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Chapter 268 - Sneak Attack

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 268 - Sneak Attack

    “Has Fellow Yuan Demon already broken the Fake Pill bottleneck, and tried to break the crystal and forge the pill?” This time, Xue Ling, the Crystal Level elite from Hall of Blood, said with an expression of surprise.

    “This, I don’t know. What I said before were just my guesses.” He Jian yawned and said.

    But the other people looked at each other, and not many really believed what the black-armored man said.

    “All right. Even if Fellow Yuan really has potential to condense the True Pill, and become a True Pill Cultivators in legends, far hope does not deal with the matter at hand. This has no direct effect on the war at hand. If we want to defeat the Sea Race’s army in the coming war, this will only be possible if everyone here lends a hand together.” Leng Yue finally recovered her usual calm and said with dignity.

    “That goes without saying. But to be honest, the reinforcements from the inner land were split. On this side, Da Xuan received much fewer numbers-- there are only our three sects. On the other side, there are reinforcements from the Fusion Sect and the other thirteen sects combined. There are seven Crystal Level Cultivators. So, on our side, as long as we don’t lose, we have won. We just have to wait for the reinforcements on the other side to eliminate the other Sea Race group and come back to help us. Then the Sea Race on this side will fall without even fighting. So, in this fight, I think it’s better to put safety first.” The violet-robed woman said with a smile.

    “Master Shi, this is bad! We are facing the aggressive Sea Race. How can we pin everything on a different battleground? What if something untoward happens on that field? No matter what, in the next war, we must still give it our all. We can’t be optimistic.”

    Ye Tianmei, hearing this, said with a raise of one eyebrow.

    “Since Sister Ye thinks so, I don’t have a different opinion. But the disciples of our Ten Thousand Wonders Sect do not specialize in fighting head-on, and I don’t intend to sit and watch them as they die or get badly injured. Otherwise, I’ll have a hard time explaining to the sect when I go back.” The violet-robed woman replied.

    As soon as these words left her mouth, Ling Yu and several others frowned.

    “Don’t worry! If it’s fighting the enemy head-on, leave it to us, the Yuan Demon Sect. Our disciples enjoy a good fight. You Ten Thousand Wonders are skilled in concealment. At that time, you only need to coordinate with us. That will be enough,” He Jian waved a hand ostentatiously and said as if it were no cause for concern.

    Hearing this, the violet-robed woman agreed immediately.

    “The Zhao De Sect does not specialize in fighting the way the Yuan Demon Sect does, but in support and coordinating formations, we do have some ability. At the time, we will also teach the Sea Race a lesson they won’t forget.” Gu Changfeng from the Zhao De Sect said with a smile.

    Leng Yue’s eyes flashed, and she said, “Fellow He, your three sects’ disciples’ abilities perfectly complement each other. In addition, you have never worked with our five sects. Then, you might as well go to the fight on your own. You don’t need to mix with the likes of our disciples. At the time, you three sects only need to restrain the Sea Race’s strength as much as you can. As for directly defeating the Sea Race’s army, let us five sects do it. But if the other side sends out Crystal Level elites, then we still hope that you three personally lend us a hand.”

    On hearing this, Martial Uncle Yan, Ling Yu, and the others did not feel any surprise. They had discussed this before.

    “No problem at all! We will handle the Sea Race’s Crystal Level elites!” He Jian, hearing this, agreed at once.

    The violet-robed woman and Gu Changfeng also did not raise opposition. It looked as if this also suited their wishes.

    To their three sects, if their disciples were to make a formation of their own, then they could avoid being used by the sects of Da Xuan Country as a sacrifice.

    “A pity. If there were a few more Crystal Level elites here, our chances of winning the battle would go up by a lot.” Martial Uncle Yan suddenly interrupted with a sigh.

    “Brother Yan, it isn’t that our sects aren’t willing to lend you our strength completely. It’s that we also have our own enemies. If we exhaust all our power and leave the sects without strength, the enemy might spring a surprise attack. After all, not all the sects from the inner land sent reinforcement.” Gu Changfeng said with some embarrassment.

    “That makes sense, and we understand. That’s why we from Da Xuan Country are endlessly grateful for the reinforcements you three bring. If we from Da Xuan Country can overcome this situation, we will definitely remember this great kindness.” Leng Yue said respectfully. She still did not smile, but anyone could hear that she said these words sincerely.

    Martial Uncle Yan and the others followed suit and gave similar thanks.

    To people such as them, they need not make oaths. They could represent their sect and acknowledge the favor the three sects had done them.

    The violet-robed woman and the others, seeing this, smiled at each other, then said some polite words in response.

    In the remaining time, the Crystal Level elites began to discuss the plans for facing the enemy three days from now.

    Initially, they had already prepared a plan. But since the Sea Race had responded in a surprising way, they now intended to create an even more thorough plan, so as to be absolutely sure of this fight.

    Two days later, a line of people left the city quietly, under a firm restrictive protection. They made a long detour, then rose into the air and flew carefully toward the Sea Race.

    In this group of people was Liu Ming, Zhang Xiuniang, and the Yun youth. There were another man and woman, both with extraordinarily strong presences. By their attire, they were Spirit Masters from the Firestorm Way and the Hall of Blood and they both seemed to have late-level liquid realm cultivation status.

    The man wore a blood-red robe and was about forty years old. He was handsome, and his hair was white. On his back, he carried an ordinary-looking broadsword but he gave off an inexplicable aura of sombreness.

    The woman was a green-robed beauty with an incredibly good figure. She was well-proportioned, and her face was extraordinarily pale and soft, with a light blush. She was very striking.

    In the woman’s hand was an intricate golden plate; a semi-transparent curtain of light emanated from it and completely covered the line of people beneath.

    If someone were to look in this direction from afar, they would not see the translucent light curtain and see only an empty patch of air. They would not discover the tracks of Liu Ming’s five-person party.

    After an hour had passed, the five people finally saw an enormous lake, several tens of thousands of acres large, appear before them.

    In the middle of the lake floated a large city, no smaller than the sects’ but with extraordinarily quaint architecture. The inside was made up completely of semicircular structures and gave off an air of secrecy.

    Near the city, the blurry silhouettes of several large sea-beasts could be seen moving. Who knew how many more sea-beasts rested in the depths of the lake.

    Above the surface of the lake were Sea Race guards riding large sea-birds. They circled an area several hundred meters larger than the lake, patrolling

    If Liu Ming and the others were not still far from the lake and concealed by the hiding treasure, they might really have been discovered by these Sea Race.

    The group stopped.

    The green-robed woman observed the large island in the distance, then said something to the white-haired youth in a low voice. Then she wordlessly pointed down.

    Everyone, concealed by the light curtain, immediately dropped into the sparse forest beneath.

    Without another word from the green-robed woman, the white-haired man waved his sleeve, and a ball of yellow light flew out. When it reached the floor, it became a dark yellow pangolin several tens of feet long.

    The white-haired man dressed in the Hall of Blood’s attire quietly said a few sentences, and the beast began to move. It dug quickly, and mounds of dirt flew up from beneath it.

    After two hours had passed, Liu Ming and the others were in a small hole more than three hundred feet underground.

    “All right. Now the Sea Race have no way to discover our movements. You all can talk now.” The green-robed woman stuck the golden plate into an area near the mouth of the hole, and exhaled lightly and said.

    Her voice was soft but extraordinarily pleasant.

    “Senior Mo, now can you tell the three of us what this mission is?” Yun had endured the question for a long time, and now that he heard this, he asked immediately.

    “Before you three set out, did you receive any hints or news?” The green-robed woman replied with a slight smile.

    “No. I was called by Senior Sect Leader and told that there was an important mission concerning the outcome of the war that I needed to do. And that I just have to listen to Senior Mo’s and Senior Xue Feng’s instructions from now on.” Yun replied without hesitation.

    “Me too,” Zhang Xiuniang said slowly.

    Liu Ming only nodded with no change in expression, but he felt worried.

    The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader had also sent him out like this and had even let him take the Thousand Skeleton Demon.

    So, even though he did not know the full details of this mission, he knew that it was definitely very dangerous.

    Senior Mo replied, “So the measures taken to maintain secrecy were done very well. Actually, aside from Xue Feng, me, and some of the Crystal Level elders, even the sect leaders do not know much about this mission we are going on. They only know that for this mission we need to borrow from the sects a great strength, second only to the Crystal Level, in order to complete it.”

    Hearing this, Liu Ming and the others looked at each other.

    None of them had thought that they were the ‘strength second only to the Crystal Level’ of their respective sects.

    “So it’s something like this. Senior, would you please elaborate further?” Zhang Xiuniang’s expression of surprise faded, and she said carefully.

    “It’s simple. Our objective is to destroy the Sea Race’s main camp-- that floating city we just saw!” The white-haired youth finally said coldly.