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Chapter 263 - Initial Battle with the Sea Race

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 263 - Initial Battle with the Sea Race

    “Yes, Sect Leader. Leave these sea demons to me.” Liu Ming had of course also seen the monsters with a bull’s head and human’s body moving recklessly amongst the Barbarian Ghost Sect disciples and immediately responded.

    Sea demons referred to sea monsters that had gained full intelligence.

    It was just like how the cultivating world differentiated monsters and demons. Regardless of how powerful a monster was, if it had not gained full intelligence, it would still be a monster even if it had the power to move mountains and seas.

    On the contrary, if a monster gained full intelligence, it would be regarded as a demon even if it was weak.

    However, under most circumstances, a certain amount of power was still needed in order to gain full intelligence. After gaining full intelligence, one would be able to learn suitable methods and techniques instead of only cultivating innate ability.

    Therefore, demons were normally a lot more powerful than monsters.

    But the bull-headed sea demons before them were clearly sea demons that had gained full intelligence. The huge swords in their hands not only slashed violently, but the surface of their bodies also had a blue light that gathered now and then, allowing them to be more and more fierce as they battled without being fatigued at all.

    While Liu Ming was flying on his cloud, he had already moved one hand and pulled out the Cyan Moon Sword from his sleeve.


    A few Sea Race Spirit Apostles that were in his way were smoothly chopped in half in cold light by him.

    Then his figure swayed a few times and he appeared in the air above a bull-headed sea demon that was slashing its huge sword and forcing a Barbarian Ghost Sect disciple to fall back.

    A low growl sounded!

    At the instant that Liu Ming appeared, the sea demon had detected his presence and with a shake of the huge sword in his hand, it slashed it at him.

    There was a humming sound.

    A strong gale rushed towards Liu Ming.

    With the huge sword’s terrific bulk, Liu Ming seemed abnormally thin and weak in front of it. Its blow was like a door that swept down upon him.

    Liu Ming’s eyebrows twitched and without another word, he slashed out his short sword, lightly aiming it to block the huge sword.

    A ‘boom’ sound rang out in the next moment.

    When the huge sword and the Cyan Moon Sword collided, a great force that was many times stronger than even the huge sword itself gushed out.

    The bull-headed sea demon’s hands felt hot and the huge sword flew out of its hands. Its shoulders were numb and its large body was forced back a few steps.

    Liu Ming’s sword shot out a green light with a tremble at this moment. Simultaneously, his body appeared behind the bull-headed sea demon with a blur.


    A blood red line appeared on the neck of the bull-headed sea demon and its head rolled off. Its large body crashed down and streams of blood shot out from the neck.

    The sea demon that seemed to have tough skin and the shocking defense was actually easily defeated by Liu Ming.

    Following that, Liu Ming’s figure appeared and disappeared near the other sea demons in the area and in the blink of an eye, seven to eight bull-headed sea demons were slain one after another.

    But when his body flashed and appeared near another sea demon and was about to release the green short sword, a sound rang behind him, as if something stood after shooting out.

    Liu Ming’s expression darkened and with a shake of his shoulders, his body instantly became blurry.

    A ‘pu’ sound.

    A three-edged awl with white flames shot through Liu Ming’s back and with a turn, it pierced Liu Ming’s chest again before it landed in the hands of a long and narrow-faced man of the Sea Race with a few flashes.

    But at this time, Liu Ming’s body had already turned into spots of spiritual light that diffused away.

    What the three-edged awl pierced through just then was actually just a mirage.

    At the same time, Liu Ming’s true body appeared at a place over a hundred feet away. He coldly measured the Sea Race man for a bit.

    Seeing this, the Sea Race man shuddered and without another word, shook his hands. There was instantly a ‘pu’ ‘pu’ sound and four other three-edged awls flew out of his sleeve. Along with the one from before, they turned into five white rays that shot out under the activation of his technique.

    With a blur, the white rays appeared before Liu Ming, emitting heat.

    Liu Ming raised his brows and turning the green sword in his hand, a green moon instantly appeared before him.

    With a flash, the white rays crashed into the green moon.

    There was instantly the sound of an explosion and the five three-edged awls all exploded at once with a crisp sound. But there was a white spiritual flame that surged out and enveloped Liu Ming’s body right away.

    Seeing this, the Sea Race man in the distance laughed proudly at once.

    His five bone awls appeared uncommon but were actually just five perfect tier practitioner weapons. However, they secretly hid a powerful spiritual flame that was derived from Symbol Qi.

    But an average person would not have guessed that a Liquid Level opponent’s weapon was not a totem. Instead, the bone awl would most likely explode when it collided with a totem and explode, releasing the white flame inside that would engulf the enemy by surprise.

    The Sea Race man had used this method to kill numerous opponents of the same level in the past; it was quite effective this time too.

    “So this is your trump card. Hehe, if it is really so, then I am greatly disappointed. I’m not sure how many times I used this kind of method when I was a Spirit Apostle.” Just as the Sea Race man thought it was impossible for the opponent to survive, a faint voice was heard from within the white flames.

    “What! You didn’t die?!” Hearing this, the Sea Race man was in shock.

    Just at this moment, a chilling aura surged out from the white flames, sweeping the white flames away instantly.

    A figure that emitting a pale blue light was revealed!

    It was Liu Ming who was holding a sword in one hand. The surface of his body was emitting a sparkling blue light - it was the Seventh Blue Symbol Qi he had cultivated.

    The Symbol Qi was originally of dark Yin nature, and along with Liu Ming’s technique, its defense was not weak and had actually blocked all of the white flames.

    Of course, the reason why Liu Ming dared to do this was because he had already grasped onto the Heavy Water Bead in his sleeve and quietly forced out a great amount of shapeless water vapor, filling the light screen with it. Otherwise, he would not dare to take such a risk.

    The Sea Race man across from him naturally did not know this. He was shocked when he saw that Liu Ming was unharmed, but he suddenly rubbed his hands together after his facial expression changed a few times and there was a ‘teng’ sound.

    A layer of white flames violently surged out from his body and made the Sea Race man seem like he was made of fire. At the same time, he said, “My Cang Ruo Flame will not be overpowered by your Symbol Qi!”

    Just as he finished speaking, he lifted both arms and flames surged out, faintly forming a huge flame whale that pounced directly towards the other side.

    The flame whale had only opened its large mouth on its way!

    Liu Ming felt that the air around him heated up and there was a strange feeling of being unable to dodge it.

    “Quite interesting!” Liu Ming’s eyes flickered and his facial expression revealed a sliver of interest for the first time. But in the next moment, the green sword in his hand trembled and densely packed sword rays appeared before him. With a blur, all the sword shadows gathered together and with a boom, a huge sword ray surged out.

    There were faint screeching noises wherever the green light passed!

    The white flame whale let out a whine as its enormous body was shattered by the green sword ray.

    The Sea Race man on the other side only felt a coldness before his eyes before the sword ray reached him. It was too late to use any defense methods.

    “Not good!”

    After he yelled out in shock, he was enveloped by the surging sword rays. His Symbol Qi formed from the white flames that were protecting him only endured a short moment in the cold light before shattering with a boom.

    The Sea Race man only had the time to give out a shrill cry before being smashed by the sword ray. A shower of blood instantly fell from the air.

    The Sea Race Spirit Master of the Liquid Level was easily killed by a single blow after Liu Ming used his sword technique. The level of success was even beyond Liu Ming’s expectation.

    “Sword techniques are so trenchant. No wonder most people have a change in expression when the sword is mentioned regardless of their level of cultivation.

    Liu Ming grabbed the air with one hand and caught a black bracelet set with countless shells from the blood shower.

    Before, he had heard from Yang Qian that the consumable storage items Sea Race Spirit Masters often used were in the shape of a bracelet.

    This type of storage item would only shatter after being used over a hundred times. They were a lot better than the average storage glyph, thus Sea Race Spirit Masters often used them to store things.

    But just as Liu Ming put the bracelet in his sleeve, a sudden feeling of great danger spread out from within him, as if he was going to be faced with imminent disaster in the next moment.

    He was taken aback and hurriedly swept his gaze at his surroundings, but other than the Sea Race in the battle groups in the slight distance, there was no trace of an enemy nearby.

    But Liu Ming’s gaze flickered a few times before he suddenly had a big change in expression. His figure swayed, leaping to one side with a streak of blurs.

    A ‘pu’ sound.

    A huge mouth full of sharp teeth an inch long suddenly bit through where Liu Ming was previously standing. But it only a mouthful of air, closely passing by Liu Ming’s body.

    Liu Ming let out a low growl, and with a shake of the green sword in his hand, he instantly slashed it at the huge mouth.

    A loud crash rang.

    A huge, silver mace appeared before the huge mouth, easily blocking the green sword.

    Liu Ming’s gaze paused and his body shot out at once.

    A ‘boom’ sounded.

    The other huge, silver mace crashed down from up high with strong force but missed.

    “Hmm? Looks like I have underestimated your strength. No wonder that useless bastard was easily defeated by you earlier.” A lazy voice echoed in the air nearby, carrying with it a hint of oddness.

    ”Who are you? Why are you being so sneaky?!” asked Liu Ming with narrowed eyes, staring at the space above the huge mouth. At the same time, he carefully held the green sword in front of him and his hands were covered with a layer of gold in an instant, stretching all the way to his wrist.