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Chapter 281 - A Fierce Battle

Demon’s Diary
     C281 A Fierce Battle

    “Your best technique?Crush me?”

    Liu Ming felt sore all over his body for he had just used his full strength. When he heard these words, his heart couldn’t help but shiver with fear.

    According to his observations, that attack from his opponent just now was almost the limit of his Fa Li. Unless he had another even more powerful secret technique, there was no way for him to make an even stronger attack.

    Whatever his best technique is, Liu Ming would not just receive attacks passively. So he suppressed his doubts and formed a sign with one hand. This time, dots of blue light quickly condensed in front of him. After gathering together, they transformed into a crystal clear ice awl. At first, the ice awl was only around one foot long, but it soon became half a meter in size.

    Liu Ming’s eyes flashed with a cold light as he made a hand sign and abruptly slapped the huge icicle in front of him. Immediately, a blue light flashed and the ice awl shot out in a flash.

    At the same time, his other hand flashed with a green light and transformed into a huge wind blade that was a few feet long. With a flick of his wrist, it abruptly disappeared as well.

    Subsequently, Liu Ming stomped his feet and shot forward like an arrow.

    The golden-armored man only felt a ripple in front of him as a misty green wind blade appeared in front of him in a flash.

    At the same time, the blue ice awl behind Liu Ming arrived not far from him.

    The golden-armored man gave a cold snort. After some talismans appeared on his arm, a golden fist shot out. A misty golden shock wave gushed out of it.


    After the shock wave, the green wind blade and the ice awl suddenly condensed and then strangely exploded at the same time.

    After the green wind blade shattered, countless green shards flew out, and when the huge ice awl exploded, a wave of blue, misty cold Qi rolled out from it.

    The golden-armored man felt his body turn cold and a layer of crystalline frost appeared on his body.

    This caused his movements to suddenly slow down by more than half. Even the protective golden light was unable to block this coldness in the slightest.

    Almost at the same time, a jade-green light ray shot out from the shards of the wind blade and passed through the golden-armored man’s brow in a flash, causing his face to freeze and become pitch-black.

    Then Liu Ming twisted his body and flashed behind the golden-armored man at an unfathomable angle. The fist that was grabbing the Heavy Water Pearl shook and struck out silently.

    'Bang! 'a loud sound was heard.

    The golden-armored man’s Cultivation Qi barrier was torn like paper and Liu Ming’s fist landed solidly on the golden-armored man’s back. From within, an indescribable light black shockwave gushed out and crazily entered his body.

    A low roar!

    The golden-armored man’s body instantly expanded like a balloon before finally exploding with a muffled sound.

    A wave of golden misty air instantly shot out in all directions.

    Only then did Liu Ming happily retreat a few flashes to a spot a few hundred feet away in the air. He didn’t even blink as he stared at the center of the air current.

    “A good technique, no wonder you’re so confident. However, it’s my turn now. You can die in peace!”

    As soon as his voice fell, a powerful aura emerged from within the golden waves of air. It also transformed into a huge whirlpool that rapidly and crazily soared at an astonishing speed.

    In the blink of an eye, he had broken through the limit of the late stage of the Liquid Level.

    At this moment, the air waves dispersed and the figure of the golden-armored man appeared from within.

    He was completely unharmed, as if neither his head nor his body had been pierced by the jade-green light ray before. Moreover, the aura from his body felt even stronger than the old man surnamed Li.

    Liu Ming’s heart sank deeper when he saw this.

    Although he did not know what secret technique the enemy had used, it was not only invincible.

    His opponent who had entered the Crystal Level had already far exceeded his expectations. He was not someone he could withstand.

    Liu Ming’s mind only quickly turned and his body suddenly sank. He transformed into a crossbow and shot down to the ground with a faint yellow Escape Talisman instantly appearing in his hand.

    In this situation, escaping underground was perhaps the only way for him to preserve his life.

    However, at this moment, the golden-armored man laughed coldly and made his move without any scruples.

    With a movement of his shoulder, a fist shot out toward Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming only heard an explosive sound from behind him and a creepy feeling instantly descended on him. Immediately, his heart trembled and his body blurred and turned around 180 degrees without thinking. At the same time, he raised his hand.


    A misty black bead suddenly shot out and became the size of a washbasin. At the same time, countless black talismans appeared on the surface of the bead. Everywhere it passed, the air buzzed and became distorted.

    It was obvious that he had already used the Heavy Water Pearl to its limit.

    However, in the next moment, a thunderous boom came from the clear sky in front of the pearl. A translucent fist that was the size of a water tank abruptly appeared, colliding with the Heavy Water Pearl.

    'Whiz! 'a whooshing sound was heard.

    The talismans on the bead shaved before the bead returned to the size of a thumb. It bounced back, and it’s a third faster than it used to be.

    When Liu Ming saw this, his face naturally showed great surprise. Without thinking, he reached a gold palm to catch the black bead that was shooting at him. And he used all of his strength to activate the Heavy Water Bead’s restriction in his heart in order to stop the bead.

    However, when the black bead bounced back, it was already infused with a great amount of external power. Even if the restriction was to immediately activate, it would only slow down the bead a little bit.

    While the speed of the bead slowed down a little, he grabbed it.

    But the next moment, he felt his five fingers heat up and an unbelievably terrifying power gushed out from the bead in his hands. Its power was almost three times stronger than the Heavy Water Pearl.

    Liu Ming’s expression changed greatly as he let out an angry shout. He grabbed his arm and suddenly thickened it by a circle. His skin shone with a golden light and the bulging veins on his body could be seen clearly.

    With a “Hong” sound, two huge forces collided in his hands. A faint black light flashed and then disappeared.

    Liu Ming took a few steps back, spewing a mouthful of essence blood. Although he did not let the bead out of his hand, his palm became bloody and a sharp pain instantly came from the area where the blood was flowing.

    Liu Ming was heavily injured.

    Not far away, the sparkling shadow of the fist became blurry and arrived in front of Liu Ming without a sound.

    Liu Ming got both angry and alarmed. Although he wanted to evade, it was too late. He could only make up his mind and use both of his arms to block the attack.

    Immediately, balls of golden light exploded in the air, causing an earth-shaking loud noise. With Liu Ming in the center, the air instantly created numerous misty golden tornados and shockwaves that rippled in all directions. Everywhere they passed, the air was filled with sharp screeches.

    When the golden-armored man saw this, his face remained expressionless as he threw a punch in the air. He did not take any further action and only silently watched the ground below.

    Moments later, when the golden tornado dissipated, the shockwave that filled the sky gradually disappeared, too. At a low altitude, all that was left was a lone figure standing upright.

    The golden-armored man narrowed his eyes and clearly saw Liu Ming’s current situation.

    Liu Ming’s face was extremely pale, and blood flowed from his eyes and nose. His chest was even opened wide, and the upper half of his clothing was completely destroyed, revealing the Dragon Scale Armor that he wore on his body. It also left behind a few inches of clear fist marks on his skin.

    “With your early stage of the Liquid Level, you actually managed to withstand a full-powered blow that was from a Crystal Level Cultivator. You can be considered the first person I’ve met to do that.”

    However, your internal organs should have all been broken by my fist’s power. You are already a dead man!

    Do you have any last words to say?

    The golden-armored man examined Liu Ming with a pair of eyes. A complicated expression flashed across his face and he spoke with a serious tone.

    When Liu Ming heard this, a bitter smile appeared on his face. When he opened his mouth to say something, the skin all over his body suddenly cracked open. Countless threads of blood shot out from the surface of his body, completely turning him into a bloody man.

    He retracted his arms and his body swayed a few times before he fell from the sky and heavily landed on the ground below.

    As for the Heavy Water Pearl that Liu Ming was holding in one hand, it rolled and slipped out of his loosened five fingers. It only stopped after it had rolled to a distance of three feet.

    However, the surface of the pearl was full of blood and dust.

    The golden-armored man let out a long sigh as the aura from his body descended rapidly, returning him to the late stage of the Liquid Level in an instant. He muttered to himself: “I didn’t think that a mere Liquid Level Human would be able to force me to this extent.”

    “However, in this way, I don’t have enough time. I will have to quickly find the egg of the Saint Beast and bring it back to Elder Li.”

    As soon as he finished speaking, his gaze swept across Liu Ming who was not moving on the ground. After a few seconds, he suddenly stretched out his hand at Liu Ming.

    With a “pu” sound, a thick stack of Glyphs flew out from Liu Ming’s sleeve. After circling around in the air, ten of the Glyphs trembled and shot toward him in a flash of yellow light.

    However, at this time, a fluctuation suddenly appeared below him. A bloody palm appeared out of thin air and grabbed the Glyphs in his hand.