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Chapter 273 - Decisive battle with the Sea Race (Part Four)

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 273 - Decisive battle with the Sea Race (Part Four)

    In the next moment, Liu Ming stepped on the Ten Thousand Bones Demon. The giant skeleton let out a low growl and opened its mouth, shooting a ray of black light which slammed on the light screen.

    The blue light blurred while letting out a loud “hong long long” sound and its outer side dented. However, no matter how the light flickered, there was no sign of it cracking.

    After the attack by the Ten Thousand Bones Demon was exhausted, the light screen bounced back to its same position as though nothing happened.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming’s eyebrows furrowed.

    At this moment, Zhang Xiuniang’s body let out a shocking aura as she threw out her sword, she then weaved a few seals and pointed towards the sword.


    The snow white sword became blurry and became a hundred feet huge sword and slashed down.

    “Zi La!”

    Upon coming into contact, the blue light screen started trembling and a crack appeared on it.

    Zhang Xiuniang raised her eyebrows and started forming more sword techniques.

    The huge sword transformed into a sword shadow and fiercely slashed down.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming and Yun at the side was elated and started joining in the attack with the Ten Thousand Bones Demon and Three Eye Golden Ape.

    Although the blue light screen was mysterious, it was unable to take the attack of three of them.

    In a while, a low rumble was heard and the light screen transformed into dots of blue light and vanished.

    Without further hesitation, the three of them rushed into the plaza.

    As for the green sleeved girl and white hair youth, they remained outside to fight against the waves of Sea Race guards coming their way.

    The first held a single bloody blade while the other was urging three crystal beads that turned into three green spheres. Wherever they passed, the Sea Race guards either became cut into two by the bloody light or were pierced by the green beads. There was no one who could even block one attack. Their power as late level liquid levels were terrifying.

    After rushing into the plaza, Liu Ming and the rest neared the altar in a few flashes.

    Suddenly, the three of them felt the hard ground become soft. Under the flicker of the blue light, the plaza turned into waves of sea water.

    At the same moment, the four statues at the corners of the plaza became alive with the noise. Their bodies started flashing with Spirit Inscriptions, turning them into giants, rushing towards the three people.

    Seeing this, Yun who transformed into the giant ape let out an angry roar and rushed towards the octopus and with a flash of golden light, both giants slammed into one another.

    One side has eight arms dancing around while the others had two hairy fists pummeling down.

    Within a moment, both of them which had coarse skin and thick flesh started battling each other.

    As for the gigantic whale, it slammed its tail, causing a towering wave which rushed towards Liu Ming.

    Without a word, the giant turtle shrunk its limbs into its shell and also bounced towards Liu Ming.

    As for the serpent dragon, it was obviously the most powerful of the four.

    Opening its mouth, torrents of wind blades shot towards Zhang Xiuniang. At the same time, its body swayed and layers of violent wind formed around its body before it shot towards the girl from Heavenly Moon Sect.

    With her cultivation boost, Zhang Xiuniang was obviously not afraid. The snow white sword trembled and she clashed with the flood dragon.

    In a moment, three fierce battle circles between the four beasts and three humans started.

    Liu Ming who was tangled with two frightening beasts, naturally was not able to care for the others. With a hand activating the White Bone Token, he used the other hand to slap several glyphs on his body, causing a myriad of light to cover his body.

    At the same time, the Ten Thousand Bones Demon gave a strange laugh as the black smoke rolled from its body, turning into a huge black shield.

    The wave hitting the shield was akin to hitting a giant rock and was blocked.

    Seeing this, the gigantic whale twisted its body, preparing to unleash more attacks.

    However, the Ten Thousand Bones Demon crouched down, and its hands coldly pierced the sea below.

    A shocking scene happened

    “Zi La!”

    The seawater near the gigantic whale turned dark and layers of dark colored ice started congealing, surrounding the whale.

    The whale did not have time to protect itself and was sealed in the ice.

    However, the giant turtle also reached the Ten Thousand Bones Demon’s side and rammed into the black shield.

    Waves of vibration appeared on the seemingly thick shield and with a “Kacha”, it broke open.

    Without any barrier, the giant turtle slammed into the body of the Ten Thousand Bones Demon.

    “Peng, peng!”

    The Ten Thousand Bones Demon’s hands blurred and two bony hands grabbed the turtle by the side of its shell. With a low growl, it lifted the turtle into the air.

    The gigantic turtle shockingly extended its limbs and head out of the shell and started struggling.

    At this moment, a layer of blue light was circulating around the body of the originally frozen giant whale and wherever it passed through, the ice would threaten to break.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming’s face turned serious and waved the White Bone Token in the direction of the whale.

    At the same moment, the arms of the Ten Thousand Bones Demon trembled and it tossed the giant turtle towards the frozen whale.

    A violent wind rose as the turtle was flung outwards by an unbelievable force, turning into a ball of light.

    A loud sound was heard!

    The giant turtle’s body ruthlessly slammed into the giant whale.

    Letting out a miserable cry, the whale turned into a ball of light and burst, causing the dark ice on its body to turn into uncountable pieces as they shot out.

    As for the giant turtle, it had already hid back to its shell, therefore there was not much damage done except for being immobilized for a while.

    However, Liu Ming rose his eyebrow and without another word, directed his power into the token, causing the black runes to appear and enter the body of the skeleton below him.

    Giving a loud roar, the Ten Thousand Bones Demon strode out towards the giant turtle as black flames gathered on the surface of his arms.


    Balling its fist, the skeleton’s arm moved. As though it was a sharp weapon, it penetrated the seemingly impenetrable shell, which was unable to put up any resistance.


    The black demonic flames exploded from the turtle’s body, causing it to give a miserable scream before turning into stone and exploding.

    At this moment, Liu Ming’s face was pale and the White Bone Token in his hand had turned dim.

    It was obvious that the attack expended quite a lot of power.

    Taking out a sweet smelling red pill, he swallowed it before moving towards the other direction.

    He was just in time to see a shocking white streak envelop the serpent dragon before tearing it to pieces, turning it to pieces of stones falling on the ground.

    After spiraling in the air for a while, Zhang Xiuniang emerged from the white streak.

    At the other side, the Three Eye Golden Ape roared and tore the giant squid apart before throwing it into the water where it turned to stone and sank to the bottom.

    “Grab the Totem!”

    The green sleeved girl who was blocking the Sea Race guards saw the situation and joyfully urged.

    Hearing this, Zhang Xiuniang turned into a white light, rushing towards the altar.

    In a roll of light, the girl appeared in front of the altar, her hands about to grab onto the circular black bowl.

    A sudden change occurred!


    Blue clouds emerged from the bowl with a flash and collided onto Zhang Xiuniang’s chest.

    With a muffled heng, she spat out a glob of blood as her slender body shot out at a speed quicker than before.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming, who was behind the girl was shocked. Without hesitation, he jumped down from the Ten Thousand Bones Demon, cushioning Zhang Xiuniang’s retreat.

    There was a muffled bang.

    Liu Ming felt an unstoppable force transmit from Zhang Xiuniang into his arms, causing it to heat up and he heavily retreated ten steps before stopping.

    With a roar of anger, his body sank and he regained his balance.

    At this moment, the blue cloud from the bowl whirled around the altar before disappearing with a blur.

    The next moment, a fluctuation appeared in front of the Three Eye Golden Ape and a blue crystal ring appeared. In a blur, it slammed into the ape’s chest viciously without giving it any time to react.

    The Three Eye Ape trembled as it shot back, as though it was hit by something heavy. Before the giant ape landed, the blue light flashed again, slamming into the ape’s chest again.

    The Golden Ape Spirit soared into the air once again!

    The blue light ring kept flashing, hitting the Golden Ape over ten times in succession, causing the protective golden light to shatter. The final few hits slammed into the ape’s limbs.

    Under the crazy attacks from the blue light, the Golden Ape’s limbs broke, its body started to shrink, turning back into its miniature form.