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Chapter 279 - The Blue Ocean Great Ar

Demon’s Diary
     When Yuan Mo saw this, his expression changed slightly.

    There was some kind of restrictive force hidden within this enormous stone mountain. Even if the small crystalline shield in his hand was incomparably profound, he would absolutely not take the attack head on.

    The black-robed man suddenly put away the small shield immediately and rotated his body in his original position like a spinning top.Wisps of gray, misty demonic energy gushed out of the blurry shadow and simultaneously swept into the air.

    And then there was an incredible scene!

    As soon as the stone mountain came in contact with the gray demonic energy, it actually slowed down. At the same time, the blue light on its body flashed wildly, starting to erode it at an astonishing speed.

    After a while, the entire mountain had become the same gray color as the demonic energy. Its entire body was covered with small holes of different sizes.

    At this time, the blurry shadow below suddenly stopped spinning. Yuan Mo stood up straight, and with a sudden movement of his arm, a punch immediately flew towards the stone mountain, which was still entangled with the demonic energy.

    'Bang! ’

    With a loud noise, the stone mountain exploded, causing a large amount of grey dust to fly down from the sky.

    He then turned to the woman in front of him and said with a smile, “There’s still one more attack left. Fellow Zhen, could you show me the legendary Blue Ocean Great ART now?”

    “Although it is the first time that I have been here, I have long heard of Yuan Mo Sect’s number one demonic aura, the Diffusion Art. It is indeed worthy of its name. Now you deserve my best attack.”

    Faced with this scene, Zhen Tian unexpectedly did not reveal a dejected expression.

    Instead, her eyes flashed with a stern look as she said.

    As she performed a single-handed technique, the five-colored robe on her body immediately began to shine with a bright light.

    Several pale golden scales appeared on the surface of her skin. She had transformed into a half-human-half-fish fairy.

    However, different from the average Sea Race, the moment she completed her transformation, countless blue dots of light sparkled in the air.

    Then, with a rumbling sound, thousands of waves of pale blue seawater appeared out of nowhere and completely submerged the woman within.

    Zhen Tian’s indifferent voice rang out from the sea, “Our royal blood is different from those ordinary cultivators of the Sea Race. When we recover our true body, we can gather the nearby water elemental Yuan Qi without any external forces or magical equipment.”

    It was as free as the humans breathe on land.

    Thus, although the Blue Ocean Great Art was extremely famous, only the Sea Race with the royal blood could truly display its might.

    “Fellow Yuan! Experience its terrifying power now!”

    The blue light continued to flow into the woman’s surroundings and the seawater kept transforming into more blue light that shot in all directions, disappearing into the air.

    When her figure reappeared, she raised an arm slowly.

    Yuan Mo was slightly startled. Just as he was about to say something, his face changed greatly and he quickly formed a one-handed seal with his hand.

    The demonic energy on the surface of his body screamed out and swirled around him.

    At almost the same time, all the blue light gathered violently in the sky and once again transformed into a huge wave that rushed toward him.

    As it approached him, Yuan could hear a huge force emitted a “weng weng” sound and pressed down on him.

    It was as if the wave could crush the man into mincemeat in an instant.

    However, the next moment, there was a continuous loud sound.

    The immense power and seawater were blocked by the gray demonic energy.

    The demonic energy didn’t seem to be very thick, but it contained a great amount of power. Under the tremendous impact, it was actually able to maintain and not dissipate.

    When the rainbow-robed woman saw this, a trace of malevolence appeared on her beautiful face. She stretched out her hand and only separated her five fingers before slowly closing them again.


    The blue seawater surrounding Yuan Mo suddenly rolled upwards, forming a huge water ball that wrapped the grey demonic energy and Yuan Mo into it at the same time.

    Following that, the outside of the water ball seemed to be extremely calm, but the seawater inside began to wildly rotate, instantly forming a huge whirlpool. An even more astonishing strength surged out from all directions as it desperately squeezed towards the center.

    Under this situation, the demonic energy that had also transformed into a grey light barrier began to flash erratically. It unexpectedly trembled and immediately became unable to endure the pressure.

    Yuan Mo’s complexion became serious. He suddenly opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of Essence Blood. It instantly exploded and turned into a bloody mist that entered the light barrier.

    A layer of bloody light appeared on the surface of the light barrier. It stopped tremble and got back to a stable state…

    Seeing this, Zhen Tian let out a sneer and slowly closed her five fingers.

    A loud sound rang out from the water ball in the distance, and a faint silver light appeared on its originally calm exterior.

    The huge whirlpool in the water ball started to make hundreds and thousands of silver arcs hacking towards the center. At the same time, as the whirlpool rotated faster and faster, the power it generated became even more shocking.

    With this, the grey light barrier that had just stabilized once more began to shake and crumble.

    However, this time, Yuan Mo no longer continued to defend with the demonic energy. He suddenly slapped his hand on the top of his head as a bloody light flashed in his eyes.


    The top of his head opened and a ball of black flew out.

    A face of an extremely pale man appeared from within the black gas. It looked exactly the same as the face of Yuan Mo, but when it rose up in the wind, it quickly got to three feet tall. When it opened its mouth, a plume of grayish white demonic flame that seemed weak came out. After it curled up, it actually ignored the grey light barrier and struck directly the thick silver arc that shot towards it.

    A strange scene appeared!

    As soon as the seemingly fierce silver arc hit the demonic flame, it disappeared in a flash.

    After that, the demonic flame no longer had any enormous power. With a single movement, it easily landed on the whirlpool in the seawater.

    A sizzling sound was heard.

    The blue seawater unexpectedly began to burn vigorously like oil. It ignited the entire water ball, turning it into a huge gray fireball.

    However, after the face blew out the flame, it immediately returned to its original size. “Sou!” It disappeared on the top of Yuan Mo’s Head.

    Zhen Tian let out a cry of surprise, and her five fingers suddenly shrunk back.

    “Hong!” The huge fireball exploded with a flash and Yuan Mo flew out under countless sparks. With a smile, he said to the rainbow-robed woman, Fellow Zhen, I have taken your three moves. I believe that you will keep your promise.

    “I’ll take the girl behind you first!”

    As soon as he finished speaking, he took a step forward and instantly disappeared into the air in front of him.

    In the next moment, the air behind the rainbow-robed woman’s back rippled and the figure of Yuan Mo appeared once again. With a slap of his hand, the glittering bubble transformed into a mass of black gas that soared into the sky and rolled away.

    Zhen Tian stared at the black gas and did not try to stop it. She looked rather upset.

    After a while, she turned her hand around and glanced at it.

    A small piece of burnt scar was on her originally white palm. She could also smell a faint smell of burnt flesh from it.

    “I have long heard that this generation’s Yuan Mo cultivators not only cultivated Yuan Mo Sect’s Art, but also cultivated another great and secret art. It once helped him easily kill the existences of the same level.”

    It must be this demonic flame!

    Given how powerful this flame is, even if we were to summon reinforcements from the race, we probably won’t be able to easily kill Yuan Mo.

    The rainbow-robed woman frowned and sank into deep thought.

    “Forget it, the Sea Demon Emperor was currently the greatest threat to our race. For the time being, we would give the humans of the Yunchuan Island a break.

    After we are done with the emperor, we’ll pick them up.

    “It’s a pity that he had taken that girl. She was the best sacrifice to bring to the race’s Sacred Beasts.”

    After a while, she took out a white formation plate from her sleeve and quickly made a few strokes on it. Then, she turned around and flew back toward the floating island.

    Not long after, the great army of the Sea Race, which was fighting with the humans thousands of kilometers away, suddenly blew their retreat horns. Immediately, both the army and the sea beasts began to retreat like a tidal wave in the direction of the floating city.

    Although the disciples of other sects had the upper hand in the earlier battles, they did not dare to rashly chase after the retreating Sea Race Army. They could only watch as they gradually left.

    The same scene was happening at the place where the Crystal Level Cultivators were fighting.

    In their battlefield, the Sea Race experts already had a great advantage. If they took the initiative to leave, Master Yan and the others would not chase after them.

    However, their victory was so inexplicable that all the experts were puzzled, not knowing the reason behind it.

    However, when Yuan Mo’s figure suddenly appeared not far away from them, someone from the Yuan Mo Sect cried out two words “Senior Yuan!” with a startled face, and the others suddenly came to a realization.

    A cluster of golden light once again burst apart at the edge of the mountain range. A dense golden light immediately shot down like a storm.

    When a flash of golden light shot out from the riverbed, it immediately collided with a transparent object. Immediately, it transformed into a ball of golden light that exploded.

    The golden-armored man, who was controlling the golden light with his arms crossed in the air, immediately had a cold glint in his eyes, revealing an expression of great joy.

    At the same time, Liu Ming, who was sitting in the water, slowly opened his eyes.