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Chapter 257 - Corpse Refining Technique and Gathering

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 257 - Corpse Refining Technique and Gathering

    “Oh, does Martial Nephew know that the Wall of Shadows stopped emitting visions not long after you observed it that night,” said Martial Uncle Yan while staring at Liu Ming.

    “I really did not know. But the wall was fine when I left that day,” replied Liu Ming, blinking his eyes.

    “Yes, I have indeed heard the boy mention it. Looks like this shouldn’t have much to do with you and is most likely because of the energy inside the Wall of Shadows being used up after all these years. It’s such a pity but it looks like our sect is not destined for Martial Ancestor Liu Yin’s direct legacy!” sighed Martial Uncle Yan after pausing.

    “Maybe it’s because our aptitude is not enough to impress Ancestor,” agreed Liu Ming, feeling a little more relaxed.

    “Maybe that is so. Anyways, the main reason I called for you this time is not for this but for the fact that you are cultivating the Dark Bone Method. Did you know that the person who passed this method onto you is, in fact, my personal disciple?” asked Martial Uncle Yan suddenly with a smile.

    “What? Martial Uncle Ruan is your personal disciple?” Hearing this, Liu Ming was really shocked.

    “Since you have already advanced to the Liquid Level, you may call him ‘Senior Ruan’. This disciple of mine was obsessed with the Dark Bone Method ever since he was young and had always aspired to raise a Spirit Master using the Dark Bone Method for our sect. He even ruined his own cultivation for this. Otherwise, it would not have gotten to the point of where it is unknown whether he is alive or dead. But at least your appearance has not wasted his hard work,” said Martial Uncle Yan slowly.

    “I have always been grateful towards Senior Ruan for passing the method to me. How is he now?” said Liu Ming.

    “He is still in seclusion. As long as he advances to the Middle Liquid Level before his life ends, it could be counted as seeking life in death. There is another thing that I would like to ask you. Since you have already become a Spirit Master, you must know that it is not possible to continue cultivating the Dark Bone Method. Have you already chosen another main cultivation method?” asked Martial Uncle Yan, suddenly changing the subject.

    “This.... since I advanced hurriedly, I have not yet had the time to find a method I am content with.” Liu Ming naturally could not speak the truth and instead replied like so.

    “Hmm, if it’s like that since the attribute of your Dark Bone Method is more towards the Yin attribute, it should be fine to cultivate methods of the Corpse Refinery and the Baleful Yin Faction. How about this, I will give this set of Corpse Refining Secret Techniques to you. If you cultivate it properly, it may benefit your cultivation later. Remember this technique and do not let a second person see it, otherwise, do not blame me for being heartless.” Martial Uncle Yan thought for a bit and spoke words that stunned Liu Ming.

    Following that, he shook his sleeve and a black jade slip flew out.

    “Martial Uncle Yan, this is…”

    Liu Ming subconsciously moved his hand and grabbed the jade slip, but was confused and about to ask something.

    “Okay, I am a little tired, that’s it for today. Martial Nephew Liu, you are dismissed.” Martial Uncle Yan didn’t give Liu Ming the chance to ask questions and ordered Liu Ming away. Then, he closed his eyes.

    Seeing that the Crystal Level expert seemed not willing to talk more, Liu Ming naturally didn’t dare to ask anything more. He slightly bowed and turned to leave the large hall.

    “Martial Uncle, are you really going to do this?” Just as Liu Ming’s figure disappeared from the entrance of the large hall, there was a fluctuation behind a pillar nearby and a figure walked out.

    It was the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader who should have already left earlier but had somehow quietly returned.

    “You too know that although I still have a little over a hundred years to go, I should still prepare early. Otherwise, there will be no one to control that Green-Haired Iron Corpse when I leave. I certainly don’t want the refined corpse that took me hundreds of years to bring up end up like the Barbarian Ghost King,” replied Martial Uncle Yan after going quiet for a bit.

    “I naturally know of Martial Uncle’s worries, but there is no need in having to choose Junior Liu. After all, he has just entered the Liquid Level and his cultivation is still very shallow. Couldn’t we choose someone else?” hesitated the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader.

    “Hmph, someone else? Other than the three who have just advanced, the others are either too old or do not have enough aptitude and are not capable of inheriting my personal corpse refining technique at all. Otherwise, why would I have only taken your Junior Ruan as my disciple? It’s a shame that he failed to live up to my expectations and even now, it is unknown whether he is alive or dead. It’s not possible for me to gamble everything on him. As for Gao Chong, he is cultivating the Blood Control Faction’s technique like you, which is completely different to my Corpse Refinery Faction. Otherwise, he would have been quite a good choice!” said Martial Uncle Yan.

    “I’m ashamed. Gao Chong this child indeed has immense talent in cultivating the Blood Control Faction’s techniques, otherwise, I would have directly recommended him to you back then.” Hearing this, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader felt a little awkward.

    But Martial Uncle Yan did not care and continued, “As for Yang Qian, although Corpse Refinery is appropriate for his main cultivation method, we both know his true identity; he is unable to inherit my personal technique. That way, Liu Ming is the only one left. This child is not only young but also has great mental strength, and is cultivating the Dark Bone Method. There is almost no problem in him inheriting my personal technique. The only downside is probably that he only has a Three Spiritual Pulse and therefore it is uncertain whether he can go a step further in the future. But since he is able to advance into a Spirit Master in one go with such aptitude, his true aptitude is not just what’s shown on the surface. It is worthy of looking forward to.”

    “Seeing what Martial Uncle has said, Liu Ming is indeed the most suitable person. But why did Martial Uncle not explain this to him and only pass him the incantation first?” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader thought for a bit before laughing bitterly and asking with uncertainty.

    “I have not been in much contact with this Martial Nephew Liu and do not know much about his temperament or character, so I naturally cannot just promise him the Green-Haired Iron Corpse right now. Fortunately, I still have time and do not need to be in a hurry. We’ll see how he goes with comprehending the Corpse Refining technique first,” said Martial Uncle Yan indifferently.

    “Martial Uncle’s ways are indeed of an experienced person, in comparison I was a little rash. But there must be something that Martial Uncle wanted to discuss since you sent a message for me to come back?” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader nodded his head and quickly dropped the matters about Liu Ming before asking.

    “I called you back because I want you to come with me to meet the leaders and old guys of the other sects. The battle in the near future will impact the fellow sects' survivals. We must discuss it in detail,” said Martial Uncle Yan sternly after sighing.

    “I understand,” replied the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader. He was not too surprised when he heard this.

    Following that, the two left the large hall from the back and flew directly towards the center of the city.

    At the same time, Liu Ming was lead to a rather quiet stone house by a disciple of the Barbarian Ghost Sect.

    This was his temporary dwelling in the city.

    Liu Ming dismissed the disciple who led the way and entered the house.

    The house was naturally more spacious than the average disciple’s dwelling and it was complete with furniture. It even had a restriction already in place, which left him quite content.

    Just as Liu Ming was about to take a rest, there was a sudden knock on the door.

    This stunned him a little and he opened the door with surprise.

    There was a young man with a silver mask standing outside the door. It was Yang Qian!

    “Junior Liu, I want to take you somewhere to meet some people. Would you be interested?”

    “To meet some people?” Liu Ming revealed a face of surprise.

    “That’s right. They’re just the Spirit Masters of the other sects who advanced in the last few years like us. They are mostly people who went to the secret realm last time so Junior has probably seen them before,” smiled Yang Qian.

    “Oh, then the reason for meeting this time is…” Liu Ming came to a slight realization but still had a sliver of uncertainty.

    “Hehe, it’s mainly for us newcomers of the several sects to get familiar with each other. Also, there may be a need to spar,” replied Yang Qian without hesitation.

    “I see. Okay, I’ll go with Senior.” Liu Ming finally understood and instantly agreed with a small smile.

    “Very good, I just knew Junior would not pass on this.” Hearing this, Yang Qian was extremely delighted.

    Following this, the two rose up into the sky and flew in a certain direction in the city.

    A short while later, a small hall appeared in front of them. There was also a huge platform that was over a thousand feet wide and its location seemed to be in between two sects.

    “Junior Liu, this is it. Follow me down,” said Yang Qian before leading Liu Ming down to the ground.

    A moment later, the two entered the hall.

    “Haha, Brother Yang, you’re late this time.” Inside the hall, there were already several people seated around a rectangular table chatting away. When a tanned youth turned his head and saw Yang Qian, he immediately got up and yelled out with delight.

    The youth was the Nine Enlightenment Sect’s Senior Yun who had worked together with Liu Ming in the secret realm back then.

    Hearing the tanned youth, the other people’s gazes swept over with a whoosh.

    “Hehe, I’m late because I went to invite Junior Liu to come along. Don’t tell me Brother Yun is being this loud because you’re not convinced that you lost last time’s sparring and want to challenge me again?” said Yang Qian indifferently after glancing at the youth with the surname Yun.

    At the same time, Liu Ming had a look at the other people and they indeed had familiar faces.

    The young woman carrying a white sword on her back was Zhang Xiuniang of the Heavenly Moon Sect.

    Right next to her was a woman in a yellow robe with an oval face. She was also carrying two green short swords crossed behind her back.

    The two blood robed men also seemed to be from the secret realm back then. One of them was the big senior of the Hall of Blood, Xue Ci.

    The other who was in Firestorm Way attire, with a red cattail leaf fan at his waist was also a little familiar - he was probably also in the secret realm.

    As for the final person, he was a youth of a tall and large build who was looking coldly at Liu Ming. It was Gao Chong.