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Chapter 253 - Reinforcemen

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 253 - Reinforcement

    However, just as Liu Ming shook his wrist and wanted to toss the bead into the distance, the Fa Li in his body condensed and the bead became unbelievably heavy in an instant, causing his arm to shake, almost not being about to move it.

    But Liu Ming seemed to have already been prepared for this, as the muscle on his arm suddenly thickened and a huge force gushed out of his body.

    With a blur, the black bead was tossed out by him and crashed into a pile of rocks three to four hundred feet away.

    A loud, earth trembling rumble sounded.

    The ground shook and the pile of rocks instantly cracked open, forming a massive pit thirty to forty feet long. The pit was at least five feet deep and everything in it had turned into powder. The rocks that were originally in the surrounding area were also shattered into pieces under the immense force.

    Liu Ming saw this and raising his eyebrow, single-handedly beckoned at the massive pit.

    With a woosh, the Heavy Water Bead flew out of the crevice and lightly landed in his hand, returning to weighing nothing.

    Liu Ming inspected the bead again and revealed a sliver of satisfaction on his face.

    The First Yuan Heavy Water indeed had an astonishing power after being forged into a totem. Even without refining it or activating any restrictions, it had such destructive power that would leave people awestruck.

    One could imagine the terrifying power of it after being refined with blood and having all eighteen restrictions mastered.

    But of course, Liu Ming also realized a bad thing.

    And that was that the strength of the body needed to control the Heavy Water Bead was way beyond his expectations.

    The attack just then used up seven to eighty percent of his strength. If it wasn’t for his recent growth in strength, he probably wouldn’t have been able to activate the treasure.

    If the treasure was refined and its restrictions were activated to increase its weight, the strength needed would be even more alarming. If all eighteen restrictions were activated, even a regular Body Cultivator would probably not be able to use this treasure.

    But luckily his strength now increased as his Fa Li grew. In addition, the Dragon Tiger Hell Method he would be cultivating would strengthen his body, thus there was no real need in worrying about this on the long term.

    Reaching there, Liu Ming felt a lot more at ease.

    Although he was unable to exert all of the power of the Heavy Water Bead at this moment, activating the first two or three restrictions was no problem.

    And even with that, the Heavy Water Bead was still extraordinarily tough. An average Beginning Spirit Master would most likely be unable to take a single blow.

    Thinking it over, Liu Ming was relieved.

    In the following time, he used the Heavy Water Bead to attack a few more times and after familiarizing himself with it, he was prepared to leave the valley.

    But just as he used a technique to summon a whitish grey cloud, a buzzing noise resounded from one of the leather pouches around his waist and began to vibrate nonstop.

    Liu Ming saw this and was stunned but immediately grabbed the leather pouch and tossed in high up in the air in front of him.

    A “pu” sound rang out!

    The leather pouch spun once and a black light radiated out. A bone scorpion of five feet long instantly appeared on the ground.

    Ever since the ghost ingested a monster scorpion in the Ten Thousand Barbarian Mountains, it had been in deep sleep inside the pouch. The reason was unknown for why it suddenly woke up now. It kept twisting its body on the ground and its whole body was also burning amongst purple flames.

    What was even more shocking was that the bone scorpion’s body was dotted in black, thread-like cracks, practically covering every inch of bone.

    Communicating with it through the mind, Liu Ming felt the bone scorpion’s pain with clarity, as well as the mixed emotions of an extreme thirst for something.

    Liu Ming shuddered and without further thought, hurriedly formed seals with both hands. The seals shot out from his fingers one by one and disappeared into the bone scorpion’s body.

    But the ghost was still writhing on the ground for dear life, without seeing any effect whatsoever.

    Liu Ming saw this and his expression darkened. After a thinking for a bit, he took out several small bottles and poured out several pills from each, tossing them all at the bone scorpion.

    The bone scorpion moved its body and suddenly leaped up, ingesting all the pills. But in the next moment, it dropped down with a thud, falling heavily onto the ground.

    After the time of a meal, Liu Ming’s expression was rather ugly.

    The White Bone Scorpion was still in immense pain as before and there was no improvement whatsoever. It was obvious that the pills from before had no effect on the ghost.

    Just as he was thinking if he should take the bone scorpion to the Ghost Hell Region, the ghost that was originally on the ground made a strange screeching noise and with a move of its body, flew towards him unexpectedly.

    Liu Ming was naturally surprised and without thinking, moved his arm to grab the bone scorpion by its neck, forcefully stopping it at an inch’s distance away. His iron like hands blocked the bone scorpion from moving forward.

    But the bone scorpion kept moving its body and did not stop screeching, still wanting to get closer to Liu Ming no matter what.

    A feeling of thirst was transmitted from the bone scorpion's mind and seemed to be stronger than before by many times as if it were incomparably anxious.

    Liu Ming furrowed his brows, already realizing that the bone scorpion did not mean to attack him and was only purely wanting to get closer to him.

    He thought quickly and slowly pulled back his arm, pulling the bone scorpion’s body towards his own.

    A “pu” sound.

    The bone scorpion’s front claw abruptly moved and nicked open his long robe in front of his chest as well as the several layers of inner clothing, instantly revealing the Dragon Scale Armor that was inside.

    With another movement, the giant claw skillfully clamped onto a dragon scale. Using all its might to pull it backward, it actually ripped the beast hide apart and put the dragon scale in its mouth.

    A scene which stunned Liu Ming appeared.

    The bone scorpion ate the whole scale with an open and close of its mouth. Without any hesitation, its huge claw moved again and wanted to rip another scale off the scaled armor.

    In this moment, Liu Ming finally responded and instantly moved his arm to separate himself from the bone scorpion again. He then observed for a bit with wide eyes.

    As a result, other than feeling a greater thirst for being closer to Liu Ming, the pain that the White Bone Scorpion was sending through seemed to lessen a little.

    Consuming such a hard scale did not seem to bring it any discomfort.

    Liu Ming saw this and was secretly amazed. After hesitating a little, he suddenly lifted the bone scorpion and floated up, flying towards a small mountain nearby.

    A short while later, Liu Ming appeared with the bone scorpion at a newly formed rock cave halfway up the mountain.

    He shook his sleeve and a dozen formation flags flew out and landed in the four corners, forming a white curtain of light that surrounded him and the bone scorpion.

    At this moment, Liu MIng single-handedly grabbed at the Sumeru Conch in his arm. A red light flashed right away and a mini red serpent dragon of a few inches tall appeared in the air in front of him.

    It was the Crystal Level dragon monster’s empty shell from back then.

    Liu Ming tossed the bone scorpion onto the ground and pressed down midair with one hand. An immense, invisible force gushed out from between his fingers.

    The bone scorpion’s body lowered and was forcefully suppressed on the spot. It was unable to move even a tiny bit.

    Liu Ming then used his other hand to feel inside his sleeve, pulling out the green short sword.

    With a cold flash of light, two dragon scales were pried off the dragon skin and were directly tossed towards the White Bone Scorpion that was eagerly watching from the ground.

    The moment the scale landed on the ground, Liu Ming retrieved the hand that was suppressing the bone scorpion.

    When the immense force that was on the bone scorpion disappeared, it immediately lunged for the scales and gulped them down ferociously. It then waved its tail, sending Liu Ming the message of still wanting more.

    Liu Ming furrowed his brows but did not hesitate. With another cold flash of light from the short sword in his hand, he pried off several more scales and threw them all at the bone scorpion.

    Like this, the bone scorpion gulped down more than twenty dragon scales in a blink of an eye. It finally did not want anymore and instead revealed a sleepy expression, as if it would fall asleep at any moment.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming relaxed slightly.

    Although there were still a lot of scales left on the dragon shell, seeing the bone scorpion ingesting them at such a high rate hurt.

    After all, if the dragon scales were shown to the outside, every single one would be incomparably precious.

    With a roll of his sleeve, the dragon shell disappeared into the Sumeru Conch again with a flash.

    As for the bone scorpion, he naturally patted the leather pouch around his waist and returned it inside the pouch.

    Several hours later, Liu Ming returned to his dwelling on Nine Infants Mountain and continued cultivating.

    Three days later, Liu Ming, who was meditating in the secret room, suddenly heard the rings of a bell.

    His facial expression changed, opened his eyes and began silently counting the number of rings.

    After a short while, the ringing of the bell finally stopped. Liu Ming’s eyes flashed and couldn’t help but mutter, “They are actually calling for all the sect’s higher-ups! Looks like the sects at the border really can’t hold on anymore. Reinforcements will most likely be sent out.”

    Liu Ming’s expression was a little overcast but did not dare to waste any time. He left his dwelling instantly and flew out of Nine Infants Mountain, heading straight for the Barbarian Ghost Sect’s main peak.

    Seven days later, a bell sounded once again within the Barbarian Ghost Sect.

    Following that, several flying boats floated up one by one at the gate of the mountain within the Barbarian Ghost Sect. There were green wooden boats, white jade boats, and bone boats with surging black mist, with the longest ones being four to five hundred feet long and the shortest ones only seventy to eighty feet long. There seemed to be at least thirty to forty of them.

    Cultivators of the Barbarian Ghost Sect who emitted various auras stood upon these flying totems, and with the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader’s word of depart, the sound of lift offs resounded and the flying boats all shot out in the same direction.

    Once the flying boats left, the entire Barbarian Ghost Sect became surrounded by bell rings and large formations appeared in several areas within the sect.

    These formations activated each other and countless glyphs crazily shot out, quickly covering the entirety of the Barbarian Ghost Sect.

    Following this, the surrounding space of the Barbarian Ghost Sect warped and with a blur, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Mountain Range that was of such great size disappeared into thin air.

    At the same time, black mist surged out of the space where the mountain peaks were originally at, and instantly turned the place into a boundless sea of black fog.