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Chapter 299

Demon’s Diary
     In the secret room, Liu Ming was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed. There was a black book that was slowly flipping pages in his Consciousness Sea.

    After a while, he opened his eyes and a thoughtful expression appeared on his face.

    He had already thoroughly comprehended the first level of the Dragon Tiger Hell Art and should be able to truly begin cultivating it.

    With his current cultivation level, cultivating this first stage shouldn’t be too difficult. The only problem was that he needed to absorb a large amount of Yin Qi into his body every once in a while.

    The Yin Qi location was easy to find. Other than the Ghost Hell Region, there were several Yin Qi locations that were specially opened up in the sect. As long as one spent a few contribution points, he could enter the location to cultivate. But he still had to be alert to not inhale too much Yin Qi, otherwise, he could turn into a half-man-half-ghost monster.

    However, according to the ancient records, there was a Spirit Liquid called ‘Pure Yang Water’ that could easily neutralize Yin Qi. Furthermore, when Yin and Yang met, it would bring great benefits.

    But he had already learned that the Pure Yang Water was a legendary spiritual object of heaven and earth. To those cultivators who cultivated Yang attribute techniques, it had an incredible effect. A thousand years ago, a bottle of Pure Yang Water appeared in the world, causing a huge mess of battles. In the end, no one knew who had obtained the bottle.

    Now Liu Ming wanted to find another bottle, but that was just wishful thinking.

    Fortunately, apart from the Pure Yang Water, there were also some Yang attribute pills and talismans that could suppress or expel the invasion of Yin Qi. As the Dragon Tiger Hell Art’s cultivation continued to deepen, his body could also resist it.

    In short, as long as he survived the initial crisis, he would no longer be afraid of the damage caused by the Yin Qi.

    He hesitated for a long time before deciding to take the risk. The main reason was that the Dragon Tiger Hell Art was the strongest technique in the sect. Therefore, he couldn’t give up.

    He thought for a while before forming a sign with one hand. The black book in his head immediately disappeared.

    Then he flipped his hand and a black jade slip appeared in his palm. It was the secret Corpse Refining Technique that Martial Uncle Yan had given him.

    At that time, Liu Ming was too busy to read the records. Now, he could finally study the profundity of this set of techniques.

    He moved his arm and placed the jade slip on his forehead. With his mind stirred, He was completely immersed in it.

    Even in the Barbarian Ghost Sect, it could be considered a high level technique. Not every disciple have the qualification to cultivate it. And Martial Uncle Yan had searched for hundreds of years, and based on his own experiences, he was able to deduce this set of Corpse Refining Techniques.

    According to the jade slip, corpses could be classified into several categories: Bone Corpses, Blood Corpses, Iron Corpses, Silver Corpses, and Gold Corpses. The process of refining corpses had to progress from the lowest level to the highest level step by step.

    The Bone Corpses includes Black Bone Corpse, White Bone Corpse, Blue Bone Corpse, and so on. The Blood Corpses includes Poison Blood Corpse, Cold Blood Corpse, and Fierce Blood Corpse, and so on. As for the iron corpses, there were green furred iron corpses, dark armored iron corpses, and so on.

    The weakest Bone Corpse’s ability was only equivalent to a normal Spirit Apostle, while the high-level Silver Corpse and the Gold Corpse could be as strong as a Fake Pill or even a Golden Pill cultivator.

    The Bone Ghosts that Liu Ming had seen in the Ghost Hell Region could be considered Bone Corpses.

    However, these Bone Ghosts were simply formed after being soaked in Yin Qi for many years. Their appearances were extremely strange.

    But the real Bone Corpses must be in human form.

    Cultivators needed to carefully select a complete corpse, put it into some kind of liquid and soak it for forty-nine days, then melt all the flesh and blood, take it out and bury it in the Yin Qi location for a hundred days. Finally, it would break out of the soil and become a Bone Corpse.

    When the Bone Corpse just broke out of the soil, the cultivator must erase its consciousness so that it could become a pure tool. After a long period of time, a new thin layer of flesh and blood would appear on the surface of the corpse’s body. It would evolve into a Blood Corpse that could fight against a Middle Liquid Level Spirit Master.

    If the potential of this Blood Corpse was great enough, it could also advance into a higher level Silver Corpse.

    Different from puppets like the Ghost Pet and the White Bone Devil, these refined corpses could become avatars. Cultivators could use these corpses to cast some inconceivable secret techniques. This was the essence of the corpse refining technique.

    There was a one-third success rate in cultivating Bone Corpses, but the success rate from Bone Corpses to Blood Corpses or Blood Corpses to Iron Corpses was less than one-tenth. As for Silver Corpses and Gold Corpses, they were only a legend.

    Even Martial Uncle Yan, who specialized in corpse refining, only had a green-furred iron corpse.

    The jade slip had an introduction of the corpse refining techniques and how to activate the corpses. Each of these methods benefited him a great deal and at the same time, made him feel quite shocked.

    If he could refine a corpse of his own, then not only would he be able to use many secret arts that exceeded his abilities, but he would also have a second life. If he met a strong opponent, he could even use the refined corpse as a substitute to block them. Refining corpses could be so useful!

    After reading it, Liu Ming’s heart couldn’t help but beat faster and he had a feeling that he wanted to give it a try. However, after thinking for a while, he laughed.

    He had to learn the Dragon Tiger Hell Art and flying sword techniques first. How could he possibly spend too much time on corpse refining? But Martial Uncle Yan had already warned him twice to practice this set of techniques……

    “Forget it!” Liu Ming thought for a while and then made his decision. “I don’t have time to refine the corpse, but I can still study the methods.”


    At the same time, waves of cold air coiled around a stone house made of black stone in the Barbarian Ghost Sect.

    On a sparkling jade bed, two figures were sitting facing each other without moving. One of them was Martial Uncle Yan. He was wearing a grey robe. On the opposite side, there was a tall figure that was completely submerged in a green mist. His face was blurry and one could only faintly see two clusters of silver flames dancing in his eye sockets.

    Martial Uncle Yan closed his eyes and lowered his head. His hands met the two hands covered in thick green fur. At the same time, his mouth and nose would occasionally spit out streams of white, cold mist, causing the entire stone room to become even colder and more bone-piercing.

    After an unknown amount of time, the white cold mist in Martial Uncle Yan’s mouth stopped. He opened his eyes and slowly withdrew his hands. He stared at the tall figure: “Are you excited? Can you feel that you are advancing? I don’t know if it’s a right thing to make you stay. After all, I still have hope to keep you alive, don’t I?”

    After saying this, he seemed to have convinced himself. He stretched out his hands and once again pressed them against the palms opposite him.


    Half a year later, in an underground hall in the Barbarian Ghost Sect, countless Yin Qi billowed filled the entire cave. Liu Ming was sitting cross-legged on a cushion close to the huge hole with his eyes closed. The black gas on his body was rolling and numerous dark talismans vaguely appeared. An unfathomable and invisible suction force pulled all of the nearby Yin Qi toward him.

    The black gas gradually condensed and formed a blurry black python. It circled around Liu Ming’s body several times.

    Half a month later, he was still sitting on the same spot. The black python had already grown four claws from its abdomen and horns were beginning to sprout from its head. Scales began to appear on the python’s skin, and its body became clearer than before.


    A year later, the entire Yunchuan’s cultivation world was sensational. A unified announcement had been issued that the human race would form the Yunchuan Alliance. They would also send some of their disciples to form the Alliance Guard, which would only be under the unified jurisdiction of the alliance.

    Other than those evil cultivators and those who betrayed the sect, as long as they could be selected into the Alliance Guard, no matter what crimes they committed in the past, the sects would not pursue them. Moreover, the sects would hand over part of the cultivation manuals and provide astonishing resources for the members of the Alliance Guard to train with.

    In addition to all of this, the only thing that caught the attention of countless cultivators was the rumors regarding the “Three Masters and Six True Sons”.