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Chapter 265 - The Crystal Level Spirit Master Steps In

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 265 - The Crystal Level Spirit Master Steps In

    At a time unbeknownst to him, Liu Ming appeared not more than three meters from him and was throwing a golden fist at him.

    Before Liu Ming really punched out, a force with enough strength to terrify the Sea Race youth poured out of it.

    Li Sha automatically moved his two arms, placing the two giant hammers in front of himself.

    “Hong” – a boom rang out.

    The golden fist struck solidly between the two hammers.

    Li Sha felt his arms grow numb, and the two hammers involuntarily opened up. At the same time, he stepped backward, unable to stop himself.

    His expression began as one of surprise but instantly turned hideous. His mouth suddenly opened, and out spouted a small blood-colored shield which, with a turn, transformed into a blood-colored light curtain and protected him within it.

    “Ha ha, with this shield of blood and fat, you would be deluding yourself if you think you can hurt me.” With a maniacal laugh, Li Sha finally managed to stop himself with a shake of his body.

    However, at this moment, Liu Ming, who was standing across from him, opened his golden fist and a black ball sitting within it radiated outwards. After disappearing for a moment, it transformed into a ball of black haze which severely attacked the blood-colored light curtain.

    An astonishing scene unfolded!

    After a muffled noise, the blood-colored light curtain was shattered by the black ball. The black ball then became hazy for a moment before attacking the Sea Race youth right on the chest.

    Li Sha cried out in pain as a large bloody cavity appeared on his bosom. The Symbol Qi protecting him now utterly ineffective. With a heave and a face full of fear, his body burst into bloody rain.

    This Middle Liquid Level Sea Race Spirit Master was thus killed off by Liu Ming.

    With a few movements, Liu Ming removed himself from the path of the blood rain, at the same time beckoning in front of himself with one of his hands.

    “Sou!” “Sou!” “Sou!” – the Jade Shadow Needle, the black ball, and a shell bracelet shot back from across the way, returning to his sleeve with one tug.

    With that, Liu Ming surveyed the scene. After looking at the two seemingly extraordinary large silver hammers, he hesitated for a moment before casting out two Storage Glyphs.

    After two white clouds rolled passed, he withdrew these two enormous weapons.

    Just as his sleeves rolled up and he withdrew the two Storage Glyphs, a furious cry suddenly pierced his eardrums.

    “Human scoundrel, you dare to take my nephew’s life! I’ll tear you to shreds!”

    The sound rumbled like thunder!

    Even Liu Ming, with his pure cultivation status and tremendous mental strength, was shaken and almost fell to the ground.

    At the same time, a drawn-out howl rang out from behind the Sea Race ranks. A hazy figure shot forth from afar like a ghost, and with a few flashes, appeared on the battlefield.

    All of the Sea Race and humans blocking its movement forward were sent flying backward through the air. The lucky ones sustained massive injuries; the less fortunate ones met their end in a bone-crushing death.

    It was at this moment that Liu Ming finally regained consciousness. He raised his head in astonishment to see a skinny old man in long silver robes not far from him. Face pale and eyes like a dove, the old man was staring at him with fury in his gaze.

    Liu Ming’s heart sank. Almost instinctively, he waved a hand. A shiny black iron tube emerged, and with a “ga beng” sound, a sparkling silk screen moved forward to cover what was coming from across the way. At the same time, with a flash of green light, a green dagger appeared in his other hand. With a single breath, he sent ten-odd daggers slashing towards what was across from him.

    Feet flying, without hesitation, he shot forward like an arrow.

    “Going somewhere? Well, you won’t be leaving alive!”

    The skinny old man let out a groan, turned his sleeve, and grabbed at the air in Liu Ming’s direction, completely ignoring the sparkling silk screen and the ten-odd green daggers.

    There was a “pu” sound.

    A blue flare violently surged from the old man’s body. When the silk screen and the green daggers came near it, it sucked them up and turned them to ash.

    At the same time, Liu Ming, who had fled ten-plus meters away, felt his body sink. A tremendous suction force broke out behind him and pulled him back through the air against his will.

    Liu Ming was terrified. He uttered two incantations with lightning speed, accelerating the activation of the Fa Li within his body. He felt his body sink, and once again stopped, still far away.

    This caused the skinny old man to let out a faint “hiss”. As his face turned sour, he flexed the five fingers of his hand slightly.


    Just at that moment, another sound emanated from behind the Barbarian Ghost Sect, and black aura billowed out from above the skinny old man. An enormous ghost hand covered in green hair shot out from it in a flash and slapped the top of the old man’s head.

    The skinny old man’s complexion changed completely, and he suddenly moved his outstretched palm in a different direction, grabbing at the ghost’s claw.

    “Hong” – a muffled sound like the chime of a clock rang out.

    A ball of green Qi exploded between the ghost’s claw and the old man’s palm. Hurricane winds and earthquake tremors rolled out in all directions, hitting the nearby battalions several times and knocking them to the ground one by one. While this caused a slight loss of Fa Li in some of them, others’ incantations became ineffective and they fell from the sky.

    Though Liu Ming, who was a bit closer to the ball of Qi, managed to keep himself in place, the fierce winds felt like a knife against his face. At the same time, the air grew tight around him and he felt like he was nearly suffocating.

    Liu Ming was terrified.

    Hearing the voice of the person blocking the skinny old man behind him, he knew it was none other than that Martial Uncle Yan. But he also knew that only a Sea Race Crystal Level Spirit Master could match him.

    As it had been a Crystal Level Spirit Master who had just faced off against Martial Uncle Yan, Liu Ming couldn’t help but feel deeply uneasy. With a sudden change of heart, he took out several glyphs and patted them onto his body, and with a turn, he erected several light curtains and jumped backward, out from within the roaring winds, as if his life depended on it.

    Hand still in a deadlock with the ghost’s claw, the skinny old man glanced towards the winds and could see Liu Ming’s moves.

    An ugly expression formed on his face and he immediately raised his arm, pointing a finger in Liu Ming’s direction.


    The furious voice of Martial Uncle Yan rang out from the black aura in the sky and the ghost’s other claw shot downward from the aura, sending down wave upon wave of rancid wind, but it was clearly too late.

    A blue light appeared at the skinny old man’s fingertip, and his fingernail, black and shiny, severed off and shot forward like a bullet, making a “sou” sound as it launched. A moment later it was gone without a trace.

    At almost the same moment, Liu Ming, fleeing backward as if his life depended on it, felt a sudden gloom. That was followed by a burning sensation in his back as he was struck with tremendous force. His mouth opened and several balls of pure blood burst from it.

    His back was immediately consumed by incomparable pain as if it was being torn apart by an awl.

    Seeing Liu Ming right himself as if nothing happened after stumbling around for a few paces, the skinny old man couldn’t help but be shocked. But as he went to attack him again, enraged, a bolt of white silk suddenly appeared out of nowhere and circled around him.

    ”Ye Tianmei!”

    The skinny old man leaped up in shock as if he was a dog and someone had stepped on his tail. He hurriedly shook his two sleeves, instantly producing two gold round cymbals; twirling his body at the same time, he transformed into a golden silhouette.

    Even so, however, the bolt of silk chopped down on him and he gave an earsplitting shriek.

    Nonetheless, there was a “peng” sound a moment later – the golden silhouette struck the bolt of silk and it finally exploded open. However, with a flash of light from its inside, a startling blue rainbow shot out. After a brief haze, it fled far, far away.

    Just at this moment, a roar rang through the air and a green light column descended from the sky, landing precisely on the retreating rainbow.

    A muffled noise sounded from within the rainbow, but with barely a quiver, it continued to retreat at nearly the same speed and returned to the Sea Race army.

    The skinny old man’s voice, dripping with anger and hate, rang out from that direction.

    “Thank you, Goddess Ye and Fellow Yan, I will remember this.”

    “I promise to work myself to the bone to take care of the human hoodlum who killed my nephew and exact my revenge, no matter how long it takes.”

    As his voice faded further into the distance, he left and did not look back.

    The cultivators of the various sects and of the Sea Race, who had been fiercely fighting one another, could not help but look at each other and cease fighting one by one.

    And precisely at this moment, a human silhouette appeared in a flash within the dark aura in the air. An ashen-robed old man, hair on his temples, descended from the sky. It was indeed Martial Uncle Yan.

    However, he did not immediately acknowledge Liu Ming when he made his appearance, but rather rushed towards that bolt of white silk spiraling through the sky. He cupped his hands in front of him in a sign of respect as he spoke the following words:

    “Many thanks to Fellow Ye for her help; Nephew Liu would not otherwise have been able to escape otherwise.”

    “My sect and several of the others hereby join forces. Scoundrel Li disregarded our agreement, entering the battle to finish off a younger disciple. I naturally cannot stand by and watch from the sidelines.”

    Once his words fell, the white bolt of silk began to light up, and a beautiful maiden dressed in white royal robes appeared in the distance. It was none other than Ye Tianmei of the Heavenly Moon Sect.

    But this time, there was a trace of amazement in her gaze as she looked towards Liu Ming.

    As she and the skinny old man were of essentially equal stature, there would be able to fend against the skinny old man’s fingernail hitting herl.

    She was naturally astonished that Liu Ming seemed to have weathered this attack with no visible damage beyond minor blood loss.

    “No matter how you put it, without Fellow’s help, we would not have been able to fight back against Scoundrel Li. Nephew Liu, come forth and thank Elder Ye for saving your life!” Martial Uncle Yan nodded as he spoke and waved a hand in Liu Ming’s direction.

    “Junior sincerely thanks Elder Ye for her help!” Through the searing pain in his back, Liu Ming walked over and spoke to Ye Tianmei with the utmost sincerity.

    “It was nothing. I just never imagined that in the few years that we haven’t seen each other, Nephew Liu has not only mastered the art of sword cultivation but has also entered the ranks of the Spirit Masters!” Hearing Liu Ming’s words, Ye Tianmei spoke with a faint smile.

    “Junior cannot accept this praise. Without the blessing of Elder’s guidance that year, how could Junior have mastered the art of sword cultivation this easily?” Liu Ming remained respectful in his speech.”

    “What? Nephew Liu learned sword cultivation from Fellow Ye?” Martial Uncle Yan, standing beside them, was taken aback.

    At this moment, the long, drawn-out sound of a horn suddenly rang out from behind the Sea Race army. The Sea Race and Sea Beasts at the front of the ranks fled backward like a riptide.

    With a crash, the dark aura in the sky and the seawater on the ground immediately followed suit, and in the blink of an eye, turned into a black line and disappeared without a trace.