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Chapter 267 - 援兵

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 267 - 援兵

    Chapter 267 - Reinforcements

    When he opened the other storage bracelet, the items inside were ordinary: a few spirit stones, pills, and several bone awls that he saw before. There was nothing precious.

    But even like this, Liu Ming was satisfied with these two Sea Race Spirit Masters collections.

    Disregarding the other things, there were already two hundred thousand or so of the mid-to-high tier spirit stones. This left him much more relaxed than before.

    This was not unexpected. These were the treasures of two Spirit Masters. Even though they did not carry all of it with them, it was definitely not comparable to that an ordinary Spirit Apostle would carry.

    In the subsequent time, he closed his eyes. He clenched his fists to channel the medicinal energy, and began to heal his wounds.

    At the same time, rumors spread throughout the city that Liu Ming had killed two Sea Race Spirit Masters in this fight, one of which was a middle stage Spirit Master. And that he had escaped with his life from a strike from one the Sea Race’s Crystal Level elites.

    The disciples of the Barbarian Ghost Sect spoke with pride of this new ‘Martial Uncle Liu’ to the disciples of other sects.

    The disciples of other sects mostly half-believed it, but some completely disbelieved it.

    Two days later, when the scoreboards recording the outcomes of fights had been put up all around the city, Liu Ming’s name was first in place with three thousand points of merit. This shocked all the sects.

    This was not to say that the others were unable to kill Sea Race Spirit Masters of the same level. But they had demonstrated their strength in the previous great wars, so the weaker Sea Race naturally would not come to them when that would mean certain death.

    In addition, the Sea Race responded to the humans that surpassed them by sending people who could subdue them.

    Zhang Xiuniang, after participating in the last great war, was occupied fighting two middle stage liquid realm Sea Race practitioners who were skilled in defensive tactics. Though her sharp Flying Sword tactics were unparalleled, they could not break through the strong combined defenses of her two opponents.

    It was a great accomplishment that she could hold up two middle-stage Liquid State Sea Race practitioners, but this was still a far cry from Liu Ming, who had killed two opponents.

    The news also spread that Liu Ming had mastered sword tactics, and had fought against Zhang Xiuniang without losing.

    Instantly, Liu Ming’s name became known among all the Spirit Masters and the disciples of every sect.

    Some even spoke of Liu Ming and Zhang Xiuniang in the same breath and acknowledged outright that he had the same high ability as Zhang Xiuniang.

    Liu Ming did not know of this turn of events. He was silently healing his wounds.

    During this time, the Sea Race sent a large army to attack the city again.

    Liu Ming had not yet exited when he received the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader’s message to stay where he was and ignore the impending fight.

    The reasons being first that he was still injured, and it was not convenient for him to fight a strong enemy. Secondly, he had already earned a lot of merits, and no longer needed to put himself in danger. He needed only to focus on the final fight and make preparations.

    Liu Ming was surprised on receiving this message but had no intention of opposing it.

    In the next two months, after completely healing his wounds, he quietly continued to practice the Sword Technique.

    After all, this secret technique could improve his skills the fastest, and it was the one he was most likely to master before the decisive battle.

    The merit points he had gained were the sects’ way of rewarding people who had made achievements in the battle with the Sea Race. They could be exchanged for goods from the sects of many kinds, including totems, Cultivation Methods, medicine tablets, and glyphs.

    Liu Ming did not stand on courtesy. He used these merit points to redeem several medicinal tablets that improved Spirit Masters’ Fa Li. In the remaining time, he used his own Fa Li to undergo another step of intense improvement, to the point that he had almost reached the middle stage of the liquid realm.

    In this time, he occasionally ventured out and learned that the Crystal Level elite cultivators had again fought a tremendous battle against the Sea Race elites.

    Even though the sects were at a disadvantage due to numbers, several of the elite cultivators had used their last resort methods and had narrowly avoided complete defeat.

    Thus, the agreement continued between the two races that Crystal Level elite cultivators were not allowed to enter the war.

    But the words the Sea Race elites had spoken before they left suggested that they were not satisfied with the outcome of this fight, and likely would challenge the various sects’ Crystal Level cultivators again before long.

    Today, as Liu Ming trained in the stone house, he heard cheers from outside. His heart jumped and he walked outside.

    In the surrounding air and on the city walls were disciples of various sects, all of whom were unusually excited. They pointed to somewhere in the distance.

    Liu Ming narrowed his eyes and leaped into the air. His cloud rose to a thousand feet high in the air before stopping. He looked in the direction they had been pointing.

    In the distance, large boats of many colors had appeared, each one was over a thousand feet long. They were all packed with human knights.

    Near the fleet of boats were countless flying vehicles and birds. On them were small groups of human cultivators, all rushing toward the city.

    “Haha. Do you see the silver symbol on that ship? That’s the symbol of the Zhao De Sect from the inner land. Among their disciples are the seven late-stage liquid realm cultivators, called the Seven Children of Zhao De. All of them have astonishing potential to advance to the Crystal Level.”

    “Those veiled girls are likely from the Ten Thousand Wonders sect. They only accept female disciples, each of which is skilled in charm. Excellent cultivators partners that many male disciples from the mainland would likely want to marry.”

    “So what? Do you see the black-armored people on that black iron ship? Those are the disciples of Yunchuan Mainland’s premier sect, Yuan Demon Sect. It’s said that among them is a terrifying disciple that has a Heavenly Spiritual Pulse. He advanced to the middle stage of the liquid realm before he was thirty. He also has the terrifying ability of being able to defeat others that are of a higher cultivation level It is said that he is the person with the most potential on Yunchuan Continent. I also heard that the elder of the Yuan Demon Sect is the most powerful person on Yunchuan, and has already trained to the Crystal Level’s limit, the Fake Pill realm. He is only one step from the True Golden Pill.”

    “With these three sects cooperating, the Da Xuan Country does not need to worry about anything anymore.”


    Not far from Liu Ming, some Barbarian Ghost Sect disciples talked excitedly. The strength of these reinforcements was very surprising. They no longer had to worry that they might not win this fight.

    At this time, from the middle of the city came a woman’s voice:

    “Da Xuan is grateful for getting the three great sect fellows of Yuan Demon, Ten Thousand Wonders, and Zhao De to help out. Leng Yue, representing the Heavenly Moon Sect, expresses endless thanks to the sects.”

    “Oh, it’s Fellow Leng Yue! I had heard that you had been ambushed and were now bedridden. How do you, now...” Another bright voice, filled with surprise, came from one of the ships.

    “You must be Yuan Demon Sect’s Fellow He Jian. Yes, I was plotted against. But I have undergone treatment and these wounds are nothing now.” The speaker was really Elder Leng Yue from the Heavenly Moon Sect.

    Hearing this, He Jian of the Yuan Demon Sect laughed and replied, “Haha, very good. If Fellow Leng Yue has re-emerged, then I think eliminating the Sea Race will be no problem at all.”

    The group of boats in the distance rumbled and flew near.

    Liu Ming’s expression turned thoughtful as he saw this.

    The disciples of the three large sects had arrived in the city, making it much more cramped than before. At the same time, the three sects’ elders discussed with the Heavenly Moon and Barbarian Sects various matters regarding the Sea Race and quickly made detailed plans.

    Early the next day, the sects sent a messenger to arrange a decisive fight with the Sea Race in three days.

    Somewhat unexpectedly, the Sea Race did not fear the humans’ challenge at all and agreed immediately.

    The messenger had just returned from the Sea Race camp. In the hall in the middle of the city, the human Crystal Level elite cultivators gathered and listened to the messenger’s account of the Sea Race’s answer and reaction.

    “So, the Sea Race does not have any doubts at all about our challenge. They even seem happy!” Elder Leng Yue’s eyes flashed coldly as she said.

    “These Sea Race bastards. What are they thinking? They know we have reinforcements. Yet they still agreed so quickly. Surely there’s no plot here?” Ling Yu of the Nine Enchantment Sect stroked his beard. He seemed hesitant.

    “The Sea Race’s reaction is indeed somewhat strange! But since we have issued this invitation, we can’t back down. But just for precaution, we should still think through how we are going to fight this battle.” A green-robed elder with his head wrapped said slowly.

    Among the people present, aside from the Crystal Level elite cultivators and this elder, was also a pleasant-faced violet-robed lady, and an intimidating man in black armor with bronze skin and glittering eyes.

    Fellow Gu Changfeng is right. This war with the Sea Race will determine the safety of Da Xuan, and even other kingdoms. It's a pity that Martial Brother Yuan started to take a life or death retreat a few years ago, and could not go with the reinforcements. Otherwise, we would not need to concern ourselves this much. The Martial Brother's ability is enough to take on all comers from the Sea Race. The black-armored man said with a 'heh'.

    Ye Tianmei, who sat beside the Elder Leng Yue, raised an eyebrow and said, “I have heard that in the history of your sect, the strongest person takes the name of the Yuan Demon. This generation’s Yuan Demon is someone who has the terrifying battle record of having defeated five Crystal Level elite cultivators working together, and all the sects name him to be the most powerful person on Yunchuan continent. A pity. I have only advanced to the Crystal Level for a short time, and have not personally witnessed the Yuan Demon’s deeds. This is regrettable. But, fellow practitioners, you must know-- why did this Martial Brother close the life or death retreat?”

    “Martial Brother did not say much more before he started to close the gate. But since it is the life or death retreat, either his time was approaching, or he felt an opportunity to break through, and prepared to try to break through again. And Martial Brother Yuan is in his prime, so the latter is more likely.” The large black-armored man did not dare hesitate to answer Ye Tianmei’s question, but there was a hint of pride in his words.

    Hearing this, the elites from various sects could not hide their surprise!