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Chapter 250 - The Blacksmith Master

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 250 - The Blacksmith Master

    After an hour, the two of them walked out of the valley under the guidance of the boy.

    Among them, Liu Ming displayed an expression full of thought and the head of Barbarian Ghost Sect could not conceal his excitement.

    The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader waited for the boy to bow and return to the valley, before pulling out a thin book and handed it to Liu Ming, and he said while smiling:

    “I have this book that my martial ancestor kept back in the days it's about his experience on controlling Ten Thousand Bones Demon, You can take it back and have a good look at it. The possibility of the Ten Thousand Bones Demon returning is all on junior's Dark Bone Method. You need to learn the stuff within the book as thoroughly as soon as possible, you might need it soon in the future.”

    After flashing past with surprise, Liu Ming nodded again and again.

    The Head of the Barbarian Ghost Sect advised Liu Ming with a few words then he bid farewell, each person took off in the air and left.

    While Liu Ming was riding on a cloud, he played around with the white bone token in his hands. He also recalled the real power of the Ten Thousand Bones Demon before, there was a deep thrill in his heart.

    After this Ten Thousand Bones Demon enlarged, it went go beyond Liu Ming’s imagination. It perhaps might have the power of a crystal level.

    But Liu Ming naturally could not take out this demon. Thus, when the head of Barbarian Ghost Sect saw that Liu Ming could use the white bone token to help control the demon, he promised Liu Ming that they could come to the valley a couple more times to practice the controlling it.

    Liu Ming thought about it before he quickly returned inside of Nine Infant Mountain’s dwelling. He entered and sat down cross-legged in a secret room before he started to mutter lowly.

    The head of Barbarian Ghost Sect was willing to take out important treasures such as the Ten Thousand Bones Demon showed that the situation of the battle between the various sects and the Sea races at the edge of the country really was not looking good.

    With his current level of cultivation, if he met a early or middle liquid level Sea Race cultivator , he could still protect himself without any troubles. However, if he met a high liquid level or crystal level Sea Race expert, he would probably die.

    However, if he really revealed that he could control the Ten Thousand Bones Demon that was powerful enough to rival cristal level, perhaps drawing the attention of the sea race experts of that level was a matter bound to happen.

    Liu Ming had a bitter smile when he thought of this.

    Originally if Liu Ming thought that when he broke through to Spirit Master, there would be no problem in keeping himself safe. However, he had faced with this kind of situation right away.

    With the situation that the Barbarian Ghost Sect was in, he could not refuse the heavy responsibility of using Ten Thousand Bones Demon. The only way he could be slightly more insured in the battle against the sea race was to quickly increase his strength.

    As long as he raised his ability quite a bit before he went to the border, he could have a bit more certainty in protecting himself.

    When Liu Ming thought of this, he just simply shut his eyes. At the same time, with a flash in his sea of consciousness, an ancient book twined by black gas appeared in mid-air.

    It was exactly the Dragon Tiger Hell Method!

    Since he had gotten the book, Liu Ming gave it a quick read through at the start but never touched it again, thinking it was too complex for him.

    And after breaking through to Spirit Master, in order to consolidate his cultivation, he started to truly understand this cultivation method.

    For the rest of the time, Liu Ming was flipping through the black ancient book page by page in his mind, he slowly started to read more carefully.

    A full hour later, Liu Ming finally opened his eyes and he had a pleasantly surprised expression on his face.

    When he was reading the ancient book previously, because he doesn't have enough cultivation status, he could not understand most of the sentences. Apart from realizing that the Dragon Tiger Hell Method was a ghost cultivation method, he didn’t really find anything else.

    When he attempted to comprehend the cultivation method while at liquid level, he immediately felt everything coming clearly. There were many areas he didn’t understand before but everything became clear at once.

    Although he could not clearly understand the Dragon Tiger Hell Method easily, he understood sixty to seventy percent of it immediately. The remaining unclear parts would take more time to study later on, but eventually, he would fully understand it.

    Just like that, Liu Ming finally understood what kind of Cultivation Method the Dragon Tiger Hell Method was.

    This Method was similar to the Dark Bone Method, but in some areas, they are totally different.

    A similar point between this method and the Dark Bone Method were that after training, they both had an impressive effect of strengthening the body. The difference was that the intensity of body cultivation part of the Dragon Tiger Hell Method was far above the level of the Dark Bone Method.

    If he cultivated the Dark Bone Method, sixty percent of the effect was on Fa Li. However, if he cultivated the Tiger Dragon Hell Method, ninety percent of it would be strengthening the body, with only ten percent for Fa Li.

    The even more surprising thing is, the method was split into six levels, each representing six levels of the liquid states and crystal states. With every level of the tiger dragon hell method, he gains the strength of an additional tiger and dragon. When all six levels are cultivated, one can possess the strength of six tigers and dragons. Also, after the third level, there was also a talent called Dark Prison that could make enemies fall into an illusion without them noticing.

    After Liu Ming broke through to Spirit Master, he also went to the Scripture Pavilion in the sect to examine some his sect’s Spirit Master level cultivation methods, but there were no other cultivation methods that could compare with the Dragon Tiger Hell Method.

    If the description of the book was all real, this Dragon Tiger Hell Method had to be one of the top methods in the Ghost cultivation methods.

    Liu MIng thought like this, he could not help but have a flash of delight appear in his eyes, but after thinking about the difficulty for the cultivation method, he could not help but grimace.

    The Dragon Tiger Hell Method actually could not be cultivated just by circulating some Yuan Qi of the world. It also needs the cultivator of the method it cultivates in an environment of Yin Qi from time to time.

    However, Yin Qi was an extremely evil thing. If normal cultivators spent long periods of time submerged in it, it was extremely possible for them to turn into half-human, half-ghost monster.

    After Liu Ming had frowned for a while, he still sighed and put this matter behind temporarily.

    Although the Dragon Tiger Hell Method was extraordinary and reached beyond his expectations, there was no way quick ways to cultivate it; it wouldn’t be much help in forthcoming sea race war.

    This way, if he wanted to greatly increase his strength in a short period of time, it could only be done by some external force.

    When Liu Ming is thinking about it, he unintentionally touched the Sumeru Conch on his arm.

    The spatial treasure held a drop of First Yuan Heavy Water.

    According to this object's weight, if it was refined into the ‘Heavy Water Bead’ in the legends, the power would be very scary.

    The other totems in his hand could also be refined once more to fully reveal their power. Besides, he had now broken through the liquid level and thus there were no bottlenecks anymore. He could use some pills to increase his Fa Li.

    After such consideration, Liu Ming had a plan in mind.

    In the morning of the second day, he left Nine Infants Mountain and headed straight to a certain mountain in the sect. After a while, he appeared at a cliff next to the main Corpse Refinery Mountain.

    A couple feet above ground, there was a crimson stone door opened up in the cliff. Also, once he approached within a hundred or so feet to the stone door, he could distinctly feel the bursts of hot air coming out.

    It seemed like this door was boiling hot.

    Liu Ming didn’t feel surprise and after a faint blue ray flashed on the surface, he was immediately isolated from the heat.


    Liu Ming stopped a distance away from the entrance, at the same time, he moved his fingers.

    A moment later, the stone door opened, a short strong young man around the age of twenty walked out. After he saw that Liu Ming was very young, he was startled and asked:

    “You are….?”

    “Senior Huang is in there right? Liu Ming from the Nine Infants Mountain is here to come to pay a special visit.” Liu Ming said calmly.

    “What!? You're the new Martial Uncle Liu!? Please wait while I go call my teacher.” The youth was stunned at first and then spoke in fear

    The young man was already turning back, but there was a solemn elderly sound coming from behind him.

    “No need, let Fellow Liu come in. I want to see this little brother who has just broken through.”

    Although the sound wasn’t loud, to the young man, the sound was like rolling thunder.

    The strong young man answered with a shock, so he turned and stepped aside.

    Liu Ming didn’t pause and moved, disappearing into the passageway behind the stone door.

    After the time it took for a pot of tea to boil, Liu Ming sat within a cool stone lounge with a skinny, old man opposite him. This old man’s looks were average but his eyes extremely bright.

    “What you mean is, you want me to make you a totem. But why find me? You can find pretty good blacksmiths in the nearby markets, they should be enough to make an ordinary totem.” The black-robed elder said half smiling.

    “I’ve heard from Brother Jia said a long time ago that Senior Huang is one of the best blacksmiths in the whole of Da Xuan Country. The normal blacksmiths in the market cannot compare to you. If it was just a normal totem, I won't come here and bother senior but this time the thing being refined is very unusual. I’m afraid only Brother Huang can successfully refine it.” Liu Ming said seriously.

    Oh, really? What are you looking to refine, why don’t you talk to me about it.” The black-robed elder said with interest.

    How about this, I'll take out the main material for this refinement to show to Senior Huang. And we can discuss the other matters later. After blinking his eyes, Liu Ming said without any change in his expression


    The elder with the black robe agreed.

    But at this time, Liu Ming didn’t take anything out. He instead looked at the strong young man standing on the side.

    The black-robed elder suddenly understood and he immediately instructed his student.

    The young man answered right away respectfully, then he left the hall at once.

    In the meantime, Liu Ming stirred up his sleeves and several glyphs immediately flew at the ground. They disappeared into the ground with a flash.

    In the next moment, the white inscriptions on the ground flashed. Surprisingly, there was an additional layer of faint, glittering light.

    When the black robe elder saw this situation, although he didn’t stop it, he showed a sense of surprise.

    When he finished doing all of this, Liu Ming he flipped his hand. A little silver cauldron appeared in the air at once and blurred before becoming five feet tall.

    “Boom!” The huge cauldron landed on the ground ruthlessly. Crushed stone immediately splashed from the ground and over half of the cauldron have sunk into the ground.