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Chapter 289

Demon’s Diary
     After a slight itch, the second scale appeared in his palm. Then, the third, the fourth…

    In the blink of an eye, Liu Ming’s entire palm was wrapped up in a layer of scarlet red scales and emitted faint red light. It was as if they had been born in his hands

    When they grew out of his body, Liu Ming had naturally used his mental strength to carefully examine the skin.

    He discovered that the origin of these Dragon Scales was that after his Fa Li had stimulated his palm, a sparkling red dot would appear out of thin air from his flesh and skin.

    But when he withdrew his Fa Li, the Dragon Scales would quickly shrink back under his skin before turning back into specks of red light that disappeared once again into his flesh.

    When he saw this, even though he was somewhat shocked, he let out a sigh of relief in his heart.

    If these scales could grow or retract as he wished, then he could accept their existence.

    After all, no one wanted any monster to grow out of them.

    But these were the scales of the Crystal Level Scarlet Dragon. Although their dragon auras had been completely eliminated for some reason, their defensive capabilities were extremely powerful. Normal low grade Spirit Weapons couldn’t damage them in the slightest.

    Liu Ming thought like this in his heart. In order to test out another idea, his expression froze. He began to stimulate his entire arm with the most powerful force he could muster.

    Immediately, his arm was covered by a layer of scarlet scales.

    However, Liu Ming still felt that more red light spots could be produced from the flesh and blood under his skin. He raised his eyebrows and He continued to stimulate the skin without stopping.

    A strange scene appeared!

    The second layer of the scales began to appear on the first layer. The two layers began to overlap with incomparable accuracy. Without a doubt, their defensive power had also increased.

    When he saw that what he was thinking could become reality, a hint of happiness appeared on his face.

    He felt that there was remaining power of the red light under his skin and the third layer of scales began to slowly appear …

    Finally, there was no longer any red light in his body.

    Liu Ming looked at the now dark-red arm and a cold glint flashed in his eyes. His other hand formed a sign and a palm-sized blade immediately appeared. He then unceremoniously swung it at the arm.


    With a flash, the blade landed on his arm but were instantly deflected, didn’t leaving any traces on it.

    Liu Ming’s face was expressionless as his other hand shook his sleeve and a golden short sword appeared in his hand.

    He slashed his arm that was covered in scales.

    A sizzling sound was heard.

    Only a faint white scar was left on the scales.

    Liu Ming’s eyes flashed with excitement and immediately threw his Fa Li into the Golden Moon Sword.


    A few inches of golden ray immediately shot out from the tip of the sword. He thrust the sword towards his arm mercilessly …

    A flash of cold light!

    There was a small white hole on his arm, but not a drop of blood came out.

    Liu Ming’s gaze carefully swept across the scales and he was able to clearly see that the bottom layer was still intact.

    He was overjoyed.

    After all, the Gold Moon Sword was a top grade sword.

    Even the highest level twenty-seven restriction weapons could not be compared to the lowest level twenty-eight restriction weapons.

    Furthermore, his arm only had three layers of scales.

    Liu Ming thought like this and immediately used his Fa Li to activate it. The layers of scales began to sprout on his fist.

    After a short moment, a fist that was covered in dense, thick scales formed under Liu Ming’s eyes.

    His fist was black and red in color, with a total of ten layers added together.

    Liu Ming moved his five fingers, which were not very nimble, and suddenly, he grabbed at the nearby rock wall. His arm expanded and the five black and red fingers easily entered the thick rock wall as if they were tofu.

    Liu Ming took a deep breath and pulled out his five fingers. His face was full of satisfaction.

    Now he was certain that with the toughness of his palm, if he infused more Fa Li into it, it might be able to withstand the Gold Moon Sword without any damage.

    Of course, he needed to practice a lot more in order to be able to control the changes of the Dragon Scales. It was unacceptable for scales to grow at such a slow speed in a real fight.

    After removing the scales on his fist once again, his gaze landed on the golden short sword in his hand.

    This sword was the first top grade Spirit Weapon that Liu Ming had obtained.

    According to his knowledge, even in the Barbarian Ghost Sect, the number of the top grade Spirit Weapons could be counted on one hand.

    In the entire sect, maybe only Martial Uncle Yan and the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader had top grade Spirit Weapons. Moreover, unless it was a crucial moment, they would not use them.

    The person who possessed Liu Ming’s body actually managed to raise the Cyan Moon Sword, a mid grade Spirit Weapon, to a top grade Spirit Weapon in less than a day. Moreover, he did many other unfathomable things in the meantime. Even Martial Uncle Yan wouldn’t be able to do this.

    So, Liu Ming was almost certain that he was at least a Fake Pill Level cultivator, or even a Golden Pill Level master.

    Cold sweat broke out on his back when he thought that he was being watched by such a terrifying fellow.

    With one hand touching the golden sword, he began to ponder the matter of the possession.

    By recalling what happened when he was possessed and what he saw in the mysterious space, he was certain that the other party was the second “Liu Ming” who transformed into his appearance.

    But how he did it? Why he did it? It was probably related to the Heavenly Demon Hands that appeared in the secret realm.

    The second “Liu Ming” had never showed up before that.

    It was a good thing that the other party was not able to easily leave the mysterious space and possess him. Otherwise, with his strength, Liu Ming would have died already.

    Liu Ming thinking about it carefully. He felt that the reason why the other party was able to possess him most likely had something to do with his current condition.

    The reason why he suddenly ran into the mysterious space was because he was seriously injured. He lost control of his body on the verge of death.

    When he left the mysterious space and returned to his own body, his body was still intact. It was even more powerful than before by nearly half.

    If that was the case, as long as he was not seriously injured, the other party would not have the opportunity to possess him. Furthermore, even if the other party was able to control his body temporarily, he would not be able to occupy it for a long time.

    Otherwise, he wasn’t able to return to his body from the mysterious space.

    Of course, all of this was only his own guesses. There was too little information he knew to make a precise judgment on, so the reality of the situation could be completely different.

    However, this made him feel slightly relieved.

    In order to prevent himself from being possessed again, although he was unable to do anything to the mysterious bubble, he could use some methods to prevent such a thing from happening again.

    At the very least, he had read many books in the past and already knew that there were some talismans that could prevent his body from being taken away by others.

    But not only were these talismans expensive, they could not be used for long periods of time.

    And there were some special magical equipment that had similar effects as long as they were carried around. But their prices were sky-high.

    Aside from that, Liu Ming also knew that by inscribing a few Spirit Marks on the skin, one would be able to restrain the occurrence of possession to a certain extent.

    But this method had some side effects. Liu Ming would not easily use it unless it was absolutely necessary.

    Of the three methods, the easiest to complete was naturally the third one. The Barbarian Ghost Sect had this kind of marks. As long as he contributed a little to the sect, he should be able to get it.

    As for the first method, although they rarely appeared in the market, he could buy one or two as long as he waited patiently.

    The hardest thing to obtain was a magical tool that was specially made to prevent possession.

    As far as he knew, not only were the materials used for this type of magic tool rare, refining it would be troublesome. The usage of this kind of magical tool was too simple, thus, there were very few master refiners who refined it, and hence, they were extremely rare.

    If Liu Ming was unlucky, he might not even be able to find such a magic tool in the marketplace even after ten or so years.

    Moreover, based on his speculations, an ordinary tool might not be useful, only a spirit weapon grade tool could resist the Fa Li of that master.

    Liu Ming played with the golden sword in his hand as he thought about all these things with a dark expression.