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Chapter 290

Demon’s Diary
     Liu Ming made up his mind quickly.

    Since this magic tool was not easy to find, he would first go all out to buy a few talismans to resolve the urgent need before slowly searching for more tools.

    If he couldn’t find it in Da Xuan Country, he would go to the inland countries. If the entire Yunchuan didn’t have it, then he would go to other places in the Vast Ocean. Even if there were very few of them, he would always find it.

    However, outside of Yunchuan was the territory of the Sea Race and Sea Beasts. For his own safety, he had to at least enter the middle stage of the Middle Liquid Level with a few more self-preservation methods before he dared to set out on his own.

    After making this plan in his mind, he put this matter aside.

    He looked at the golden sword, slowly immersing his mind into his body.

    He could see the faint golden Sword Spirit quietly sitting near his spirit sea.

    Liu Ming used his spirit imprint to touch it and a crystal light immediately began to flow from the surface of the small golden sword. It revealed a frightening coldness that caused Liu Ming’s spirit imprint to quiver and quickly retreated from his body. After looking at the Golden Moon Sword in his hand, he could not help but let out a bitter smile.

    Logically speaking, the Sword Spirit in his body should have increased in power, and he already had a top-grade sword in his hand. Naturally, he would be able to refine that true Yuan Spirit Flying Sword.

    But on the way back, he was depressed to discover that although the Sword Spirit, which had an unknown amount of power, was easily absorbed into his body, when he tried to use it according to the Great Symbol Sword Technique, he discovered that it couldn’t move an inch in the spirit sea.

    This caused Liu Ming to ponder over this for a long time before finally finding the reason.

    The Taigang Sword Embryo was clearly formed from the fusion of the two missing swords. There was too much energy poured into it by that master, so it was beyond what he could control. Therefore, no matter how hard he tried, it didn’t move.

    The reason why the sword embryo had been able to enter his body so smoothly was most likely due to the fact that the two sword embryos had been nurtured in his Spirit Sea the entire time.

    As a result, the new sword embryo was attracted by the spirit energy in his Spirit Sea and could easily be absorbed into his body.

    However, it was extremely difficult for him to release it.

    The conclusion left him in a daze

    He would have to wait until his Fa Li had greatly improved and his cultivation had reached a certain level.

    It was hard to say when he could advance to that level…

    Perhaps the Middle Liquid Level would be enough, perhaps even the Crystal Level was not enough.

    Liu Ming felt helpless. However, he had got a top grade Spirit Weapon and the Taigang Sword had increased in power. This was naturally a good thing.

    Liu Ming put away the gloominess in his heart and threw the golden sword in front of him. His two hands formed a sign as he started to refine the sword.

    Many of the restrictions within this Gold Moon Sword had been changed. If he wanted to completely control it, he would naturally need to refine it again.

    Of course, the new restrictions could not be refined with his current cultivation. Even if he advanced to the middle Liquid Level, he would only be able to refine it to the 27th level of the restrictions contained in the sword.

    But it was already not something that an ordinary high grade Spirit Weapon could compare with.

    Liu Ming spent the next few days practicing the Golden Moon Sword and the restriction of the new Heavy Water Pearl.

    During this time, Yang Qian and some young people from the Nine Enchantment Sect paid a visit when they heard of his safe return.

    Liu Ming learned from them that Zhang Xiuniang had been captured by the Sea Race’s Fake Pill Level Master and was later rescued by Yuan Mo. However, for some reason, she was unconscious the whole time.

    Currently, the Heavenly Moon Sect were extremely meticulous in their efforts to protect her. Many people had once wanted to take a look, but none of them were allowed to enter her residence.

    After hearing this, Liu Ming was quite surprised and naturally paid more attention to this heroic woman.

    On this day, while Liu Ming was refining treasures at the stone house, a buzzing sound suddenly came from his waist.

    Liu Ming was startled and immediately shook his sleeve. He put away the half refined black bead and took out a white plate.

    The surface of the plate flashed with white light, and a row of small silver words appeared.

    Liu Ming’s eyes narrowed as he looked around. He couldn’t help but show a trace of surprise on his face.

    They want me to go to the Heavenly Moon Sect. What is going on?

    He put away the round plate and walked out.

    Stepping on a black cloud, Liu Ming flew towards the Heavenly Moon Sect.

    A moment later, he arrived in front of a majestic looking hall. He landed on the dark clouds and was about to stride in when he suddenly felt something and turned around to look in another direction.

    Not far away, in the sky, a green wooden bird shot over and stopped above Liu Ming after a few shakes.

    A black-faced young man leaped down from the bird in midair.

    Brother Liu, why are you here as well? You were also called here? he asked in surprise.

    “Martial Uncle Yan called me. Brother Yun, do you know why?” Liu Ming’s eyes flashed as he asked.

    “I was refining a puppet and rushed here after receiving a message from Martial Uncle Ling Yu. I’m not sure why.” The dark-faced young man touched the back of his head and said in a puzzled tone.

    “Let’s go. We’ll know the reason when we get there.”

    The two of them immediately walked toward the entrance of the hall.

    There were two female disciples of the Heavenly Moon Sect guarding the door with long swords on their backs. When they saw the two of them walk over, one disciple immediately bowed and said: Martial Uncles, the seniors are waiting in the main hall. I will lead the way.


    Under the lead of the disciple, the two of them walked deeper into the palace and were shocked by the people sitting in the main hall.

    There were only five people.

    Ye Tianmei of the Heavenly Moon Sect, Master Leng Yue, Master Ling Yu of the Nine Enchantment Sect, and Martial Uncle Yan.

    However, these Crystal Level Cultivators were all sitting on chairs on either side. In the middle of the seats sat a middle-aged man wearing a black robe with a jade belt on his waist. His cheekbones were high but his eyes were bright, giving off an indescribable sense of majesty.

    Liu Ming and the dark-faced young man felt quite shocked. However, they quickly went up to pay their respects. Greetings to Senior Masters and Seniors!

    The two of you, stand up. Come greet Fellow Yuan Mo as well! A smile appeared on Martial Uncle Yan’s face.

    Liu Ming and the dark-faced young man jumped in fright before speaking in unison to pay their respects.

    Greetings to Senior Yuan Mo!

    En, to be able to advance to the Middle Liquid at such a young age, you are indeed not bad.

    The two of you, get up.

    The man in black looked the two up and down a few times and then said with a faint smile.

    Fellow Yuan Mo, do you think the two of them are okay? Master Leng Yue asked.

    “I’m not sure about that. I need to test them.”

    “Martial Nephews, I heard from them that your mental energies are far more powerful than ordinary people of the same cultivation level. Now you release your full spiritual power, I’ll take a closer look. If you are able to make me satisfied, there will be good things for you.

    Yuan Mo spoke to them kindly.

    Liu Ming was stunned. His gaze subconsciously glanced toward the side of Martial Uncle Yan.

    Martial Nephew Liu, do your best.

    “Yes.” Liu Ming felt a bit more at ease and immediately replied respectfully.

    The dark-faced young man also received some hints from Master Ling Yu and hurriedly nodded his head in agreement.

    The next moment, the two started to cast their spells separately.

    Liu Ming formed a sign with one hand and the black gas on his body immediately began to churn. A faint crystal light flashed between his eyebrows and immediately, a shockingly invisible energy rolled out. After a spin, an invisible vortex was slowly forming.

    The black-faced young man placed a single finger on his forehead and suddenly emitted a firecracker like sound. His body abruptly swelled up and also released a shocking amount of mental power. The invisible wave of air immediately coalesced around his body before faintly transforming into a crystal tornado that shot up into the sky.

    Good, as expected, your Mental Energy is far greater than that of an ordinary Early Middle Liquid Level disciple.

    Seeing this, Yuan Mo only praised without batting an eyelid.

    What? They’re not good enough? Master Leng Yue’s expression changed.

    As the others heard this, their faces all revealed a serious expression