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Chapter 280 - A Fierce Battle

Demon’s Diary
     “Brat, are you coming out by yourself, or do you want me to take you out?!”

    The golden-armored man’s spiritual will instantly locked onto the riverbed.

    At this time, Liu Ming realized that the Crystal Level old man surnamed Li was no longer on the ground and there was a Liquid Level golden-armored man. His appearance was also very similar to the old man’s and Liu Ming was naturally quite surprised.

    However, he had already been discovered and was locked on at such a close distance by the golden-armored man’s spiritual will. He knew that it was impossible for him to hide, so he immediately thought for a moment before waving the small blue flag in his hand. His other hand flashed like lightning and put away the two treasures. The transparent water curtain and the vapour inside it disappeared in an instant.

    The two black talismans on his back suddenly burned to ashes.

    On one hand, he had been able to hide from the Sea Race because of the concealment of his hiding place, and on the other hand, he had been able to rely on the Heavy Water Pearl and the Essence Water Flag, especially the fog from the pearl, which had almost merged him with the riverbed. In addition, he had also used the Hiding Secret Technique, which had reduced his vital signs to the lowest level. With all these, old Li could not find him.

    Of course, this was also because the Sea Race expert was not good at using Secret Spirit Techniques. If it was any other expert who was proficient in this area, Liu Ming’s life would be in danger.

    After a short moment, a wave of black gas rushed out from the ground. After rolling and condensing, it transformed into Liu Ming’s figure.

    “Who are you, Sir? Are you also from the Sea Race?”

    He scanned his surroundings with his spirit imprint and did not find any traces of the old man from the Sea Race. Immediately, he relaxed and asked with flashing eyes.

    You don’t need to know who I am.

    All you need to know is that I’m someone that Old Bastard Li left behind to deal with you.

    The egg of the sacred beast should be with you right? If you hand it over, I can make you die faster.

    “Otherwise …” The golden-armored man unceremoniously threatened.

    “Sir, your tone is quite arrogant. What’s the egg of the sacred beast?”

    Liu Ming was slightly startled, the purple beast egg flashed in his mind.

    However, he would naturally not admit that the item was in his hands in this situation.

    “You don’t know about the egg?”

    Forget it, I don’t care if you really don’t know anything about it. As long as I kill you, I will naturally know.

    “Remember, the person who killed you is called Li Jia.”

    The golden-armored man’s eyebrows furrowed at first, but soon after, he spoke with killing intent on his face. Then, he made a sudden “chi chi chi” sound with one hand and shot out a dense amount of golden rays from the soil toward Liu Ming like a storm.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming’s face darkened. He formed a sign with one hand and the black gas on his body immediately condensed. It transformed into black tentacles that wildly danced and changed into a black shadow that covered his body.

    At the same time, a layer of pale-blue Cultivation Qi also turned into a light barrier and appeared in the black shadow.

    In the next moment, the sound of rain suddenly rang out in the air.

    The seemingly aggressive golden rays hit the black curtain and immediately transformed into a cluster of golden light that burst apart. However, other than allowing the tentacles to scatter a little, it was unable to do anything to destroy them.

    When Liu Ming saw this, he was slightly startled. Before he knew why the opponent did this for, the golden light that had burst open gathered again. With a shake, they transformed into another golden-armored man.

    This golden-armored man appeared with a vicious expression. He moved his arm and ruthlessly punched out.

    At the same time, the other golden-armored man in the distance also turned into a golden light and dispersed.

    Liu Ming was shocked by his strange technique. He had no time to dodge and could only move his arms quickly and cross them in front of him. At the same time, a layer of golden liquid rolled out and his arms turned into a dazzling golden color.

    'Bang! ’

    A golden fist easily hit on the black curtain, causing it to shatter inch by inch with a strange shockwave.

    As for the blue light barrier behind him, it was easily torn apart by the explosive power of the fist.

    The fist smashed into Liu Ming’s two golden arms that were crossed in defense.

    There was a thunderous boom!

    The golden fist immediately exploded between Liu Ming and the golden-armored man before turning into a shockwave that swept in all directions.

    Liu Ming and the golden-armored man’s bodies shook and they were pushed back by the huge force in front of them.

    After the two of them lowered their bodies and steadied themselves, they looked at each other and almost cried out at the same time.

    “What secret art did you use?”

    “You are a Body Cultivator!”

    Liu Ming and the golden-armored man became silent at the same time.

    However, Liu Ming’s expression was somewhat unsettled, while the golden-armored man revealed a serious expression.

    “Looks like I’ve underestimated you.”

    A person who could cause even Old Bastard Li to be humiliated was indeed not an ordinary human cultivator.

    “However, even if you are a Body Cultivator, with your initial Liquid Level cultivation, as long as you don’t attack in close range, you will only be a target.”

    The golden-armored man finally spoke with a glint in his eyes.

    Subsequently, he raised one hand and a golden light flew out. It suddenly transformed into densely packed golden threads that scattered. With a “chi chi” sound, they shot toward Liu Ming at an alarming speed.

    Liu Ming’s face darkened. With a flip of his hand, a small blue flag appeared in his hand. With another flip, it silently entered his body.

    A blue light flashed on the surface of his body, and it instantly transformed into a translucent crystalline form.

    The golden threads flashed and easily pierced through Liu Ming’s body, leaving behind countless small holes. Inside, there was the unknown, translucent liquid.

    “The Essence Water Flag! Who had let such a treasure fall into the hands of a human! It seems that ordinary methods really are unable to deal with you. Since that’s the case, then take my true divine power attack!”

    The golden-armored man cursed and spoke in an abnormally sinister manner.

    Suddenly, the golden-armored man’s body swayed backwards. His shoulders shook and countless golden talismans immediately flew out. At the same time, a hundred feet tall giant simulacrum appeared behind him without a sound.

    Although the shadow of the giant was indistinct, one could faintly see its fangs. There was a simple leather skirt wrapped around its waist. It looked extremely valiant.

    The golden-armored man formed a hand sign with one hand and gave a loud shout. The giant immediately raised his arm and reached a huge palm to grab toward Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming only felt a shadow as big as a house coming from the sky. It appeared amidst the churning of countless golden talismans and pressed down with its five fingers separating quickly.

    A “weng weng” sound resounded in the surrounding space!

    Liu Ming immediately had a feeling that he could not avoid it. At the same time, a huge wave of energy descended upon his body, making him unable to move even an inch.

    He raised his eyebrows and knew that it was time to fight for his life, so he immediately bit his tongue and shouted. His four limbs suddenly became thicker, and he immediately mobilized all of his strength and got rid of the restraints of the immense strength. He suddenly took a step forward and the small blue flag rushed out from his body. At the same time, he grabbed the Heavy Water Pearl in his sleeve.

    With a wave of his hand, he shot out a huge palm in the sky.

    'Bang! ’

    Compared to the huge palm in the air, Liu Ming’s fist seemed extremely thin and weak. However, the instant he struck out, the space nearby became blurred and distorted. At the same time, an ear-piercing explosion sounded and a ball of golden light exploded between the fist and the huge palm.

    The moment the tornado rolled up, waves of golden blast spread out in all directions.

    The golden-armored man felt his body tremble and the golden talismans on his body immediately disappeared. At the same time, the giant shadow behind him blurred and actually shattered into golden light.

    The golden-armored man’s face was filled with bewilderment. He tried his best to open his eyes wide, but he was unable to see anything due to the gray wind blocking his way.

    In the next moment, a cold light flashed in the wind and a green streak shot out. In a flash, it crossed a distance of over a hundred feet and arrived in front of the golden-armored man.


    The golden-armored man’s neck emitted a golden glow as it broke apart, while his huge head rolled down.

    At this time, the tornado suddenly separated and Liu Ming walked out with a sword sign in his hand. His face revealed an expression of joy.

    That green streak was the Sword Technique he had just learned. By bringing out the Cyan Moon Sword directly, he killed the golden-armored man unexpectedly.

    But the next moment, the smile on his face froze.

    The headless corpse of the golden-armored man had not fallen. Instead, with a movement of one of his arms, it suddenly got bigger and grabbed the nearby sword that had just appeared.

    With a sound of breaking air, the golden-armored man’s head strangely rushed over. Opening its mouth, it spat out a series of golden talismans at the sword.

    The talismans only spun a little before they landed on the sword’s body.

    The sword, which was struggling desperately with a low hum, suddenly dimmed and stopped moving.

    Liu Ming’s expression changed greatly and he was unable to feel the connection between him and the Cyan Moon Sword.

    At this time, the golden-armored man’s head flew and steadily landed on the headless body. The broken neck only flashed with a circle of golden light and returned to its original state without the slightest wound remaining.

    The eyes on the golden-armored man’s head opened and smiled strangely at Liu Ming.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming was naturally dumbstruck!

    “I never thought that you would actually cultivate a flying sword technique, and that you were also be a sword cultivator. If you were someone else at the late stage of the Liquid Level, you might really have fallen from that strike just now.”

    “But trying to kill me is just a delusion!”

    “Since my divine power cannot kill you, then I can only use my best technique to crush you.” The golden-armored man said with a cold smile.