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Chapter 256 - Resurrection of the Ghost King

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 256 - Resurrection of the Ghost King

    Liu Ming only found out after he returned to the sect that Yang Qian advancing had also caused quite a stir within the sect. If it weren’t for the sudden invasion of the Sea Race, the emergence of two Spirit Masters in such a short time frame would have to lead the sect’s higher ups to believe that it was the time for the Barbarian Ghost Sect to prosper again.

    The Yang Qian now gave Liu Ming a solid and steady feeling. It was obvious that the senior brother of the Barbarian Ghost Sect from before had accumulated greatly and his advancement into Spirit Master was not just by luck.

    Like this, when Liu Ming and Yang Qian had conversed a few words, Martial Uncle Yan’s voice suddenly rang in their ears.

    “Okay, if there is anything you want to talk about, do so later. Let’s take this chance now while everyone is present to discuss a few matters properly.”

    Hearing the words of the only Crystal Level expert of the sect, there was naturally no one who dared to disobey. They immediately split into two rows and obediently sat on the seats at the two sides.

    “Martial Nephew Lei, you were the earliest Spirit Master of our sect to take part in battle. Introduce the situation of the united forces and the Sea Race to your seniors who have just come,” said Martial Uncle Yan indifferently after seeing this.

    “Yes, fellow seniors and juniors probably know of the current situation through the messages received previously. But truthfully, our battle with the Sea Race is much worse than what you predicted,” said Lei Spirit Master to everyone with a stern expression after standing up.

    “We are all ears,” said the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader with a change in facial expression after hearing this.

    Liu Ming and the others who had just arrived all shuddered.

    “Ever since the Sea Race was stopped by us a few years ago, we each built a city to prepare for protracted warfare as both sides knew that it was not possible to claim victory against the opposition in a short time. Originally, both sides were able to battle strategically with our cities as the center and remain undefeated under the circumstances that the Crystal Level experts did not interfere.

    But three years later, a powerful group of reinforcements appeared on the Sea Race’s side. They were different to the original Sea Race that we were battling in terms of appearance as well as power and caused us to suffer quite a bit. Later, we found out through capturing one of the Sea Race alive that after the other Sea Race clans of the open sea found out the three big Sea Race clans had seized human kingdoms of our Yun Chuan Continent, they also sent their people out for a share. And amongst the Sea Race of the open sea, there are two Crystal Level experts. Because of this, the Crystal Level seniors of the fellow sects do not dare to come forward, which means us few sects are at a disadvantage for the battles hereon.

    In fact, the Sea Race had attacked right up to the front of our city in the battle not long ago. If it weren’t for us using our trump cards together and causing the Sea Race to suffer great losses, we would probably still be trapped by them.You all just saw the situation outside and the people we sent to strengthen and repair the damages of the city in order to restore it as soon as possible.

    Also, one month ago, the Sea Race sent out a messenger - they are preparing to destroy the agreement the Crystal Level experts had unless Martial Uncle Yan and the others from our side go out and battle with the Crystal Level experts of the Sea Race again. But Martial Uncle Yan and Senior Ling Yu are still injured from the last battle and the opposition now have more Crystal Level experts. If we battled under normal conditions, we do not have hope in winning at all. Luckily, the reinforcements from inland have set out overnight and will be arriving in about three months’ time.

    So our plan now is to endure through these three months no matter what. Fortunately, even though the Sea Race say that they want to destroy the agreement on the Crystal Level experts not being allowed to interfere, they are still wary of Martial Uncle Yan and the others retaliating and do not really have any experts acting in the recent battles. It seems like we are still able to delay it for a period of time,” explained Lei Spirit Master in detail respectfully.

    “Martial Uncle, you’re injured. How come you didn’t notify the sect of this before?” asked the Barbarian Ghost Sect with a change of expression after hearing this.

    “Relax, although I took an attack from one of the Sea Race, I am already mostly recovered. The rest are just light injuries. I didn’t tell you previously because I did not want you to worry. After all, the sect still needs this old man to uphold it,” smiled Martial Uncle Yan with a seemingly uncaring expression.

    “Martial Nephew is ashamed, causing Martial Uncle to still worry about the sect at such an age. If only Senior Lan didn’t have an accident back then, our sect may have had another Crystal Level expert.” Even though the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader breathed a sigh of relief, he still spoke with shame.

    “It is indeed a pity regarding your Senior Lan, but it was also because of his shortage in luck. Otherwise, how would he go missing and have his life plate shatter ineffably just from going out to manage a small matter. In addition, the reason for his fall has not been found out up until now.” Hearing the words ‘Senior Lan’ made Martial Uncle Yan’s expression gloomy.

    Liu Ming naturally did not know who this ‘Senior Lan’ was, but seeing that the other Spirit Masters of the Barbarian Ghost Sect, excluding Yan Qian and Gao Chong, all had an unnatural expression on their faces, one could tell that he was not an average person.

    “Okay, let’s not bring up old matters. How we get through the current crisis is the most important thing right now. Although us old folks have decided to use the strategy of delaying, we still need to strike back brutally a few times and hurt the Sea Race in order for them to not force us too much. That way we will have time to wait until the reinforcements arrive. Nephew Sect Leader, have you brought the items that I told you to bring?” Martial Uncle Yan’s gaze flickered a few times before quickly calming down and asking the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader.

    “Don’t worry, Martial Uncle, I have brought them. There is also an unexpected surprise - I have found a suitable person who can control that thing. It is the newly advanced Junior Liu,” replied the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader respectfully.

    “What? Have you found someone to control it? Martial Nephew Liu, is this true?” Martial Uncle Yan’s face immediately lit up with pleasant surprise and swept his gaze to land on Liu Ming.

    Although this was the first time Liu Ming saw Martial Uncle Yan after advancing to Spirit Master, he had left a strong impression on the Crystal Level expert back when he came out from the secret realm as well as when he observed the Wall of Shadows. The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader and others had also sent messages about the sect gaining a new Spirit Master. Thus, he naturally did not find it weird that Liu Ming would appear here

    “Martial Uncle, I am indeed able to control it with a bit of effort. Although I am not yet proficient, it should be able to do some justice for our sect in the large battle,” replied Liu Ming with respect after standing up. He naturally knew that they were talking about the Ten Thousand Bone Demon.

    “Haha, very good. I just knew that Martial Nephew Liu was not your average person. If it’s like this, the strength of our Barbarian Ghost Sect has increased significantly. That’s right, Martial Nephew may stay behind for a bit as I have another matter that I want to ask you about.” Martial Uncle Yan was extremely happy hearing his words but quickly thought of something else and urged him.

    Although Liu Ming thought it was strange, he still nodded his head in agreement.

    “Martial Nephew Chu, it looks like you have completed what you needed to do since you were able to come as well.” Martial Uncle Yan waited for Liu Ming to sit down and turned his head to ask Chu Qi of the Baleful Yin Faction.

    “Martial Uncle, although the Barbarian Ghost King’s several parts have been sealed away for many years, it has already completely recovered its original demeanor after Junior Bing and I used secret techniques to meticulously repair it. It’s just that the most important Ghost Kind head is not present, so only thirty percent of its power is left,” replied Chu Qi respectfully standing up after hearing his words.

    “Hmph, if it wasn’t for that girl being careless and letting the spy of the Sea Race steal the head, why would need to worry about the Sea Race gaining two more Crystal Level experts if we with the Ghost King at hand. Right, why hasn’t the girl come? I saw her when I went to meet you before,” said Martial Uncle Yan with a heavy expression after nodding.

    “Junior Bing believes she is guilty and does not dare to meet Martial Uncle so casually. But back then, Junior Bing indeed did not think that her most beloved disciple would be one of the Sea Race and would suddenly attack when the Ghost King’s head was found. Otherwise, how would Junior let someone who was only a Spirit Apostle succeed? Luckily, it is enough to go against average Crystal Level experts even with thirty percent of the Barbarian Ghost King’s power,” said Chu Qi hurriedly with a lowered head after shuddering.

    “Yes, if it was the full Barbarian Ghost King, we probably wouldn’t be able to control it so easily,” said the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader as well.

    “Nevermind, as long as the Baleful Yin Faction are able to control the Ghost King and make a large contribution for our sect, I will not look into the matter regarding the Ghost King anymore,” sighed Martial Uncle Yan a while after furrowing his brows.

    “Thank you, Martial Uncle!” Hearing this, Chu Qi naturally thanked him with great joy.

    Listening till now, Liu Ming was incredibly surprised.

    Who would have thought that the Barbarian Ghost Sect would be able to recover the Barbarian Ghost King that had once ruled over Xuan’s fellow sects even though it lacked its head. It also seemed that it was going to be used in the war against the Sea Race.

    The rest of the Spirit Masters present did not reveal much surprise towards the matter of the Barbarian Ghost King. They obviously already knew a bit about it.

    If it was like so, the Barbarian Ghost Sect’s power was really not average, and its background was definitely not as shallow as what it appeared to be.

    In the following time, under Martial Uncle Yan and Zhu Chi, the Spirit Masters of the Barbarian Ghost Sect discussed a few matters regarding battle preparation before finally finishing the discussion, with everyone paying their respects to Martial Uncle Yan before leaving.

    In the blink of an eye, there was only Liu Ming and Martial Uncle Yan who remained in the large hall.

    “Martial Nephew Liu, was there anything out of the ordinary when you observed the Wall of Shadows at my place last time?” The first thing that Martial Uncle Yan said to Liu Ming after making him stay behind was startling.

    Liu Ming’s heart skipped a beat but he did not reveal even a sliver of unusualness on the outside. He instead replied with utter respect, “Why has Martial Uncle asked such a question? I did not discover anything strange when I was observing the Wall of Shadows.”