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Chapter 295

Demon’s Diary
     My husband? From the moment he chose to hand me over to the thief, I no longer had a husband. I won’t blame him, but I can’t forgive him.”A trace of sadness appeared on Zhang Ya’s face.

    “If I can take revenge for my son, from now on I would accompany the buddhist lamp without any more requests.”

    Liu Ming’s expression slightly changed. After a while, he let out a light sigh and said, “Since you have made up your mind, I will teach you all I’ve learned. Come with me!”

    “Where are we going?”

    “HeHe, we are going to a place where you can immerse yourself in cultivation!”

    Three years later, in a desolate valley, a beautiful young woman wearing a green robe was swinging two swords, one long and the other short, on a flat piece of land. The swords transformed into two balls of cold light that completely submerged her body.

    Suddenly, the young woman leaped up. With a flick of her wrist, two cold lights shot out.

    “Peng, peng!”

    The two swords suddenly appeared on a huge pine tree several tens of feet away. They entered the tree trunk and entered halfway through. It was obvious how sharp they were.

    “Great, sister! Your strike is already better than mine.”Applause came from the side. A young man wearing a leather robe had appeared. He was smiling as he spoke to the young woman.“If you were to use this strike unexpectedly, there wouldn’t be many people who could block it.”

    “Brother Liu, It is because you have taught me so well that I have achieved such a result. But my ability is not so good as you say. I was very clear in my heart. If I were to fight you, I wouldn’t last more than ten moves.”

    Zhang Ya was obviously fuller than she was three years ago…

    Her figure became even more graceful and attractive. She was already showing off her womanly charm.

    “I was not exaggerating. Didn’t you realize that cultivating sword techniques is much easier than using other weapons for you?” Liu Ming faintly smiled as he spoke.

    Zhang Ya was startled, but she immediately let out a bitter laugh.I’m a little puzzled as well! All these years, Big Brother Liu has taught me many other skills, but sword techniques are easier for me to learn, as if I had practiced it before.

    “This means that you truly have extraordinary talent in sword techniques. Perhaps in your previous life, you were a powerful expert!” Liu Ming said thoughtfully.

    “Big Brother Liu, You’re joking again.” The woman shook her head and asked with hatred.

    “Alright, do you think I can kill that thief with my current ability?”

    “With your current ability, if you were to fight him one-on-one, you would probably end up in a draw.” Liu Ming thought for a while before replying.

    “However, If you sneak attack him with the sword technique you used just now, there will be a high chance of success.”

    “Since Brother Liu has said so, then it must be true.” Zhang Ya said with excitement.

    “Tomorrow, I will take my leave and go out to find that thief.”

    “Tomorrow! Isn’t it a little too urgent!” Liu Ming frowned.

    “Big Brother Liu, During these three years, days passed slowly and my life was an absolute misery. Every night I would close my eyes and think about my dead child.”

    “No matter what, I can’t stay here any longer.” Zhang Ya said with a gloomy face.

    I see. In that case, I won’t keep you any longer. You stay another night and leave the valley tomorrow. Liu Ming could only nod and agree.

    That night, the woman specially prepared many good dishes and some wine and said that she wanted to thank Liu Ming for his help.

    He drank too much and went back to his room and fell into a deep sleep.

    Liu Ming had a very fragrant dream in which, there was a blurry face of a woman who came to his bed. Without saying anything, she took off all her clothes and tightly hugged him with her silk-like body. She spent an extremely absurd night with him.

    On the morning of the second day, when Liu Ming woke up from a headache, other than the familiar female scent that still lingered on the bed, there was no one else.

    And at the head of the bed, there was a slip of paper with a few teardrop marks left on it.

    He quickly picked up the slip of paper and scanned through it. He could not help but smile bitterly.


    Three months later, in a teahouse near the main road, some cultivators were having tea there and four of them were muscular men. Most of them wore swords and sabers.

    There were also two peddlers and an old woman with a head full of white hair who each occupied a table. They were both quietly drinking tea and did not dare to look at the muscular men.

    At this moment, the sound of horses’ hooves could be heard from afar.

    A black horse galloped over and soon arrived in front of the tea house.

    On the back of the horse sat an ugly young man in an azure robe. He pulled on the reins, dismounted, and strode into the teahouse.

    A waiter hurriedly walked over and led the young man to a table next to the old woman. “Sir, may I ask what tea would you like to drink?” He spoke with a smile.

    “Just give me the most expensive tea.”

    The ugly young man said with a loud voice. His body flickered, and he was just about to pass by the old woman.

    The waiter was overjoyed. Just as he was about to say a few more words of flattery, a cold light suddenly flashed from the body of the old woman. A long sword and a short sword appeared out of nowhere in her hand, and she swiftly stabbed towards that ugly young man.

    The ugly young man was surprised, but with a movement of his arm, a soft blade that was equally bright was drawn from his waist. He shouted in a low voice: “Who is it, daring to sneak attack me!”

    “Bastard, I will take your life. Go to the hell and find my name.”

    Her voice was abnormally pleasing to the ears, and did not match her outer appearance. However, the two swords in her hands turned into two balls of cold light that rolled towards the other side. “Hmph, I’m not afraid of anyone.”

    When the ugly young man heard this, he laughed crazily and waved the blade in his hand without fear.

    In the blink of an eye, the two of them clashed fiercely.

    As for the others in the tea house, they naturally cried out and hid.

    However, after the two fought for a while, the ugly young man’s figure suddenly flashed and he pounced at the horse outside the tea house. At the same time, he laughed out loud and said, “I have something important to do. I don’t have time for you!”

    “You want to leave? Leave your life to me!”

    The old woman let out a shrill scream. The two swords in her hands trembled before turning into two rays of cold light that shot out of her hands.

    In a flash, the long sword had cut off the horse’s head, and the short one had gone deep into his shoulder.

    With a painful groan, the young man stomped on the ground with one foot and flew off in another direction. After a few jumps, he carried the short sword on his shoulder and fled into a forest near the tea house.

    The old woman’s body flashed and with a light breeze, she pulled out the long sword that was near the corpse of the horse. With a change in direction, she chased after the man towards the forest.

    After a short moment, the sounds of fighting rang out in the forest once again.

    Everyone in the tea house looked at each other with pale faces.

    A quarter of an hour later, in a river several miles away, the old woman was standing on the shore with her sword in hand. She was looking at the surging river water in front of her with bloodshot eyes.

    She suddenly wiped her face with her palm, immediately revealing an extremely beautiful young woman’s face. However, her hair was filled with hatred as she yelled out, “Evil thief, remember this. Even if you escape from my hands this time, I will tear your corpse into a thousand pieces ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times, in revenge for my child.”

    Then she turned around and left the river without any hesitation.


    Three years later, on a wasteland, a man and a woman were fighting as they ran forward.

    You crazy woman, this is the fifth time you’ve tried to kill me. Do you really think I can’t kill you?

    The ugly young man in front waved the soft knife in his hand as he angrily cursed at the woman behind him. “Hmph, with your ability, I might not be able to kill you, but I don’t want to live in this world. I want to avenge my child!”

    The young woman behind him held two swords, and every move she used was a suicidal move. The ugly young man in front of her did not dare to waste any more time and could only block a few moves before once again running forward.

    The young woman naturally continued to chase closely.

    In the blink of an eye, the two disappeared on a high slope.


    Ten years later, two figures shot down from the mountainside of a huge mountain. From time to time, the sounds of weapons clashing could be heard.

    Crazy woman, this is the sixteenth time you’ve ambushed me. How could I allow you to succeed?” A man shouted.

    “I’ve already said it before. If ten or a hundred times isn’t enough, then I’ll kill you a thousand times!”

    The woman’s voice coldly resounded.

    “Can you kill me? Try it!” The man replied furiously.

    Not long after, the two of them disappeared into the forest below with a gust of wind.


    Twenty years later, in an abnormally hot desert, a man and a woman were desperately attacking each other. Their bodies were covered in bloody scars.

    Suddenly, the ugly man retracted the blade in his hand and without another word, turned around and ran.

    The beautiful middle-aged woman followed closely behind him with two swords in her hands.