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Chapter 239 - Complete Mastery of the Icicle Technique

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 239 - Complete Mastery of the Icicle Technique

    He thought about it for a while and decided to take the risk.

    Liu Ming breathed lightly and swung his hand, a wind blade was discharged out while it created a piercing sound.

    As a green light flashed, the wind blade skimmed right next to the arm of the other “him”.

    “Pu!” A wound of few inches long appeared and light golden blood gushed out of it.

    Before Liu Ming was surprised, he felt a sharp pain on his arm. After being stunned, he quickly pulled up his sleeves and took a look.

    His eyes squinted while looking at red blood gushing out of a same few inches long wound on his arm.

    Liu Ming’s face turned pale and felt confused looking at the wound on the arm of the Liu Ming in front of him, and then looked at his own wound, as the shape and position of the wound was the same.

    His mind immediately became fuzzy.

    At this point, no matter how fuzzy his mind was, he understood that the “Liu Ming” in front of him was not some demon’s disguise, but had a big connection with himself.

    Liu Ming was not just anyone, he calmed down and took out a glyph and put it on his wound.

    The wound quickly healed as dots of green light flashed, leaving only a thin line of a faint bloody scar.

    Liu Ming glanced at the Liu Ming at the front.

    He saw the wound on the arm of the other him heal in the exact same way, only leaving a thin line of a faint scar.

    Liu Ming was truly stunned after seeing this.

    After a while, he laughed bitterly. He looked away and started sizing up the dimension.

    The mysterious dimension was much bigger than before.

    It seemed like the more Fa Li was consumed, the larger the space was.

    Everything else was the same other than the increase in space and the second “Him”.

    After he thought for a while, he found a spot far away from the second “Him” and sat down, quietly thinking.

    Like this, slowly, half a day had passed.

    Liu Ming took a deep breath and came back from his deep thoughts. His face formed a powerless expression once again after seeing the other “him”.

    Not long ago, after he tried desperately to think of an explanation, he decided it had something to do with the time he lost consciousness in the secret realm.

    He remembered clearly that inside the weird dream he had when he was unconscious, he saw an another “him” with a shocking aura.

    He had thought about the reason for him going unconscious, and maybe it has something to do with the giant demon’s hand that disappeared.

    After all the mysterious bubble only appeared and turned abnormal after the giant demon’s hand.

    And maybe the disappearance of the demon’s hand had something to do with the bubble.

    After the all the considerations, the “himself” in front of Liu Ming now perhaps was formed because of the giant demon hand. Somehow a connection was formed between the hand and Liu Ming, and thus wounds would occur on both when either was hurt.

    Even though Liu Ming didn’t understand the majority of the process, but the real reason shouldn’t be too off from his assumption.

    Even though there was an explanation, it was still a difficult thing to deal with. He was still not sure of whether or not this “him” was alive or not.

    Of course, the thing that made Liu Ming felt the most helplessness was that he couldn’t really use any extreme methods on the other “him”

    Otherwise, he would’ve destroyed such a dangerous possibility before he would truly relax.

    Liu Ming quickly thought for a while, but could only think of a way to imprison the new “him”.

    So Liu Ming shook his head and took out some formation flags as he started setting them up around the second Liu Ming.

    When Liu Ming finished setting up the flags, he made a hand sign and with a point, the small scaled formation started to buzz. A layer of white light appeared and covered “Liu Ming” underneath it.

    Liu Ming looked at the white light barrier and the glyphs and silver chain on the other “Liu Ming” and finally his face expression relaxed a little.

    Under this situation, if the other Liu Ming makes any weird movements, he would detect it at the first moment.

    Liu Ming then decided to leave everything behind and begin his training.

    Before this, he used his mental energy to communicate with the Flying Head.

    Under his strict order, the Flying Head flew away from the other Liu Ming with fear and came to next to Liu Ming.

    Only now Liu Ming was relaxed and ordered the Flying head to practice attacking with the White Bone Scorpion.

    The two flashed and separately came before a gray wall. The White Bone Scorpion’s tail flickered as it became a wave of after images that stabbed at the wall before it. The Flying Head’s hair stood straight as it turned into countless streaks that struck forward.

    Liu Ming, on the other hand, started to practice the Icicle Technique.

    Like this, time passed day by day.

    At the start, Liu Ming was still very wary of the second “him” and kept an eye on “him”, afraid that there would be a change.

    However, after one month, two months, three and even four months passed, the other “him” didn’t move at all. With this, Liu Ming finally relaxed and treated it as a dead object as he started to put all of his attention to his spell training.

    Although the Icicle technique was harder than normal to train due to it being a middle tier spell, the Liu Ming now had much more Fa Li than when he entered the mysterious space previously. Thus, he could release many more icicles per day than previously.

    With this, his training speed rose by quite a bit.

    Two years later….

    Liu Ming made hand techniques with both of his hands as he mummer a chant. Before him, dots of blue light appeared and a normal looking icicle appeared. As time went by, the icicle’s color went from a faint blue to dark blue and gave a crystal gleam.

    With a flick of his wrist, the icicle shot out with air piercing sounds. With a couple of flashes, it was hit the gray wall a hundred plus meters away and exploded in a bang of dark blue light.

    “Huala!” A gust of crazy cold flew out and for tens of meters, the gray wall was covered in a layer of frost. In the blink of an eye, this frost grew larger and became a foot thick ice wall.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming’s brow jumped. His hand technique changed and raising his hand, a green wind blade shot towards the ice wall opposite to him.


    Tthe wind blade viciously hacked into the ice wall but was only able to leave a couple inch deep groove before it dispersed.

    Liu Ming’s face lighted up when he saw this. He raised his hand and drew a line before him. After dots of red light, a crimson fireball had appeared.


    Liu Ming’s sleeve shook at the wall as the fireball shot out.

    “Hong!” The fireball exploded on the ice wall and turned into raging flames that spread in all directions.

    However, when all of the flames were extinguished, only a small part of the ice wall was melted.

    The smile on Liu Ming’s face became larger.

    This was the product of the complete mastery of the Icicle Technique and its power was not on the same level as the Wind Blade and Fireball that were also at the level of complete mastery.

    The only flaw was that it took quite a while to cast the spell.

    In the next time, since he didn’t have another spell to train, he started silently reading and trying to comprehend the “Great Symbol Sword Technique”.

    Before arriving in the mysterious space, he had already understood the techniques to cultivate the Great Symbol Sword Embryo and he wanted to see if could understand more things to use.

    However, after reading for over ten days, he gave up on this.

    The remaining portion of the sword technique was obviously targeting cultivators that were above the level of a Spirit Master. Thus the technique was much too hard to comprehend and if one’s cultivation was not there, there was no chance of being able to understand it.

    The Dragon Tiger Hell Method had the same issue.

    With this, Liu Ming couldn’t find anything else to do.

    In the next few days, he started to observe the second “him”.

    This actually gave some results on the weird parts of the second “him”.

    First, even after getting close to the other “Liu Ming”, Liu Ming couldn’t find any breathing or even blood flowing, heartbeat or any other indications of life. It was as if this was not a living person.

    Second, not only did Liu Ming get wounded when the “Liu Ming” was wounded, when Liu Ming was hurt, the same spot on the “Liu Ming” would also show the same wound. It was as if it was one life with two bodies.

    He had seen on some records that there was an evil technique that could take a part of a person’s soul and transfer it on some puppet. Then, as long as the puppet’s arms or legs were broken, the owner of the soul would also have his arms or legs broken. Thus, this owner would be eternally hindered by someone else.

    However, he had never seen what was happening right now.

    He could only scratch his head without any results.

    However, he had made his decision. As soon as he left the mysterious space, he would immediately go find records and ask around to see if someone could shed some light on this matter.

    Liu Ming spent a couple of days before not being able to glean any new information from the second him and thus put the matter aside.

    He then took out his pill furnace and a pile of normal Spirit Ingredients as he started to refine pills.

    These pills were only useful to Spirit Apostles and Liu Ming had already practiced the refining methods hundreds of times but his success rate was still only twenty to thirty percent. The purity of his pills could also only be considered as ordinary.

    Fan Baizi gave his praise to such a success rate, impressed that Liu Ming could achieve it in such a short period of time. However, Liu Ming was not satisfied.

    For him, when he started refining pills for a Spirit Master, there wouldn’t be so many portions of Spirit Ingredients for him to practice on. If the current Spirit Apostle pills already had such a low success rate, his Spirit Master pills would have an even more pitiful success rate.