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Chapter 270 - Decisive Battle with the Sea Race

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 270 - Decisive Battle with the Sea Race

    “Yes. If there are no other unforeseen events, we are about eighty to ninety percent confident. So I say that this is the Da Xuan Country’s Sects’ last chance. If you are willing to leave Da Xuan Country, then you can keep most of your sect’s strength. Even if you go to other human-race countries, you will be able to make a place for yourself,” the violet-robed elder said calmly.

    Hearing this, Leng Yue’s heart pounded. She eyed the elder for a while, then said seriously:

    “As a human sect, if we cannot protect the people and citizens in our own nation, then what kind of face do we have to try to establish ourselves elsewhere in Yunchuan? Cut the bullshit. In this battle, either we perish or you do!”

    The violet-robed elder could not help but show disappointment. A moment later, he sighed lightly and said,

    “I expected that you’d reply like that. But I still feel that this is a pity. Since things have come to this, our two races have no choice but to fight, and decide who Da Xuan Country truly belongs to.”

    After saying this, the violet-robed elder did not say more. With a shake of his sleeve, he glided gracefully backward.

    Leng Yue remained where she was and watched coldly as the violet-robed elder returned to the Sea Race’s camp. Then she turned and shot towards the humans.

    A moment later, the two camps began to act, as if prearranged.

    In the human camp, the golden drum sounded. Immediately the sounds of chanting rose from the various sects, and light veils of many colors appeared above everyone.

    On the opposite side, a horn sounded. Seawater churned upward from beneath the Sea Race and became veils of blue water that covered the bodies of the Sea Race.

    The number of water veils on every Sea Race person differed according to the levels of their cultivation status.

    Some with low cultivation status only had one or two layers.

    Some with high cultivation status had more than four or five layers, and it seemed like their entire body was encased in a ball of water-blue light.

    And the Sea Race was much faster than the humans at executing this.

    On materializing, the Sea Race’s protective water curtain armor became balls of blue light that rose from the surface of the water toward the sky. They solidified into blue hands that pressed toward the opposite side.

    At the same time, the densely packed sea-beasts also opened their mouths. Many kinds of water spell techniques-- the smallest, water arrows to the largest, water pillars, rushed forth.

    On the side of the humans, there was a loud thunder like sound. Countless rays of light and fog cracked open against the light screens and caused these protective layers to shake and flash.

    Some defensively weaker light screens shattered on the spot, and the human disciples inside were drowned in the various attacking techniques.

    At this time, a human Spirit Master gave an angry shout, and suddenly ten people from the from Heavenly Moon Sect’s side rose through the light screens toward the sky, heedless of the attacks. They each summoned a flying sword and pressed together. The sword-light rolled and a bolt of light several hundred feet long shot into the air. A flash later, it had reached the Sea Race’s camp and flashed wildly as it circled.

    On being struck by the enormous sword-light, the thick-skinned sea-beasts and the Sea Race covered with water curtains all turned into a rain of blood and dissipated.

    In the blink of an eye, almost a hundred sea-beasts and Se Race people had fallen beneath this bolt of sword-light.

    “Seeking to die.”

    A Sea Race Elite on the floating island said with terrible anger in a low voice as he clenched one fist.

    Under the sword-light, the seas parted. A scaly hand an acre wide shot forth and clutched the sword light. Then it tightened its five fingers. The sword-image cracked apart inch by inch and turned into the ten flying swords again, which fell.

    The ten Heavenly Moon Sect Spirit Masters who had controlled the Flying Swords-- their bodies shook, and they opened their mouths and spat blood.

    The blow from the Sea Race elites had dealt them serious injuries.

    At this time, a cloud of blood-fog solidified above the Hall of Blood in the human camp. It condensed into a large blood-sword seven or eight hundred feet long, which slashed forward through the air.


    Blood-light flashed from the sword, and it rushed into the Sea Race camp.

    Immediately, screams rose!

    Under the light, many of the Sea Race Sea Beasts turned into mists of blood. The blood-fog nearby that had touched the other Sea Beasts melted their skin and flesh, and they instantly died too.

    “The Great Blood Blade Technique! Fellow Xue Ling, do you really think we of the Sea Race have no Crystal Level elite cultivators?”

    Immediately, a silver silhouette rose into the air from the Sea Race’s floating island and shoved a palm toward the air above the humans’ camp.

    The air above the two camps began to move. In the air appeared the image of a great silver hand like a mountain, which descended fiercely towards the humans.

    At the same time, a great force rushed into the sky from the humans’ black mountain peak. Two auras of light, one red and one green, rolled through the air, and a scarlet pillar spewed forth. A flash later, it collided with the image of the silver hand.

    A loud “hong” sounded.

    Flames engulfed the silver hand and both vanished in a flash.

    The Crystal Level elite who was enveloped in silver light smiled broadly and said, “Chi Yang, so it is you. Perfect. We didn’t fight enough in the last battle. Now’s our chance to fight properly again.”

    From the black mountain peak came a man’s cold voice. “Hm. If Fellow Yin Yan is inviting, then how can I refuse? Come with me!” A flash of fire later, a dual-colored ball of red and green light rushed forth and shot toward the other side of the sky.

    The Sea Race elite laughed, and turned into a silver bolt of light and gave chase.

    “Fellow Dong, if we two races do not want to involve other people in our battle, then we must do what we did before and have all the Crystal Level beings leave this place. What say we find another battlefield to fight?” Leng Yue’s voice emerged from the Cyan Wood City.

    A silhouette rose into the air from the Sea Race’s floating island. It was the violet-robed elder. He replied expressionlessly, “Heh heh. I thought the same thing.”

    The Crystal Level elites from both sides rose into the air one after another, and turned into different kinds of light and shot in the same direction.

    Neither side worried that the other would secretly leave behind Crystal Level elites that would massacre their own side. The battlefield they had chosen was not far from here, so the moment they received news, they could return quickly.

    Moreover, to the Crystal Level elites, being able to subdue or seriously injure a Crystal Level opponent was many times more important than killing low-level disciples on this battlefield.

    When the elites of both races had all left, the ones left in charge on the human side were the sect elders. On the Sea Race side, it was late-stage liquid realm cultivators just lower than the Crystal Level elites.

    Once the elites had vanished beyond the horizon, both sides showed their hidden techniques at the same time.

    The Nine Enchantment Sect’s disciples tossed out multicolored balls. A click later, they turned into many oddly-shaped beast-like puppets which rushed headlong toward the Sea Race camp.

    At the same time, the human-shaped puppets above the Cyan Wood City glowed with spirit-light. They rose into the air in neat rows and rushed toward the Sea Race on the opposite side.

    Before they reached the Sea Race camp, they released a dense sheet of arrows in coordination with the beast-shaped puppets.

    The Cyan Wood City itself shook. On the side facing the Sea Race, it’s walls cracked open. Seven black orifices appeared, and from them emerged silver tubes the width of a water urn.

    A loud sound of thunder!

    Big balls of lightning sprung from the tubes and shot toward the Sea Race camp. Where they landed, electricity crackled in a large sheet.

    From the blood fog near the Hall of Blood, a bizarre cry rose, and a cloud of huge blood-red bats flew out.

    There were four or five hundred of them, each more than a foot long. They swarmed toward the opposite side.

    The Barbarian Sect’s movements were slowest, but under the Sect Leader’s severe direction, the rows of disciples pulled out sheets of inscriptions and tossed them into the air, then clenched both hands and pushed forward.

    On encountering the wind, these inscriptions exploded, and became balls of pitch-black miasma and dissipated.

    The miasma instantly engulfed the whole Barbarian Ghost Sect camp.

    In the next moment, from the miasma rose a hair-raising low growl, and a bizarre green light appeared middle of the black fog.

    A “peng” sound!

    A large, pitch-black claw emerged from the light formation, and a black arm followed it with a flash. Then, a headless ghost seventy or eighty feet tall slowly crawled out from the light formation.

    This ghost had no head. Its body was covered with thick black scales, and its arms and legs were covered in black spikes of bone. On its back grew an abnormally long green mane.

    As this headless ghost appeared, its two hands rose and opened toward the heavens. A loud cry emanated from its body.

    At the same time, on a great island in Yunchuan’s sea, a terrible two-horned head, which had been sealed by layers and layers of restrictions in the middle of a formation, began to move. The sealed formation shone brightly with light.

    Nearby, the Sea Race people who were responsible for overseeing and controlling the sealed formation saw this. Their expressions changed, and they pulled out stacks of many-colored inscriptions and crowded forward to paste them on the ghost head.

    Layers and layers of restrictive lights flashed, and the Terrible Ghost Skull finally calmed and regained its peace.

    On the side of Da Xuan Country, a heart-rending scene appeared.

    Just as the terrible ghost let out a loud shout, the miasma in the surroundings rolled toward him and condensed into an enormous pitch-black pole a hundred feet long.

    A pitch-black token appeared in the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader’s hand. He gripped it with one hand, and commanded the big ghost, “Go.”

    This giant headless ghost was the Barbaric Ghost King, who had gone missing from the Barbarian Ghost Sect many years ago. Now, compelled by the token, it took a big step forward and leaped toward the opposite bank with its large stick in hand.