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Chapter 246 - Commotion

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 246 - Commotion

    “Junior Gui, congratulations. Nine Infants Mountain finally has another Liquid Level Spirit Master. Looks like I have judged wrongly this time. I did not think Martial Nephew Liu would also be able to advance successfully. It seems his true aptitude is not inferior to that of Gao Chong.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader finally recovered from his silence and said to Gui Ruquan after smiling bitterly.

    “Although I knew this disciple recently entered the Spirit Pool, I also cannot believe that he could really condense his Symbol Qi successfully. Martial Nephew Liu gave me a great surprise too!” Gui Ruquan could not stop smiling as he said hurriedly.

    As for the rest, regardless of what they thought internally, at this moment they naturally congratulated Gui Ruquan one after the other.

    Gui Ruquan was full of smiles as he continuously saluted back.

    In this moment, Lin Caiyu was full of regret.

    She now finally understood a little why the Lei Spirit Master previously regarded Liu Ming so highly. And back then if she persisted a little, it would have been the Dancing Ghost Faction that gained another Spirit Master today.

    Therefore, this female practitioner of the Dancing Ghost Faction, although she also spoke congratulating words to Gui Ruquan, could not help but feel a little envious.

    As for the Baleful Yin Faction’s leader Chu Qi who was never on good terms with Gui Ruquan, although it did not seem like there was anything weird on the outside, it could be assumed that he probably felt gloomy inside.

    “Okay, since we already know which disciple it was who advanced, we can also rest assured. Martial Nephew Liu has just successfully advanced and still needs to consolidate this state. We don’t need to disturb him, just let him continue his seclusion. But when he comes out, Junior Tong must notify me promptly. As the sect leader, I must take him to the Ancestral Hall to offer sacrifices first. His seniority must be raised before discussing other matters.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader said to the man in white robes after thinking.

    “Of course, once Martial Nephew Liu comes out, I will immediately notify Senior. replied the white robed man without any additional thought.

    After the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader heard this, he nodded as to express his satisfaction.

    Afterwards, the white robed man led the group of people up to the third level and allowed them to see the blue rays of light spewing out of the stone house that Liu Ming was in for themselves. They then finally left without any doubt.

    After Gui Ruquan flew back to his residence, he immediately wrote a letter and called over a disciple of his to deliver it overnight.

    At the same time, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader left the canyon and went straight to the restricted area behind the main peak.

    Only after more than two hours did he walk out of the area as if he was in thought and flew directly to the Blood Control Faction’s mountain peak.

    Not long after, the whole of the Barbarian Ghost Sect knew there was a new successfully advanced Spirit Master in the sect, and the two words “Liu Ming” very quickly spread through each of the mountains.

    However, very few people knew “Liu Ming” was actually the previous “Bai Congtian”.

    After all, the Zhong Spirit Master only quietly reported to the sect about the matter regarding Liu Ming taking back his true name. It was not truly publicized to the entire sect.

    But as time passed, since Gui Ruquan did not hide it, the rumors about the newly advanced Spirit Master Liu Ming being the previous Nine Infants Faction’s “Bai Congtian” rapidly spread throughout the Barbarian Ghost Sect.

    This time, it truly did cause some commotion for those whom had previously seen or knew Liu Ming.


    “What? Liu Ming is Junior Bai from before?” In a small forest inside the Barbarian Ghost Sect, a cold looking young man, astonished, cried out to the beautiful woman in front of him.

    “Correct. I have already confirmed this through a Nine Infants disciple that I am on good terms with. The one who successfully condensed Symbol Qi and caused the celestial phenomena not long ago was indeed Junior Bai Congtian. Apparently, Liu Ming was his original name. Bai Congtian was just the name he used back when he acted as a disciple of the Bai Clan.” The beautiful woman sighed.

    These two people were precisely Du Hai and Mu Yunxian.

    “Originally, Junior Bai, no, Junior Liu was just a three Spiritual Pulse Spirit Apostle. He actually succeeded in advancing even with this kind of aptitude. It is truly hard to believe.” Du Hai’s facial expression was a little uneasy.

    “It was hard for me to believe too when I first heard about this. Looks like we have underestimated Junior Liu. But if that elder brother of mine found out, he would probably feel extremely regretful about Ming Zhu again.” Mu Yunxian sighed.

    “Indeed, if your family knew that Junior Liu would become a Spirit Master, they would not have agreed to cancel the marriage no matter how great the conditions the Bai Clan gave were.” Du Hai agreed.

    “I have tried my best already with regards to Ming Zhu and don’t want to bother about it anymore. Though, the time we see Junior Liu, we would probably have to change to calling him ‘Martial Uncle Liu’.” Mu Yun Xian smiled bitterly. At the same time, the image of the thirteen to fourteen-year-old looking youth at the Opening Spirit Ceremony back then flashed in her mind and she couldn’t help but fall into a trance.


    “What? The newly advanced Liu Ming is actually ‘Bai Congtian’ from back then?!”

    In a stone house on the Blood Control Mountain, a few old disciples of the Blood Control Faction gathered together. Every single one of them had an ugly expression on their faces.

    Shi Jian and Lu Yun who had once upon a time met Liu Ming were amongst them. In the group of people, these two were the most restless.

    “What do we do?! Back then, we went against him for the sake of Martial Uncle Gao. Now, after this Martial Uncle Liu comes out, we will most likely have a rough time. A large tight-robed man said with a glistening gaze.

    “Who would know that a three Spiritual Pulse disciple would be able to advance successfully like Martial Uncle Gao. If we knew earlier, we would definitely not have provoked him. Now the worst thing is that Martial Uncle Gao is at the border. Even if we wanted him to protect us, it would be impossible. Shi Jian said slowly.

    “Yeah, if Martial Uncle Gao was in the sect, he would have to pass through Martial Uncle Gao even if he wanted to look for trouble. But now, we are in big trouble. We could still find an excuse to leave the sect and temporarily avoid this Martial Uncle Liu if it wasn’t for the invasion of the Sea Race. Now, without the higher up’s instruction, as soon as we leave the sect, we would be punished for betrayal. The other grey-haired old man said with a cloudy expression.

    “My two seniors, do not worry too groundlessly! Although we went against this person back then for the sake of assisting Martial Uncle Gao, he did not really suffer from that. Who knows, this Martial Uncle Liu might have already forgotten about us after he came out of seclusion. We shouldn’t think too much.” After Lu Yun’s facial expression changed, she forcefully smiled and spoke.

    “Junior Lu also has a point. Hopefully, it really is like this.” The large tight-clothed man’s gaze flickered and spoke as if he was thinking.

    The old man and Shi Jian could only bitterly smile after glancing at each other.

    With Liu Ming’s status now as a Spirit Master, they could only hope like this.


    In a thatched cottage with beautiful scenery on Dancing Ghost Mountain, a pretty woman in yellow stood as she gazed through the window at the white silk-like waterfall in the distance. Her facial expression was full of disconsolation.

    Suddenly, footsteps sounded and a petite woman in green rushed in from outside. She immediately yelled, “Senior Qian, have you heard already? The rumored newly advanced ‘Martial Uncle Liu’ is in fact that ‘Bai Congtian’ who we have seen before!”

    “Oh, is that so? You didn’t hear incorrectly?” The woman in yellow was precisely Qian Hui Niang who had entered the secret realm together with Liu Ming. She heard this and turned around, stunned.

    “Of course it’s correct. In addition, this has already spread throughout the entire sect. Tsk tsk, who would have thought that the kiddo we had to lead to the market has now become our Martial Uncle.” The woman in green was naturally Cui Er. In this moment, she spoke with a little unwillingness.

    “How old are you to be calling others kiddo. But I am not that surprised that ‘Junior Liu’ would become ‘Martial Uncle Liu’. Although he is only a three Spiritual Pulse, he was already able to repeatedly make shocking actions back then. Successfully advancing to Spirit Master is not that strange of a matter. Unlike me, who has been at the level of Perfection Late Spirit Apostle for years and yet failed to condense the Symbol Qi twice. There is no chance of becoming a Spirit Master anymore now that my age has passed the limit. Qian Hui Niang said helplessly at first, and then after she thought of herself, her expression darkened.

    “Senior, don’t be so despondent. This kid was no doubt just very lucky that he could advance into a Spirit Master. With Senior’s aptitude, breaking through to the Liquid Level will happen sooner or later. As for your age being past the limit, don’t take it too seriously. It’s not like we have not had previous examples of people advancing into Spirit Masters at an age over thirty amongst our sects.” After the green-clothed woman heard those words, she remembered that the senior in front of her was upset due to failing to condense the Symbol Qi not long ago, and hurriedly spoke.

    “Don’t worry, I don’t need you to comfort me. Advancing into a Spirit Master is originally half based on how your own chance and luck is. But no matter how low the possibility of me advancing into a Spirit Master is in the future, I will not give up easily.” Qian Hui Niang replied with a slight smile after hearing those words. She was suddenly a lot more cheerful.

    Although the girl in green did not know the details, she was naturally happy after seeing that Qian Hui Niang was in a better mood. She hurriedly talked about other matters of the sect.


    One month later, at the border of Da Xuan and Hai Yue, in a large city of hundreds of feet high, that was built by the several sects’ united power, inside a room at the top level of a pavilion.

    There was a muffled “peng” sound!

    A young man of great stature suddenly slapped the table before him which shattered as a result, his facial expression overcast.

    The strip of paper a finger wide that was originally on the table drifted to the ground. It was thickly dotted with small characters detailing Liu Ming’s name change and advancement into a Spirit Master.

    The young man of great stature was precisely the newly advanced Spirit Master of the Barbarian Ghost Sect who had shown off his abilities in the huge city, Gao Chong.