person in the Heavenly Moon Sect who could be on par with Zhang Xiuniang. How could she not be curious about him?

    “Very well, I understand what Senior Ye means. You can go back.” Liu Ming’s heart slightly moved, but he still replied without batting an eyelid.

    The female disciple did not dare to say anything more and left.

    These three talismans were a special kind of talisman that could restrain possession and were one of the rewards he had agreed with Ye Tianmei.

    With these talismans in hand, Liu Ming could finally breathe out a breath of relief. At the very least, he would not have to worry about his body being occupied by others for a few years.

    As for whether or not Ye Tian Mei could find the related Spirit Weapons, that was all due to luck. Thus, Liu Ming continued to cultivate in the secret room.

    After more than a year of non-stop cultivation, under the stimulation of the Dragon Tiger Hell Art, he could faintly feel that his cultivation level was only a step away from the middle stage of the Liquid Level. So he had been training harder these past few days.

    Three months later! Liu Ming opened his eyes. A hint of happiness appeared on his face. With a movement of his body, he transformed into a ball of black gas and rushed out of the secret room’s door.

    After a while, a group of disciples patrolling outside of the Barbarian Ghost Sect only heard a sound in the air as a black gas surrounded their heads. They were surprised, and some of them even immediately took out their protective talismans.

    “Stop, it’s Martial Uncle Liu!” Someone recognized Liu Ming. When the others heard this, they all went up to greet him as “Martial Uncle”.

    Liu Ming’s gaze swept down and discovered that there were actually familiar faces among the disciples. The couple in their thirties, he remembered rather well. They were Shi Jian and Lv Yun.

    As Gao Chong’s subordinates, they had previously threatened Liu Ming for the sake of Mu Ming Zhu. However, when Liu Ming became a Liquid Level Spirit Master, they felt quite scared. At this time, the dark-faced man secretly complained without end while the woman with a long whip wrapped around her waist had a pale face. Normally, they did not dare approach Liu Ming’s dwelling. Even if they saw his back from afar, they would still avoid him quickly. They hadn’t expected that they would run into him on an ordinary patrol mission today.

    The couple immediately thought back to not too long ago when the sect had many rumors that Liu Ming had killed a Middle Spirit Master of the Sea Race. They felt even more terrified.

    As long as Liu Ming gave an order, who knew how many disciples would swarm over to attack them. However, Liu Ming’s gaze only paused for a moment on them, as if he did not see them. He only instructed indifferently: “You can continue patrolling. I will go out to do some things. Don’t disturb others.”

    The disciples below said yes. The black gas on his body suddenly flashed as he flew into the distance.

    Seeing Liu Ming leave, the couple let out a sigh of relief. They looked at each other and felt cold sweat run down their bodies.

    The others were greatly surprised by Liu Ming’s appearance here. As they patrolled the area, they discussed among themselves.

    In the blink of an eye, Liu Ming appeared in the air above a dense forest seven to eight miles away from the sect and slowly descended. At this time, a black shadow suddenly rushed out from the nearby ground and almost landed on Liu Ming’s shoulder. “Peng!” Liu Ming stretched out his arm and grabbed it.

    It was a creature that looked like a snake or a scorpion.

    Judging from the shape of the body, it should be a scorpion. However, the original white bone body was covered by a layer of bean-sized scarlet scales. What was even more shocking was that the originally black tail transformed into a black triangular ‘snake’s head’. Although it did not have eyes, there was an incomparably sharp purplish black hook in its cracked mouth.

    It was the White Bone Scorpion that should have finished its tribulation earlier.

    However, even though this ghost was a lot smaller than before and was only half a foot in size, its body was emitting the aura of the Liquid Level. It even gave Liu Ming a feeling that it was much more dangerous than an early Liquid Level Spirit Master.

    At this moment, the White Bone Scorpion once again saw its master. Its tail wagged non-stop, and its mouth issued a hissing sound. It looked very excited.