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Chapter 242 - Demonic Ants

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 242 - Demonic Ants

    All that was seen were pink flying ants suddenly crawling on the blue wooden bird. Dozens of them, each roughly an inch long, gnawed frantically at the puppet wooden bird.

    And in the blink of an eye, the puppet was mutilated beyond recognition.

    Liu Ming furrowed his brows. Suddenly, he waved his sleeve and shot out a fireball. With a “boom!”, the wooden bird was hit.

    Roaring flames spread, enveloping all the pink flying ants within it.

    The majority of flying ants were reduced to ashes, but there were still some that managed to vigorously escape the flames. They charged straight for Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming’s attack seemed like it had provoked the nest of hornets. Not too far away, a buzzing sound emerged from the fog. From the core, a flock of pink flying ants flew towards Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming’s expression changed and without a single word, he flipped a hand. From it, a bright blue flag suddenly appeared. He waved it in front of him and out of nowhere, ocean water poured out. The sea water began to whirl and it transformed into a giant wave.

    The wave rolled into the flock of flying ants, leaving them to struggle helplessly in the water.

    The few ants who managed to avoid the giant wave desperately flapped their wings towards Liu Ming.

    In that instant, the atmosphere reverberated in front of Liu Ming. From it, a male head silently emerged.

    It was the Flying Head.

    With a sway of its head, its long hair transformed into green silk and shot out explosively.

    The silk pierced through the flock of flying ants. They let out strange cries and one by one, the ants fell from the skies.

    Just like that, the tsunami, controlled by the blue flag in Liu Ming’s hand, violently rushed forward. Most of the flying ants were rolled into the sea water.

    The Flying Head formed a dense silk net with it’s long hair near Liu Ming, capturing the few flying ants that managed to escape before annihilating them all, leaving no survivors.

    For a moment, it looked like there wasn’t a single flying ant left from the frightening large flock was able to near Liu Ming.

    The moment the flying ants no longer came out of the pink fog, Liu Ming muttered a few words. He made a hand sign and swiftly materialized a light blue icicle next to him. The icicle quickly turned dark blue and emitted a strange crystal-like light.

    With a flick of a wrist, the icicle disappeared in a blur.

    In the next second, the wave in the distance rolled into itself. It formed a giant water ball and levitated high in the sky.

    Within the water ball, countless pink flying ants struggled for their lives.

    A blue light flashed. The icicle suddenly appeared and stabbed into the water ball.


    The water ball instantly exploded with the stab while a gush of blue cold air surged within. The water froze over.

    There and then, a giant navy ice ball floated in the air before falling to the ground with a tremble.

    A crashing sound was heard.

    The crushed ice ball became misty-white fragments of ice on the ground. With it, all the flying ants shattered to pieces.

    Only then did Liu Ming put the flag away. With another wave of his sleeve, another blue ball flew out. “Kabang!” Another wooden bird flew out and headed straight into the fog.

    He made a one handed sign and gestured a single finger to his forehead. At the same time, he closed his eyes.

    This time, as the blue wooden bird silently entered the fog, the strange noises from within it stopped. It seems like none of the flying ants had survived.

    But then, Liu Ming’s expression changed. He opened his eyes again.

    At the same time, the heavy fog in front of him rolled in. The wooden bird flew out from the center. A pair of claws from below suddenly grabbed at the skeleton in the ragged bag of clothes.

    A muffled thud was heard.

    The wooden bird relaxed its claw and threw the skeleton in front of Liu Ming. In a blur, the wooden bird transformed into a blue ball at Liu Ming's call and the bird instantly disappeared up his sleeve.

    Liu Ming lowered his finger from his forehead and scanned the skeleton up and down where there were bite marks from the flying ants. Suddenly, his eyes flickered. He raised his hand and clutched the air.

    “Poof!” - a white jade pendant flew out from the skeleton’s waist and steadily settled down onto his hand.

    Liu Ming lowered his hand and took a glance. All he saw was a jade pendant with the word “Bai” engraved on one side.

    So this skeleton was actually a member of the Bai clan who was in search for the pit… Without a doubt, this is the pit of Seventh Blue Pure Aura.

    On that thought, Liu Ming immediately threw courtesy out the window. He made his way to the Flying Head’s side and waved his hand.

    The Flying Head let out a strange laugh, before then suddenly taking a deep breath.

    Under the flash of countless green inscriptions, the head violently swelled up. In a blink of an eye, it grew several times larger than before. It opened it’s mouth again and released a fierce misty-gray wind.

    The strong gust of wind rolled in the pink fog and immediately surged forward in a frenzy.

    Without a sound, Liu Ming shifted before standing behind the Flying Head. He waved his palms and pressed onto the top of the head, pushing Fa Li into the Flying Head.


    All of a sudden, the fierce wind that the flying head spat out almost doubled in size. The sea of fog stirred and spread in all directions.


    Half an hour later, when Liu Ming took his hand off of the head, the fog that shrouded the entire valley was already blown away by the wild winds. It revealed an enormous pit of about thirty to forty feet in diameter.

    Even though Liu Ming stood over a hundred feet away from the pit, he could see it clear as day.

    Lush green grass grew on the surface of the pit. There, small pink flowers blossomed and released pink colored pollen shot out into the air but it never seemed to fall to the ground.

    Suddenly, Liu Ming came to realize that the sea of pink fog earlier must have come from these strange unknown pink flowers.

    Just when Liu Ming was about to head into the giant pit, a burst of strange chirping laughter came from the center of the pit. All of a sudden, a pink fog rushed out, carrying with it a bizarre half-humanoid, half-insect creatures.

    The creatures were three meters long. Its upper half was a naked woman with thick hair. It had two long thin arms, its skin was white as snow, and it had a pair of trembling full breasts. Its lower half was odd, a glowing oversized insect body. Its tail had circles of strange black inscriptions. Its back had translucent wings, just like the previous pink flying ants but magnified tenfold.

    Its upper half had an extremely beautiful face of a woman, but when it saw Liu Ming, its face turned furious.

    “It was a Perfect Apostle demonic insects!”

    As Liu Ming sensed the aura released from the creatures, he grew cold. For the first time, a flash of caution crossed his face.

    Without a doubt in his mind, this creature had cultivated to a bottleneck and was trying to use the Pure Aura Qi to breakthrough to a higher realm.

    Human or demon, if anyone wanted to reach the Spirit Master which is the Liquid level, after getting to the Perfect Spirit Apostle level, it was impossible to avoid the process of Condensing the Aura into Cultivation Qi.

    Naturally, this insect was angered when Liu Ming interrupted it at a vital moment in its cultivation.

    In comparison to common demonic beasts, demonic insects faced more difficulties in their cultivation. Yet, because of this, demonic insects were far more difficult to deal with than demonic beasts of the same level.

    Having to tackle this insect who had already started to condense its aura, Liu Ming couldn't help but take the enemy seriously.

    He let out a short sigh of relief before he flipped a hand. The cyan moon sword suddenly appeared in a flash.

    Startled by Liu Ming's movements, the insect released a strange call. Its stout tail swept and spat out four gigantic eggs.

    Each egg was three foot tall, white as snow and sparkled. Just when they detached from its tail, the egg cracked in the center. Each one revealed two foot tall giant pink ants.

    Each and every one was enormous in size and had a pair of crystallized wings on their backs. Their lower limbs were dark and covered in sharp hooks. Their fangs were exposed, and surprisingly, their bodies emitted the aura of middle Spirit Apostles. When they opened their eyes, their wings vibrated and they rushed towards Liu Ming.

    After the demonic insect with the faces of beautiful women spat out four eggs, it's body's aura decreased considerably. It actually lowered to the Late Spirit Apostle level.

    Though astonished by this, Liu Ming didn't have time to wonder how this could have happened. He flicked the cyan moon sword in his hands and instantly slashed towards the four gigantic ants.

    Just then, the sound of the atmosphere tearing was heard. Four traces of misty cyan sword qi rolled in.

    At the same time, the Flying Head let out a screech. It swung its long locks of hair, transforming them into dense green silk.

    “Poof! Poof!”

    Four giant ants abruptly stopped flapping its wings and their bodies unexpectedly disappeared in the cool breeze.

    No matter if it was the Sword Qi or the green thread, they all missed>.

    “Wind Escape Technique!”

    Seeing this, Liu Ming couldn’t help but fall silent.

    Moments later, he felt two gusts of wind graze the sides of his body. Two giant ants had flashed by. Four sharp front limbs transformed into four shadows and charged right towards Liu Ming's body at lightening speeds.

    To a normal Late Spirit Apostle, this kind of unexpected attack would have really been effective.

    But then again, Liu Ming was no ordinary Spirit Apostle. His mental strength and physique were almost comparable to that of the average Spirit Master and his reflexes were alarmingly fast. With a low grunt, the cyan short sword in his hands became a blur, as he slashed both sides.

    “Bang! Bang!”

    The front legs of the two giant ants were hit by two slashes of cyan sword qi. The ants quickly retreated whilst crying in agony.

    Focusing, Liu Ming noticed that the front legs of both ants were intact. His face fell, as he made a one handed sign. Suddenly, black smoke shrouded his body. After a while, the smoke formed long sticky black tentacles which wildly thrashed around as it rushed towards the two giant ants.

    At this time, the two giant ants rose like a light breeze and once again, disappeared in a blur.

    At the same time, the flying head on the other side had barricaded itself in its own cocoon of hair. Nearby, the figure of two other giant ants dashed in and out of sight whilst locked in a heated battle with the demon.