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Chapter 240 - Basic Mastery in Pill Refining

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 240 - Basic Mastery in Pill Refining

    However, if it was possible to increase the refining success rate of the Spirit Apostle pills. Then it would be beneficial for Liu Ming for when he refines Spirit Master pills in the future.

    After all, some pill refining experiences applied for both low and high grade pills.

    As such, for the rest of the two days, Liu Ming spent all his attention on pill refining.

    Even though he was inside the mysterious space, it was clear that there was no difference inside compared to the outside when it comes to pill refining. His pill refining success rate was still somewhere around 2-3 successes out of ten tries.

    On the third day, a ‘pu’ sound resounded from the pill cauldron in front of him and a burnt smell came from within it.

    Liu Ming grimaced wryly as the technique in his hand stopped knowing that he once again failed a pill refinement. Moving his eyes to the ground beside the pill cauldron, he discovered that there weren’t many remaining pill materials.

    Letting out a sigh, he reached into his sleeve with his hand, intending to take out another simple storage glyph filled with materials.

    Not long ago, Liu Ming had brought ten storage glyphs full with pill refining materials from the underground markets.

    In these three years, he had used up a lot of Spirit Stones due to pill refining. Although the success rate has increased with time, allowing him to sell some of the pills to earn back some Spirit Stones. But even then he had still spent more than a hundred thousand Spirit Stones these years.

    And that was counting in the fact that he only spent two days refining pills every month. Otherwise, the amount of materials used would easily be many times more.

    The pill refining materials in one storage glyph was enough for him to refine pills for two days. With all the materials he currently has, if he were to continue pill refining without rest, then he would only have enough for around 20 days.

    But when Liu Ming reached into his sleeve with his hand, his face stiffened for a second before the look in his eyes became very strange.

    He suddenly flipped his hand around and was suddenly holding a stack of yellow glyphs. The surfaces of these glyphs were densely packed with silver colored spirit patterns; these were simple storage glyphs.

    After Liu Ming had quickly scanned the storage glyphs, his face showed an incredible astonished expression.

    “Why are there still ten glyphs? I clearly just used up one before.” Mumbling, Liu Ming hastily counted the storage glyphs confirming that there were ten glyphs.

    Liu Ming looked at the glyphs in his hand, his facial expression continually changing.

    In the next moment, he suddenly stowed all the glyphs away. He left one behind that he instantly crushed, causing it to glow white.a pile of pill refining materials appeared on the ground next to him.

    Liu Ming reached into his sleeve with his hand, confirming that there were only nine storage glyphs in his sleeve. Then, he had a Fa Li replenishing pill that he had just refined. Feeling the Fa Li in his body slowly increasing, his brows couldn’t help but wrinkle up.

    He pondered a bit, before beginning to making hand signs continuing to refine pills.

    Whenever he finished making a cauldron of pills, Liu Ming would check the number of storage glyph in his sleeve. But on the first day, there weren’t any change whatsoever.

    However, on the second day when he finished a pill refinement. He once again used his mental strength to scan the contents of his sleeve and his expression abruptly changed into one of surprise.

    He hurriedly reached into his sleeve. with a grasp, instantly, a stack of glyphs once again showed up, not too many and not too little, just exactly ten glyphs.

    When he had just finished refining his last cauldron of pills, he had checked the contents of his sleeves and there had only been nine storage glyphs.

    Liu Ming calmly thought for a bit, before once again crushing a glyph. Once again, the glyph released a large amount of pill refining materials and then Liu Ming placed the remaining nine glyphs on the ground before him.

    In the remaining time, he didn’t continue to refine pills but stared without blinking on the glyphs that laid on the ground.

    One day, two days, a whole five days went by and the number of storage glyphs still stayed at nine. There hadn’t been any increase at all.

    This greatly surprised Liu Ming.

    That’s why when he had waited until the sixth day, he couldn’t wait anymore and altogether choose to ignore the storage glyphs in front of him. Opening the lid of the pill cauldron, he began to refine pills anew.

    Just like that, two days went by. By the time when the pill refining materials were nearly used up. Liu Ming was refining pills while at the same time unconsciously moving his eyes onto the ground, his face expression instantly changed.

    Ten glyphs laid there neatly in a row.

    Liu Ming forcefully suppressed the shock in his heart. Not caring about the pills being refined in the cauldron, both eyes of his eyes were unblinking as he stared at the storage glyphs on the ground.

    He could clearly remember that there were only 9 glyphs that laid there, and it took only a moment to confirm that a completely new glyph had suddenly appeared.

    He pondered for a bit, and with a stroke of his hand, he grasped the storage glyph that had just appeared. Carefully inspecting it for a while, he found that it wasn't any different from the other glyphs, so he used some force in his fingers crushing the glyph.


    After the white light had disappeared, the ground at the side was once more occupied by a big pile of pill refining materials.

    Liu Ming moved his eyes, only taking some glances at the materials, before determining that both the types and weight of the materials was exactly the same as the previous storage glyph.

    It seems like it really had completely copied the contents of the recently used storage glyph.

    At this point, Liu Ming finally understood some of the rules for how these storage glyphs get copied. It was likely that one not only has to use a storage glyph as well as the materials inside before this space made a new copy that’s completely alike.

    In order to confirm this, Liu Ming used the next half month to test this a couple of time. The result was exactly that of his earlier guess.

    It seems like the mysteriousness of this space was far beyond what he had originally expected.

    But what made Liu Ming both happy and surprised at the same time was that after these days of non-stop pill refining, he could feel that his pill refining skills had faintly increased.

    It looked like that in this space, him using the copied alchemy material also had an effect on his alchemy skills.

    After having confirmed this, the last bit of worry in Liu Ming’s heart also vanished. With this joy, he began to refine pills day and night without stop.

    Under this kind of circumstances where he had kind of had an infinite amount of alchemy materials, Liu Ming’s pill refining skills naturally increased as quickly as a runaway horse.

    A single month later, Liu Ming’s pill refining success rate for these kinds of Spirit Apostle pills had risen with an astonishing speed.

    After all, even a sect like the Barbarian Ghost sect could not train their alchemist with such intensive amounts of practices without the slightest restrictions like Liu Ming was doing right now.

    After all, if one were to use the number of Spirit Stones to calculate, then he had in this month used up alchemy materials worth more than hundreds of thousands Spirit Stones.

    This kind of crazy way to train an Alchemist wasn’t something that an average sect could even afford.

    Nonetheless, practicing crazily like this, in only a few months, Liu Ming could for most pills reach a success rate of fifty to sixty percent.

    A year after, he could for most pills reach a success rate of a hundred percent.

    In the rest of the time, Liu Ming moved his attention on improving the quality of the refined pills.

    And in this timeframe, both the White Bone Scorpion’s and the Flying Skull’s individual cultivations had never stopped.

    At this moment, a movement from the tail hook of the White Bone Scorpion would instantly produce many tens of black lines shooting out. Faintly, one could see that the tail hook had already shot out before the sound of air piercing would be spread.

    And the Flying Skull just need to move its head and one would only be able to see green lights flashing everywhere and completely unable to see any trace of the long hair. Both the speed and strength of its attack had reached a breathtaking step.

    As for the second “Liu Ming”, there hasn’t been even the slightest movement. This has made Liu Ming gradually only regard it like some kind of statue.

    Half year later, Liu Ming took out a pill from the pill cauldron. The pill’s surface had some faint silverish Spirit Inscriptions. When his face let out an expression of joy, suddenly the surroundings fluctuated. His two ears heard a “weng” sound as the scene before his eyes went dark. When he could see again, he suddenly once more appeared in the secret room that he had left.

    After the dizzy feeling in his head vanished, his dantian suddenly trembled. From within, a very pure stream of Fa Li began leaking out.

    Liu Ming was joyous in his heart and hurriedly made a hand sign with his two hands. He began to silently accept the pure Fa Li coming from the mysterious Qi bubble.

    About a tea’s time, he finally let out a light breath before putting his two hands down.

    At this moment, the mysterious air bubble in his dantian had once more vanished without a trace.

    He slightly felt his Fa Li and sure enough, it was once again purer than before. But his cultivation had fallen from perfection down to an average Late Spirit Apostle.

    This made him smile bitterly once more.

    It seemed like for the next few days, he once again had to go through the days of non-stop pill eating.

    Fortunately, in the mysterious space, he had already increased his pill refining skills to an astonishing height. The degree of mastery over refining Spirit Apostle pills was to such a perfection that refining some pills that increased Fa Li wasn’t any problem for him at all.

    Liu Ming thought to this point but then suddenly grasped out with his hand. He took out a storage glyph from his sleeve before then crushing it.

    The white light lit up, but the space in front was still empty, nothing had come out of it.

    “Sure enough!” Liu Ming saw this scene and wasn’t surprised at all as he murmured.

    This storage glyph contained all the pills that he had refined in the mysterious space. But looking at the current circumstances, it was very clear that he couldn’t take these pills out of the mysterious space. They had all silently disappeared not leaving any trace.

    Liu Ming felt that it was a great pity but had been expecting this. That’s why he wasn’t that depressed about the situation.

    Turning his head to look at the Flying Skull and the White Bone Scorpion to the side, he let out a smile as he patted the two leather bags tied to his waist.

    Immediately, two black clouds rolled out from the leather bags and took the two ghosts in.

    He once more looked at the secret room in front of his eyes that was exactly like “4 years ago”. Suddenly he smiled as he stood up, pushing open the door as he left.

    In the remaining time, Liu Ming went to the market and brought alchemy materials worth more than a hundred thousand Spirit Stones before he returned to the dwelling. He then began to refine the pill “Black Crow Pill” that he had refined countless times in the mysterious space.

    This kind of pill had a decent effect of increasing Fa Li for Late Spirit Apostles and was a pill recipe that he had specifically bought with Spirit Stones from Fan Bai Zi.

    While Black Crow Pill’s effect wasn’t bad, it was very hard to make. Even for alchemist masters like Fan Bai Zi, they still didn’t have that great of a success rate.

    That’s why once this pill was refined, one pill can be sold for more than a thousand Spirit Stones. Often they were incredibly expensive but still hard to find.

    For Liu Ming, the success rate of the Black Crow Pill was also the lowest amongst the different pills he could make.

    There were two reasons. First, the pill was truly is difficult to refine and second, because he didn’t bring much of this pill’s materials with him when he first entered the mysterious space which had resulted in him having far less practice in making this pill compared to the other Spirit Apostle pills.