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Chapter 296

Demon’s Diary
     After dozens of years, a lonely old man wearing a green robe stood in front of a mound with his hands behind his back without any movement.

    After an unknown period of time, the sound of footsteps came from behind.

    A white-haired woman slowly walked over from a small path not far away, carrying a long sword and a short sword on her back.

    “Bastard, you actually dared to invite me to meet you here!” The white-haired woman suddenly stopped 100 feet away and coldly said that as she stared at the old man.

    Why wouldn’t I dare? In the past few decades, you’ve tried to kill me over a hundred times. But you’ve never been successful!”The green-robed old man turned around and said indifferently.

    You’ve become much calmer now. If you were here a few decades ago, you probably wouldn’t say any unnecessary words.”

    “Hmph, although I want to cut your corpse into ten thousand pieces, I do admire your ability to escape. Don’t worry, I will personally take your life and dig out your heart to bury.”

    The white-haired woman was Zhang Ya, who was close to her sixty. It was unknown how many things she had experienced in the past few decades. Her hair was now completely white, but her face still retained the beautiful appearance of when she was young. At this moment, She was looking at the mound behind the old man. It was the unnamed grave where she had buried her child’s clothes.

    She was a bit curious why the man knew of this place. But now her chest was already filled with hatred and she suddenly moved her arm. Two swords were drawn from her back.

    “Hehe, don’t worry. I’ve been hunted by you for so many years. I’m tired of running away. This time, let’s finish it. You and me, only one person can leave this place alive.”

    The green-robed old man let out a laugh. With a clang sound, he pulled out a shiny soft knife from his waist.

    “Very well, only one person leave here alive!”

    Zhang Ya sneered. She moved her body and waved her two swords, rushing over.

    The old man took a deep breath and immediately raised his blade to meet the attack.

    The two of them fought fiercely.

    Compared to a few decades ago, the two were clearly much stronger in terms of their moves and techniques. However, the more stronger they were, the more dangerous their fight became.

    This time, the two of them seemed to be attacking more and defending less than before.

    In a short moment, the white-haired woman’s body was covered with many bloody slots. The green-robed old man’s arm was pierced through, leaving behind a large bloody hole. His body was limp and lifeless.

    The white-haired woman waited and suddenly let out a shout.

    The two swords in her hands transformed into two streaks of light as they shot out.

    The green-robed old man hastily leaped to the side in shock, allowing the two swords to barely pass by him. At the same time, he laughed out loud and said, I have experienced this many times. Do you really think you can hurt me?

    The white-haired woman stared coldly at her opponent without moving.

    When the green-robed old man realized that something was wrong, he heard a sound that pierced the air from behind him.

    It was the two swords that actually shot back in the opposite direction.


    The two blades immediately pierced through the green-robed elder’s chest. The old man fell backwards and half-knelt on the ground.

    “Haha! I’ve been practicing this Revolving Sword since ten years ago. But I didn’t let you know. Finally, you fell into my hands. Should I cut off your limbs first, or dig out your eyes first?”

    The white-haired woman let out a carefree laugh. She walked to the side of the old man who had fallen. With a shake of her sleeve, a green dagger appeared in her hand.

    The green-robed old man lowered his head to look at the sharp blade in his chest, then he raised his head to look at the white-haired woman who had a crazed expression. An extremely strange expression appeared on his face, and after two light coughs, his voice suddenly changed as he said in a low voice, “Not bad! It seems that even though you are immersed in this illusionary world, your talent is still extremely astonishing. Have you dreamed about those flying swords these days?”

    The voice …

    “You… Who the hell are you?!

    The white-haired woman was about to kill the old man, but she was startled by his voice. Her face suddenly became incomparably pale.

    “All these years you’ve been getting news of my whereabouts. Have you never doubted it?” The green-robed old man replied with a smile.

    The white-haired woman’s body started to tremble when she heard the familiar voice. She suddenly withdrew her dagger, raised the old man’s face with one hand, and quickly began searching around the edges with the other.

    With a sizzling sound, a thin object was lifted from the old man’s face, revealing an extremely young face.

    “Brother Liu, it’s you!”

    “What’s going on? What are you doing? Why do you look the same as you did a few decades ago? Did you eat a You Tan flower?”

    The white-haired woman stared at the young man and asked with a trembling voice.

    This man was the “Liu Ming” who had not seen the woman for dozens of years. “The evil thief was me. And I’m the person who sent someone to give you the information over the years. As for my appearance, it’s because I’m just an outsider to the current world. Naturally, I don’t need to follow the rules of life, death, or sickness.

    As soon as he finished speaking, Liu Ming suddenly stood up and slapped his chest. The two swords fell from his back and at the same time, the wound in his chest healed quickly.

    The woman did not show any surprise. Her expression gradually became incomparably cold. Suddenly, with a movement of her arm, the dagger was directly placed on the young man’s throat. At the same time, she fiercely asked Liu Ming, word by word, “That is to say, you killed my child. Everything was arranged by you. Why did you do that?”

    Her dagger shot forward, leaving a shallow wound on Liu Ming’s throat as fresh blood flowed out.

    Liu Ming turned a blind eye to this and only revealed a strange expression as he clapped his hands twice.

    Footsteps could be heard from the nearby woods as a group of people walked out.

    The person in the lead was a middle-aged man. Beside him was a woman of about the same age, and behind her were two young couples.

    In the hands of one of the young women was a child that seemed to be no more than a few months old. They were all looking at them with fear.

    “What the hell are you doing? Who are they?”

    Zhang Ya sternly yelled at Liu Ming.

    “Hehe, Fellow Zhang, take a good look at their appearances first.” Liu Ming replied with a smile.

    “Appearance? They are …?”

    The woman realized that most of them were familiar, especially the middle-aged man.

    “Show her your palm.”

    Liu Ming turned around and gave an order to the middle-aged man.

    The middle-aged man hesitated for a moment before opening his left palm to the white-haired woman. In the center of his palm were three red, grain-sized, red, and bloody moles. They were arranged in a triangle in her palm.

    When she saw the moles, the dagger in her hand directly landed on the ground. She did not even blink as she stared at the middle-aged man, muttering “It’s impossible…” time and time again.

    Liu Ming’s body flashed behind the white-haired woman and he suddenly patted his shoulder. At the same time, he yelled, “Life is like a dream. Zhang Xiuniang, quickly wake up!”

    “Life is like a dream! Zhang Xiuniang, Zhang Xiuniang …”

    After hearing the thunderous words in her ears, her face was immediately filled with a blank expression.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming was overjoyed!

    Although his shout just now did not contain any Fa Li, he had used a secret technique that he had learned from Savage Island. He could use his voice to shock his opponent’s mind.

    It was indeed somewhat useful.

    Just as Liu Ming was thinking of doing the same thing again, there was suddenly a rumbling sound of thunder in the sky and countless black clouds instantly rolled out. Following which, the image of a ferocious giant bug appeared out of nowhere under the clouds.

    Liu Ming only felt a bone-chilling, ice-cold wind blow around him and coincidentally roll over the white-haired woman’s body.

    “Gu Dong.”

    The white-haired woman immediately fell to the ground in the cold wind. The blank and surprised look on her face instantly disappeared without a trace.

    Even though Liu Ming stood where he was without moving, the moment the cold wind entered his body, his consciousness suddenly sunk and his entire body became drowsy.

    At this time, the ferocious giant bug in the sky disappeared.


    A year later, a man and a woman slowly walked down a green hill.

    The girl was Zhang Ya, while the man was a grey-haired old man with wrinkles all over his face. One could only see a bit of Liu Ming’s spirit from between his brows.

    “Brother Liu, you truly don’t remember the reason why you pretended to be a thief and why you took my child away.”

    The white-haired woman sighed as she walked with the grey-haired old man.