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Chapter 241 - A New Journey

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 241 - A New Journey

    For the remaining time, Liu Ming was refining Black Crow pills while at the same time using them, generating extra Fa Li.

    It took only a few months before he once more had cultivated his Fa Li to the perfection stage.

    And just at this time, he finally got the message from the Barbarian Ghost Sect, saying that his term of four years had been reached. A new supervising disciple was already on the road to Xuanjing.

    And according to established practice, the recently retired supervising disciple could take some months of rest. He only needed to return to the Sect within a half year.

    When Liu Ming received this order, he naturally became overjoyed.

    He immediately wrote two letters of resignation, having someone deliver it to the Qian House and Bai Fan Zi’s dwelling. He then silently left Xuanjing and completely disappearing for a few months without any news.


    Three months later at the border of the Da Xuan Country and another country called Qi Yue which was right at the edge of a continuous mountain range.

    A green robed youth stood at the peak of a thousand feet tall dirt mountain while looking at the distant mountain ranges. His face very grave, and only after a while did he began murmuring.

    “So this was the Ten Thousand Barbarian mountain range. For this place to be this ferocious, it’s no wonder that the Bai Family has been unable to collect the Seventh Blue Pure Aura for so many years. Thus, they told me the location of the Aura Pit without reservation.”

    This youth was naturally Liu Ming.

    Since he left Xuanjing, he went directly to the Bai Family. From there, he was easily able to get the location of the Seventh Blue Pure Aura from the Bai grandma and has since then sprinted all the way to this place.

    But now that he had personally witnessed the true nature of the Ten Thousand Barbarian mountain range, as well as clearly feeling the chaotic aura in the air, he began to hesitate.

    The Ten Thousand Barbarian Mountain range was widely known as a very dangerous place in both countries. It was made up of some thousands of small and big mountains, stretching for some tens of thousands of miles.

    It was said that there isn’t only countless poisonous bugs and wild beasts, but also many miasmatic poison patches of fog that cause instant death on touch. There were even some low-grade Demonic Beasts that have been able to critically think. Of course, these Demonic Beast always hid in the depth of the mountain ranges; average people wouldn’t be able to meet them.

    Because this mountain range was rich in resources and had also produced a rich number of rather well-known spirit medicines, which was why there was a lot of activity in these areas by the cultivators from both countries. But because this mountain range had a lot of dangerous areas, most of the cultivators only stayed in the outer areas. Rarely do people ever travel into the depth of the mountain ranges.

    But even then, from time to time there are stories of cultivators entering the Ten Thousand mountain range and never to be seen coming out again.

    Which was why that if one didn’t have a special reason, the cultivators from the two countries all fear going deep into the mountain range.

    This information was naturally something that Liu Ming had gathered before he came here. And following the map given by the Bai family, the Aura Pit containing Seventh Blue Pure Aura was right exactly in the very depths of the Ten Thousand Barbarian mountain range.

    Right now, Liu Ming was looking at the distant mountains with thoughts flying around.

    This time, if he were to return to the Sect, he certainly would be called to participate in the great war with the Sea Race. It was, therefore, necessary to step into the Spirit Master realm. Otherwise, if he were to fight the cultivators of the Sea Race, then there was a great chance of dying. Right now his Fa Li has already stabilized at the perfection stage. As long as there was some suitable Pure Aura Qi, he could begin to attempt reaching the Spirit Master realm by condensing the Aura into Symbol Qi.

    Currently, he only had that spare low-grade Guyin Pure Aura. Only as a last resort would he use this Pure Aura to condense into his Symbol Qi. In addition, the Seventh Blue Pure Aura was quite compatible with his Cultivation Method. Even if this Ten Thousand Barbarian mountain range was very dangerous, it seems like he still had to take a risk and enter.

    With his current cultivation, as long as he doesn’t meet any Liquid Level Beast whose strength parallels Spirit Masters, then there shouldn’t be any big problem. And the Ten Thousand Barbarian mountain range even might not have beasts at this level.

    Liu Ming thought to this point and his eyebrows slightly loosened up. Not hesitating anymore, his body moved and flew towards the distant mountain range.

    It was said that the Ten Thousand Barbarian mountain range houses countless flying birds and poisonous bugs. So he naturally did not dare to directly fly up in the sky of the Ten Thousand Barbarian mountain range. He flew until he reached the mountain range before slowly advancing forward with both of his feets on the ground.


    Half day later, two gigantic mountain cats jumped down from two big trees, fiercely pouncing towards Liu Ming below them.

    “Pu, pu!”

    At the instant the mountain cats had left the tree branch, Liu Ming raised his two hands and two green lights flashed.

    After the two mountain cats had screamed, their bodies were split from the middle. Both the dead body and fresh blood sprinkled down from the air.

    Liu Ming’s body flashed, directly avoiding the beast blood and body falling from above. His head didn’t even turn around as he continued forward as if he didn’t encounter any obstacle.


    Two days later, Liu Ming stood at the peak of a big tree. His hands holding a piece of a rather old map, as if he were carefully inspecting something.

    Right at this time, a several foot long green poison snake had quietly climbed up from the roots of the tree. It started moving speedily up towards the peak of the tree.


    A black line flashed for an instant and a pitch black tail hook had penetrated through the head of the poisonous snake, completely nailing it to the tree trunk.

    After the poisonous snake had twisted and struggled, it no longer made any sound.

    At this time, the White Bone Scorpion jumped out from the dense vegetation above. It’s two great pincers proceeded to tear apart the dead body of the poisonous snake, and eat it clean.


    Five days later Liu Ming was standing in front of the canyon between two mountain peaks. Looking at the gray smoke like fog not far away in front of him, he shook his head and turned his body. He was going to travel some more in order to go around this canyon.


    A half month later Liu Ming had finally entered the depths of the Ten Thousand Barbarian mountain range.

    At this moment, all the eye could see was extremely tall great gray trees everywhere. The thick canopy above prevented nearly all of the sun light from seeping through, causing the ground below the trees to be very wet and gloomy.

    Liu Ming was holding onto his green short sword as the White Bone Scorpion following behind him. He calmly moved towards the not so far away hill.

    The hill was quite strange, the upper half of the hill looked like a madam waving her hand.

    According to the map that the Bai family gave, he only needed to walk onto this hill, and he would be able to find the exact location of the Aura Pit.

    And in order to find this mountain, he had already taken a lot of wrong ways. He had mistakenly entered who know how many wild beast nests, before finally finding his way here.

    Liu Ming suddenly stopped his feets. Squinting his two eyes, he looked at the heaven reaching great tree in front.

    Suddenly an “sha sha” sound could be heard from the back of the tree and a 10 foot long gorgeous giant scorpion had crawled out. It’s two eyes were as red as blood, it’s mouth spraying out red poison fog and it’s tail hook swung around behind it.

    It was quite sinister and horrifying!

    This was obviously a poisonous bug with some years behind it and it showed that it was definitely not weak.

    Liu Ming was first stunned before he immediately made a flick with his wrist, sending a green Sword Qi out, cutting the body of the big scorpion.

    The result was that the scorpion made a bizarre scream before stepping back two steps. He took the attack as if it was nothing and as only a faint white mark was left on the hard body shell.

    But Liu Ming’s attack had clearly angered this scorpion, its mouth made some “gua gua” sounds. It’s lower limbs applied some force, and its whole body pounced towards Liu Ming accompanied with a bloody smell.

    Liu Ming’s eyebrow jumped up, and he was thinking about quickly finishing this scorpion. But right at this time, a “sou” sound could be heard. From behind, a black shadow flew out. After a flash, it met the flying scorpion and pounced towards it.

    It was the ghost: White Bone Scorpion!

    The two of them instantly entered a brawl.

    When Liu Ming saw this, he was stunned. But as he was about to flick the short sword in his hand, so as to help out, he was transmitted a message to his mind from the Bone Scorpion. The message told him to not help.

    Liu Ming blinked with his eyes, not very sure what the White Bone Scorpion’s intention is. But he still removed his short sword and stood at the side looking at the battle.

    The White Bone Scorpion’s body size wasn’t as big as its opponent. But relying on its lightning like attacks from its tail hook, it was able to gain the upper hand in the brawl.

    The gigantic scorpion’s shell that looked very hard was as weak paper under the attacks of the Bone Scorpion. After some time, its body had already been pierced over a hundred times. Its whole head was also held fast by the Bone Scorpion’s great pincers, only able to spray out blood fog from its mouth, crazily struggling on.


    Two hours later, the Bone Scorpion finally swallowed the last piece of the new scorpion that had been completely ripped apart. Following that the green flames in the White Bone Scorpion’s two eyes became dark, and it became kind of lazy.

    Liu Ming saw this and a thought moved in his mind. Clapping the leather bag at his waist with a hand, a black cloud took the Bone Scorpion in.

    While the White Bone Scorpion was a ghost monster, it’s original body was that of scorpion bones which had absorbed a lot of Yin Qi. Thus, swallowing scorpions beasts should also be a way for it to evolve.

    The White Bone Scorpion becoming like this clearly meant that it was preparing to evolve once more.

    Liu Ming subsequently let out the Flying Head before continuing onwards.


    A day later Liu Ming appeared at a valley that had been blocked by countless tall shrubs.

    He immediately used his Green Moon sword, letting out numerous green sword qi. He forcefully cut out a small path through the vegetation which he went through to enter the mountain valley.

    But after Liu Ming had swept the interior of the mountain valley, his expression became serious.

    More than half of the mountain valley was covered by a kind of pink colored fog. And inside the fog, some buzzing sounds could faintly be heard as if was were some kind of bug inside flying around.

    Liu Ming’s eyes flashed a couple of times. Suddenly he took out a blue ball from his sleeve and threw it forward before then making a hand sign.

    Immediately a “ga beng” sound went off and the blue ball changed into a light blue four winged wooden bird.

    Following this, Liu Ming made another hand sign.

    The blue colored wooden bird proceeded to vibrate its wings. It changed into a blue light as it quickly flew towards the pink colored fog.


    The blue wooden bird flew head first into the fog, flying towards its depths.

    But the wooden bird only flew a small distance, before the sound of its wing vibration became smaller by a lot.

    The facial expression of Liu Ming changed, and he hurriedly made another hand sign.

    The blue wooden bird in the fog immediately made a turn, quickly flying back along its former path.

    The result was that after a few flashes, it broke out from the pink colored fog. But it only flew some tens of feet towards Liu Ming before it fell without any warning, heavily crashing onto the ground.

    Liu Ming’s pupil shrunk, and he didn’t immediately go towards it. But a light flashed in his eyes, as he carefully stared at the wooden bird.