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Chapter 264- Li Sha

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 264- Li Sha

    The stink of blood appeared near the gigantic mouth, and a crystalline shark several tens of feet long appeared out of nowhere.

    Not only did this sea beast have a body that was crystal clear, even the bones within its body were smooth, rounded and clear, giving out a mysterious feeling of extraordinary ghostliness.

    Above the crystalline shark, after a brief distortion in the air, a young Sea Race appeared, wearing a white robe and holding hammers in each hand.

    Both hammers were unusually large, and their surfaces gleamed with a silver light.

    The young Sea Race, on the other hand, had a handsome face, a head full of green hair, and on his forehead was a strange inscription glowing a light silver shade, throbbing, expanding and contracting as if it was a living being. His body radiated an aura of strength that struck fear into the hearts of enemies.

    “Middle Liquid Level!”

    Liu Ming assessed with a grim face upon using his mental strength to observe the aura radiated by his opponent.

    “I am Li Sha of the Silver Scale Race. Since this fellow is a sword practitioner, you are qualified to tell me your name.” The young Sea Race nonchalantly said, before smashing his twin hammers together.

    “Bang!” A huge ringing sound spread out, and multiple airwaves rushed outwards in every direction.

    It seemed as if this Li Sha had bottomless strength.

    Liu Ming’s expressions was now a serious one, yet the words from his mouth came slowly.

    “I am Liu Ming of the Barbarian Ghost Sect! Your tone is arrogant and your ego huge, I can only hope your blows are equally as heavy.

    Immediately after finishing the sentence, the short cyan sword in his hand suddenly became a blur, and in one moment he struck and expelled several bundles of cyan sword energy, which instantly merged into one and turned into a huge sword radiance lashing out towards his opponent.

    Upon seeing this, a fierce light surfaced beneath Li Sha’s eyes. With the swing of his arm, one of the huge silver hammers instantly smashed forward.


    Although the cyan sword radiance was sharp, when hit by the immeasurably fierce and overwhelming blow of the huge silver hammer, it dissipated and disappeared almost instantly.

    At the same time, the body of young Sea Race turned abruptly, and with the jerk of his other hand, threw the other huge hammer, which smashed forward with a violent gust of wind and a sound of “sou!”

    Liu Ming only saw a flash of silver from the other side before the huge hammer appeared before him, whistling through the air. The intensity and ferocity of the hammer was so great, it made even his expression turn.

    But right before the violent gust of wind could arrive in front of him, he quickly weaved signs with a single hand and his body fluttered and rose, amazingly avoiding his opponent’s blow with ease.

    Upon seeing this, the young Sea Race frowned, but instantly reached his hand out into the air and made a grabbing motion.

    The hammer that was avoided by Liu Ming immediately hummed and rose into the air once more, smashing repeatedly towards where Liu Ming was.

    Suddenly, wild gusts of wind started blowing in the air nearby, and everywhere was blinking projections of the silver hammer.

    However, even with this, Liu Ming remained like a willow sailing along with the wind, unharmed regardless of how heavy and concentrated the hammer projections become.

    Li Sha saw this, snorted coldly, and with the sudden weaving of signs with one hand, the crystalline shark below him instantly shook its tail, and in the midst of flashing lights, disappeared into thin air.

    Simultaneously, the young Sea Race’s other arm moved, and the second huge hammer also morphed into bundles of hammer projections crashing towards the other side.

    In the blink of an eye, everywhere around Liu Ming was filled with layers and layers of hammer projections, and even with the complexity and wonder of his body movement technique, Liu Ming’s situation was precarious. Several times he had dodged a silver hammer, only to almost get hit by another one the very next moment.

    But what made Liu Ming worry the most was instead that strange shark that had disappeared.

    This sea beast’s Invisibility Technique was extraordinarily complex and unusual, he had almost died to it earlier.

    A thought flashed across Liu Ming’s mind, and using a single hand, he tapped his forehead, and a huge mental strength burst out. At the same time, his short cyan sword disappeared in a flash, replaced by a small pale blue flag which unfolded in the wind and turned 10 feet long.

    Just then, another huge hammer whistled through the air and smashed towards his head.

    Liu Ming, despite this, smiled and didn’t dodge. Instead, he waved the blue banner flag before him, and countless blue inscriptions surfaced, along with layer after layer of blue water curtains which quickly enveloped Liu Ming.


    The huge hammer crashed upon the curtains, shattering two of the outer layers upon contact, but was forcibly stopped by the third water curtain.

    Upon seeing this, Li Sha who had been in the distance, howled, and both of his hands weaved signs with flying speed to call upon the other hammer.


    The other silver hammer appeared above the blue water curtain in a blur and fiercely crashed downwards, right into the other huge hammer.

    The might of two hammers instantly merged into one, and with the sound of an explosion, dissipated the final layer of the water curtain in a single blow.

    Yet, the very next moment, Li Sha’s pupil contracted.

    It was empty below the third water curtain, without even a shred of a silhouette of his opponent.

    Just then, in the air not far away from the young Sea Race, wisps of blue light suddenly surfaced, and after gathering in the middle, a pale blue silhouette mysteriously appeared.

    Li Sha violently turned his hand, and stared squarely at the blue silhouette, the edge of his mouth betraying a trace of cold, grim gin.


    A gigantic mouth surfaced near the blue silhouette and snapped shut with lightning quick speed, severing the silhouette at the waist into two with a single bite.

    It was the crystalline shark that had gone into hiding.

    But before the young Sea Race could even muster a trace of a smile, the broken corpse of the blue silhouette turned into wisps of blue light and dissipated into the air.

    Then, the entire body of the crystalline shark appeared nearby in a flash.

    “Water Shadow Technique! Cyan Scale Race’s Essence Water Flag! How did it fall into the hands of a human?” Upon seeing this, Li Sha exclaimed in surprise.

    Just then, a mass of black energy surfaced out of thin air above the crystalline shark, and after a quick spin, suddenly morphed into a black whirlpool 10 feet wide. At the same time, a dull sound rang from within the whirlpool, and with a flash of golden light, a golden fist pounded downwards from within, fiercely smashing upon the long skull of the sea beast below.

    “Boom!” A huge ringing that shook the ground and the air spread out.

    A mass of golden light instantly exploded below.

    With a sorrowful wail, the sea beast’s skull caved in and exploded, countless pieces of blood, meat and shattered bone splattered around, and the broken and damaged corpse slackened and fell from the sky.

    It was obvious that this beast was utterly and completely dead.

    Next, an obscure silhouette swayed within the black energy, and Liu Ming calmly appeared.

    “How dare you hurt my precious beast! I’ll have your life to pay for this!” The young Sea Race saw the scene unfold, but had absolutely no time to save the sea beast, and was so angered such that his eyebrows sloped almost vertically upwards.

    This crystalline shark that had the ability to hide its body was one he had committed many resources to bring up, and one that, to some extent, had a small chance of evolving into a Crystal Level Demonic Beast. To have it pulverized and killed in front of his eyes in such a manner, how could it not have angered him.

    The youth quickly weaved signs with both hands, and the two huge hammers in the distance shot backward in a flash, and after a blur, steadily landed in his hands.

    Li Sha then placed both hammers together, while chanting rhythmically.

    The sound of thunder! Several silver arcs curled outwards from within the hammers.

    Simultaneously, the young Sea Race’s body abruptly expanded, and in an instant grew to several times his previous height. The twin hammers in a blur, once more turned into a field of silver hammer projections.

    Li Sha’s arms didn’t pause, but with a huge step forward, he walked towards Liu Ming whilst swinging his hammers about in a mad dance.

    Countless arcs of electricity surged forward from the hammer projections, curling towards every direction with shocking momentum.

    “Lightning Attribute Cultivation Method!”

    Upon seeing this scene, fear couldn’t help but appear on Liu Ming’s face.

    If there was any cultivation method amongst the tens of thousands of cultivation methods in the world that barely had equal destructiveness as the art of the sword practitioner, it would be this power of lightning.

    Of course, even Liu Ming did not expect that the opponent before his eyes had learned a godly power of this type, and with the aid of the terrifying power of those two hammers, his opponent’s might was extremely terrifying, and definitely not something he could forcefully receive.

    It seems if he did not use his killer technique, retreat would truly be his only option.

    Upon arriving at this thought, there was no longer any doubt in Liu Ming’s heart, and with a shake of his sleeve, a black round bead flew out from within, landing in his golden palm in a flash.

    His other hand quickly weaved signs, and immediately from the surface of his body wisps of lights surfaced, forming a blue light curtain that covered his entire body, while a single crystalline icicle quickly formed, radiating a freezing aura that chilled the air.

    However, Li Sha behaved as if he did not see all this happening, and continued to walk across the air towards Liu Ming, one step at a time. Every single step was unusually heavy, and in the blink of an eye, he was only several tens of feet away from Liu Ming.

    It seemed almost as if Li Sha only had to swing his arms forward, and shoot out silver electric arcs from the hammer projections, and he could completely cover Liu Ming with his attacks.

    Yet at this moment, Liu Ming’s eyes shone with a flash of brilliance, and one of his hands suddenly hit the 5 feet huge icicle in front of him.

    A sound of shattering air rang out.

    The blue icicle instantly turned into a crystal flash and disappeared, appearing before the gigantified young Sea Race the very next moment.

    Li Sha shouted in a low voice, and both of his hammers suddenly hit towards the middle in a combined blow, and with a crisp crack, utterly smashed the huge icicle into pieces, sending pieces of ice flying in every direction.

    But from within the white frost and freezing aura, with a “Chi!” sound, a crystalline slender needle shot out.

    Upon seeing this, fear rose within the young Sea Race’s heart, and swaying his body, he was about to shoot backward and avoid the needle. Yet, at this moment, he felt a chill across his body, and his movements slowed.

    At the same time, the air nearby, with a sound of “Xila”, had layer after layer of thin ice condense out of thin air, and in an instant was about to freeze Li Sha on the spot.

    The Icicle Technique that Liu Ming had trained to Perfection, along with the increased effect brought about by the Seventh Blue Aura Qi, upon exploding, radiated a freezing aura that was so harsh that it was beyond the imagination of most people.

    Li Sha was now truly shocked, and for the first time felt the danger of death. However, this Middle Liquid Level existence that had transformed and gigantified also possessed powerful abilities that were incomparable to Beginning Spirit Masters.

    With a loud shout, the twin hammers in his hand suddenly flashed violently with electric arcs, forcibly dissipating the freezing aura nearby. Yet, in the moment of doing so, he failed to avoid the jade light that was shooting towards him at an incredible speed.

    The young Sea Race could only abruptly hollow his chest, and a ball of pure white breath shot out of his mouth, squarely hitting the Jade Shadow Needle that was shooting towards his face.

    Although the slender needle was incomparably sharp, upon being obstructed by this breath, it still stopped for a moment.

    Li Sha saw this, and violently leaned his head to one side.


    The slender green needle shot through one of his earlobes without even drawing a single drop of blood.

    Even so, it still made the young Sea Race sweat cold sweat. However, when he lifted his head and looked forward once more, his pupils, again, couldn’t help but contract.