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Chapter 271 - Final Battle with the Sea Race (Part Two)

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 271 - Final Battle with the Sea Race (Part Two)

    Each step the Barbarian Ghost King took, its figure also multiplied in size. With just a few steps, its body had grown to that of several hundred feet tall. The rod in its hand had also grown to that of over a thousand feet long with it, and grasping it with both hands, it pounded it towards the other side.


    A pale grey rod shadow of over ten miles long instantly appeared in the air above the Sea Race. It dropped down with a buzzing noise and the seawater below was split apart by a great, invisible force. It was cut in half by the huge, grey rod shadow.

    The earth trembled and the mountains swayed for a moment and there was a huge ravine, so large that one could not see the end of it, that formed.

    The Sea Race and sea monsters nearby were all killed or injured…...

    One blow of the rod by the Barbarian Ghost King was so great!

    Simultaneous to when the Barbarian Ghost Sect’s headless Ghost King appeared, two rays of light, one green one red, surged out from the huge, black peak where Firestorm Way was. They formed two huge birds, one green and the other red, that were over three hundred feet long.

    One flapped its wings and densely packed wind blades shot forth.

    One opened its mouth and spat out fireballs the size of a head.

    After the puppets left the Nine Enlightenment Sect’s green wooden city, with a blur, they changed shape with a rumble and formed a humanoid puppet of several thousand feet tall. It lifted its gigantic arms to point them forward and a milky white pillar of light shot out of the tips of its fingers at once, shooting through the air and landing amongst the Sea Race army. A huge area was instantly swept clean.

    Under the order of several Spirit Masters, disciples of the Heavenly Moon Sect formed sword formations of various different sizes. They worked together to activate sword rays several dozen feet long.

    The disciples of the three foreign sects including the Yuan Demon Sect also summoned a huge, green face of a ghost and a rainbow butterfly of over a hundred feet tall.

    One opened its mouth to blow out an endless gust of eerie demonic wind, while the other shook its wings with the wind and scattered densely packed bright, fluorescent dust.

    The Sea Race and sea monsters that were hurled by the black demonic wind had the water screen on the surface of their bodies as well as their blood and flesh rapidly sucked dry and instantly turned into dried corpses, falling down from the air.

    The faces of those who came into contact with the huge butterfly’s fluorescent dust grew bright red after a moment’s time and their bodies shook uncontrollably. Bursts of red flames shot out from their ears and noses, burning them to death.

    As the humans used all sorts of measures, the Sea Race had no intention of being inferior.

    Amongst the humming of chants, the Sea Race used a vast quantity of seawater to form five blue giants a few thousand feet tall each. They were complete with heads and limbs, but their faces were just a smooth, blue surface without any facial features, and held a thousand foot long sword that was also formed from seawater with both hands.

    The moment the water giants appeared, two of them headed for the Barbarian Ghost King, one headed for the puppets from the green wooden city and the other two remained in front of the Sea Race, sweeping at the blood bats and puppets that were swarming in from below.

    The dozen sea monsters with shocking bodies also rushed out of the Sea Race base and violently attacked the light screen of the human base.

    As for the other densely packed sea monsters, part of them went for the puppets and the others followed the other giant monsters to attack the human race’s light screen shield.

    What was even more shocking was that after an ear-piercing screech among the black clouds above the Sea Race, there were suddenly a dozen three hundred feet long white whales, surrounded by a large amount of floating seawater, that flew out.

    There were countless silver lights that were flashing in the seawater.

    While the higher levels of the human race were stricken by this, there was a flapping sound amongst the seawater in the air and an innumerable amount of silver flying fish flew out.

    Every one of them was only the size of a finger but had wings on their backs and a mouth full of small, sharp teeth. In an instant, they flooded into the two bases.

    The humans’ light screen shield, the Barbarian Ghost King, various sized puppets, blood bats, the giant butterfly and ghost faces were all their targets.

    It was hair-raising.

    Just at this moment, someone amongst the humans gave an order and light screen above the disciples on the front line suddenly dispersed. After a shout, everyone rushed towards the opposing side using the clouds under them.

    The Sea Race on the opposite side also selflessly rushed forward under the sound of a horn.

    Instantly, the two sides were tangled in battle.

    Liu Ming had already opened his eyes in the cavern and with a stern expression, sat legs crossed on the ground, unmoving.

    The others were also like so.

    In order to stop the Sea Race from discovering them, the five of them were in a restriction and did not dare to let their spiritual sense out of the cavern. Even so, they could still imagine the horrendous scene of the two races fighting on the battlefield.

    In this battle, the loss would be heavy regardless of which side turned out to be victorious. It would be unthinkable to recover the vitality without at least a few hundred years’ time.

    Because of this, as well as the huge responsibility that they were about to face, the atmosphere inside the cavern was very heavy.

    The green-robed woman who always appeared to be playful and at ease also had a serious expression on her face.

    “Senior Mo, the battle has already lasted for so long, it should be about time,” asked the youth surnamed Yun, unable to restrain himself anymore after sitting cross-legged for a while.

    “Junior Yun, you don’t need to be impatient! There will be someone who will notify us when it’s time to move,” replied the green-robed woman calmly.

    Hearing this, Yun could not help but grimace. With his temperament, quietly sitting here waiting was torture and it was truly difficult to bear.

    Just as he thought for a bit and was about to open his mouth to say something else, suddenly, a long roar filled with boundless anger faintly resounded from the ground. It was able to be clearly heard by them in the underground cavern.

    Following that, an enormous, startling spiritual sense swept across the area above the cavern. However, when it came into contact with the restriction that enveloped the cavern, it smoothly slipped past and did not touch anyone in it.

    “Crystal Level expert of the Sea Race!” exclaimed the youth with the surname Yun.

    The others were also shocked.

    The enormous spiritual sense swept through the surrounding area time and time again, clearly trying to look for someone.

    This caused everyone to feel anxious.

    The long roar suddenly stopped and the enormous spiritual sense was withdrawn like tidewater. An extremely enraged voice was then emitted from the Sea Race’s floating city with a boom.

    “Little thieves of the human race! How dare you kill my clansmen! If I do not tear you to shreds and pull out your tendons then I will not live up to the name of our clan’s guardian!”

    Just as he finished speaking, a terrifying aura rushed out of the Sea Race’s floating city and moved in one direction with indescribable speed, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

    Hearing this, Liu Ming’s expression darkened slightly.

    The voice seemed to belong to the Sea Race elder that personally attacked him between the two bases previously.

    Could it really be that coincidental that the Crystal Level expert who remained in the floating city today was him?!

    If that truly was the case, then he would really need to brace himself.

    Right when Liu Ming was faintly feeling that things weren’t well, Yun, having heard the startling noise outside, said with delight, “It’s the other two groups, looks like they’ve succeeded.”

    “Wait a little longer so that they can lure the Crystal Level expert a little further, otherwise it would only take a moment’s time for him to return with his speed,” said the white-haired young man calmly after raising his head to look at the silver formation disc in his hand that he had already taken out.

    The green-robed woman nodded her head, appearing to approve of this greatly.

    Yun could only nod his head continuously.

    After the time of a cup of tea, the white-haired young man’s silver formation disc suddenly started buzzing and a line of small, gold text appeared.

    “Okay, let’s set out! Remember, we only have the time of one stick of incense. When the time is up, we must immediately retreat from the floating city regardless of whether we have succeeded!” ordered Xue Feng lowly with a glisten of his gaze.

    The others who heard this shuddered internally and agreed to this all at once.

    Thus, with a move of their bodies, the five of them rushed out of the cavern one by one and appeared on the ground.

    Liu Ming swept his gaze across the floating city in the distance and immediately saw black smoke coming from one of the walls. Some walls were full of dents, clear signs of it being attacked by someone just recently. There was also a large mass of corpses floating on the surface of the water nearby, some of them being people of the Sea Race and others, sea monsters. Fresh blood had basically dyed a large amount of surrounding water red.

    “Looks like the other two groups who attacked previously did their best! You guys get to work, the two of us will support you,” said Xue Feng with a cold gaze upon seeing this.

    Hearing this, the three of them, including Liu Ming, didn’t dare to waste any time.

    Liu Ming instantly took out a small, black jade box that was sealed with densely packed glyphs on his sleeve with one hand.

    Zhang Xiuniang took out a stack of formation flags and tossing them in all directions, formed an extremely strange formation amongst flashing light rays.

    The woman instantly stepped into the large formation and sat down with her legs crossed.

    Yun was the simplest, however, as he shook his sleeve and tossed out a blood red ball that was covered in countless gold patterns.

    The young man pointed to his forehead with one finger, opening his mouth simultaneously to spit a ball of fresh blood at the round ball.

    With a ‘pu’, the fresh blood exploded and turned into a mist of blood that disappeared into the round ball.

    The gold patterns lit up on the surface of the round ball that originally appeared to be inanimate and emitted an impressive light.

    Yun used his other hand to form a hand seal and crazily pointed at the ball without stopping.

    After a period of ‘ga beng’ sounds, the blood-colored ball turned into a twenty-foot tall golden ape puppet with a blur.

    The puppet was vastly different from the giant ape puppet Liu Ming had seen before though, as it not only had a thick body and golden fur, but it also had a half-opened bloody eye in the center of its forehead. It was also emitting a shockingly eerie, cold light as if it were actually alive.

    Only the rings of black metal at the ape’s joints allowed one to make out its puppet characteristics with difficulty.

    Letting out the golden ape, the youth with the surname Yun abruptly bit his finger and speedily used the fresh blood to draw a bloody inscription between his eyebrows.

    A strange scene appeared.

    The bloody inscription on the youth surnamed Yun’s forehead rotated once and with a blur, it formed a blood-red monstrous eye. Other than it being a little stiff and lifeless, it was exactly the same as the one on the forehead of the golden ape puppet.