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Chapter 266- Egg of the Sacred Beas

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 266- Egg of the Sacred Beast

    “Those of the Sea Race have retreated. The attack from them this time had quite an anticlimactic end. Since they have retreated, the few of us should return to the city to have a discussion. This time, and for the first time, the Sea Race’s Crystal Level practitioners acted in disregard of the pact. This is something we cannot neglect to guard against.” Ye Tianmei spoke when she saw the retreating army, the tip of her eyebrow slightly raised.

    “Mm, this occurrence is indeed unusual, our sects need to have a thorough discussion.” Martial Uncle Yan spoke with a solemn expression when he heard Ye Tianmei.

    The two quickly used hidden messages to discuss with the few other Crystal Level practitioners in the city behind, then immediately gave out the order to retreat as well.

    Thus the allied army of the multiple sects put out their flying ships and war chariots, combed and tidied the battlefield. After finding the dead bodies of their fallen comrades, they brought them back to the city they were occupying.

    Although the battle this time did not last very long, both sides still suffered deaths and injuries numbering in the hundred. This made those acquainted unavoidably low-spirited.

    Once they arrived back at the city, Martial Uncle Yan did not pursue Liu Ming for the means he used to receive the fatal blow by the withering old man. Instead, he only gave Liu Ming some advice, before hurriedly leaving to meet with the Crystal Level practitioners of the other sects.

    Naturally, Liu Ming was in no mood to deal with others, and after greeting some people from his own sect rushed back to where he was staying.

    He had just crossed his legs and sat down in the stone house. He immediately took off the layers of clothes he had on, revealing the Dragon Scale Armor attached to his skin.

    On his back, the center of a crimson scale which was positioned to cover his heart was dented several inches inwards and the area beneath the scale was bruised black and swollen.

    After Liu Ming used his mental strength to sense the condition of his back, he couldn't help but wince.

    Obviously, if he didn't have this Dragon Scale Armor, he would definitely have died this time.

    A simple blow by a Crystal Level practitioner had such terrifying might, it was no wonder that every sect considered the existence of a practitioner of this level to be the basis and foundation of a sect.

    He, on the other hand, having killed that Sea Race spirit master named Li Sha, had caught the eye of such a terrifying existence. Just thinking about it sent chills throughout his body.

    Fortunately, the various sects and the Sea Race were mortal enemies. This Sea Race Crystal Level practitioner was being kept in check by Martial Uncle Yan and the other human practitioners, and couldn't easily attack Liu Ming.

    As long as he was more cautious in the future battles, there shouldn't be a chance of him facing this existence alone.

    Liu Ming silently brooded for a moment and calmed his mind, then he moved his arm, and slapped a cyan glyph he had earlier taken out, on his back.

    Pale white radiance circulated about the bruised area, and soon the color and the swelling was gone. The bruise was indistinguishable from the skin around it.

    But these were only surface wounds, and even without the use of a glyph, with his resilient body, it would have healed very quickly.

    The true problem was the intense shock damage to his internal organs from that one blow.

    Even with the help of pills, this kind of wounds still probably wouldn’t completely heal in a matter of weeks.

    As Liu Ming was thinking about all this, he had already retrieved several pills and quickly swallowed them. After thinking for a moment more, he shook his sleeve.

    Out came two mass of black light, which emitted a “wu wu” sound as it spun and turned into two black bracelets inlaid with seashells floating silently in the air before him.

    Liu Ming motioned with a single hand and grabbed one of the bracelets. After briefly looking at the bracelet, he directed his mental strength into the bracelet.


    Liu Ming let out his voice in surprise, but in the very next moment, he tapped the bracelet with his hand.


    A blue arc of light flew out, and immediately a whole pile of things appeared before him. More than half of the pile was pale blue mid and high tier spirit stones, as well as shells of various colors. The smaller half had some pill bottles, some glyphs and several low tier totems made from animal bones, all of which were identical several inches long tridents meant for throwing.

    But amongst them, the one that was the most eye-catching was an unknown egg the size of a fist. Its surface was covered with purple and red spirit patterns, and the egg itself radiated a vague aura of oppressive might. A single look made it obvious it wasn’t the egg of a common spirit beast.

    Liu Ming, upon seeing this, was surprised. With the scoop of a single hand, the purple beast egg was steadily attracted to his palm.

    But the at the very instant his fingers touched the egg, a loud “crack” suddenly rang out, as several arcs of purple electricity surged out of the egg.

    Although it didn’t look very threatening, the electricity still numbed his palm.

    Liu Ming was shocked.

    This egg was the egg of a lightning type spirit beast. Given that to be the case, as long as this beast didn’t have limited future potential, it would be unbelievably valuable.

    Moreover, this was the first time Liu Ming had even heard of electric arcs that were purple in color.

    Liu Ming held the purple egg with both hands, his expression betraying a mix of motions.

    At the same time, in the skies above the direction of where the Sea Race’s army had retreated, atop a huge flying cart with extremely exquisite detail pulled by nine silver flying fish, a refined Sea Race man wearing blue armor spoke to a withering old man beside him with an expression that resembled a smile.

    “Brother Li is indeed most courageous. To think you would charge into the middle of the human army, and face two practitioners of equal level to you and escaped unscathed, especially with one of them being a famous sword practitioner of the human race. Tsk, tsk, if this news was known to everyone, it would no doubt raise Brother Li’s reputation by several fold.”

    “Fellow, are you mocking me!” The withering old man was already wearing a solemn expression, and upon hearing this, burst into rage.

    “Heihei, I wouldn’t dare. That said, the mere loss of the life a nephew couldn’t have made you lose your cool, and risk your own life to deal with a mere human spirit master, could it? If my memory serves me right, Brother Li had at least seventeen or eighteen nephews, if not thirty or forty.” The man in blue armor spoke after looking at the old man from the corner of his eyes.

    “Hmph, what do you know! Li Sha could not be compared to the rest of my nephews. Not only did he possess nine Lightning Spiritual Pulses since birth, he even had an innate talent which gave him boundless strength. He had the most possibility of reaching the Crystal Level amongst all my nephews.” A light flashed in the eyes of the withering old man, but he spared no courtesy in his reply.

    “Is that truly the case? Don’t keep things from me, Brother Li. Even if Li Sha was your most valued nephew, individuals at our level would, at the very best, only pay more attention to him. No matter how I think about it, this shouldn’t have made you risk your own life. After all, your attack this time could very well incite an attack from the human race and ruin the plan we had previously discussed. Who could bear the consequences of that happening?” The expression of the man in blue armor soured when he heard the old man’s words.

    “Fellow Yu, are you threatening me?” The withering old man narrowed his eyes, his pupils filled with hostility.

    “This is hardly a threat. I am just very curious as to the reason Brother Li would commit such an act. After all, this plan to invade Yun Chuan Continent was something planned by our Races for several hundreds of years. I will not allow for any occurrences to affect its success. However, I am indeed not one of the Silver Scale Race, and naturally cannot decide what you do, but I suppose your race’s leader’s words might hold some weight.” The man in blue armor removed his sour expression from his face and calmly said.

    The withering old man’s expression turned a harsh green upon hearing this. Both of eyes were fixated on the man in blue armor, and his hands within his sleeves were balled into fists, looking as if he was about to attack in a fit of anger and frustration.

    But the man in blue armor despite seeing all this, acted as if he did not notice, and only calmly and silently looked at the old man.

    “Fine. You win.

    But after hearing this, you had best keep it to yourself. Forever. Otherwise, I might have to ask to experience Fellow Yu’s powers again.” Finally, the old man spat out, his tone cold as ice.

    “There’s no need to worry, Brother Li. As long as what you have to say does not affect our races’ plan, I will keep it a secret.” Upon hearing this, the man in blue armor smiled gladly.

    The old man saw his companion’s smile, but internally he was overwhelmingly upset. After a very long wait, he slowly began to speak:

    “My nephew had with him… a mutated lightning type egg spawned by the sacred beast of our Silver Scale Race not long ago.”

    “What? The egg of the sacred beast of your race? And a lightning type one? Have you gone insane?” The man in blue armor who had previously been smiling had an instant change of expression and almost leaped as he yelled at the old man.

    “What are you so excited about? Although it is a mutated sacred beast egg, the egg had congenital deficiencies and has next to no chance of actually hatching. At best it could have been used to concoct pills. The reason I lent it to Li Sha was simply to let him improve his control over lightning using the mutated lightning abilities of the egg. I would have never thought that this idiot would have let himself be killed by a mere human beginning spirit master, and lose the egg along with his life. It’s only because of this that I had no choice but to risk myself and attempt to take back the egg.” The withering old man explained grimly.

    “So it was only a mutated dead egg after all. Such a shame. If it hadn’t been the case, your honored race could have had the terrifying battle strength of another Crystal Level. Having said that, even if it was a dead egg, it’s still extremely valuable. If used well, it would bring about tremendous benefits even for existences like you and I. But don’t worry, I keep my word. I will keep the secret for you. But looking at Brother Li, it seems you won’t give up on that human brat so easily. You still want the sacred egg back. If the time comes, do you want my help?” The man in blue armor finally relaxed after hearing the explanation and asked with a smile.

    “I am only dealing with a mere human spirit master. Does fellow think I need the help of another person?” The withering old man’s eyebrows straightened, and he spoke, visibly upset.

    “Haha, it seems I have misspoken. Hopefully, Brother Li can indeed fulfill his goal in the future.” The man in blue armor laughed but kept up the courtesy after a quick thought.

    This time, the withering old man only snorted, and did not say anything more.

    Inside the stone house situated within the human city, Liu Ming put the purple egg in his hands into a crystalline jade box. After shutting the box together, he solemnly attached several glyphs onto the box.

    After an examination previously, although he didn’t manage to identify what beast the egg belonged to, he could still tell that the life force within was extremely weak.

    Thus, he intended to seal the egg and wait for an opportunity to have someone identify it, and see if it was truly worth the huge effort to save or hatch the egg.