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Chapter 248 - The Soul Eating Mace and the Skeleton

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 248 - The Soul Eating Mace and the Skeleton

    Liu Ming really could not imagine what the precious treasures mentioned had anything to do with himself and why he was called upon specifically for this.

    It was evident that the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader saw through Liu Ming’s thoughts and instantly continued with deep meaning, “The reason why our sect has sealed away these precious treasures is no doubt partly due to their power being too strong and the fact that we do not want to stir up trouble with the other sects by acting recklessly. However, it is more so that the treasures themselves have certain usage limitations. They will either use up a tremendous amount of Fa Li, or they will cause future trouble. Also, one must cultivate a special method as a prerequisite to controlling them.”

    “Sect Leader mentioned the Dark Bone Method earlier. Could it be that there is a treasure that needs to be controlled with this method?” Liu Ming, listening up till here, had a slight realization.

    “Junior Liu is a clever person. However, it is not the Dark Bone Method that I fancy, it is actually because the Dark Bone Method has a similar effect to that of the Great Bone Controlling Technique. Amongst the precious treasures that are sealed in the restricted grounds, there are two that can only be controlled by the Great Bone Controlling Technique. But it is too difficult to cultivate the Great Bone Controlling Technique; there hasn’t been a person of our sect who has cultivated this secret technique for hundreds of years. Junior, now having cultivated the Dark Bone Method that is similar to the Great Bone Controlling Technique, has just solved a great difficulty of mine,” explained the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader in detail after his facial expression turned back to normal.

    “Since Senior Sect Leader is so knowledgeable of the Dark Bone Method, you probably know that there is more than just me who is cultivating this technique in the sect,” asked Liu Ming after furrowing his brows and thinking for a bit.

    “Of course I know that disciple Gu Jue also cultivated the Dark Bone Method. But his level of cultivation as a Spirit Apostle is not at all enough to control the precious treasure. If he forcefully tried to activate it, he would instead instantly be sucked dry by the treasure,” replied the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader like so.

    “So that’s how it is. Looks like I really am the only candidate for controlling the precious treasures. But I would still like to ask Senior are you really that certain that the Dark Bone Method will be effective in controlling the treasures? I should be the first person who has become a Spirit Master while cultivating the Dark Bone Method so I don’t think that anyone has tried using the Dark Bone Method to control those treasures. ” asked Liu Ming after smiling bitterly.

    “Yes, Junior Liu is not wrong. There really hasn’t been anyone who has used the Dark Bone Method to activate the precious treasures before. Though according to my judgment, there should be no problem. Plus, Junior Liu only needs to go to the restricted grounds and attempt once to know the result. This is also why I first just called Junior to come here by yourself. If Junior really cannot control the treasure, then I will have to come up with other plans. The precious treasures are extremely important to our sect and are also one of the things our sect relies upon to ward off formidable enemies. No matter the method used, I will make the treasures release their proper power.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader first openly admitted and then spoke with a grim expression.

    “Since this matter involves the rise and fall of our sect, it is naturally a compelling obligation. But if it is unsuccessful, Senior Sect Leader should not be too disappointed.” Liu Ming, having listened up till here, naturally knew he did not have a chance to reject at all and simply agreed right away.

    “Very good, I just knew Junior Liu would agree. Let’s not lose any time, Junior, follow me to the restricted grounds now,” said the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader with delight after hearing his words.

    Liu Ming naturally would not oppose.

    Thus the two left the large hall right away and directly flew behind the mountain peak on clouds.

    After a short while, they appeared in front of the valley where Martial Ancestor Yan went into seclusion. Liu Ming even saw the five-foot long snow-white raccoon curled into a ball snoring whilst in deep sleep at the entrance.

    The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader did not pay attention to the raccoon and merely took out a pale golden bell from his bosom, lightly shaking it in the direction of the center of the valley.

    With a “pu”, a shapeless wave rippled outwards from the golden bell and seemed to reel into the center of the valley.

    The raccoon that was originally in sleeping soundly, with a tremble of its furry ears, got up immediately. But it still kept its head buried within its body and did not show any signs of raising it.

    But Liu Ming’s gaze that landed on the snow-white raccoon unknowingly had a sliver of grimness.

    The last time he came here, he was still a Spirit Apostle and felt that the raccoon had an extremely scary aura but was unable to judge its true strength. Now that he was a Spirit Master, his mental strength was many times that of before. Once again evaluating the raccoon now, he could instantly feel the magnitude of the spirit pressure that was released by it. It was impressively not weaker than that of an average Beginning Spirit Master.

    The raccoon was unexpectedly also a powerful monster of the Beginning Liquid Level.

    Just as Liu Ming was incessantly secretly measuring the raccoon, a skinny, frail figure walked out of the valley. It was the boy that was guarding the valley who Liu Ming saw a few years back.

    The boy’s facial features and clothes were not any different to that of four years ago. It was as if time did not affect him at all.

    “I was thinking who it was. So it was Uncle Sect Leader. Could it be that Martial Uncle is here to check on those items again!” the yellow-robed boy said with a grin as soon as he saw the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader and took a curious look at Liu Ming. It seemed as though he did not recognize Liu Ming at all anymore.

    “Martial Nephew, let me make an introduction. This is the newly advanced Spirit Master, Junior Liu. I am indeed taking a look at the treasures again with Junior Liu this time,” said the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader with a smile. It seemed as though he was actually very genial with the boy.

    “So it was Martial Uncle Liu. Although Martial Ancestor is not here, it is naturally fine for Uncle Sect Leader to bring someone to take a look at the sealed items. But according to the orders Martial Ancestor gave when he was departing, unless one has his personal order, the items cannot be taken out of the valley for now,” nodded the boy without any further thought.

    “I know. Bringing Junior Liu over this time is only for verifying something,” replied the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader without any feeling of surprise.

    “If it’s like this, then it is naturally no problem. Uncle Sect Leader and Martial Uncle Liu, please follow me.” The boy lit up with an utterly cute smile and turned around to lead the way.

    The two of them followed closely from behind.

    After the time to have a cup of tea, the three appeared in front of the entrance of a hall that was surrounded by layers upon layers of restrictions.

    The entirety of the entrance was enveloped in a thick, white screen of light that seemed as if it was solid. On the surface were two pale, golden glyphs that were slightly radiating a divine light.

    “I can only guide you up till here, the rest will be upon Uncle Sect Leader. The entrance’s seals presumably will not faze Martial Uncle,” said the boy to the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader after walking up to the light screen.

    “Okay, Martial Nephew just needs to wait here for a bit.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader naturally agreed. He thereupon flipped one hand and a previously prepared golden disc appeared and was thrown towards the light screen ahead.

    In an instant, the golden disc produced an extremely powerful suction with the light screen.

    With a “peng”, the golden disc attached to the light screen.

    In this moment, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader finally muttered some incantations and with a finger, pointed at the golden disc.

    A dot of white light instantly shot out and as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared into the disc.

    The golden disc abruptly lit up brightly. Countless golden glyphs dispersed out and with a flash, vanished into the white light screen.

    A muffled sound rang out!

    After the two pale, golden glyphs drifted down, the white light screen instantly scattered.

    The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader beckoned with his hand and the golden disc was called back. With a blur, it disappeared into his sleeve.

    He then walked into the stone hall with large steps.

    Liu Ming’s eyes flashed and followed shortly.

    A dozen or so stone stages of various sizes were placed in the four corners of the hall. Each one was enveloped in a layer of five-colored light. It faintly seemed like there were things placed inside them.

    The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader did not hesitate at all and directly lead Liu Ming to one of the stone stages.

    When they reached the stone stage, Liu Ming, with his eyes fixed, saw what was inside the light screen clearly. It was actually a white bone mace with a strange design.

    The mace was about three feet long and it was in fact made of four different skulls that were assembled together. The handle was further wrapped thickly in golden thread. The end had a circular groove, with a very large, pale green gemstone mounted on the surface.

    “This treasure is called the Soul Eating Mace and is the treasure that was used by one of our sect’s renowned Crystal Level predecessors hundreds of years ago. Its power is extraordinary and once reached the limit of a high tier totem, being only one step away from a perfect tier. But unfortunately, when that predecessor wanted to use the external force of the heaven and earth to once again raise its level, they failed. It not only destroyed the newly made totem but also caused the level of the totem to fall significantly. It is now only just barely able to maintain the level of a high tier totem. Even so, the power of this Soul Eating Mace is not comparable to that of any average high tier totem. If we were able to use this treasure against enemies, even if it was someone like Junior Liu who is of the Beginning Spirit Master level, they would be able to deal with a Late Spirit Master without being at a disadvantage. But the unfortunate thing is that this treasure was refined by spiritual bones and also had special restrictions set by that predecessor back then. Therefore, one must first cultivate the Great Bone Controlling Technique in order to activate it,” explained the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader in detail on the side.

    “So that’s how it is. Looks like this Soul Eating Mace is the precious treasure that Senior Sect Leader wants me to use,” said Liu Ming with eyes that slightly lit up while looking at the bone mace after listening.

    “Although this Soul Eating Mace is extraordinarily powerful, but in comparison, I want Junior to use another treasure that also needs the Great Bone Controlling Technique,” said the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader with a sliver of a complicated expression.

    “Another treasure?” Hearing this, Liu Ming’s facial expression changed slightly.

    “Junior, follow me and you will understand.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader, allowing no explanation, lead Liu Ming to another stone stage.

    “This is…” Liu Ming was shocked after he saw clearly what the item on the other stone stage was.

    Inside the light screen, there was, in fact, a mini skeleton of only one foot long. Each bone was inscribed in a faint silver glyph. However, it was covered in cracks and was also missing a whole arm.