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Chapter 278 - The Sea Demon Emperor

Demon’s Diary
     After hearing the rainbow-robed woman’s question, the man’s voice immediately became silent. After a while, he slowly said, “How does fellow know me? I believe that this is the first time we’ve met.”

    The man who had appeared for some reason was actually Yuan Mo, the great elder of the Yuan Mo Sect, the number one cultivator of the Yunchuan Continent.

    “Why is that hard to guess?”

    “Even though this Minor Profound Mystic Formation is powerful, only people of the same level can unknowingly cause me to fall into it. As far as I know, Fellow Yuan is the only one that have reached the Fake Pill Level in the entire Yunchuan Continent.” The rainbow-robed woman’s eyes flashed.

    “Hehe, speaking of the Yunchuan Continent, it’s actually just a large island. You can call it Yunchuan Island. But, if you said I’m the only Fake Pill Cultivator in Yunchuan, you are looking down upon us. There is at least one other person in Yunchuan who has the same cultivation level as me. But he has always been indifferent to fame and fortune, and he doesn’t belong to any sects. That’s why very few people know about him.” Yuan Mo’s voice faintly resounded.

    “What?! Yunchuan also has another Fake Pill Cultivator! Fellow Yuan, are you lying to me?” The rainbow-robed woman was startled at first, but she immediately revealed a look of doubt.

    “Fellow don’t believe that? We will see.” Yuan Mo was still calm. “Maybe he has gone to another battlefield and interfered in another human country’s war?”

    After hearing this, the rainbow-robed woman immediately understood.

    “You have already fought your way onto the land, and this has even affected the survival of the human race. Even if that person has always living an idle life, how could he just sit around doing nothing this time?” Yuan Mo replied.

    “Hmph. Do you think that our race has only sent one Fake Pill Level Master? This time, since the three great clans intend to surrender to us, our support for them will naturally not be too small.” The rainbow-robed woman thought for a moment and regained her composure and spoke coldly.

    “Of course I know that you have two Fake Pill Level Masters. Otherwise, how could I have broken out and appeared here? With the two of us holding you back, I’m afraid the three clans will have to give up on their attempts to sought Yunchuan.” Yuan Mo’s voice was extremely calm.

    The rainbow-robed woman asked with a gloomy face.“Are you so sure that we only has two masters?”

    “If you are not afraid of that Sea Demon Emperor coming to kill you, perhaps you might send more Fake Pill Level Masters, but now …” Yuan Mo said noncommittally.

    “You actually know about the Sea Demon Emperor!” The rainbow-robed woman’s expression changed drastically.

    “No matter what, since I have the title of the number one cultivator of the human race in Yunchuan, how can I not know the truly powerful existences of the surrounding seas? Even though the number of subordinates of the Sea Demon Emperor is far less than yours, he successfully advanced into the Golden Pill Level Cultivator not long ago. I heard that he formed a low-grade Golden Pill with the help of some external objects, but he was a genuine Golden Pill Cultivator. How could an ordinary Fake Pill Cultivator compare to it! After he consolidating his cultivation base, the first thing he would do probably be eradicating all of you! In order to protect yourself, you had been desperately trying to recruit other clans in order to fight against him. If it was before, how could you accept those three clans that you never took seriously? After all, even though they have quite a few people, not a single Fake Pill Lever Master has appeared.” Yuan Mo’s voice drifted over unsteadily.

    With every sentence he said, the rainbow-robed woman’s expression turned uglier.

    “Since Fellow Yuan truly knows about the Sea Demon Emperor, you should also be very clear that if we were to be defeated by this demon, you humans would be enslaved by him one day. So why don’t we unite against the enemy? With each one’s help, we will have a greater chance of success. As for your current struggle with the Silver Scale Clan, I can leave it alone, and even suppress them to give up their previously occupied territories.” The rainbow-robed woman thought for a moment and actually started to persuade Yuan Mo to become their ally.

    “Hahaha, Fellow, you are worthy of being the master of your race. You actually intend to persuade me. However, there were many Fake Pill Level Cultivators in your race. I don’t think you need our help. And I need to protect the humans on the island. I’m afraid that I won’t do as you wish. Besides, Yunchuan was so remote, the Sea Demon Emperor might not be interested in this island .” Yuan Mo rejected her emotionlessly.

    The rainbow-robed woman became enraged.“Hmph, if fellow refuse us, wanting me to stay here obediently is a bit wishful thinking. You wouldn’t really think that a mere Small Entrapping Formation would trap me!”

    If fellow don’t hesitate to use your Yuan Qi strength, this temporary formation will naturally not be able to trap you. However, you have to think it through. Even if you are able to escape, do you really think that you will have the chance to rush to the battlefield? In my opinion, the outcome of the battle isn’t really important. The only thing that can determine the victor between the two races is still you and me. How about we make a bet to decide the victor of this battle?”

    “A bet?” The rainbow-robed woman’s eyes narrowed.

    Yes. A bet. I can remove the formation and let you out in a moment. You give three moves. I only defend and don’t attack. If I resist your attack successfully, you leave here immediately. If I don’t, I leave. How’s that? Yuan Mo was serious.

    “Hmph, we can make it easier. If you are still safe after my three moves, I can order the three clans to retreat. But no matter who wins, we cannot interfere in the territory that they have had occupied.” The rainbow-robed woman rolled her eyes a few times before replying.

    “Alright, it’s settled then. But, if I win, the female disciples of the Heavenly Moon Sect caught by you must be handed over as well.” Yuan Mo promised without any hesitation.

    “Sure, no problem.” The rainbow-robed woman nodded in agreement.

    In the next moment, the white clouds that had originally surrounded the area began to shatter one after another after a strange fluctuation passed by.

    And then the space above began to distort and blur, and a middle-aged man dressed in a long black robe with a white jade belt appeared out.

    The man had high cheekbones and a clear face. His eyes were bright and seemed to be able to absorb everything, and his long black hair reached all the way to his shoulders, giving off an indescribable feeling of oppression. His palm was holding onto something that looked like a brocade handkerchief which glowed silver with a glimmer of white air came out of it.

    “You are Yuan Mo…really extraordinary! I am Zhen Tian from the Zhennan Palace, a member of Vast Ocean Royalty.”

    The rainbow-robed woman looked at the black-robed man for a while before speaking slowly. With a movement of her body, she appeared up in the sky like a ghost and they were far from each other.

    The glittering bubble containing Zhang Xiuniang followed closely behind this woman without falling even a step.

    “So it’s Fellow Zhen. I’ve long heard of the Blue Ocean Great Art. I wonder if I can see it with my own eyes today.” Yuan Mo said with a faint smile as he put away the brocade handkerchief in his hand.

    “Fellow Yuan, I’ll do my best to make it clear to you!” Zhen Tian replied with a sneer.

    “Alright. Shall we begin?” Yuan Mo nodded.

    At this moment, the rainbow-robed woman raised her hand violently. There was a sudden flash of lightning in the sky and countless silver arcs of lightning surged out from her body. A silver thunder spear appeared in her hand.

    The spear was surrounded by lightning bolts and had been densely engraved with silver inscriptions. Each time a silver arc shot into the spear, its volume would increase rapidly. In a short moment, the spear became fifty to sixty feet large.


    With a shake of her wrist, the huge spear disappeared from her hand and shot out of the lightning, piercing toward the black-robed man’s head.

    Seeing this, Yuan Mo shook his sleeve in an expressionless manner and a crystalline shield immediately appeared in a flash.


    The lightning spear stabbed into the shield, and disappeared without a trace. In the next instant, a hundred feet or so behind the man, the spear sped out, turning into countless electric arcs that burst forth, covering everything within a radius of a few hundred feet.

    “Small Teleportation Technique. Fellow Yuan actually has such a mysterious magic item. No wonder you’re so confident. However, if you think that you can win me with it, you are truly wrong.”

    Zhen Tian was surprised. However, in the next moment, her eyebrows twitched and she reached her slender hand out again.

    “Boom ~ ~ ~”

    The ground suddenly shook and countless nearby large and small rocks shot toward the top of the woman’s head. They instantly condensed into a faint blue light and in a moment, turned into a three to four hundred meter tall stone mountain.

    “I’d like to see how Fellow Yuan will move this thing away!”

    The rainbow-robed sneered. Then, she whipped her sleeve toward the stone mountain in the sky.

    After a humming sound from the stone mountain, countless blue inscriptions immediately appeared on its body. With a whistling sound, it flew quickly towards the man.