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Chapter 269- Perfect Tier Spirit Totem

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 269- Perfect Tier Spirit Totem

    “Are you kidding, Brother Xue? To have the few of us destroy the Sea Race’s floating city? Even if we were all Crystal Level, this is still something we can only dream of doing!” Yun cried out when he heard this.

    “There’s no need to be worked up, Brother Yun. The few ancestors that decided on this plan are not having us start right now. Rather, we are supposed to wait for when the war starts and when most of the combat strength of the floating city has been diverted away and then begin the operation. Moreover, we are only one of the attacking parties. When the time comes, there will be another two parties attacking with us. Only they will act as feints, while we are the true strike team. ” Xue Feng calmly explained.

    “I see! If that is the case, we can definitely give it a try.” Yun nodded, his expression mildly relieved when he heard this.

    Zhang Xiuniang and Liu Ming still had their eyebrows furrowed, evidently aware of how difficult this mission was to be.

    “Although I don’t know why those Crystal Level seniors would decide on three newly advanced Spirit Masters to be this party’s main force, such that even me and Fellow Xue Feng are only in an auxiliary position, but I’m sure you people must understand the reason yourself. Would it be possible to tell us about it?” The beautiful lady in the green shirt asked with a turn of her eyes.

    “This….” Yun hesitated upon hearing this.

    “Fellow Mo!” The white-haired teenager beside her exclaimed with a low voice when he heard this.

    “Haha, I am only joking. Those ancestors couldn’t possibly have selected the wrong candidates, and as for the reasons, I am not in a rush to find out. When tomorrow comes, all will be clear.” The lady in the green shirt giggled.

    Her words, however, made Yun feel a little awkward.

    “Senior Mo, I’m afraid our mission isn’t as simple as destroying the Sea Race’s floating city, is it? Xiuniang isn’t bragging, but due to some special reasons, if I appear in the Heavenly Moon Sect’s camp tomorrow, my utility will be no less significant to a Crystal Level cultivator. Given that this is the case, I assume Brother Liu and Brother Yun should also be able to provide such a degree of utility. If this was only to destroy the Sea Race’s headquarters, it is absolutely not worth the effort.” Zhang Xiuniang spoke once more.

    “Indeed, Liu has the same doubts. Even if our mission was truly to destroy this floating city, there should at least be a more concrete target, shouldn’t there? Is it to kill all of the Sea Race in the city, or is it just to destroy all the architecture or the protective formations inside?” Even Liu Ming also spoke with some hesitation.

    “Given that the three of you represent valuable combat strength of all our sects, naturally your target isn’t merely some defending soldiers of the Sea Race. The floating city itself is also an inconsequential matter. As long as the Sea Race has sufficient manpower, rebuilding it out of thin air is a simple matter for them. In reality, our goal this time is to destroy a large formation at the center of the floating city, and to steal away the spirit totem that functions as the eye of the formation.”

    “What formation and what spirit totem is it, to have so much effort put into them?” Yun was now very curious.

    Liu Ming also wore an expression that suggested his intent to hear about to this.

    Zhang Xiuniang, on the other hand, only blinked, as if she was deep in thought.

    “What that formation is called, neither I nor Brother Xue Feng knows. We only know that this formation is the key to the Sea Race’s ability to gather massive amounts of seawater here on land. The reason those of the Sea Race are able to manipulate seawater to attack us is in fact largely because of this formation and the might of this spirit totem. Otherwise, even if those of the Sea Race could still gather and manipulate seawater, it would definitely not be of the same scale and with the same ease as we have seen previously. As for the spirit totem that functions as the eye of the formation, it is a perfect tier spirit totem and is irreplaceable. The Sea Race here probably only have this one totem in their inventory. Once it is lost, even if the Sea Race wanted to rearrange or restore the formation, it would not be something that can be done in a short period of time.” The lady in the green shirt said cheerfully.

    “It’s actually a perfect tier spirit totem!”

    Yun, upon hearing this, was left with a face full of shock.

    Even he only owned two low tier spirit totems only, and not even a single mid-tier spirit totem.

    “I see, Xiuniang has also heard mention of this formation from Martial Aunt Ye in the past. If we can carry out this plan, we can indeed instantly rob the Sea Race of nearly half of their strength.” Zhang Xiuniang spoke as she exhaled slightly.

    “If this is the case, the Sea Race should value this formation and this perfect tier spirit totem extremely, even to the extent of having strong cultivators assigned to protect it, won't they?” Liu Ming was also shocked when he heard the words “perfect tier spirit totem”, but after brief thinking worriedly asked.

    “Junior Li is right. According to our knowledge, this formation will have one Sea Race Crystal Level practitioner guarding it every day. This is no exception even during each time they fight with us humans sects. But there is no need to worry about this person, as there will be another two groups of people who will act as decoys to draw him away. Our mission is the destroy the formation as fast as possible, and then snatch that perfect tier spirit totem.” Xue Feng replied in a detailed manner.

    “I understand.” Having heard this, Liu Ming’s expression softened slightly.

    Yun, rolling his eyeballs, asked with some curiosity:

    “Senior Mo, Senior Xue Feng, do you know how the other two groups of people will be attracting the attention of the Crystal Level practitioner? In ordinary circumstances, since this Sea Race practitioner is responsible for guarding the formation, he wouldn’t easily leave, would he? There won’t be any accidents then, would there?”

    “The two of us have no knowledge on this. But since the ancestors of the various sects were the ones who decided on the plan, they probably have complete certainty of how things will go.” Upon hearing this, the lady in the green shirt slowly stopped smiling, and for the first time, replied in a serious tone.

    “Hehheh, I understand.” Yun blinked and replied as if he just remembered something.

    Liu Ming saw this and looked at the teenager with some surprise, unsure if he really did understand, or merely pretended to understand. Anyway, Liu Ming was confused and had no idea how the other two groups of people would attract the Sea Race cultivator away.

    But all this would be revealed tomorrow, and he was too lazy to think more about this issue.

    Thus, for the time afterward, all five people began adjusting their breaths and resting their minds in preparation for the important battle tomorrow.

    The morning of the second day, when the red sun had just risen above the horizon, in both the directions of the human city and the Sea Race city, there was the stir of movement.

    On the side of the human race’s various sects, various flying ships and battle chariots neatly rose to the skies. Arranged in formation based on their own sects, they marched forward.

    However, as compared to the several past times, amidst the formation of the humans were seven or eight incomparably gigantic objects that were not previously there. Each one was at least three or four thousand feet in height.

    The three most eye-catching of them were up to ten thousand feet huge.

    One was a pitch black mountain peak, with countless red and cyan-colored glyphs floating above it.

    Another was a cyan city of wood, its city walls were lined with countless squads of human-shaped puppets, all armored, holding dagger-axes, or carrying crossbows, tightly packed together to a total of almost a thousand of them altogether.

    Another was a palace, completely blood-red with blood mist all around it. Hazy shadows of beasts appearing occasionally, along with vague and mysterious beast roars.

    Besides this, the Yuan Demon Sect’s and the two other sects’ reinforcements formed a battle formation, closely following behind the five sects.

    As for the Sea Race on the other side, after the appearance of a black cloud in the skies, they directed waves of seawater and marched towards the human sects.

    They had the same tightly packed formation of sea beasts, seabirds that filled the skies, and ferocious Sea Race warriors walking across water. However, they had a similar addition of more than ten gigantic demonic beasts, each one more than a thousand feet in size.

    There were also three floating islands crafted of shells of various colors, thousands of acres large, which followed closely behind these sea beasts.

    The floating island was full of armored Sea Race guards, each one with heavy auras, evidently the true elites of the Sea Race.

    However, the scales of the Sea Race on the three floating islands were very much different. They were pale cyan, crimson, and light silver, each representing the Cyan Scale, Red Scale, Silver Scale Clan, the three Sea Race clans in the area near the Yun Chuan seas.

    For the battle this time, surprisingly, neither the humans or the Sea Race immediately charged at each other’s battle formations like before. Instead, with a distance of several thousands of feet in between them, they held back their disciples and their clansman, stopping where they were.

    “This old man is Cyan Scale Race’s Dong Taiqing. Which fellow on the side of the humans can speak for the various sects?” On the side of the Sea Race, on one of the floating islands, a dignified elderly in a purple robe suddenly rose to the sky. With some swaying, he mysteriously appeared between the two battle formations, asking calmly at the humans.

    His words caused a commotion on the side of the humans, but after a brief moment, a silhouette emerged floating from the cyan city of wood, saying coldly:

    “So it is Fellow Dong. I can represent the words of the other fellows.”

    This person wore a white monk robe, her face exceptionally stern. It was Leng Yue.

    “So it is Fellow Leng Yue of the Heavenly Moon Sect. Have you recovered from your injuries?” The purple-robed old man observed Leng Yue, his face showing an expression of surprise.

    “Hmph, this is thanks to you Sea Race. But fortunately I have a tough life and I’m fine now.” Upon hearing this, Leng Yue’s gaze became even harsher.

    “Heh heh, your injuries cannot be attributed to this old man. Those were done by those guys over at the Silver Scale Race. According to my opinion, with the strength of the Sea Race, why would we need to use these underhanded means? All we needed to do was just invade Yun Chuan continent.” The purple-robed old man heard this but only replied with a laugh.

    “If that is the case, what is there to be said between you and me?” Upon hearing this, Leng Yue furrowed her eyebrows.

    “The reason I appeared here is only to give the sects of the Da Xuan Country one last chance. If you five sects are willing to give up the Da Xuan Country and retreat to the neighboring human countries, I can guarantee that all disciples under the five sects can leave safely. Otherwise, once this battle starts, you sects of the Da Xuan Country might truly be facing the demise of your sects.” Dong Taiqing narrowed his eyes while speaking in a deep, low voice.

    “What an arrogant tone, Fellow Dong! Do you really believe that the result of this battle will end in the demise of the Da Xuan Country’s various sects, but not the genocide of you three Sea Tribes?” Leng Yue heard this but was not affected, and instead replied with a sneer.