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Chapter 276 - Golden-Armored Man

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 276 - Golden-Armored Man

    Although the wings of blood that grew out of his back allowed his speed to increase greatly, the Sea Race elder who was chasing after him still accidentally lost Liu Ming, as he couldn’t yet control the secret technique completely according to his wishes.

    But the old man Li was a Crystal Level expert after all. Facing this situation, he halted, stopping above a mountain peak and smiled instead of becoming angered.

    “Brat, do you really think that I won’t be able to find you just because you’ve hidden yourself? Even though that palm strike didn’t take your life, you now have my scent on you. I will find you within a moment’s time with the power of my mental strength!”

    When he finished speaking, the Li old man made a hand seal in the air single-handedly and suddenly pointed one finger at his forehead.

    With a poof, a terrifying spiritual sense, so great it was as if it were solid, instantly shot up into the sky from the elder. It spun once and spread out in all directions. Everything was swept by the spiritual sense, regardless of whether it was the forest or underground.

    The Sea Race elder was originally very calm, but after he used his mental strength to sweep his surrounds seven or eight times and still did not have a result, an anxious and doubtful expression finally appeared on his face.

    He could still faintly sense that Liu Ming was definitely in the area nearby and had not gone far through his own scent, but could not determine where his exact location was when he used his spiritual sense to search for him.

    Thinking quickly, the old man suddenly changed his hand sign and the blood inscriptions on him as well as the blood-red light behind him turned into spots of bloody light that dispersed. It had turned into densely packed, blood-red beetles the size of peas.

    The blood-red beetles were glittering and translucent and were clearly not material. They shot out in all directions with a buzzing noise.

    They either pierced through trees or disappeared into the ground. Some even entered the small mountains nearby.

    The old man instantly sat cross-legged in the mid-air quietly with his eyes close, not talking.

    It was a special secret technique he cultivated!

    The illusionary beetles had no attacking ability and weren’t able to carry out over-complicated orders, but through the mental connection he had with them, every single beetle acted as another eye of his.

    Like this, even if there were places that had eluded his spiritual sense, everything would be covered in one glance this time.


    A dozen beetles entered the mountainside with a flash and immediately separated to begin searching.

    Some of them flew directly up toward the top of the mountain while others rapidly dropped down beneath the mountain.

    Not long after, they discovered several natural caverns and seven or eight underground river beds that were hidden very deeply.

    However, after the blood-red beetles searched the caverns and rivers and did not find anything, they left the mountain without any hesitation and began searching other areas.

    One of the underground rivers that appeared to be abnormally limpid had a few small, white fish swimming in it slowly.

    Suddenly, one of the small fish moved forward but was rebounded, as if it had bumped into something. Ripples instantly appeared in the water but everything went back to normal after a mere moment.

    With a wiggle of its tail, the small fish struggled forward a few more times, but after making sure that it really was impossible to directly pass through, it made a turn along with a few other small fish and swam past as if it were skirting an obstacle.

    At this time, if there was someone who had the power to see through things, they would see at once that in the river water ahead, Liu Ming was in a crystal-clear water screen that was exactly like the water outside. He held a small, blue flag that was several inches high in one hand and in front of him floated a black bead that was enveloped in thick mist.

    Clearwater continuously flowed out of the small, blue flag and poured into the water screen around him.

    The thick mist that was emitted by the black bead filled the entire water screen and caused the inside to become hazy as if it were drizzling.

    Liu Ming sat cross-legged with his eyes shut tightly. He was not breathing in through his nose or mouth; it was as if he were truly dead.

    However, if one were to look closely, it could be seen that there were two black glyphs that crossed behind him. They gave off a faint layer of translucent light that covered the area where he was injured from before.


    The old man surnamed Li controlled the beetles for an hour. Suddenly, there was a muffled sound and the remaining blood-colored inscriptions on him disappeared with a flash. His expression instantly became extremely ugly.

    Almost at the same time, the blood-red beetles that had spread all over the area exploded one after another; not even one remained.

    “He dodged both the power of my spiritual sense as well as the search of the Spiritual Blood Insects! Looks like this human brat has some kind of unusual treasure shielding him in order to hide so well. That’s okay, I have plenty of ways to force you out!” muttered the elder surnamed Li after his facial expression changed several times, giving a long exhale.

    Then, with a sway of his body, he rose into the sky and after a few blurs, he appeared in the air tent thousand feet high. Shaking his sleeve, he took out one hand and gradually pressed it down.


    A large, grey phantom palm instantly appeared under the old man and silver electric arcs gushed out of it, pressing down towards one of the mountain tops below.

    An earth-shaking sound!

    Amongst the wreathing of lightning, the top half of the mountaintop was forcefully crushed in.

    After that, the large hand separated its fingers and swept at another mountaintop nearby, causing a small half of it to crumble from the middle.

    In the following time, the huge grey hand, under the old man’s control, wasn’t to be stopped and it was only a moment’s time before it had destroyed all the mountains nearby, causing the surrounding ground to be covered in rock fragments.

    During this, the Li surnamed old man used his mental strength to cover the area. Not one abnormal sign would have been missed by him.

    However, there was no result!

    “Good, very good. Since I still can’t find him, he must’ve hidden in an extremely deep place.”

    The Sea Race elder’s expression grew even uglier and after looking deeply at the ground below for a moment, he suddenly took out a stack of pale blue formation flags from his sleeve. They were similar to the Water Essence Flag Liu Ming had, but the inscriptions on the surface were slightly simpler.

    With a move of his body, the elder quickly flew around the area once, tossing the formation flags down from the air one by one. The instant they landed on the ground, they became huge, blue flags twenty feet tall.

    In an instant, a large formation faintly formed, enclosing the entire area.

    Then, with a blur, the old man with the surname Li appeared above the center of the formation, and forming a hand sign single-handedly, he began chanting.

    There was a loud rumble!

    The blue flags flashed a blue light and a large amount of seawater gushed out at once.

    The strange thing was that the seawater, under the restriction of the formation, remained floating at a low altitude without one drop leaking out.

    Like this, it didn’t take long before a ‘lake’ over sixty thousand square feet in area formed.

    Right at this moment, a vicious expression appeared on the face of the old man in the air. With a plop, he jumped into the ‘lake’.

    In the next moment, a huge, pale silver phantom fishtail slapped brutally at the water surface and the whole ‘lake’ came alive at once!

    All the seawater began to spin with the fishtail as the center. It spun faster and faster and in the blink of an eye, it had formed a huge whirlpool. With an ear-piercing screech, the seawater formed a sharp cone shape and drilled towards the ground below.

    The earth began to shake and large areas of rock and soil were dislodged by the swirling seawater.

    The old man surnamed Li had decided to borrow the power of the formation to dig up the surrounding area, making Liu Ming who was well hidden underground to have nowhere to hide.

    However, just as the seawater the Li surnamed old man was controlling reached several dozen feet deep into the ground, a soft sound of surprise escaped his mouth and the seawater that was originally swirling violently calmed down instantly, becoming a ‘lake’ once again.

    Then the seawater split and the old man swam out in a half fish state with a sliver of suspicion on his face.

    There was a round shell type item at his waist that was buzzing nonstop.

    The elder furrowed his brows and pat the item with one hand. A blue light instantly shot out of it and twisting in the air, it formed a blurry picture of a man’s face.

    “Li Kun, regardless of where you are right now, get back here immediately. Remember, this is the Lord’s command. Do you know that because of your negligence of duty, the Lord is forced to take action earlier than planned. She is very unhappy and has ordered you to return to the city within four hours to continue to take guard. Hehe, the result of you being late… I don’t need to say anymore do I?” The moment the face appeared, it instantly opened its mouth to say a string of words. It seemed that he was quite frustrated. The face then flashed and dispersed with a poof.

    “What? Is the lord going to act earlier? Could it be that this brat escaped from where the Lord was? No wonder I bumped into him so coincidentally. It’s going to be troublesome now!” Hearing this, the old man’s expression changed greatly. A hint of fear flashed across his face, but sweeping his gaze toward the mess of the ground below, his eyes revealed a glimpse of unwillingness.

    “Although I have no time, I will still have this human brat slain here and take back the egg of the holy beast. Even if it will take a toll,” decided the old man with the surname Li after thinking quickly.

    He then moved one hand and took out a pale silver, rectangular box from his bosom. There was a yellow glyph that appeared old and worn-out stuck on it.

    The elder looked at the silver box in his hand and hesitated from a bit, but he then gritted his teeth and ripping off the glyph, he opened the box.

    A ray of golden light instantly shot into the sky, and condensing in the air, it became an extraordinarily mighty golden-armored person.

    The golden-armored man’s eyes were shut tightly. Its appearance was extremely alike to that of the Li surnamed old man, only much younger, around thirty something years old.